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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon (New for 2018! - Factory Fresh)
What an awesome new casting from Hot Wheels! The new Challenger Demon is super awesome, I'm glad Mattel made it into a Hot Wheels car!
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september 2018 by rgl7194
Walking through the Dodge Demon and other upcoming New Models with Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey – the Lamley Group
This was a treat. After finishing up the Lamley DLM Party – video coming soon – Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey joined me in the Nationals supply room to share his insights on some of the new models he had designed.
Makeshift location to be sure, but it makes for a fun video. There is some good old-fashioned heckling from Prius-driving Marketing Manager Jimmy Liu in the background. Check out the new Dodge Demon, D100 Pickup, and much much more...
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april 2018 by rgl7194
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Owners Get Free Drag-Racing School | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Dodge has already unleashed an 840-hp, rear-wheel-drive muscle car onto public roads, but at least it’s offering owners a no-cost way of learning how to manage all that power. Dodge SRT is starting up a new drag-racing course at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving that is included with the purchase of any Challenger SRT Demon. Taking place at Bondurant’s official NHRA drag strip at its HQ in Chandler, Arizona, the one-day class will also be available as an upgrade on top of the general high-performance driving class that Dodge already offers for buyers of other SRT models.
The day starts off with classroom instruction surveying some drag-racing fundamentals including launch, staging, reaction time, signals, and all sorts of safety checks. Then participants are let loose on the drag strip in a variety of Challenger models, including the 485-hp Challenger SRT 392, the 707-hp Hellcat, and, of course, the big kahuna that is the 840-hp, drag-optimized Demon. Each driver gets 22 runs down the quarter-mile, though Dodge doesn’t say exactly how many of those are in the full-bore Demon.
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january 2018 by rgl7194
Top 10 Supercars Of 2017 | DriveTribe
It's the end of another year and the automotive world has been as incredible as it could be! This year saw the birth of new generation of hypercars which were more focused on shedding the weight and being as aerodynamic as possible rather than just having 1000+hp engines. We also witnessed some records being broken by some underdogs! So without further ado, here is my list of top 10 supercars from 2017.
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january 2018 by rgl7194
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon First Drive | Review | Car and Driver
Bang! It's over.
“Come to Indy and drive this purpose-built, street-legal drag-racing car,” they said.
The lawn isn’t getting mowed. Floors aren’t being mopped. Dishes remain piled up. We are zeroed in on tackling the most powerful production car America has ever produced.
We’re talking about the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Most of its steamy details were divulged over a 12-week roll-out leading up to the New York auto show this past April. But, to recap: Demons come off the assembly line sporting a wide-body kit, a drag-strip-tuned adaptive suspension, and an engine that makes 808 horsepower. This supercharged 6.2-liter V-8 is an evolution of the Hellcat’s 707-pony Hemi but with beefed-up internals and a larger, 2.7-liter rotary-screw blower (up from 2.4 liters) from supplier IHI, tuned to make 14.5 pounds of boost. The car comes on four drag radials, but the eight-speed ZF 8HP automatic turns only the rear wheels. Speaking of transmissions, this one features the first transmission brake on a production car—more on that in a bit—as well as a few other drag-racing tricks.
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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Driven: This Muscle Car Sends Rivals Straight to Hell - The Drive
After months of hype, we drive Dodge's unholy, record-setting beast on the drag strip. 
2018 Challenger SRT Demon: Fast as advertised
A first for me, after two decades of reviewing cars: I never took a single curve in the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, unless you count a swing back to the starting line at Lucas Oil Speedway’s dragstrip. Yet I feel perfectly qualified to give the Demon a big thumbs-up. Because, let’s be honest: No one is buying an 840-horsepower Demon to tackle a winding road course or climb Pikes Peak. (If you love Dodge Challengers, and hope to lasso Camaros and Mustangs on curves, try the $72,590 Challenger SRT Widebody instead.)
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july 2017 by rgl7194
2018 Dodge Demon at Indianapolis: 7 First Impressions - The Drive
Dodge's 840-hp supercar slayer runs straight down the dragstrip and straight into our hearts.
Until its 707-horsepower Hellcat version showed up, the Dodge Challenger had been playing back-up singer among the muscle car trio, standing in the shadows and swinging its ample hips while the Mustang and Camaro ruled the stage. Now all eyes are on Dodge. And the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon, which I put through its drag-racing paces this week at Lucas Oil Speedway in Indianapolis, reminds us that insane horsepower and straight-line stomp—and not the road-racing skills of the modern Ford and Chevy—remains the true measure of greatness for many muscleheads. After months of hype worthy of the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight, the Demon knocked me on my heels with its supercharged, 840-horsepower V-8 might. However, with apologies to the Demon’s legion of fans, I can’t reveal exactly how that uppercut felt until next week, when Dodge’s embargo on driving impressions lifts—or at least until a blogger from Kazakhstan jumps the gun. Until then, here are my first impressions on the Demon. (Cue the scary music, or some vintage hardcore.)
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july 2017 by rgl7194
Read Dodge's Challenger Demon Customer Waiver| News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Ever since the maniacal Dodge Challenger SRT Demon arrived in a cloud of hoopla and tire smoke, pundits both amateur and professional have been gabbing about the sheer irresponsibility of Mopar’s street-legal drag car, a monster in the grand tradition of the 1968 Hemi Dart. Of course, the legal environment has changed markedly in the past five decades, which means you’re not taking a Demon home without signing a rather extensive waiver. Which we’ve now seen in detail.
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june 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge’s Plan to Curb Markups on the Challenger SRT Demon| News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
We did it, y’all. We made it through the flames and past the pitchforks of the hoopla surrounding the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Now comes the ugly business of ordering the production drag racer. The Demon has a retail price of $86,090, including a gas-guzzler tax, and Dodge is structuring a plan to keep it that way. Orders for the Demon begin this week—on Wednesday, June 21. Production cranks up in late summer, and deliveries will start in the fall. Only 3000 cars, all serialized, will be designated for the United States, while 300 will be headed to Canada. With the amount of hype and fanfare surrounding the car, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has a multi-tier plan to fight markups on the Demon when the order books open.
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june 2017 by rgl7194
In Depth with the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon | Feature | Car and Driver
The Challenger SRT Demon is here for one reason alone: to scorch drag strips.
One hundred fifteen. That’s the number of parts in an SRT Hellcat that Dodge changes to make a Demon. Some are made lighter, some are made stronger, and some are simply removed altogether. Compared with the total number of parts that it takes to make a running car, 115 is a small number.
So is 9.65. That’s how few seconds Dodge claims the Demon needs to run a quarter-mile, blistering the trap at 140 mph. If we can match that figure—a sizable “if,” since our testing venue better approximates grip levels on the street than the drag strip where Dodge ran its numbers—it will make the Demon the quickest street car we’ve ever tested. Period. That includes million-dollar hypercars and 1000-hp aftermarket specials. It’s also quick enough that an NHRA-sanctioned drag strip will require you to install a roll cage. Indeed, SRT boss Tim Kuniskis is proud of the letter he received from the NHRA telling him his car is banned without one.
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june 2017 by rgl7194
How SRT Kept the Dodge Challenger Demon's Insanity Secret | Feature | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Describe the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon to anyone who doesn’t already know what it is, and they’ll likely ask how such a vehicle could possibly be offered for public consumption. It’s set up primarily for drag racing, produces 808 horsepower on premium gas and 840 horses on 100 octane, and comes with a seat only for the driver. Sold to the same litigious American public that fosters warning labels on everything from bean sprouts to pool toys, the Demon seems like a rolling lawsuit-in-waiting. So how on Earth did Fiat Chrysler’s SRT performance group convince the company’s top brass to build the car? And once it did, how was it able to keep key program details a total secret—even possibly from some of those same bosses—until the Demon’s public debut?
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june 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge Announces Challenger SRT Demon Pricing | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
It’ll pop a wheelie. It’ll run the quarter-mile in less than 10 seconds. It’s the wildest-ass Mopar since the Plymouth Feather Duster. Or at least since the Breeze Expresso. It’s the car that Automotive News pitched a fit about. It was clearly the automobile that had more tongues wagging at this year’s New York auto show than any other. It is, of course, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, and it’ll run you $86,090. If, however, you’d care to set free the Demon’s full 840 hellhorses and 770 Satan-feet of torque, you’ll be spending $86,091.
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may 2017 by rgl7194
SPIED: A Chrysler 300 Hellcat with Demon Drag Radials! | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
The SRT-fettled version of the Chrysler 300 was killed for the U.S. market after the 2014 model year, although it lived on in the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. But as of late, with the release of Dodge’s Hellcat Challenger and Charger, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, and the Dodge Demon, big power has been a top priority at Fiat Chrysler. That’s what makes this 300 SRT mule with Demon wheels and tires so intriguing.
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may 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Police Concept Is a Cop's Dream Car - The Drive
Law enforcement has gotten fairly creative when it comes to implementing a wide variety of police vehicles, from the Dodge Challenger R/T to the Ford F-250, but they rarely ever stray into the realm of true performance models (outside of memorial cars, like this 730-hp Saleen Mustang). Fortunately, with the power of Photoshop and a solid imagination, artists can create any type of cop car they like...which has led to the "creation" (at least, on a computer) of a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon police car.
Equipped with all the normal patrol car gear like lights, a push bar, steel wheels, decaling, etc, this Dodge Challenger is ready to hit the mean streets of your imagination. Creator Aksyonov Nikita did a great job of making the Challenger look like a real patrol car. Unfortunately, 840 horsepower (or even the 707 horsepower of a Hellcat) may not be the best for daily patrol or the silent approach...but it is always fun to dream a little. 
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may 2017 by rgl7194
The 2017 New York International Auto Show: best of the rest | Ars Technica
The 840-hp Dodge Demon, Nissan GT-R Track Edition, Bugatti Chiron, and more.
NEW YORK—There has been much to see at this year's New York International Auto Show. Ford had a new hybrid police car. Cadillac brought its new race car—unbeaten in 2017—and a new semi-autonomous system that uses head-tracking to know if the driver is paying attention. Range Rover added a fourth SUV to its line-up, and Genesis showed us a rather attractive fuel cell concept. And Honda is finally bringing a proper Civic Type R to these shores. Elsewhere in our coverage we chose our picks of the show, but there were a few more vehicles that caught our eye after two days of walking the floors of the Javits Center.
nyc  auto_show  cars  dodge  demon  GT-R  bugatti  mercedes  porsche 
april 2017 by rgl7194
The Dodge Challenger Demon Actually Does 0-60 MPH in 2.1 Seconds - The Drive
Like so many things in life, it all comes down to how you measure it. 
When Dodge brought out the Challenger SRT Demon at a star-studded, burnout-filled New York Auto Show week event, the carmaker was quick to tout the sub-$100,000 car's deranged acceleration statistics: a 2.3-second 0-to-60 mile-per-hour run, a 9.65-second quarter-mile time, capable of pulling a wheelie for almost three feet. As it turns out, though, at least one of those numbers was a result of Dodge playing things safe. Do everything right, Dodge says, and the Challenger Demon can actually run from 0 to 60 mph in 2.1 seconds.
The discrepancy, according to both Motor Authority and Motorsport.com's chit-chats with Dodge representatives, is due to the nebulous characteristic known as "rollout." 
"Zero to 60 pure is 2.3 seconds, but with rollout it's 2.1," FCA head of passenger cars Tim Kuniskis told Motor Authority, "and that's important because that's the fastest 0-60 mph of any production car, I don't care what the technology is."
dodge  demon  performance  the_drive 
april 2017 by rgl7194
Every Cryptic and Crazy Dodge Demon Teaser Explained | Feature | Car and Driver
Dodge took the idea of slowly revealing a new vehicle to near absurdity when it spent 12 weeks spooning out details and clues about the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon. Of course, the car must justify such hype—the same sort of thing done for a new Toyota Prius just wouldn’t captivate. Dodge, however, was teasing an 800-plus-hp, street-legal drag racer based on the Challenger (about which you can read more here).

While a few of the Demon teasers were straightforward, many more were straight-up riddles, and the bizarre groupings of numbers, letters, and symbols released during the campaign remained for the most part undecoded. Now, however, the secrets have been revealed. Read on to unravel the Demon’s mysteries.
april 2017 by rgl7194
The Dodge Challenger Demon Is an 840-HP Street-Legal Drag Car - The Drive
Dodge claims it has the most powerful V-8 engine ever fitted to a production car.
Dodge unveiled its new 840-horsepower Challenger Demon at a firework-filled event in New York Tuesday evening.
Powered by what Dodge is calling the most powerful V-8 ever equipped in a production vehicle, the car can do zero to 60 miles per hour in 2.3 seconds and launch down a quarter-mile of drag strip in 9.65 seconds. Basically, those numbers mean this car is quick as hell. 
dodge  demon  racing  auto_show  performance  the_drive 
april 2017 by rgl7194
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Photos and Info | News | Car and Driver
Eight. Hundred. Forty. Horsepower.
For years, the Big Three have been selling parts-counter specials that are purpose built for drag racing: Cobra Jet Mustangs, COPO Camaros, and Drag Pak Challengers missing VINs that you order like an oil filter. These are cars only in the sense that they have four wheels. You can’t legally drive one to the corner store for milk or bait teenagers on Woodward Avenue any more than you could in an IndyCar racer. But Dodge is changing that with the Challenger SRT Demon.
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april 2017 by rgl7194
Today’s Dodge Challenger Demon Reveal: Its Drinking Habits | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
We’ve learned a lot already about the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon over its excruciating, months-long teaser campaign, including its two-step ignition system, its suspension that optimizes front-to-rear load transfer during launches, and its special launch-control system. With less than a week to go before the car’s actual unveiling, the latest news concerns what fuels the Demon. The answer is: premium unleaded (91 octane) pump gas or 100-plus-octane racing fuel. Dodge claims the Demon is the first car to offer this dual-fuel capability from the factory.
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april 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge Demon to Cool Engine's Intake Air with A/C System | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
The drip of info about Dodge’s drag-strip special, the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon, continues, with this week’s tidbit focusing on cooling. Specifically: a special system that cools air entering the engine. Plenty of performance cars use hood scoops to feed cooler ambient air to an engine in order to increase power output. But the Challenger SRT Demon takes things a step further. When Drag Mode is selected, the vehicle’s air-conditioning system switches from cooling cabin air to putting the chill on engine intake air, via an evaporator that’s plumbed in with the air-to-liquid intercooler.
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april 2017 by rgl7194
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Has TransBrake for Quicker Launches | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Where the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is going, you won’t need two feet—just one foot and one finger. In today’s Demon teaser, “Lock and Load,”  Dodge details what it says is another feature never seen on a factory production car, technology it calls a TransBrake. With it, drivers will be able to initiate quicker launches of the reduced-weight, supercharged, near-slicks-wearing muscle car off the drag-strip line simply by pressing a paddle.
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march 2017 by rgl7194
Hear the Challenger SRT Demon Roar in Dodge's Latest Video | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Dodge is continuing to stretch the Challenger SRT Demon’s 15 minutes of pre-reveal fame with its latest teaser, No Pills. Information as to what pills the Demon isn’t taking is beyond us (Viagra?), but the new teaser reveals one of the drag-racing pony car’s key performance features: its two-step ignition system. It’s also our first chance to hear the Demon’s Hemi V-8 at full wail.
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march 2017 by rgl7194
Here’s What’s inside the Dodge Challenger Demon’s Drag-Racing Hellcrate | News | Car and Driver. | Car and Driver Blog
Here it isn’t even Thursday—which, lately, has been Demon day—but we have yet another slow drip of information about the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Well, at least, about the drag-racing coupe’s accessory box. It’s a Demon-branded tool kit from Snap-on Business Solutions for getting the car drag-strip-ready. We first learned the Demon would come with its own box of goodies toward the beginning of the teaser campaign, but what we could see was dark, and there was no specific information about what was included. Now we know the tools are for a “street-to-track transformation.” The crate includes a hydraulic floor jack, a cordless impact wrench and charger, a torque wrench, a tire-pressure gauge, a fender cover, and a duffel bag. Dodge says it will include 12 more parts, including Direct Connection performance parts, matching skinny front wheels for the strip, and a Demon Track Pack System.
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march 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Teaser Details Performance [Video] | News | Car and driver | Car and Driver Blog
Another Thursday, so there’s another video teaser leading up to the April 11 debut of the Dodge Demon at the 2017 New York auto show. This week’s installment, the ninth in the series, drops some random yet impressive numbers for readers to decipher and shares some hard facts regarding the Demon-specific version of Dodge’s Performance Pages software, plus a few hardware details to boot.
Watch the video in its entirety (at the end of this story), and you’ll see it concludes with a rapid-fire montage of stills displaying several of the Performance Page graphics in all their misty red glory. Of particular interest to us is the Timers page, with its indicators of a zero-to-60-mph elapsed time of 3.0 seconds, an eighth-mile time of 6.6 seconds, and a quarter-mile time of 10.5 seconds. These numbers sound plausible, since we ripped 11.1-to-11.4-second quarter-mile times in the Challenger Hellcat on our first crack at it, and that was on street tires.
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march 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge Challenger Demon Will Have Optional Four-Point Harness | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Give the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon props, because according to Dodge’s latest teaser for its forthcoming supercoupe, the Demon will swap out the Challenger Hellcat’s driveshaft, half-shafts, and differential housing for units made to handle the new model’s extra torque and grip. Thanks to a 20 percent thicker driveshaft tube made of high-strength steel, Dodge claims the shaft’s torque capacity is up by 15 percent compared with the unit in the Hellcat. Similarly, the Demon’s half-shafts gain a 20 percent increase in torque capacity, while Dodge reports that the differential housing’s higher strength gear set and aluminum-alloy construction give it a 30 percent increase.
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march 2017 by rgl7194
2018 Dodge Challenger Demon: Everything We Know So Far | News | Car and Driver
Dodge flies the mark of the beast, and we're all going to hell.
What It Is: Dodge’s latest Challenger variant, the devilish SRT Demon, caught mostly undisguised testing in Michigan ahead of its debut at the New York auto show in April. Uniquely, the Demon is a production car set up for full-blown drag racing, with Dodge even going so far as to offer skinny front wheels that can be bolted on at the strip. Curiously, this prototype has hood pins, visible rivets, and LB Performance stickers, making it look like someone’s custom Challenger, but the Demon-specific hood scoop and dual headlight/airflow passages give away its true identity.
dodge  auto_show  cars  preview  demon 
february 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge Reveals Demon Drag Mode and Suspension Details | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Another Thursday means more Demon propaganda from the horsepower fetishists at Dodge. This time, it’s about the ultra Challenger’s new Drag mode and adaptive suspension. Compared with the Challenger SRT Hellcat, the Demon’s adaptive Bilstein dampers are “drag tuned,” which in the racing community means they are designed to maximize load transfer to the rear axle during a hole shot by limiting rebound on the front axle. They’ll work in concert with what we assume is an upgraded launch-control system meant to kill every rear-wheel-drive competitor on a quarter-mile. Fiat Chrysler included a few other cryptic details that may refer to Drag mode’s launch characteristics (disabling traction control, keeping stability control), but we’re not attempting to decode them until we hear more. Or, you can try cracking the “13.5 = 575 @ 500” formula in the smoke cloud above.
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february 2017 by rgl7194
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Shows Its Scoop – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
It’s beginning to look more and more like Dodge lied to us. After Dodge told us that any resemblance between the wide-bodied Challengers seen in trailers for The Fate of the Furious and the upcoming 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is purely coincidental, the result of “creative license” by the studio, a YouTube video surfaced featuring Vin Diesel and a pair of wide-body Challengers with Demon graphics emblazoned on their fenders. And then there’s Dodge’s latest teaser for the high-performance muscle car. Details released by Dodge include the above image of the Demon’s massive 45-square-inch Air Grabber hood scoop—a hood scoop that looks conspicuously like the one featured on the Challengers in The Fate of the Furious (below).
auto_show  cars  dodge  preview  video  demon 
february 2017 by rgl7194
Anticipating the Launch: Dodge Teases the Challenger Demon, Again – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
Dodge’s latest Challenger Demon preview is here—the sixth of fourteen total. This time, it’s a peek at the Demon’s standard-fitment 315/40R-18 Nitto NT05R drag radials folding under the forces of a launch. Today’s teaser includes the image you see above and an attendant video (below). Unless you’re some sort of rubber fetishist, the preview is not a particularly sexy image, and yet it and some tidbits Dodge also released are highly revealing.
auto_show  cars  dodge  preview  video  demon 
february 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge Challenger Demon Almost Certainly Packs a Hellcat V-8 - The Drive
It's not the first Dodge Challenger to use forced induction...but this is the first time Mopar has quoted Metallica in a press release, as far as we know.
With a Dodge Challenger Demon teaser video scheduled to drop every week between mid-January and the car's New York Auto Show debut in April, it's no surprise that Fiat Chrysler's army of press release scribes have to work a little to keep the media interested. Still, this is the first time we at The Drive can recall an OEM press release kicking off with Metallica lyrics.
auto_show  cars  dodge  hellcat  preview  video  demon 
february 2017 by rgl7194
2018 Dodge Demon: Forget AWD; New Video Confirms RWD – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
We were wrong. The 2018 Challenger SRT Demon that Dodge has been teasing for weeks now will not, as we previously speculated, be all-wheel drive. Instead, it will most definitely be rear-wheel drive, as Dodge’s latest teaser video (embedded at the bottom of this post) clearly shows. It’s the latest reveal in a series of information drops; we most recently learned that it’ll have only one seat.
racing  auto_show  cars  dodge  preview  video  demon 
february 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge Challenger Demon to Get Drag Tires As Standard; AWD, Too? – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
In a post-Viper world, the Challenger has become the object of Dodge and SRT’s performance affections. The 707-hp, hybrid-car-baiting Challenger Hellcat is as fine a place to start on additional variants as any—and that’s just what Dodge is doing in resurrecting an old nameplate, Demon. Now comes a bit more information that seems to confirm the SRT Demon will be a ferocious drag-racing, well, demon.
tires  auto_show  cars  dodge  preview  video  demon 
january 2017 by rgl7194
Everything We Know about the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
With Dodge’s announcement that it will debut its “performance halo” Challenger SRT Demon at the New York auto show in April—because obviously the current 707-hp Challenger SRT Hellcat is a bit too, um, civil—the horsepower wizards at SRT will be taunting Mopar enthusiasts with weekly releases of teaser videos and technical tidbits leading up to the car’s reveal in the Big Apple. Welcome to week two of Dodge’s Demon parade.
cars  dodge  preview  auto_show  demon 
january 2017 by rgl7194
Dodge to Unveil Challenger Demon at New York Auto Show – News – Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
In 1971, Dodge named its version of the Plymouth Duster the “Demon.” As was Mopar custom in the late 1960s and early 1970s, whimsical typography and a cartoon mascot—in this case, a mischievous li’l devil whose pitchfork formed the “m” in the car’s name—ruled the day. As cutesy as it was, some pious folks weren’t pleased with the more Satanic implications of the name, and for 1973, the Demon name was replaced by the more staid “Dart Sport.” Forty-plus years later, after the success of the vaguely Beelzebubbian Hellcat badge, FCA has revived the Demon nameplate for what it terms “Dodge’s new ultimate performance halo.” Welcome, then, the rumored Challenger formerly known as ADR, set to debut in April at the New York auto show.
cars  dodge  auto_show  preview  video  demon 
january 2017 by rgl7194

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