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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren F1 GTR (2019 Car Culture - Gulf)
Metal on metal, check. Real Riders, check. Cool graphics, of course. What is there not to enjoy about this casting. These Car Culture cars have been on a roll!
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren P1 (2018 Walmart Zamac - HW Exotics)
I really dig the Zamacs! That metal finish look is just too cool not to have!
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McLaren Teases 600LT Spider, the Newest Longtail Model
Said to be the fifth Longtail model in McLaren's history; all we can see so far is its rear deck.
McLaren has promised a new Longtail model will join its lineup soon. For those who don't speak Woking, that means another iteration of the brand's high-performance special-edition theme, which is named after its epic F1-based Longtail (LT) race cars from the 1990s. Recent LTs include the 650S-based 675LT and the 570S-based 600LT. Based on the teaser image McLaren provided of its latest LT, we can see that it will be a 600LT Spider.
How can we tell? The cutlines in the roof pillars visible on the right side of the image above are an indication that the LT is a convertible, and the rear buttresses match those of the regular 570S Spider. The upward-exiting exhaust outlets are dead ringers for those on the 600LT coupe, as are the large rear wing and the rest of the rear deck.
McLaren has already done a 675LT Spider, so there's precedent for a hard-core roofless sports car in the lineup. Based on what's known about the coupe we've already driven, here's what we can expect from the 600LT Spider: a 592-hp twin-turbocharged V-8 engine (up 30 horses over the 570S), chassis upgrades for extra track performance, and, yes, a longer tail (translation: more rear wing and aero enhancements).
While McLaren hasn't given specific numbers, it says the 600LT coupe is a low-production model. Just 500 675LT coupes and 500 675LT Spiders will built, excluding a few dozen special editions, and we expect 600LT production numbers will be slightly higher. The 600LT coupe starts at just over $240,000, and the new Spider version should command a price at least $10,000 higher.
Final details are scheduled to drop January 16, so stay tuned.
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren 720S (New for 2018! - Factory Fresh | White Recolor)
Pretty cool new McLaren from Hot Wheels! Nice white paint job too, what do you think?
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren P1 (2018 HW Exotics | Green Recolor)
Here's a clean green P1! Yeah, don't need to say anything else, it's awesome.
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Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2017 - The Drive
We've compiled a list of the world's 10 most expensive cars (more or less) on the market.
The number of supercars and hypercars is growing at a fast clip. That means competition for the most expensive car in the world title is also growing. From the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster to the McLaren P1 to the Aston Martin Valkyrie, expensive, high-ticket rarities are crowding the top of the market. Surprisingly, a most expensive car list is not as easy to make as you might think. The prices for the most expensive cars fluctuate depending on customer build requests, which—among the buyers of the world's most expensive cars—can get rather baroque.
To assemble the list, we tried to filter out the wide spectrum of suspect vapor, such as the late Marussia, the Zenvo TS1, and the Icona Vulcano Titanium, and instead went with cars that have established sales, something of a history, and at least partially verifiable base prices—Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, and Pagani, and Koenigsegg, among others. 
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Driving the McLaren 720S Is a Painful Exercise in Self-Control - The Drive
McLaren's newest supercar redefines street car performance. Good luck finding a way to enjoy it on the street, though.
There are worse things you could sell your soul for than a McLaren 720S. (A donut, for instance.) McLaren's latest Super Series sport car is, after all, a modern-day icon, delivering performance that arguably redefines what it means to be an exotic sports car, capable of whipping Dodge Demons at the drag strip or a Porsche 918 Spyder at Virginia International Raceway while still being comfortable enough to knock out a cross-country road trip. 
Luckily, when you're lucky enough to stumble into a job writing about cars, you don't have to trade your immortal spirit for a spin in a supercar; a promise of a video or a write-up is usually enough. But as with a Faustian bargain, there was still a catch or three. The agreement McLaren asked me to agree to included a few onerous clauses that seemed almost designed to hamstring my fun: there was the usual cover-your-butt legal phrasing about the need to respect all speed limits and traffic laws, as well as the occasional mileage restriction—here capped at a painful 300 miles, not nearly enough to take the car on the long journey it deserved. But worst of all...McLaren said I couldn't hustle the car on track.
It was with all these restrictions in mind that I climbed into the 720S for the first time, fired up the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 mounted out back, and took off into New York traffic.
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Hot Wheels 2019 Car Culture Gulf is now available at Wheel Collectors – theLamleyGroup
The first batch of Car Culture for 2019 is here. Gulf has arrived, and it is available now at Wheel Collectors at this link:
Hot Wheels Car Culture Gulf at Wheel Collectors
I will talk more about this set when I feature it shortly, but it is an excellent mix of models. Muscle, Euro, JDM, and Supercar, all in Gulf Livery. I cannot wait to dig into these.
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Matchbox starts 2019 fantastically with the Blue Highways 5-pack – theLamleyGroup
Now THIS is a 5-pack! Maybe the most loaded 5-pack in the last 5-6 years from the orange brand. Not a weak one in the bunch. Better yet, some of the best. The SLR McLaren, for example, has never looked better.
Matchbox has released the first two packs of 2019, Blue Highways and MBX Construction, and I felt both were worth buying. I already mentioned why I snagged the first, but Construction had the Stepside, and that is ALWAYS a no-brainer. So two videos for you today. Enjoy.
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Wow check out the new Matchbox Blue Highways 5-pack – theLamleyGroup
The first Matchbox 5-pack for 2019 is out, and boy is it nice. Called Blue Highways, and found by collector @Diecast58, who posted it on Instagram...
Dang that’s nice. I am particularly fond of the SLR McLaren with black 5-spokes, as well as that yellow Camaro. Heck they are all great.
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More exclusive than a supercar: A beginner’s guide to buying a GT3 race car | Ars Technica
Automakers are selling hundreds of these turn-key racing supercars.
In the past decade, the well-worn automotive cliché Race on Sunday, sell on Monday has taken a surprising twist. Now, automakers have realized that they can race on Sunday and sell race cars on Monday. If you've got the money, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, Acura, Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren, Nissan, Bentley, and more have a race car for you—for around $500,000.
The rise in popularity of supercars worldwide has been paralleled by explosive growth in international GT3 class sportscar racing. GT3 cars are racing versions of the road-going supercars/GT cars that star in video games, YouTube channels, and print platforms. Instead of being built to a specific set of technical rules, in GT3 each make of car is benchmarked and then "performance balanced" by the FIA (the sporting organization that governs world motorsport) to create a relatively level playing field.
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The McLaren Senna by MiniGT in photos. – theLamleyGroup
Two videos, and then pics. Start with this...
Chills. Senna was special, really special, and anything that pays homage to the legend gets a thumbs up from me. So kudos to McLaren.
And kudos to MiniGT for this replica...
Hot Wheels has one coming too, and I cannot wait to see it finished (we saw a prototype at the Convention, and it will be featured on a video here soon), but the MiniGT Senna is special. I talk about it in the video, but the casting deserves photos too.
So I took them. Look for it at hobby dealers soon.
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october 2018 by rgl7194
Here's the digital technology that helps make McLaren's Formula 1 racing cars so fast
Digital technology continues to transform the way we live and work at an ever-increasing pace. This has raised expectations of businesses to continually develop new and better products. And to survive, they need to do just that.
In almost every industry, there is a continuous reduction in product life cycles coupled with growing competition from globalization. This is all taking place on a playing field that’s been leveled by digital technology.
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren P1 (2018 HW Exotics)
Here's a clean white P1! Yeah, don't need to say anything else, it's awesome.
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july 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 2018 HW Exotics 5-Pack
One awesome 5-pack! I think that's all I need to say, just check out the car selection and deco of each car in this set. It's pretty good. My personal favorite out of this pack is the Jaguar, how about yourself?
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may 2018 by rgl7194
A look at the fantastic HW Exotics 5-pack – the Lamley Group
Car Meet was great, HW Exotics is too.
In the past, some of the Exotics 5-packs, essentially made to replace the yearly Ferrari 5-pack, have yielded some gems and some duds. Not this pack. Here is a look...
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may 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 2018 Gran Turismo Set!
Talk about an awesome set! I think it may be even better than the last Gran Turismo cars from Hot Wheels (click here to see that post). Regardless, it's a nice set to have!
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may 2018 by rgl7194
Showcase: Hot Wheels 2018 Gran Turismo 8-car set – the Lamley Group
The second Gran Turismo set is on its way. Hobby dealers like Wheel Collectors just got it (sold out), and stores like Kroger and Walgreens (I assume) will have them soon. There is a some good stuff in this set, and here is a preview...
Picking a favorite is hard, but if I had to choose, I’ll go with the McLaren or Renault R.S. 01. That being said, if the BMW had at least front or rear tampos, that would be the clear winner. Your choice?
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may 2018 by rgl7194
The next Hot Wheels Gran Turismo set is now available at Wheel Collectors – the Lamley Group
This one is better than last year.
The next Hot Wheels Gran Turismo set has been released, and Wheel Collectors has it. You can buy the set now:
Hot Wheels 2018 Gran Turismo at Wheel Collectors
As far as where we will see this one in stores, I am not entirely sure, but I would assume the same places as last year. Or you can make it super easy and grab a set now. Last year’s set was nice, but this one is a major step up. Do you agree?
Video and photo features coming soon.
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may 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren 720S (New for 2018! - Factory Fresh)
Pretty cool new McLaren from Hot Wheels! Nice orange paint job too, what do you think?
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april 2018 by rgl7194
I’m just not feeling the new Hot Wheels McLaren Tiburon. I mean 720S. – the Lamley Group
I will start by saying, that at least aesthetically, I am still trying to figure out if I like the real McLaren 720S. Some of you might agree, many of you will passionately disagree, and so be it. Hopefully we don’t all like and dislike the same thing.
But the 720S doesn’t do it for me. Granted if I had one in the garage you wouldn’t hear me complain, but I am just another nerd with an opinion and device to express it on. McLaren states that every contour on the car is created for a purpose, and I am sure that is true. Still, for the most part, there are other McLarens that float by boat a bit more.
I would imagine that with any current McLaren, shrinking it down to 1/64 is particularly difficult, with all the waves and swooshes. All those rounded edges are what makes Porsches so difficult to shrink as well. And like Hot Wheels Porsches, that means a lot of hits and a few misses. And to me, this 720S is like the HW Porsche Boxster. It’s a miss.
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april 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren P1 (2017 Car Culture - Cars & Donuts)
Metal on metal, check. Real Riders, check. Cool graphics, of course. What is there not to enjoy about this casting, these Car Culture cars have been on a roll!
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april 2018 by rgl7194
Hypercars from Aston Martin and Rimac stand out at the Geneva Motor Show | Ars Technica
In the second part of our look at Geneva, it’s all about the unobtainium.
In the first part of our Geneva Motor Show coverage, we took a look at some of the electric vehicle offerings, not to mention the proliferation of four-door (not) coupes. In part two, we're getting high-end.
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march 2018 by rgl7194
McLaren Senna GTR: An 814-Plus-HP, Track-Bound Ballistic Missile | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
McLaren has unveiled its latest racetrack weapon, the Senna GTR, which takes the recently unveiled—and already sold out—Senna hypercar to what could be its ultimate extreme. It follows in the footsteps of previous McLaren racers like the Le Mans–winning F1 GTR and the more recent P1 GTR.
The Senna GTR is limited to just 75 customers, each of which will have to shell out $1.4 million for the privilege of owning one. For the extra few hundred thousand dollars over the “regular” Senna, owners will get more power and torque, more grip and downforce, and a car that, McLaren promises, will offer the brand’s fastest lap times outside Formula 1.
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march 2018 by rgl7194
Top 7 fastest naturally aspirated road cars ever | DriveTribe
Natural aspiration has been falling down a slippery slope ever since the dawn of forced induction, with atmospheric performance engines now being chased with pitchforks and torches to the far flung reaches of the automotive world.
Twin-turbocharging is now the go-to method of creating supercar levels of power but there's still something to be said for a highly tuned, bored-out naturally aspirated engine. To celebrate the last free-breathing beasts alive today, we've collected the fastest of them all that stand defiant against any form of bolt-on compressor.
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march 2018 by rgl7194
McLaren Unveils Senna Carbon-Themed Supercar | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
McLaren will show off five different special-edition cars at the upcoming 2018 Geneva auto show, but only the car seen here will be in physical attendance; the others will be displayed on screens. Tagged the Carbon Theme, this Senna has been liberated of much of its paint, exposing through its gloss clear-coat finish the intricate carbon-fiber weave that makes up the body of the car. The little splashes of color that are applied serve as a reinterpretation of Ayrton Senna’s yellow, green, and black helmet. Because naming the car after the late Brazilian racing legend wasn’t a big enough gesture. Exposed carbon-fiber bodies have become something of a trend in supercars (just ask Bugatti), but McLaren Special Operations (MSO) gave the Senna a bit of extra pizazz to set it apart. According to McLaren, the Senna’s body is composed of 67 individual parts and takes close to 1000 hours to craft. Just to paint the sills, rear wing, and front and rear aero pieces in Solar Yellow added nearly 250 hours of labor.
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march 2018 by rgl7194
2018 Hot Wheels H Case Unboxing - Hall's Guide for Hot Wheels Collectors
Episode 284 – The 2018 Hot Wheels H Case has arrived. This one has many new recolors and some great New Models like the McClaren 720S and the Porsche 918 Spyder. I will be giving those 2 away this time. Stay tuned until the end for details.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
Watch McLaren’s stumble into the 2017 F1 season in new Amazon show | Ars Technica
It's like an automotive version of The Office, but for McLaren, worse.
Amazon Prime has returned to things four-wheeled with its latest original production. It's not another Jeremy Clarkson spinoff, though; it's a rare look at the inner workings of a Formula 1 team. Grand Prix Driver is a four-part documentary—available from today—that gives the viewer an access-all-pass into the workings off the McLaren team as it gets ready for the 2017 Formula 1 season.
Access to teams in this highly competitive and highly secretive sport is unusual, particularly a team as image-conscious as McLaren. So it's a little surprising just how much we get to see, as what's meant to be a turnaround season instead plumbs new depths of despair for the organization.
It's a simple concept: camera crews wander about the breathtaking McLaren Technology Center, the white-and-gray technopalace from which the cars are birthed. They film in meeting rooms, workshop bays, and at the test track, as the 2017 car comes together and the team's two drivers—superstar Fernando Alonso and rookie Stoffel Vandoorne—in the run-up to the first race of the year. But the cameras are visiting MTC at an eventful time.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
Fernando, you’re getting a Dell: McLaren gets a new sponsor in F1 | Ars Technica
Dell Technologies and the McLaren Technology Group sign a multi-year partnership.
One of the most recognizable names in racing is pairing up with one of the most recognizable names in computing. The McLaren Formula 1 team and Dell Technologies are entering into a "multi-faceted, long-term partnership." After several years without a major sponsor—years that mostly coincided with a precipitous fall in performance—fans of the team should see this as a positive step for the British team.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
More McLaren Senna Info Spills Forth: Here's What You Need to Know | News | Car and Driver
Diving deeper on an impressive hypercar named for a racing icon.
Naming a car for arguably the best driver ever to grid a Formula 1 race is a bold decision, and McLaren calling its new track-focused hypercar the Senna is akin to Ferrari debuting the Schumacher or Audi launching a 300-mph Rosemeyer. This is hallowed ground. Getting it right in the eyes of racing fans, the company’s customers, and Senna’s family—who approved use of the name through the Ayrton Senna Foundation—is much harder than getting it wrong. Later this year, once we drive the Senna, we will confirm whether the British supercar maker has achieved its goal of producing the “lightest, fastest, and most engaging McLaren yet.” Until then, and on the heels of the first wave of information released in December, here are 10 things we gleaned from a recent trip to poke and prod both the car and the minds of its engineers. It looks quite promising.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
McLaren Porsche 911 with TAG F1 V6 engine | DriveTribe
Here’s a car we bet you didn’t know existed. We didn’t. It’s a 930-era Porsche 911 with a McLaren Formula One engine.
Yes, you did read that correctly. Sitting in the back of this otherwise neat-looking 911 is a 1.5-litre TAG turbocharged V6 like what was seen in McLaren F1 cars of the 1980s.
This car was spotted at McLaren’s headquarters in the UK and posted up onto website Drivecult.com, showing off only a set of Ruf alloy wheels. At the back, though, are two very thick intercoolers that help cool pressurised air being fed into the tiny F1 V6 engine.
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february 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren P1 (2017 Then And Now)
I wasn't sure if I was going to pick up another McLaren or not, but this P1 in black was too irresistible for me, once again. What can I say?
cars  hot_wheels  mclaren 
january 2018 by rgl7194
2017 McLaren 570GT Test | Review | Car and Driver
Making the daily drive special.
After producing the legendary McLaren F1, the company waited nearly two decades before the brand better known for racing in Formula 1 returned to peddling street machines. In that time, the posters that used to cover kids’ rooms have turned into phone wallpapers of ever-rotating images. Most people know the name McLaren, but they don’t necessarily know what one looks like. Staring at a printed image so long that the style lines are burnished into memory is a thing of the past, we suppose. And, you know, some McLaren dealerships now accept Bitcoin.
Looks so good it might as well be an F1 to onlookers, chassis is pure fun, a McLaren you could drive to the grocery store.
Still not quite as practical as a Porsche 911, obtuse infotainment system struggles against sunlight.
cars  mclaren  review 
january 2018 by rgl7194
The McLaren MSO X is a GT4 racer for the road | DriveTribe
McLaren's in-house bespoke division MSO usually creates anything the average wealthy customer desires. Now, MSO has created something a little more unique by producing ten GT4 inspired versions of the 570S, all of which sport a unique livery.
And before you think that the unique racing liveries are just for show, think again. All of these cars have been reworked to offer a true GT4 experience while meeting the legal requirements for a set of number plates.
cars  mclaren  racing  drivetribe 
january 2018 by rgl7194
The McLaren MSO HS is a P1-inspired Long Tail | Top Gear
Limited-run, P1 GTR-inspired Super Series is lighter, more powerful and much wingy-er
When you watched the McLaren 675 LT shoot to the top of the TG Power Lap board recently, did you look at it and think, ‘hmm, bit slow that’?. Nah, us neither. But someone did. That’s why we now have this, the McLaren MSO HS.
The HS (which stands for High Sport) is an exclusive offering by MSO (McLaren’s ‘Special Operations’ division) that takes the 650S/675LT Super Series chassis, lightens it, adds more power, makes it more focused and then plops a massive wing on the back. Yes, yes and yes.
Using Macca’s mega 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, MSO has seen the 675LT’s hellish 666bhp and raised it to 679bhp and 516lb ft. All of which is available from 3,000-7,000rpm, in all drive modes.
Now, you may remember McLaren Special Operations division from when it was launched back in 2011. It was set up to provide a bespoke personalisation service for McLaren customers that wanted something a bit more special. This initially included fancy pants paint schemes, paint-matched key fobs and a barmy, Jetsons-like one-off called the X-1. But now, the bespoke tailoring service is playing with fast. And that’s no bad thing, especially when it looks this good.
cars  mclaren  racing 
january 2018 by rgl7194
McLaren Special Operations delivers MSO X: 10 unique 570S coupés inspired by McLaren 570S GT4 and endurance racing heritage
25 Jan 2018
10 MSO X cars inspired by the McLaren 570S GT4, created as bespoke project by McLaren Special Operations
Designed and engineered with race car emulation as the primary focus, but still road-legal
High downforce rear wing and bespoke, track-biased interior
Unique exterior colour schemes, each echoing famous McLaren endurance racing liveries
Commissioned by US McLaren retailer, McLaren Newport Beach and delivered from customer concept to reality in just eight months
10 unique McLaren sportscars that emulate the look and feel of a McLaren 570S GT4 race car but are fully road-legal have today been delivered to their new owners at a special McLaren customer event near Las Vegas, USA. Commissioned as an MSO Bespoke project – the service from McLaren Special Operations (MSO) that allows almost limitless enhancement and personalisation of McLaren cars – the 10 MSO X cars were ordered by the US market’s largest McLaren retailer, McLaren Newport Beach.
Designed to mirror the external appearance of the McLaren 570S GT4 race car as closely as possible, the MSO X cars are deliberately finished in accordance with race car design practice and all have liveries inspired by McLaren F1 GTR endurance race cars of the mid-1990s.
cars  mclaren  racing  press_release 
january 2018 by rgl7194
McLaren delivers 10 racing-inspired 'MSO X' coupes - LeftLaneNews
Each example traces its theme to McLaren F1 GTR endurance race cars from the mid-'90s.
McLaren Special Operations has revealed its latest custom creations, a series of 10 'MSO X' cars that mimic the 570S GT4 track-only race car. Each example is configured to look like a 570S GT4 and feature a color scheme and graphics inspired by a McLaren F1 GTR endurance racer of the mid-1990s.
Customizations include a pylon-mounted rear wing, front dive planes, titanium exhaust, a GT4-style hood and a carbon roof snorkel. The fully-functional 'gooseneck' pays homage to the 1997 F1 Longtail and delivers a unique cockpit sound.
The set of 10 cars was commissioned by McLaren Newport Beach, the company's largest retailer in the US.
"The aim of this project was to have a serious track car that could still be driven on the road and this finished project screams 'race car' to the casual onlooker," said McLaren Newport Beach dealer principal Pietro Frigerio.
cars  mclaren  racing 
january 2018 by rgl7194
This Is the Limited Edition McLaren MSO X - The Drive
Another McLaren inspired by the company's motorsport roots. Surprised?
It has been a matter of weeks since McLaren debuted its last limited-run supercar, the track-oriented Senna, but the Woking-based manufacturer can't hold back its new flavor of the month any longer. The company's in-house skunkworks, McLaren Special Operations, has reworked a run of 10 570S supercars and renamed them the MSO X, said to be inspired by the 570S GT4 race cars that compete in series like the British GT Championship.
The cars were commissioned by a McLaren dealer in the U.S., located in Newport Beach, California. Each wears a livery that pays tribute to McLaren's first road car, the F1, which found tremendous success in endurance racing, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995. The motorsport homage doesn't stop there, either, as the MSO X features a functional rear wing, holding the car to the road with almost 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of downforce, as well as canards and a fully vented hood where the frunk would be on a standard 570S.
cars  mclaren  racing  the_drive 
january 2018 by rgl7194
McLaren MSO X Street-Legal GT4 Car - Special Edition 570S Already Sold Out
Only ten examples of the MSO X have been built. They've already been delivered to customers.
McLaren Special Operations, the customization division for McLaren's road car department, has just revealed another new product. This time, it's a special edition GT4-inspired 570S built specifically for customers of McLaren Newport Beach, the company's largest US retailer.
The McLaren "MSO X" was commissioned as a bespoke project to emulate the look and feel of the company's 570S GT4 race car, but on a street-legal vehicle. Basically, it's a 570S with a swath of track-ready upgrades, including a functional roof snorkel, front dive planes, a titanium exhaust, P Zero Corsa tires, carbon fiber bodywork, and, of course, that big rear wing, which produces 220 pounds of downforce.
cars  mclaren  racing 
january 2018 by rgl7194
McLaren’s Street-Legal GT4-Style 570S Is Already Sold Out | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
McLaren Special Operations, the customization division for McLaren’s road-car department, has just revealed another new product. This time, it’s a special-edition, GT4-inspired 570S created specifically for customers of McLaren Newport Beach, the company’s largest U.S. retailer. The McLaren MSO X was commissioned as a bespoke project to emulate the look and feel of the company’s 570S GT4 race car while remaining street legal. Basically, it’s a 570S with a swath of track-ready upgrades, including a functional roof snorkel, front dive planes, a titanium exhaust, Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires, carbon-fiber bodywork, and, of course, that big rear wing, which is claimed to produce a maximum of 220 pounds of downforce.
cars  mclaren  racing 
january 2018 by rgl7194
The McLaren Formula 1 team just hired the World’s Fastest Gamer | Ars Technica
The F1 team wanted a new simulator driver. Now it has found one—through gaming.
After an exhausting week of fitness tests, engineering debriefs—plus plenty of racing games—the McLaren F1 team has crowned Rudy van Buren from Lelystad, Netherlands as the World's Fastest Gamer. More than just a fancy title and bragging rights, that has earned him a year's contract with the team as its new simulator driver. It's the culmination of a search that kicked off in May of this year, as the F1 team conferred the most legitimacy yet on this corner of the eSports world.
And it's a return to the sport for 25-year-old van Buren. At age 11 he was Dutch karting champion—and karts are where young racing drivers usually start. But then as now, it's a sport where talent often doesn't shout as loud as funding, and by 16 his racing career—or the first chapter in it—was done. "You search for a replacement because you’ve still got that racing feeling inside you," van Buren said. "You want to go on, but there’s no option or route available. That burn inside to win, doing a lap quicker and quicker, lap after lap, it’s a feeling that you can’t express. Every boy that starts karting dreams about F1, and at a certain point that dream just vanishes. Now by winning World’s Fastest Gamer, I can relive that dream."
cars  mclaren  driving  racing  games 
january 2018 by rgl7194
McLaren Updates 570GT and 570S With More Features for 2018| News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
The voice of the customer is bringing some changes to McLaren. The brand has announced that the 570GT, the touring version of the 570S, will now have a Sport Pack option that aligns its dynamic abilities more closely with those of the 570S. McLaren has also added five new Design Edition package options to the 570GT’s order sheet and upgraded standard features throughout the Sport Series range.
According to McLaren, customers wanted a blend of the 570GT’s body style, which offers more space for luggage and is tailored for more luxurious travel, with the chassis characteristics of the 570S, which has stiffer spring rates and a steering ratio that is 2 percent quicker. So for the new year, in addition to making carbon-ceramic brakes standard on the GT, McLaren will offer a Sport Pack option. Priced at the equivalent of just over $6600, it upgrades the steering rack, damper actuators, and uprights to those fitted on the S while tuning the adaptive damping, steering, and electronic stability control to S spec. The package also includes Pirelli P Zero Corsa rubber.
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Top 10 Supercars Of 2017 | DriveTribe
It's the end of another year and the automotive world has been as incredible as it could be! This year saw the birth of new generation of hypercars which were more focused on shedding the weight and being as aerodynamic as possible rather than just having 1000+hp engines. We also witnessed some records being broken by some underdogs! So without further ado, here is my list of top 10 supercars from 2017.
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The Race to 300mph: The five contenders gunning for the crown | DriveTribe
There's a saying that the first race happened when the second car was built. That's true to an extent, but there's a version of motorsport that goes back even further: the race against speed itself.
From the moment Karl Benz built his Patent Motorwagen, with nearly 0.7bhp and a top speed of around 7mph, we've been trying to build faster and faster cars.
It took almost 40 years before you could buy a car capable of 100mph. After that, more than 60 years elapsed before the first 200mph production car. Just 30 years on from that, we're talking about a 300mph car.
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2019 McLaren Senna Hypercar Official Photos and Info | News | Car and Driver
A whole bunch of horsepower, not a lot of weight.
We’ve been telling you about McLaren’s plans for a new Ultimate Series hypercar for some time, a project heretofore known only by its P15 internal project code. This is the stripped-out superperformer that insiders promised would be quicker around a racetrack than the seminal P1. The fundamental ingredients—an overabundance of power in an extremely lightweight package—were already known, so it seemed that the only secrets left to spill would be the relative quantities of those, as well as the final exterior design.
We were wrong. McLaren managed to keep the best secret under wraps until the car’s official unveiling: its name. Meet the McLaren Senna. There’s a certain Ferrari Enzo quality to this news, both in the decision to dig into the brand’s illustrious motorsports history for its most extreme project—Ayrton Senna having won all three of his Formula 1 drivers’ championships with the team—and also for the confidence that it projects.
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: McLaren F1 GTR (2017 Then and Now)
That is one good looking McLaren F1! The black and red combo always looks nice, and this F1 GTR only makes it better!
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Hot Wheels Car Culture Cars & Donuts is now out at Wheel Collectors – the Lamley Group
Let’s cut to the chase. Cars & Donuts is loaded. Two new castings – the Subaru WRX and BMW M1 – and it includes two of the most popular new castings of the last year – the FuguZ and Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint. Oh, and there is a McLaren. And it is now available for purchase at Wheel Collectors, in singles and as a set, at this link:
2017 Hot Wheels Car Culture Cars & Donuts at Wheel Collectors
Grab them now, and I promise you will not be disappointed with what comes. There is so much to like about this set. The Hot Wheels Team went through it with me at the Convention...
Car Culture dominance continues.
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Bespoke McLaren 720S Features Dubai Skyline | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
It might not be as big or aggressive as the wing on the just-introduced 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, but the rear spoiler on this bespoke McLaren 720S is just as special and far more rare. It features a painted-on graphic that mimics the famously tall and ever changing Dubai skyline, a feature handcrafted by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) for this Dubai auto show one-off. Although the skyline is not perfectly accurate—leaving out the cranes, which seem to outnumber the actual buildings—there is a somewhat hidden secondary meaning. The shapes were created with Arabic letters, and the words they spell out translate to a piece of a famous Bruce McLaren quote: “Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.” (The full quote reads: “To do something well is so worthwhile that to die trying to do it better cannot be foolhardy. It would be a waste of life to do nothing with one’s ability, for I feel that life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.”)
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The Lowest-Mileage McLaren F1 Is for Sale | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Say you’re in the market for a McLaren F1. You’ve always wanted one, but you just didn’t get to buy one back in 1992–1998 when they were originally produced. But now you want one. Good news: The lowest-mileage F1 in the world is currently for sale. And it is assuredly the most original, untouched example of the car you’ll ever find. Feast your eyes on McLaren F1 #060, listed for sale at Tom Hartley Jnr of England. This Dandelion Yellow example with a dark gray interior shows just 239 kilometers (148.5 miles) on the odometer—all of them predelivery test miles conducted by McLaren technicians, according to the seller.
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Pure McLaren Arctic Experience
The Experience
Join us for a very special experience 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.
As the temperature plummets in Northern Finland, the landscape crystallises and sets the scene for what will be an unforgettable driving adventure. Within one of Finland’s most expansive winter testing facilities, you will discover the power and agility of the McLaren 570S by pushing your driving skills to the limit with the help of our professional coaches.
With its ice tracks specially designed for McLaren, this is the perfect winter wonderland to put the McLaren 570S and your driving, to the ultimate test.
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McLaren Prototype Spied with Huge Aero | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
While automakers hate having future products scooped by spy photographers, they aren’t above playing games with those who seek to capture their prototypes through long lenses. Take this McLaren prototype that was captured near the Nürburgring, for instance. It has some natty disguise but also bears what seems to be a McLaren internal model code across its windshield, albeit one that’s probably intended to throw us off the scent.
The code in question, MV715-23, would seem to hint a relationship to the upcoming three-seat supercar that McLaren already has told us it’s working on, internally known as the BP23. But that’s likely some kind of sneaky double bluff, with the prototype itself—which appears to be a 675LT coupe—having two seats and a conventional right-hand driving position. Publicly available data on the British government’s vehicle-check service shows that this hardworking mule was originally registered in 2013 and that, somewhere under the camo, it’s painted blue. Interestingly, it also states that between 2016’s MOT compliance test and this year’s, the mileage changed from 40,739 miles to 3822 km (2375 miles), suggesting some major mechanical alterations.
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McLaren builds a virtual hypercar for the next Gran Turismo game | Ars Technica
We thought the Vision GT idea was dead, but it's been dusted off for the new PS4 game.
Way back in the mists of time—OK, it was 2013—Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi challenged the automotive world to think outside the box for Gran Turismo 6. Kaz wanted some unique concept cars for the game, and a bunch of car companies (as well as a few design studios and even Nike) signed on to the project, called Vision GT.
I must confess, I thought the idea dead and buried what with GT6 being four years old and yesterday's news. The Vision GT website hasn't been updated since 2015, and there are plenty of placeholders for concepts that never materialized (including one from Tesla that I'd love to see). But it seems the project is still alive, and in the lead-up to the next installment of the franchise—allegedly due this October—McLaren has created the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo.
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McLaren's Gran Turismo Car Uses Central Seating Position—with a Twist | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Practice your plank, work that core, and pray that in the next 13 years you’ll be fit and rich enough to race a McLaren. By 2030, fat billionaires who lap their P1 GTRs won’t be able to squeeze inside the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo. Available to “drive” in the latest Gran Turismo Sport video game, the Vision GT is today a virtual model created by McLaren designers for anyone—yes, even those with beer guts—to thrash on their PlayStation 4. While the Vision GT uses a central driving position as in the iconic F1, here the (in shape) driver is in more of a motorcycle-riding stance, rather than sitting upright, with only his or her head and arms covered by the canopy. The driver’s torso and legs extend toward the back of the car, with the pedals mounted in the engine bay. Or maybe they’re modulated by mind control. Either way, the idea was to maximize the driver’s view of the track surface to “shave vital milliseconds off each lap,” as design chief Rob Melville put it.
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Gordon Murray Reveals Secrets of the McLaren F1’s Design [Video] | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
The legendary McLaren F1 turns 25 years old in 2017, and to celebrate the occasion, the company put together a neat little video featuring the car’s lead designer, Gordon Murray. He goes into detail about how the team behind the car used a racing mentality to break records and steal the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere.
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McLaren Special Operations Builds Bespoke Purple 720S | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
No Monterey Car Week is complete without the attendance of supercar makers like McLaren showing off their latest lineup of wares. One way the British concern marked the occasion this year was with the debut of a special one-off custom creation for one of its clients, a gorgeous purple 720S. But the shade isn’t just purple: It’s called Fux Fuchsia.
The client is none other than self-starter Michael Fux, an entrepreneur who made a whole lot of money in the mattress industry and spends a lot of that dough on collecting cars. He now has one of the biggest, most exclusive, and most colorful assemblies of hyperluxury rides and supercars in the country. Many of the cars, which come from a wide selection of iconic brands including AMG, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren, have vivid paint schemes. His McLaren P1, for example, is an electrifying shade of green.
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Mclaren P1 Successor DItching HYbrid FOr More "EXtreme" Performance | DRIVETRIBE
McLaren is rumored to be working on a brand new model code named the P15. According to reports from www.autocar.com McLaren has described the new car as the "most extreme" road legal car the company has ever made. When you consider McLaren boasts the brutal P1 in its lineup it that means the P15 will be something very special. Possibly the most interesting feature of the P15 is it will not feature a Hybrid drivetrain.
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Report: McLaren P15 Hypercar to Be Fastest Ever | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
We like McLaren for many things. The brand’s relentless ambition to do better and its remorseless model development program top the list, and these virtues look set to be combined soon: The U.K.’s Autocar reports that the company has advanced plans to build another of its Ultimate Series cars. Currently known just by its internal design code of P15, according to Autocar, this will be a range-topping halo car in the manner of the erstwhile P1, and although it will have less power than its hybrid forebear, it is set to become the fastest ever street-legal McLaren.
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2018 McLaren 570S Spider First Drive | Review | Car and Driver
Downsized, and now opened up, for your pleasure.
The subtle feedback of tugs and twitches coming through the steering wheel with every pavement undulation and nuanced change in road surface are vivid enough that an astute passenger will notice the wheel’s wriggling. This is not standard-issue carmaking (or even supercar-making) these days. But McLaren is going countercultural by prioritizing driver involvement, even at sub-racetrack speeds, something regularly sacrificed across the industry due to ever-increasing horsepower, performance, and weight. While even McLaren succumbs to the siren song of the stopwatch on more expensive wares such as the 720S, the focus on feedback on its lower-priced Sports Series line of cars—a trio of $200,000 two-seaters that consists of the 570S coupe, the slightly more practical 570GT, and this new two-piece-hardtop convertible 570S Spider—makes them the McLarens to buy.
mclaren  convertible  cars  review 
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Top 10 Fastest Cars in the World 2017 | The Drive - The Drive
When automakers throw cost and reason out the window and say, "just how fast can we really go?", they build these cars.
Buying a fast car today is shockingly easy: in top V-6 spec, even the stolid, workaday Toyota Camry will hit 129 mph—and that's an electronically-limited top speed. But, like the difference between your self-professed Crossfit "athlete" friend and, say, an Olympic wrestler, it's one thing to be ready for an autobahn sprint at a moment's notice and another to hold the title of Fastest Car in the World. At the most elite level, current numbers even for production cars are approaching the ludicrous: zero-to-60 mph times are thumping on the two-second floor, and whereas it took more than a century after the invention of the automobile to hit the 200-mph mark in a road-legal production car (that honor belonging to the Ferrari F40, which in 1987 topped out at a tick over 202 mph), just thirty years after that the new Bugatti Chiron can reportedly go straight from the dealer showroom to 261 mph—suggesting 300 mph is not too far down the road. 
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2017 Hot Wheels N Case #315 - McLaren F1 GTR - New to Mainlines - Hall's Guide for Hot Wheels Collectors
Episode 232 – The McLaren F1 GTR has been around for a while but never as a Mainline until the 2017 Hot Wheels N Case. Here the supercar finally makes its mainline debut.
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Two Lane Desktop: Hot Wheels Mclaren F1 GTR
The biggest news for the 2017 Hot Wheels mainline is the return of the Mclaren F1 GTR casting.  The first release was in the highly sought-after Speed Machines line and was also released in the Wal-mart decades line before vanishing again.  I saw the decades version and almost got it, but i was turned down by the excessive use of racing graphics.  I much prefer the cleaner version.  Since then i've regretted not picking it up as popularity has sent prices skyrocketed.  Luckily I was able to find a good deal on a Speed Machines release for only $10 and as a bonus it was a nice and clean stock look.  Time to preview the hype that will arrive in stores next month.
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2018 McLaren 570S Spider Photos and Info | News | Car and Driver
For this McLaren, losing its roof requires few sacrifices.
It has long been held that chopping off a car’s roof inevitably dulls performance due to the extra weight from structural bracing and folding-top mechanisms, but does it have to be that way? McLaren rejects that paradigm with the new Spider version of the 570S supercar, which, despite carrying a complex retractable-hardtop mechanism, keeps extra weight to a minimum and doesn’t give up much compared with its sharp-edged hardtop sibling.
mclaren  convertible  cars  preview 
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In June 2016, the P1 LM was launched at Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it became the fastest road car to tackle the Goodwood Hill.
Over the past eleven months, as the five P1 LM production cars have been built, the identical prototype XP1LM road car has been testing. During the final phases at the Nurburgring, XP1LM achieved a fastest lap of 6.43.2. After setting this new lap record, the car then drove directly from Nurburgring back home to the UK.
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2018 McLaren 720S First Drive | Review | Car and Driver
The synthesis of everything McLaren.
To go faster, simplify, then add lightness. While Colin Chapman’s still-quoted adage defined the early years of Lotus, his fellow garagista Bruce McLaren took a subtly different tack as his fledging team came to dominate Can-Am racing in the late 1960s with a succession of increasingly brawny Chevrolet V-8–powered monsters: Add lightness, then add more power.
Bruce and Colin are no longer with us, but their philosophies still guide the companies they founded. And the McLaren 720S is the best demonstration yet of McLaren’s core principle of Peace through Superior Firepower. With 710 horsepower, its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 is 49 horses up on the Ferrari 488GTB, a car that’s rarely accused of sluggish road manners. At the same time, the McLaren’s power-to-weight-ratio advantage has been sharpened further with an even more carbon-intensive architecture.
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2018 McLaren 720S Dissected: Powertrain, Chassis, and More! | Feature | Car and Driver
McLaren sends us more to ogle.
From the May 2017 issue
McLaren marches to a speedy techno drumbeat. It’s been only six years since the company’s supercar-making Automotive division launched its first product, the MP4-12C. McLaren gave that car what was essentially a heavy facelift—and a far less clunky name—just three years later, rechristening it the 650S. Now the mostly new 720S is here, based around a substantially advanced version of the 650S’s carbon-fiber tub and a turned-up-to-11 twin-turbocharged V-8 mounted amidships. McLaren, a brand we don’t associate with hyperbole, claims on-track performance will make that of the 650S feel almost leisurely. Certainly looks that way.
cars  mclaren  overview 
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McLaren Releases First Teaser Image of BP23 “Hyper GT” | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
With the McLaren 720S now officially unveiled, the British supercar concern can begin whetting the public’s appetite for what is presumably the next new model on the docket, the BP23. To that end, we have our first teaser image for the “hyper GT” (McLaren’s term) that will arrive in 2019 to finally replace the P1 in the brand’s range-topping Ultimate Series.
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McLaren 720S Velocity Is an Unexpected MSO Treat | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Just one day after McLaren released the second-generation Super Series 720S into the wild, the firm added sprinkles, chocolate syrup, and cherries on top by bringing a custom 720S to the Geneva auto show: a McLaren Special Operations (MSO) product named Velocity.
After making its debut in orange and light-blue colors, the 720S Velocity stuns in a new ethereal pearlescent dress in two shades: Nerello Red on the front and upper body panels and the tinted carbon-fiber hood, plus Volcano Red on the sides and rear. Velocity is one of five displays of what the MSO department is capable of doing with the new supercar, but it’s the only physical example at the stand. Others, dubbed GT, Pacific, Track, and Stealth, are shown on video screens.
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Fortress of Supertude: The Most Insane Supercars at the Geneva Auto Show | Feature | Car and Driver
With the advantage of Switzerland’s famously accommodating banking laws attracting an international clientele with major cash to stash (and spend), Geneva more than any other auto show has a well-earned reputation as a place to introduce supercars. This year’s event was particularly bounteous for extreme-performance machines, with debuts running the gamut from major nameplates such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren to more aspirational fringe players. Read on to see the many temptations afforded the world’s high-net-worth auto enthusiasts.
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2018 McLaren 720S Official Photos and Info | News | Car and Driver
New engine, more power, more super.
Although Ferrari might not acknowledge even having rivals, let alone any of those firms’ work, it’s easy to imagine that McLaren’s rapid model-development program is causing alarm in Maranello. It’s been only six years since McLaren Automotive launched its first product, the MP4-12C. That car got what was essentially a heavy facelift—and a far less clunky name—just three years later, when it became the 650S. Now its successor, the new 720S , has been unveiled at the Geneva auto show with a more advanced carbon-fiber composite tub and a turned-up, 710-hp twin-turbocharged V-8 mounted behind the passenger compartment.
cars  mclaren  preview 
march 2017 by rgl7194
McLaren Unveils New 720S, Changes the Supercar Landscape - The Drive
McLaren debuts its new 212-mph supercar in Geneva, but The Drive proves more efficient than the Swiss, reporting from our exclusive reveal in Manhattan.
McLaren’s breathtaking momentum continues, this time at 212 mph. That’s the terminal velocity of the new McLaren 720S, a 710-horsepower, mid-engine marvel that may upend the traditional supercar hierarchy. (Hint: Ferrari likes it on top.)
McLaren will officially unveil its second-generation Super Series model today in Geneva, but The Drive pored over the 720S – more like drooled over it – at a closed-door reveal in Manhattan in February that included lead 720S designer Paul Howse and Mark Vinnels, executive director of program development.
“This is one of the fastest cars around any circuit in the world,” Vinnels said of McLaren’s new baby, the successor to the 650S and 675LT.
cars  mclaren  the_drive 
march 2017 by rgl7194
McLaren Just Made Flip-Up Screens Relevant Again | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
During its relatively short run of road cars, McLaren Automotive has made impressive progress. The racing-bred British company has become known for absurdly powerful engines, clever uses of carbon fiber and active aerodynamics, and the overall daily usability of their supercars. What McLaren has not been known for is particularly innovative electronic displays and infotainment. That might change when the company releases the next-generation Super Series featuring an interesting new flip-up instrument cluster.
cars  mclaren  technology 
march 2017 by rgl7194
2017 McLaren 570S | In-Depth Model Review | Car and Driver
McLaren's unflinchingly invigorating junior supercar.
The McLaren 570S lives to thrill. With a body that draws crowds, two seats, dihedral doors, and enough air intakes for a fighter jet, the McLaren 570S will arouse envy in all who see it. Its carbon-fiber-and-aluminum construction, 562-hp twin-turbo V-8, murderous exhaust note, and preternatural steering ensure that it’s no showpiece, either. Other cars at this heady end of the sports-car segment are more practical or more refined—or both—but none match the visceral excitement of lashing a 570S down a twisty road.
cars  mclaren  review 
march 2017 by rgl7194
The new Mclaren 720S will do the standing quarter-mile in 10.3 seconds | Ars Technica
Yes, it's even faster than a Tesla P100D.
Things are about to heat up in the supercar wars. At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, McLaren Automotive will unveil its new 720S, a replacement for the 650S that had us so smitten. The company showed us a glimpse of the new car's carbon fiber tub at the start of the year; called Monocage II, it's stiffer than before and will help the new car weigh less than its (already light-as-a-feather) predecessor. And on Wednesday, the company revealed that performance will also get a significant boost.
cars  mclaren  performance 
february 2017 by rgl7194
The McLaren 720S Will Do 0-124 MPH in 7.8 Seconds - The Drive
The new mid-range supercar will pack a new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8.
The McLaren 650S's 207-mile-per-hour top speed and ability to blast to 124 MPH in 8.4 seconds is nothing to scoff at, but come next month, the British automaker will likely be putting those numbers to rest when it unveils its the 650S's replacement—the 720S. And thanks to some early details dropped by McLaren, we know have some sort of idea as to just how impressive this thing will be.
cars  mclaren  the_drive 
february 2017 by rgl7194
McLaren P14 Image Leaks Weeks Before Reveal - The Drive
During the wee hours of the night in the US, Instagram user @woppum posted a photo we were delighted to see when we awoke: the new McLaren P14 in the flesh, six whole weeks before it's slated to debut at the Geneva International Motor Show.
Internally named P14, the new successor to the 650S is rumored to eke out 720hp from the famous twin-turbocharged V8 with which the British automaker has had so much success, but possibly with increased displacement, up from 3.8 liters. 
preview  mclaren  cars 
january 2017 by rgl7194
McLaren Releases Unseen Footage of F1 World Record Run - The Drive
Want to watch the Mclaren F1 hit 240.14 mph? Yeah, you do.
The McLaren F1 is definitely one of the best supercars ever built, and possibly the greatest car ever, full stop. An absolute rocket with the looks to match, the F1 is the car many manufacturers aspire to build, and nearly every gearhead aspires to own.
In a recently-released video from McLaren, we get to watch never-before-seen footage of Andy Wallace’s famous world record run. Dashing down the Ehra-Lessien Proving Ground in Germany, Wallace pushes the 637-hp, 6.1-liter V-12 to its limit. After several attempts, Wallace was able to hit 391 Km/h (240.14 mph), making the F1 the fastest production car in 1998. The F1 then held that record for over a decade, and still remains the world's fastest naturally-aspirated production car.
cars  mclaren  performance  record  the_drive 
january 2017 by rgl7194
Second-Gen McLaren 650S Super Series Coming to Geneva– News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
While the rest of the industry is tied up in the frenzy of autonomy and electrification at CES in Las Vegas this week and the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit, McLaren would like us to look three months down the road to the Geneva auto show, where the Brits will unveil the second-generation Super Series car. The 650S successor will be the first of 15 new cars scheduled in McLaren’s Track22 business plan, and the launch will be the first time McLaren has ever built a second-generation version of one of its road cars.
cars  mclaren  auto_show 
january 2017 by rgl7194
Two Lane Desktop: Quick Look: Hot Wheels 2017 Ford GT, McLaren P1, Matchbox 2005 Ford GT, and Hot Wheels 2015 VW Golf Mk 7
This quick look examines a few vehicles reviewed here before either as different variations or from different diecast manufacturers. Here the star is the new 2017 Ford GT along the recolor of the McLaren P1, an older release of the Matchbox 2005 Ford GT worth looking at, and an all-new VW Golf for Hot Wheels.
cars  hot_wheels  matchbox  ford_gt  mclaren  vw 
january 2017 by rgl7194
2017 McLaren 570S Available with Track Pack Option – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
In case you thought the rabid McLaren 570S wasn’t raw enough as is, McLaren is adding a racy Track Pack to the 562-hp supercoupe’s option sheet for 2017. Priced at $23,660, the new Track Pack promises to cut the 570S’s weight by approximately 55 pounds thanks to a combination of lightweight wheels (in a dark finish), carbon-fiber seats, and microsuede replacing leather on the seats, the dashboard, and the steering wheel.
cars  mclaren  racing 
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