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THE ENDEAVOUR INTERVIEWS 2018: Dakota Blue Richards | Damian Michael Barcroft
The Home Office was appalled and said that women were not proper persons in the eyes of the law when Edith Smith became the first female police officer with official powers of arrest in 1915. However, by 1920, and after The Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act of 1919, the Baird Committee stated that women could indeed be appointed as police officers although this came with the caveat that their duties be confined to dealing with women and children only.
The conditions in which female officers work, and the respect and recognition afforded to them, have obviously changed for the better over the years but progress has been frustratingly slow and much still needs to be done to increase awareness and understanding of the issues affecting women within the police force today.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  interview 
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ENDEAVOUR: Series 5, Episode 3, PASSENGER. Scenes Missing From Some USA Versions. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
...To read my review and learn of the music, locations, literary references and what those strange British phrases mean in the Endeavour episode ‘Passenger’ click HERE.
If the scene was missing from the US version I have set it between the before and after scenes to give the missing scene context. Extended scenes are shown in their entirety.
Due to size of the video I have had to break it down into two sections.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  review  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  video  wpc 
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ENDEAVOUR: Series 5, Episode 2, CARTOUCHE. Scenes Missing From Some USA Versions. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
...To read my review and learn of the music, locations, literary references and what those strange British phrases mean in the Endeavour episode CARTOUCHE click HERE.
If the scene was missing from the US version I have set it between the before and after scenes to give the missing scene context. Extended scenes are shown in their entirety.
Due to size of the video I have had to break it down into three sections...
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  review  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  video  wpc 
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ENDEAVOUR: Series 5, Episode 1, MUSE. Scenes Missing From USA Version. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello my fellow Morsonians, Endeavourists and Lewisians and welcome to a new post. This post is about all the missing scenes and edited scenes in the USA version. There are 12 scenes that were shown in the original British version but were either excised or edited when shown in the USA.
I understand why the American company does this so the episode fits into the confines of their time-slot and of course one must get plenty of advertisements in there as well. But it is unfair to the American viewers as they miss scenes which can help understand the motives and the characters in the episode that much better.
I have created a video of all twelve scenes. If the scene was missing from the US version I have set it between the before after scenes to give the missing scene context. Extended scenes are shown in their entirety.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  review  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  video  wpc 
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Download Jimi Hendrix - Discography (1967 - 2015) UPDATE
Jimi Hendrix – Discography (1967 – 2015)
EAC/XLD Rip | 106xCD + 4xDVD | FLAC/APE/WV Tracks & Image + Cue + Log | Full Scans Included
Total Size: 49.4 GB | 3% RAR Recovery
Label: Various | Genre: Blues Rock, Classic Rock
In his brief four-year reign as a superstar, Jimi Hendrix expanded the vocabulary of the electric rock guitar more than anyone before or since. Hendrix was a master at coaxing all manner of unforeseen sonics from his instrument, often with innovative amplification experiments that produced astral-quality feedback and roaring distortion. His frequent hurricane blasts of noise and dazzling showmanship — he could and would play behind his back and with his teeth and set his guitar on fire — has sometimes obscured his considerable gifts as a songwriter, singer, and master of a gamut of blues, R&B, and rock styles.
When Hendrix became an international superstar in 1967, it seemed as if he’d dropped out of a Martian spaceship, but in fact he’d served his apprenticeship the long, mundane way in numerous R&B acts on the chitlin circuit. During the early and mid-’60s, he worked with such R&B/soul greats as Little Richard, the Isley Brothers, and King Curtis as a backup guitarist. Occasionally he recorded as a session man (the Isley Brothers’ 1964 single “Testify” is the only one of these early tracks that offers even a glimpse of his future genius). But the stars didn’t appreciate his show-stealing showmanship, and Hendrix was straitjacketed by sideman roles that didn’t allow him to develop as a soloist. The logical step was for Hendrix to go out on his own, which he did in New York in the mid-’60s, playing with various musicians in local clubs, and joining white blues-rock singer John Hammond, Jr.’s band for a while. ― Allmusic
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Oozing Restraint: Irma Thomas, “Ruler Of My Heart” (1963) |
There was once a quaint notion that women could be volcanoes of sexual interest in a completely enclosed way.  An indirect glance here, a strategic non-reply there, and you would feel the hottest heat there is.  But you wouldn’t call that woman “hot” or “sexy” any more than you would dream of turning her body inside out: that would ruin everything.
Irma Thomas, the New Orleans Queen of Soul, is no demure damsel of yore, but she hooks us with a version of that restraint—an amazingly intense restraint—in “Ruler Of My Heart.”
Listen, in the first verse she can’t even decide whether she’s going to allow herself to sing; her notes are dropping almost out of musical pitches and into plain talk. At the peak of the song’s argument, she hums. Hear how she sings “Where can you be? I wait patiently” with the opposite of bombast at 0:31-0:36, and “Heed my cry, ease my pain” at 1:01-1:07. Hear how she diminishes volume at the end of the bridge:  “Come back, come back, come back—I’ve had enough” at 0:45-0:52.  Hear how many times she chooses a naturally minimized ending of a word (“the going gets rough”).  And yet by the end there are enough little flare-ups of belting that no one can doubt her power.
music  songs  review  mp3  60s  pop_music 
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How the Music of 1968 Mirrored the Year’s Revolutionary Spirit | Consequence of Sound
1968 marked a drastic change in the sound and philosophy of popular music
Some five decades later, it’s still hard to aptly sum up the influence the 1960s had on our country, both historically and culturally. A decade born out of buttoned-up conservatism quickly morphed into a counterculture age where everything was subject to questioning. That skepticism translated into the music of the times. Out in San Francisco, bands like the Grateful Dead were trying to change the world through positivity. The Hippie Revolution sought to turn people on to a new way of living, one based in community, togetherness, peace, and sexual freedom. And for a while they succeeded. But in an example of just how quickly the world was moving, it took only a year for the Summer of Love to devolve into feelings of anger and cynicism.
Music often holds a mirror up to the world it’s created in, and in 1968, the picture was anything but pretty. The deaths of progressive leaders such as Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., as well as growing anti-war sentiment, sowed seeds of societal angst that pushed the counterculture, as well as segments of the mainstream, in a darker, more aggressive direction. A lot of rock music, in particular, got louder and more abrasive, channeling the energy of a nervous world seemingly overwhelmed with the change before it. If rock and roll was born out of rebellion, a need to shake up and upset the status quo, then 1968, in retrospect, gave scores of up-and-coming bands some very real, tangible things to push back against. Many answered the call. Some explicitly rebelled against cultural chaos while others channeled their subversion through their music. But all told, 1968 marked a seminal year for the development of underground and independent music, both in sound and philosophy.
music  60s  culture  politics  activism 
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Endeavour finale - has Trewlove left the series? Is Thursday leaving? ITV - Radio Times
Exclusive: Executive producer Damien Timmer gives us the inside scoop on the latest series of the Inspector Morse prequel – as well as a few hints at what we can expect in the future. Contains spoilers
As well as being the usual head-scratching mystery for Shaun Evans’ troubled detective, the series five finale of Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour was also a massive gamechanger for the drama as a whole.
With the Cowley CID team facing a very uncertain future and key characters seeming to say goodbye to the series forever, you might have thought things couldn’t get any worse – but then, the unimaginable happened…
On a similar topic, is this the last we’ll see of WPC Trewlove, as played by Dakota Blue Richards? She heads off to join Scotland Yard in the finale
This is the end of Trewlove for now – Dakota told us she wanted to leave at the beginning of last year, so we planned series five to give her the arc with Fancy and build to his demise and her leaving. But the door is always open for return appearances!
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  review  spoilers 
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45 Years Ago: The Rolling Stones Court Controversy Over 'Beggars Banquet' Cover
The Rolling Stones and controversy go together like fish and chips. In 1968, one of their best-known controversies kept their classic album 'Beggars Banquet' album off shelves for nearly six months in a protracted dispute over the legendary "toilet cover."
As conceived by designer Michael Vosse, the original cover for 'Beggars Banquet' depicted graffiti on the wall of a bathroom that could charitably be described as dilapidated. Located at a Los Angeles-area Porsche dealership, the bathroom walls were defaced by actual Stones: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards scrawled the album credits and one-liners like "Wot no paper!" The photograph featured not just the walls but the top of an old, beaten-up toilet.
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This Is the Vintage Alfa Romeo That Inspired the New 8C
Alfa's upcoming mid-engine sports car might share its name with a race car from the 1930s, but it'll look a lot like something from 1967.
Alfa Romeo announced a new mid-engine sports car today, the 8C, named after the 8C Competizione of 2007 and many of its amazing eight-cylinder road and race cars of the 1920s and 1930s. But based on a sketch released by Alfa, it looks like the new 8C draws inspiration from a different model from the company—the 1967 Tipo 33 Stradale.
Viewed in profile the similarities are quite apparent. Just look at the swept up window line and muscular rear fender on the 8C sketch. It's clear the designers at Alfa Romeo have been hanging out in the company's museum where the Tipo 33 Stradale prototype lives.
The Tipo 33 was originally designed as a tube-framed prototype for the 1967 World Sportscar Championship, but Alfa Romeo decided its chassis would lend itself well to a road car. So, Franco Scaglione—who designed the original Giulietta Sprint while at Bertone—was tapped by Alfa to provide bodywork for the 33. The results were astonishing.
cars  alfa  design  60s 
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Reliquary: Jimi Hendrix - The Blues Project Outtakes (2014 WM 1007/2) [SBD]
Jimi Hendrix
'The Blues Project Outtakes'
(2014 Wonder Minnow : WM 1007/2)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
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Reliquary: Rolling Stones - Sotheby's Reel 1969-1970 'The Glyn Johns Work Tapes' [SBD]
The Rolling Stones
'Sotheby's Reel 1969-1970' 
(The Glyn Johns Work Tapes)
(2007 Idol Mind Production : IMP-N-013)
Studio Outtakes 1969-1970
Audio Quality Excellent > Perfect
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
The Sotheby’s Reel are Glyn John’s working tapes when he was the Stones' studio producer during Let it Bleed through the Sticky Fingers sessions, the Stones
classic rock period. The tape reel was auctioned some years ago at the famous Sotheby's London auction house and featured some different versions of great songs. (More...) -Original
music  rolling_stones  blues_rock  60s  70s  bootlegs  download 
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Reliquary: Rolling Stones - Itchy Fingers (IU9535-1) [SBD]
The Rolling Stones 
'Itchy Fingers'
(1995 Invasion Unlimited : IU9535-1)
Studio Outtakes 1969-70
(from 'Let It Bleed' and 'Sticky Fingers') 
Excellent Studio Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
rolling_stones  music  blues_rock  60s  70s  SBD  download  bootlegs 
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Reliquary: Rolling Stones - Could You Walk On The Water (Ass Blaster AB037) [SBD]
The Rolling Stones
'Could You Walk On The Water?'
(2018 Ass Blaster : AB037)
Re-creation of the Unreleased Album
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Mono and Stereo
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
music  rolling_stones  SBD  bootlegs  download  60s 
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Custom 1967 Pontiac Firebird (2018 HWC Original 16 Replica!)
Wow, what an awesome replica. Super shiny too. It's all metal and has working suspensions. On top of that, it has excellent details too!
cars  hot_wheels  60s  collecting 
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The Beatles, "Helter Skelter" from 'The White Album' (1968): Deep Beatles
Is “Helter Skelter” the dirtiest, most raucous song the Beatles ever recorded? While that question is still debated, one fact is certain: the White Album headbanger would influence generations of hard rock and punk bands to create similar rockers with uncompromising rawness.
Paul McCartney originally composed “Helter Skelter” in 1968 as a response to the Who. Pete Townshend had granted a Melody Maker interview claiming that his band had just recorded the loudest, rowdiest track to date (the song was later revealed to be “I Can See for Miles”). While in Scotland, Paul McCartney read the article and decided to try his hand at such a composition. What resulted was not only one of the hardest tracks off the White Album, but also one of the most aggressive tracks the Beatles ever recorded.
After reading the Townshend interview, McCartney immediately began composing “Helter Skelter.” “I wrote ‘Helter Skelter’ to be the most raucous vocal, the loudest drums,” he told Barry Miles for the biography Many Years from Now. He borrowed the title from a popular ride found on British fairgrounds, but extended the metaphor to describe “a ride from the top to the bottom — the rise and fall of the Roman Empire — and this was the fall, the demise, the going down.”
beatles  music  60s  deep_cuts  songs  psych_rock 
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Filming begins on series six of Endeavour; plotlines and images revealed – The Killing Times
Filming has begun on the sixth series of one of our favourite British crime dramas, Endeavour, with lead actor Shaun Evans confirmed to not only return as Morse but also direct one of the new films. The star will also be sporting a new-look as DS Endeavour Morse in the upcoming series, as seen in a first-look image released by ITV.
While reprising his titular role as Endeavour Morse,  Evans will also be putting his directorial mark on the show, heading behind the camera for the second feature-length film in the series. The move follows his success directing two episodes of continuing drama Casualty earlier this year.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  preview  tv  uk  uniform 
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David Bowie’s First-Ever Demo Discovered in Bread Box | Music News | Consequence of Sound
David Jones, then 16 years old, sang lead for his band The Konrads
The first-ever recording of David Bowie on lead vocals has been discovered — in a bread box. Long thought lost to history, a copy of The Konrads’ 1963 demo “I Never Dreamed” was discovered by the band’s drummer, David Hadfield, while moving in the 1990s. He kept the find a secret until announcing today that it will be up for auction in September.
At the time intent on becoming a world-class saxophonist, a then 16-year-old Bowie still going by David Jones co-wrote “I Never Dreamed” with Konrads lead guitarist Neville Wills (older stories about the song credit it to guitarist Alan Dodds). The band’s agent, Rolling Stones manager Eric Easton, planned to use the recording to gain the attention of Decca Records. Though the tape was rejected, the band did score an audition with the label some months later, where vocalist Roger Ferris took over lead and Jones/Bowie stepped into the background.
music  bowie  60s  auction 
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Reliquary: Jimi Hendrix - European Broadcasts 1966~67 [SBD]
Jimi Hendrix Experience
'European Broadcasts 1966/67'
(BP, X/2005, 2CDR)
No Officially Released Material
Radio & TV Broadcasts 1966/67
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
"European Broadcasts 1966/67"
(BP, X/2005, 2CDR)
- Radio & TV broadcasts 1966/67 (no officially released material).
- Lineage:
Masters (?) -> Low generation reels & tapes -> CDR -> EAC
music  hendrix  60s  tv  radio  bootlegs  download 
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1967 Camaro (2017 Walmart Exclusive Zamac - Camaro Fifty)
Love my Zamacs! Too bad they are always so hard to find where I am, oh well. Just makes it that much sweeter when I get them!
cars  hot_wheels  camaro  60s  zamac  anniversary 
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Reliquary: Jeff Beck Group - BBC Compilation 1967-1968 [SBD]
Jeff Beck Group
BBC Compilation 1967-1968
Jeff Beck Band Live At The BBC
Soundboard (FM) Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List: (Artwork Included)
__Saturday Club – 7th March 1967 – From Radio Transcription LP__
01 Hi Ho Silver Lining
12 I’m Losing You
__Saturday Club – 4th July 1967 – From Radio Transcription LP__
03 Rock My Plimsoul
04 Tallyman
__Top Gear 17th September 1968 – From Radio Transcription LP__
05 Shapes Of Things
06 Rock My Plimsoul
__Saturday Club 7th March 1967 – From Radio Broadcasts (Broadcast 18th March 1967)__
07 I Ain’t Superstitious
08 Beck Interview
09 Hi Ho Silver Lining
10 I’m Losing You
11 Let Me Love You
12 Stone Cold Crazy
__Saturday Club 4th July 1968 – From Radio Broadcast (Broadcast 8th July 1967)__
13. Rock My Plimsoul
14. Tallyman
__Top Gear 1st November 1967 (From Radio Broadcast (Broadcast 5th November 1967)__
15 I Ain’t Superstitious (W Cuts)
16 Becks Bolero
17 You’ll Never Go To heaven
18 You Shook Me
19 Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
__Top Gear 17th September 1968 (From Radio Broadcast) (Broadcast 29th September 1968)__
20 You Shook Me
21 Rock My Plimsoul
22 Shapes Of Things
23 Mothers Old Rice Pudding
24. Sweet Little Angel
Jeff Beck – Rod Stewart – Ron Wood – Mickey Waller –Dave Ambrose (Tracks 1, 2, 7, 8 9, 10, 11 & 12)
Jeff Beck – Rod Stewart – Ron Wood – Aynsley Dunbar (Tracks 3, 4, 13 & 14)
Jeff Beck – Rod Stewart – Ron Wood – Mickey Waller (Tracks 5, 6, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24)
music  beck  60s  blues_rock  bbc  concert  bootlegs  download  SBD  radio 
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Behind The Song: "Long Black Veil" « American Songwriter
“Long Black Veil”
(Written by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkins)
“The scaffold is high and eternity near.”
Those words, perhaps the most chilling from “Long Black Veil,” one of the most haunting murder ballads you’ll ever hear, have been sung by a whole lot of folks over the years, including iconic voices like Burl Ives, Jerry Garcia, Rick Danko and Levon Helm of The Band, Joan Baez, Mick Jagger, and Dave Matthews on record, not to mention the umpteen others who have taken a crack at it onstage.
music  songs  johnny_cash  60s  country 
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Watch Pearl Jam & MC50 Perform “Kick Out the Jams” | Music News | Consequence of Sound
Also, Matt Cameron and Kim Thayil of Soundgarden reunite for first time since Chris Cornell's passing
Pearl Jam headlined Belgium’s Rock Werchter over the weekend, delivering a powerful 24-song performance. The setlist included a dedication to fellow headliner Jack White (“Spin the Black Circle”), a guest appearance from Jack Johnson for John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and a number of jabs at President Donald Trump. One of the biggest surprises came early in the set, however, when PJ welcomed out Wayne Kramer and his MC50 band to play MC5’s classic “Kick Out the James”.
The stage was packed during the performance, as MC50’s Kramer, Kim Thayil (Soundgarden), Brendan Canty (Fugazi), Dug Pinnick (King’s X), Marcus Durant (Zen Guerrilla) joined the entirety of Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder and Kramer traded verses and split the final refrain as the onslaught of guitars shredded out over the crowd. Take a look a crowd-shot footage of the collaboration below.
music  pj  reunion  hard_rock  60s  anniversary  SG 
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It has the card art, and it has the looks. Will the Selections ’66 Super Nova Gasser follow the path of the Candy Striper? – theLamleyGroup
I’m just answering the question in the title right off the bat. The purple RLC Selections ’66 Nova, which arrived at collector’s homes this last week, will not garner the same secondary market prices that accompany the Candy Striper ’55 Gasser these days.
But who cares!?!?!
cars  hot_wheels  chevy  60s  collecting 
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Reliquary: David Bowie - The Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust (4CD Set) [SBD]
David Bowie
'The Rise And Rise Of Ziggy Stardust' (4CD Set)
BBC Radio Sessions 1967-72
(2000 Shout To The Top : STTP 086/087/088/089) 
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Volume 1 & 2:
The first set of two with a Japanese factory made copy of the well known CDR set with the same title! The main quality is excellent, but it drops to very good on the 05.02.70 session, not even the officially released songs from this session are in excellent quality! One can wonder when somebody makes a straight copy of a CDR with an excellent cover, why they don't copy the cover as well as the discs? The same title has been used! This cover is nice, but the CDR cover is GREAT! Anyway, a nice issue well worth the money and a great suppliment to the official Bowie At The Beeb issue.
Volume 3 & 4:
The second set out of two of this Japanese release, Excellent sound quality! The same comments goes for this one as for the first set, Please note that the 21.09.72 broadcast includes the normal versions, and not any specially recorded ones!
music  bootlegs  bowie  SBD  bbc  download  radio  60s  70s 
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Making Time- Jeff Beck - Truth
In the Yardbirds Jeff Beck had played some of the greatest and most innovative lead guitar lines of the 1960s. He left the band after recording just three tracks as part of a dual-lead guitar attack with Jimmy Page. While Page formed the New Yardbirds that was later Led Zeppelin, Beck put together the Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart on vocals, Ronnie Wood, ex-Birds and Creation, on bass and Aynsley Dunbar on drums. Also on the album are Led Zeppelin's John-Paul Jones, piano session man Nicky Hopkins while the timpani is played by "you know who," a reference to Keith Moon.
The opening track is a reworking of the Yardbirds' classic Shapes of Things and it sounds nothing like the original. Much slower and "heavier," Shapes of Things is well-suited to Rod Stewart's voice. One of the features of the album is the lack of original tracks. Apart from the opener there are numerous cover versions including Tim Rose's Morning Dew, Greensleeves (written by Henry VIII?), Ol' Man River and Jeff's Beck's version of Bolero that had been the b-side of the debut single. There is no doubt that the Jeff Beck Group tackled a wide repertoire!
music  60s  blues_rock  beck  review 
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Overlooked Albums #38: Jeff Beck - Truth - Music Feature - No Ripcord
Restlessness is good. It has made a voyager out of Jeff Beck, who continues a musical quest that began in his teenage years. His pal Jimmy Page, who traded licks with him in The Yardbirds, has lived content within the heavy-rock niche he’s built for himself, but that kind of commitment wasn’t made for Beck. His musical journey, which runs the gamut from rockabilly to jazz fusion, is closer in spirit to that of Jimi Hendrix, who was too adventurous to shrink from anything. Beck is a wanderer, his attention always fixed on what waits up ahead behind the bend.
Beck was booted from The Yardbirds in late 1966. It was the opportunity to blaze his own trail, and he didn’t waste time. His first single, Hi Ho Silver Lining, was a shrewd commercial move that had him singing with a string section. By the time he released Love Is Blue, critics were wondering whether Beck had been replaced by a body-snatching pod. They needn’t have worried because he was handpicking a stellar lineup for his next move: drummer Mick Waller, fresh from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, ex-Birds Ron Wood on bass, and singer Rod Stewart, who had been struggling to get something going after the dissolution of Shotgun Express.
music  60s  blues_rock  beck  review 
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Truth – Rolling Stone
The album that catapulted John Mayall & Eric Clapton to fame, The Bluebreakers with Eric Clapton, was a special one. It hipped the U.S. to two good blues interpreters, held a fresh approach to the blues, and was performed by good musicians all around. Two months ago everyone was saying “Jeff Beck’s in town and you must see his group . . . blah, blah, blah.”
It was an unnerving experience to hear the Beck group. I had to leave after three numbers. The band was blowing changes, the bass player was losing time, Beck was uncomfortably and bitingly over-volumed, the singer was doing deep knee-bends holding the mike stand like a dumbbell (original, but so what.) It didn’t make a hell of a lot of sense to me.
music  60s  blues_rock  beck  concert  review 
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45 Years Ago: The Jeff Beck Group's 'Truth' Album Released
It's been 45 years since the Jeff Beck Group helped set the course for hard rock's future with the release of their seminal debut album.
From its inception, 'Truth' depended on the considerable star power earned by leader Jeff Beck during his brief but historic 18-month tenure with the Yardbirds, in which he replaced guitar god Eric Clapton with a style all his own, before sharing six-string duties with friend Jimmy Page.
music  beck  blues_rock  60s  anniversary 
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The Jeff Beck Group: The Story Of Truth | Louder
In the late 60s, Yardbirds alumnus Jeff Beck formed The Jeff Beck Group. Here's the remarkable story of the making Of Truth, their debut album
On July 29, 1968, Jeff Beck, along with a kick-around vocalist, a future Rolling Stone, and a drummer with a lot of bash released Truth. The album was a miracle of fury and berserk beauty, a testament to the jaw-dropping chops of a 24- year old guitarist who, over the course of 10 tracks and around 40 minutes, ran the gamut from electric blues and modified R&B to psychedelically influenced rock, classical, and even a little heavy-metal instrumentalism. With Truth, released just months before Led Zeppelin’s debut – and with songs and personnel in common – Jeff Beck, singer Rod Stewart, bassist Ronnie Wood, and drummer Mickey Waller (the core band) made an album that would become every guitar player’s bible and every hard rock band’s Holy Grail.
music  history  60s  blues_rock  beck  concert 
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Reliquary: Yardbirds, The - BBC 1965-68 Complete Broadcast (1988) [FM]
The Yardbirds
'BBC 1965-68 Complete Broadcast'
London, England
FM Broadcast Recordings
Los Angeles Radio KLSX-97.1 Broadcast 1988)
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
music  radio  bbc  yardbirds  download  bootlegs  60s 
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Kirkville - The Record Industry and Nostalgia
As we reach the end of the teens – the decade beginning in 2010 – we are also reaching the end of the 50th anniversary of the sixties. Much has been written about the influence of this seminal decade (though to be fair, the sixties didn’t start until the middle of the decade, and didn’t end until the middle of the seventies), and the use of “50th anniversary” on books has made it look like a distant past.
The same is true with music. Just today, browsing Amazon, I came across Music From Big Pink – 50th Anniversary Edition (Super Deluxe). (Amazon.com, Amazon UK) This record was The Band’s debut album, after having been Bob Dylan’s backing band, and was very popular. It contained a wide range of musical styles, and was typical of sixties rock.
music  60s  anniversary  record  reissue 
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Old music: The Electras – Action Woman | Music | The Guardian
The Electras have got to find themselves some action, a little satisfaction – anyone know a woman who might lend a hand?
In his magnificent autobiography, Head-On, Julian Cope recounts one of the arguments that would rend asunder Liverpool's music heads in the 70s: whose version of the 1967 garage-rock staple Action Woman was better? Was it the one by the Litter, better known by far, after featuring on the first volume of the Pebbles series of albums? Or was it the one by their Minneapolitan confreres, the Electras?
Action Woman was written by a man called Warren Kendrick, who was the manager of the Electras. He was also the manager of the Litter. So the ownership of the song – usually ceded to the Litter, though no one seems sure whose version came first – is open to debate.
music  60s  garage_rock  comparo  review 
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Reliquary: Animals, The - At The BBC (1965-1967) Ass Blaster [SBD]
The Animals
'At The BBC' (1965-1967)
(Ass Blaster Records : ABD-44)
All tracks never officially released.
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
No Animals BBC material has been officially released.
60s  bbc  blues_rock  download  music  radio  SBD 
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Reliquary: Animals, The - The Animals Live 1965 [SBD]
The Animals
'The Animals Live 1965'
BBC Classic Tracks
Westwood One
 March 1991
Soundboard (Pre-FM) Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Introduction by Richard Skinner
02. Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
03. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
04. What Am I Living For
05. The Mess Around
06. We've Got To Get Out Of This Place
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Reliquary: Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced The Sessions Volumes 1&2 [SBD] FLAC + MP3
Jimi Hendrix
'Are You Experienced The Sessions Volumes 1 & 2'
(1999 Shout To The Top Records : STTP 038/039)
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: FLAC + MP3@320
music  hendrix  SBD  download  60s  flac  bootlegs 
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The Beatles, "Mother Nature's Son" (1968): Deep Beatles
One of the most heartfelt and intimate tracks on the Beatles’ White Album, “Mother Nature’s Son” draws its inspiration from three primary sources: Paul McCartney’s childhood, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s teachings, and the standard “Nature Boy.” McCartney thoroughly discussed these origins in Barry Miles’ biography Many Years from Now. Childhood days spent in the countryside partially inspired the song, what he called his “child of nature-leanings.” Years later, McCartney’s time studying with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi further encouraged him to explore the wonders of nature. Incidentally, John Lennon would write a song called “Child of Nature” also inspired by the retreat, but later transformed it into “Jealous Guy.”
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1967 Camaro (2018 Walmart Exclusive Camaro Series)
Wow, hard to believe Hot Wheels have been around for 50 years now. And not just Hot Wheels, but the Camaro as well. So needless to say, of course there needs to be a 50th Anniversary set commemorating Hot Wheels and Camaros!
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1968 COPO Camaro (2018 Walmart Exclusive 50th Anniversary Zamac Flames)
Zamacs, probably one of my most favorite kinds of Hot Wheels! So with that said, there's no way I'm not stoked about an entire set of Zamac muscle cars dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels!
60s  camaro  zamac  hot_wheels  anniversary 
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The Top 100 Festival Lineups of All Time | Consequence of Sound
Date: June 16-18
Location: Monterey, California
Headliners: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who, Ravi Shankar, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, and Simon & Garfunkel
Woodstock will always occupy a uniquely mythological place in the pantheon of American musical festivals, but the 1967 Monterey International Pop Music Festival remains a luminous snapshot of a countercultural epoch beyond compare. Though big-hitters including Dylan and The Beatles were noticeably absent, the three-day festival excelled in its aim of elevating rock to the same prestige as jazz and folk, all while introducing American audiences to future luminaries like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Ravi Shankar, Otis Redding, and The Who. Consider it the coming-out party not only for these storied legends but also for the rock and roll festival as we know it. –Brian Coney
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1968 Oldsmobile 442 (2018 Walmart Exclusive 50th Anniversary Zamac Flames)
Zamacs, probably one of my most favorite kinds of Hot Wheels! So with that said, there's no way I'm not stoked about an entire set of Zamac muscle cars dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels!
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Classic Singles #79: The Misunderstood – I Can Take You to the Sun / Who Do You Love (1966) | Cosmic Mind at Play
The Misunderstood were an American band – from Riverside, California – but invariably appear on compilations of UK psychedelia, thanks to the fact that they were encouraged to head over the pond to find fame and fortune by DJ John Peel (then still known as John Ravenscroft). Peel had seen them perform at the opening of a shopping centre while he was working at Radio KMEN in San Bernardino and had become the band’s mentor, helping them to find bookings and record demos.
After forming as surf band The Blue Notes in late 1963, they changed name in 1965 and evolved into a fine garage / rhythm and blues outfit, releasing a single in April 1966 on the Blues Sound Co. label, ‘You Don’t Have To Go / Who’s Been Talking’. The blues covers on this 45 are pretty standard fare but the group quickly developed their sound to include feedback and raga-like guitar, as can be heard on their acetate version of The Yardbirds’ ‘I’m Not Talking’ from August 1966 (included on the essential Cherry Red retrospective Before The Dream Faded). They also experimented live with lights plugged directly into their amplifiers that would ebb and flow in intensity with the volume and frequencies of the notes being played.
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S (2018 Walmart Exclusive 50th Anniversary Zamac Flames)
Zamacs, probably one of my most favorite kinds of Hot Wheels! So with that said, there's no way I'm not stoked about an entire set of Zamac muscle cars dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels!
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe (2018 Walmart Exclusive 50th Anniversary Zamac Flames)
Zamacs, probably one of my most favorite kinds of Hot Wheels! So with that said, there's no way I'm not stoked about an entire set of Zamac muscle cars dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels!
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RELIQUARY: Cream - Outtakes & Alternates (2CD) [SBD]
'Outtakes & Alternates' (2CD) 
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: VBR MP3 (Avg. 192 Kbps)
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RELIQUARY: Cream - The Last Goodbye (2016 Mid Valley - 4CD) [SBD]
'The Last Goodbye' (4 Disc Set)
(2016 Mid Valley : MVR-808/809/810/811) 
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
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Donovan - 'Sunshine Superman' (1966): On Second Thought
Armed with a guitar and a harmonica, Donovan entered the public eye amid the folk rock boom of 1965. The Scottish-born troubadour achieved quite an impressive feat that year, garnering attention with a trio of back-to-back solid brass singles. “Catch The Wind” and “Colours” were original compositions, while “The Universal Soldier” was a treatment of Buffy St. Marie’s anti-war anthem.
When folk rock gave way to freak rock in 1966, Donovan was properly prepared for the occasion. Although the singer-songwriter initially made his mark as a folkie, he was actually incredibly diversified, having dined on a diet of multiple musical cuisines, ranging from jazz to blues to pop to traditional rock and roll. Not only did Donovan embrace the incoming tide of psychedelia with ease, but he chipped in his own individual ideas – leading to a host of highly groundbreaking sounds.
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Gypsy: 1962 | Shorpy | Vintage Photography
Los Angeles, 1962. "Actress Natalie Wood performing as striptease artist Gypsy Rose Lee in the motion picture Gypsy." 35mm Kodachrome by Robert Vose for the Look magazine assignment "Big Season for Musicals." View full size: http://www.shorpy.com/node/23455?size=_original
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The Beatles, "Don't Pass Me By" from 'The White Album' (1968): Deep Beatles
Since his Liverpool days, Ringo Starr has professed a great love of country music. In 1959 he joined a group called the Raving Texans. According to Andrew Grant Jackson’s Still the Greatest, Starr adopted the stage name Ringo not only in reference to his many rings, but also to pay tribute to real-life cowboy Johnny Ringo. He recorded two previous country-inflected tracks with the Beatles, but his composition debut fully indulged in his passion for the genre. The White Album’s “Don’t Pass Me By” retains its notability not only because it represents Starr’s first solo composition; it further emphasizes the variety of influences that impacted the Beatles’ music.
Starr’s first official brushes with country include the Buck Owens cover “Act Naturally” and the Rubber Soul track “What Goes On.” The former evolved into Starr’s unofficial theme song, while Starr co-wrote the latter. Some reports claim Starr wrote the track during the Beatles’ 1968 India retreat, but the Beatle stated in Anthology that he actually composed the song at home.
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If you told me the ’65 Ford Galaxie was Jun Imai’s best Hot Wheels casting, I don’t think I could argue with you. – the Lamley Group
When Jun Imai announced last month that he was leaving Mattel, this is what we all thought and talked about...
And for good reason. Jun’s legacy at Hot Wheels will be JDM, and the era he ushered in with his many Japanese designs. What started with “Why is Hot Wheels doing a Corolla and Datsun!?!?” ended with “Awesome, they finally made a Laurel!!”. That’s quite a journey in just a few years.
But Jun was always quick to let you know he was not all JDM, and that is most certainly true. In fact, Jun took the same approach to all of car culture that he took to JDM. Start with the top layer, and then start digging. If the Hakosuka is the JDM equivalent to the ’69 Camaro, the Hako Wagon is the Greenwood Corvette. You know it, but maybe not quite like that.
So digging into Jun’s non-JDM designs is definitely a task worth taking on. It means I need to make another video to accompany the one above, but there are few worth showcasing on their own. The ’65 Ford Galaxie is one.
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Reliquary: Led Zeppelin - Coda Advanced Tapes (2010 Boogie Mama) [SBD]
Led Zeppelin
'Coda Advanced Tapes'
(Inc. Bonham's isolated Drum Tracks)
(2010 Boogie Mama)
Outtakes 1969 - 1982
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Coda Advanced Tapes (Boogie Mama)
Sugar Mama, Poor Tom, Walter’s Walk (instrumental), Ozone Baby, Walter’s Walk, Ozone Baby, Night Flight, Darlene, Bonzo’s Montreux, Wearing And Tearing. John Bonham isolated drum tracks: unreleased, Carouselambra, Ozone Baby (2x), All My Love, Wearing And Tearing, drum segments, Fool In The Rain
Coda Advanced Tapes is the new release on Boogie Mama featuring outtakes associated with the final Led Zeppelin album Coda, released in 1982. Released as a contractual obligation after John Bonham’s death, the songs ranged over their entire eleven year history together.
Boogie Mama essentially combine halfs of two old Empress Valley releases. The first half of the disc has “tape 1” from The Lost Sessions Vol. 8 (EVSD 362) from “Sugar Mama” up to “Wearing And Tearing.” The second half of the disc has the John Bonham isolated drum tracks which surfaced in 2004 and were released on disc one of The Lost Sessions Vol. 4 (EVSD 308-309).
The first track is an outtake considered for inclusion in the collection, but was ultimately rejected. “Sugar Mama” dates from the busy summer of 1969 and exists in very good sound quality. It is an embarrassing slice of late sixties pop music. It’s perfectly understandable why the band refused to include it on the album, even though it would have made more sense to include it instead of “I Can’t Quit You,” which was already previously release. “Sugar Mama” is an interesting curiosity and nothing more than that.
“Poor Tom” comes from the 1970 sessions for Led Zeppelin III and is one of the strongest tracks on the record. This take is purely instrumental and has a very long drum introduction, stretching several measures longer than the final edited version.
The two versions of “Walter’s Walk” are really the same one but with different edits. It was recorded in the spring of 1972 during the Houses Of The Holy sessions and it’s doubtful it ever was meant for release. The first take is the raw recording featuring Page, Jones and Bonham bashing out the rhythm and faint hints of melody, exactly how it was employed that summer on the US tour when it was included in the long “Dazed And Confused” improvisations.
The second “Walter’s Walk” contains the 1982 Robert Plant vocals and Page guitar overdubs. It sounds almost identical to the Coda version.
“Night Flight” was recorded in 1971 during the sessions for the fourth album and was released several years afterwards on Physical Graffiti. This track is identical to the final version except it has faint backing vocals.
“Bonzo’s Montreux,” recorded in September 1976 sounds very much the same as does “Darlene,” recorded in Stockholm in 1978. The final track is “Wearing And Tearing,” another Coda song from the In Through The Outdoor sessions. It is the same as used on the LP except it has a John Bonham count-in.
The rest of the disc contains Bonahm drumming along to the tunes from In Through The Outdoor and Coda. There was some comment at the time about the tape’s veracity, but that’s largely irrelevant. The drummer both drums and sounds like John Bonham (he’s audible at some points, grunting and shouts “fookin’ ‘ell” before “Fool In The Rain”). If it where a forgery, it’s a damn fine one!
It’s a brilliant insight into a brilliant drummer and makes me wish they had released the official album with this good quality. The songs sound fresh and exciting.
Coda Advanced Tapes is an excellent release on Boogie Mama. The label utilize a cardboard digipack with a photo of Bonham on the front cover playing the drums with a joyful look on his face. These tapes are essential for the collection, and this is an affordable way to pick these up. -collectorsmusicreviews.com
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Reliquary: Led Zeppelin - Studio Sessions Ultimate (Scorpio) [12 CDs]
Led Zeppelin
Studio Sessions Ultimate (1968 to 1980) [12 Discs]
(2007 Scorpio : Scorpio LZ-07001)
This box was released in May 2007. It contains everything on Antrabata's "Sessions", Midas Touch's "Brutal Artistry" and "Brutal Artistry II", and Empress Valley's "The Lost Mixes EP Volume 1". Antrabata and the Midas Touch both titles were all three released in 1997, and Empress Valley in 2001. Scorpio doesn't include any of the new material released during the six years prior to it's release. Going back even further, they also excluded the extra 36 minutes of Battle of Evermore outtakes that's only found on TDOLZ's "Sessions" title from 1997. There is some minor material making it's debut. The first disc's track 13 has an extra half minute in the end over prior releases. Disc ten's tracks 7-14 provide an extra 17 minutes of studio room floor edit pieces for Ten Years Gone and Boogie With Stu. Scorpio's material was closely sequenced chronologically. They were careful to not miss the few bits of tape before/after tracks that have commonly been missed by others. The tapes are excellent quality, with the only exception being some static halfway through Stairway To Heaven on the final disc. -Original
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: VBR average 192 Kbps MP3
(*)Excellent to Superb stereo soundboard.
(**)Very good stereo cassette demo recordings.
Comments included when I got it: Japanese bootleg. Deluxe cardboard box with a photo of the burning Hindenberg on the front cover. The discs are packaged in white sleeves with the clear window on the front to allow easy identification. Also included is a four-fold insert with the track listing. -Original
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Reliquary: Cream - Psychedelic Circus (MVR 354)
'Psychedelic Circus'
(Mid Valley Records : MV 354)
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY, USA
November 2nd, 1968
Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3
This is one show of Cream's that has never been done justice til now.
It's wandered around in bits and pieces in awful sound quality. The
friendly folks at Mid Valley have now gotten their hands on a complete
tape and applied that Mid Valley magic. The sound quality still isn't
great but is a vast improvement over every release I've ever heard.
music  cream  psych_rock  60s  bootlegs  download  nyc 
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Q&A. Dakota Blue Richards Answers Your Questions. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello fellow Endeavourists and welcome to a new post. A very exciting post as we have Dakota Blue Richards AKA Shirley Truelove, answering the questions you asked. I don’t imagine Dakota will read this post or even this website but if she should wander in this friendly house then I would like to thank her for taking the time to take part in this Q&A.
So, without further ado let’s dive in.
Hi Dakota, Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this Q&A as I know you must be very busy. So here we go...
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Reliquary: P.J. Proby - Three Week Hero [SBD]
Repost. Why? I'll tell ya; This is something all Led Zeppelin fans eventually realize is a real thing. Not a myth, not a dream, not an old made-up story that has been passed down threw the generations. It actually exists!! ...just sayin'
P.J. Proby
'Three Week Hero'
(1969 Liberty LBS 83219 U.K.) 
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3
P.J. Proby (vocals)
*Jimmy Page (misspelled “Paige”) (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar)
*John Bonham (drums, percussion, congas)
*Robert Plant (harmonica, tambourine, vocals)
*John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards, arrangements)
Three Week Hero is an album Recorded September 1968 at Olympic Studios, London, released by rock singer P. J. Proby on 8 April 1969, by Liberty Records. The album contains a mixture of dramatic pop, blues, rock, and country style songs, a departure from Proby's trademark pop sound of the 1960s. While it did not succeed commercially, it is best remembered today as the first time all four members of Led Zeppelin recorded together in the studio, which revived interest in the recording. Proby recollects: ‘Come the last day we found we had some studio time, so I just asked the band to play while I just came up with the words. ... They weren't Led Zeppelin at the time, they were the 'New Yardbirds' and they were going to be my band’.
Jimmy Page had previously sessioned on 1964-05-15 with session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan for Proby on his biggest success 'Hold Me', which reached number 3 in the UK charts. Other sessions soon followed for 'Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart', 'Stagger Lee', 'Linda Lu', 'Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu', and 'Hanging from Your Love Tree'. Due to poor managerial and investment advice, Texan-born Proby was declared a bankrupt in the United States in 1967, and decided to try his luck in the United Kingdom by relocating there in 1968. Members of Led Zeppelin were invited to participate after John Paul Jones had already pre-booked the session as a commitment prior to August 1968. The medley 'Jim's Blues'/'George Wallace Is Rollin' In This Mornin'', features all four members with Robert Plant playing harmonica and tambourine. 'Today I Killed a Man' reached number 13 on the Dutch singles chart, an American Civil War song ostensibly redirected towards the Vietnam War. Many of the ideas behind these songs would be revisited on the Family Dogg's 1969 album A Way of Life, whose members appeared as backing singers, and this release was also produced by Steve Rowland.
The song 'Sugar Mama' recorded by Led Zeppelin at Morgan Studios in 1969, is not the same 'Sugar Mama' recorded on this album.
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Buffalo Springfield remaster complete discography for new box set | Consequence of Sound
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the band's final concert
On May 5th, 1968, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, Bruce Palmer and Dewey Martin played their final show together as Buffalo Springfield. (Young, Stills, and Furay reunited under the moniker in 2011, though Palmer and Martin had passed away in 2004 and 2009, respectively.) To celebrate the 50th anniversary of that ultimate performance, Rhino is releasing a brand new box set featuring the band’s entire, three-album discography.
Due out June 29th, the set is called What’s That Sound? The Complete Albums Collection. It includes new stereo mixes of 1966’s Buffalo Springfield, 1967’s Buffalo Springfield Again, and 1968’s Last Time Around, as well as mono mixes of the of the first two records. All the remastering was done from the original analog tapes under the watch of Young himself.
music  box_set  anniversary  psych_rock  60s  discography  remaster 
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Track of the Day: 'Eli's Comin'' by Laura Nyro - The Atlantic
From a reader who’s submitted multiple cover songs to our series:
I’m going to be contrary with this pick. Laura Nyro was a brilliant songwriter, as evidenced by the many, many people who had huge chart successes with her songs. Sadly, the one person who didn’t have that success was Laura herself. That is one of the music industry's great mysteries.
“Eli’s Comin’” was a top ten hit for Three Dog Night, but it can’t hold a candle to the original. In addition to lead vocals, Laura plays all the keyboards and does all the backing vocals—an early example of overdubbing. The note she hits at 2:15 never fails to give me chills.
music  songs  songwriter  60s  pop_music 
may 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Yardbirds, The - Broken Wings & Empty Nests [SBD]
The Yardbirds
'Broken Wings & Empty Nests'
(1998 Tendolar Records : TDR-031)
Alt. Versions, Radio Broadcasts, Live
Stereo Soundboard / FM Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Guitars: Jimmy Page (tracks: 3-7) : Jeff Beck (tracks: 1,2, 8-10, 15-21)
1->2 Mono Versions/Roger the Engineer/Completely Different
3 Live at the BBC - The Only Unreleased Song!
4->7 Live in Offenbach, Germany-1968!
8+10 Live on US TV!
9 Alternate Version of Keith Rolf Solo Single
11 Keith Relf - Live at the BBC
12 Keith Relf - Post Yardbirds Demo
13+14 Jeff Beck Solo at the BBC!
15->21 Live in Birmingham, UK 1966
yardbirds  music  jimmy_page  beck  60s  bootlegs  SBD  download  radio  concert 
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Netflix film examines why NASA shunned women astronauts in early days | Ars Technica
Since then, NASA has begun to redeem itself by taking steps toward gender parity.
This June, the world will mark the 55th anniversary of the first woman flying into space. Valentina Tereshkova, an amateur Russian skydiver, spent nearly three days in orbit inside a spherical Vostok 6 capsule. The first American woman, physicist Sally Ride, would not follow Tereshkova into space for another two decades.
A new documentary on Netflix, Mercury 13, examines the question of why NASA did not fly women in space early on and, in particular, focuses on 13 women who underwent preliminary screening processes in 1960 and 1961 to determine their suitability as astronauts. The film offers a clear verdict for why women were excluded from NASA in the space agency's early days—"good old-fashioned prejudice," as one of the participants said. Mercury 13 will be released Friday.
The film admirably brings some of these women to life, all of whom were accomplished pilots. There is Jerrie Cobb, who scored very highly in the preliminary tests and gave compelling testimony before Congress in an attempt to open NASA's early spaceflight programs to women. Another key figure is pilot Jane B. Hart, married to a US Senator from Michigan, whose experience in the project compelled her to become one of the founders of the National Organization for Women.
gov2.0  politics  space  women  60s  sexism 
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Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels RLC Real Riders ’66 Super Nova – the Lamley Group
Model: Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Super Nova
Line: RLC Series 11 Real Riders
Where to get it: eBay has a few
Why it’s in the collection: For one, it is one of the most photogenic models Hot Wheels has ever done. Designed by Larry Wood, and debuting in mirrored gunmetal grey. It will never look better. Although the Copperhead, with its textured roof, is giving it a run for its money.
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  60s  chevy 
april 2018 by rgl7194
Good and Plaid: 1960 | Shorpy | Old Photos
Columbus, Georgia, circa 1960. "Cotillion." Which seems to be two boys short and two girls tall. 4x5 acetate negative from the News Photo Archive. View full size: http://www.shorpy.com/node/23288?size=_original
shorpy  photography  dance  teenager  60s  fashion 
april 2018 by rgl7194
The Beatles, "Your Mother Should Know" (1967): Deep Beatles
One of Magical Mystery Tour’s most memorable sequences remains the ending, when the Beatles jog down a staircase in all white tuxedos, surrounded by an assortment of women in ballgowns, others in military garb, and more. Paul McCartney’s grin and exaggerated dance moves illustrate how much he enjoyed filming the scene, perhaps because the four were dancing to one of his own compositions: “Your Mother Should Know,” a track written specifically for a big production number.
In addition, the song pays tribute to his father’s music hall background as well as his family’s deep love for the genre. As McCartney told biographer Barry Miles in Many Years from Now, he envisioned a Busby Berkeley-style number while writing the song. He wrote it at his Cavendish Avenue home on a harmonium.
During this time, relatives including Aunty Jin (who was later name-checked in the Wings hit “Let ‘Em In”) were also staying with him. Their conversations inspired McCartney to compose the track; perhaps their presence also reminded him of music hall, a beloved tradition that McCartney had revisited previously in songs such as Sgt. Pepper’s “When I’m Sixty-Four,” and Yellow Submarine’s “All Together Now.”
beatles  music  deep_cuts  songs  60s 
april 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: David Bowie - EMIDISC Acetate (2 Tracks 1967) [SBD]
David Bowie 
'EMIDISC Acetate'
Two Track Acetate 1967
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3
Track List:
01. Everything Is You (Bowie):
    released only on EMIDISC acetate, backed by 'Social Kind Of Girl'.
02. Social Kind Of Girl (Bowie): also known as 'Social Girl';
   released only on acetate backed by 'Everything Is You'.
music  bowie  bootlegs  download  60s  collecting  SBD 
april 2018 by rgl7194
Music List for All Episodes of ENDEAVOUR Series with Downloadable PDF & Excel Sheet. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of my posts on the music used in the Morse universe. This post includes all the classical music used in the Endeavour series.
My next post will show any connective music tissue between the original Morse and the Endeavour series.
Click on the music title to open a new window with a music video from Youtube of the selected music.
At the end of the post I have included a downloadable PDF and excel sheet which includes a list of all the information. This will allow you to put the list on your phone or tablet or print it out.
Any broken links or problems or omissions please let me know.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  music 
april 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Custom Cougar (2018 HWC Original 16 Replica!)
Wow, what an awesome replica. Super shiny too. It's all metal and has working suspensions. On top of that, it has excellent details too!
cars  hot_wheels  ford  60s 
april 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1968 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage | The Midas Monkey (2018 Entertainment)
Wow, what an upgrade from the mainline release! Now this is proper. This Midas Monkey is all metal with Red Line rubber tires! The interior is painted for added detail too!
cars  hot_wheels  corvette  60s 
march 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Yardbirds, The [1968.03.30] Live At The Anderson Theatre [SBD]
The Yardbirds (featuring Jimmy Page)
'Live At The Anderson Theatre'
(1990 Golden Stars : GSCD 1093)
Anderson Theatre
New York, NYC,. USA
Saturday March 30th, 1968
Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. The Train Kept A Rollin'
02. You're A Better Man Than I
03. Heartful Of Soul
04. I'm Confused
05. My Baby
06. Over Under Sideways Down
07. Drinking Muddy Water
08. Shapes Of Things
09. White Summer
10. I'm A Man
yardbirds  jimmy_page  concert  nyc  60s  bootlegs  download  SBD 
march 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Yardbirds, The [1967.04.04] Zeppelin Presentation [SBD]
The Yardbirds
'Zeppelin Presentation'
(WPOCM 0888 D 009 - 2)
Stockholm’s Concert Hall
Stockholm, Sweden
Tuesday April 4th, 1967
Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
The Yardbirds are England version of the US’s Buffalo Springfield (or vice versa) – possibly more famous for who was in the band and what future musical acts they spawned than for the music they made! Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page all played guitar for the Yardbirds at some point between 1963 + 1968. That trio all ranked in the top 5 on Rolling Stones' list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time with Clapton as #2, Page as #3, and Beck at #5. The Yardbirds begat such bands as Cream, The Jeff Beck Group, and of course, the mighty Led Zeppelin! This soundboard recording captures the band with Jimmy Page at the helm, in Stockholm on Tuesday April 4th, 1967. -ORIGINAL
music  yardbirds  concert  60s  SBD  bootlegs  download  jimmy_page  beck 
march 2018 by rgl7194
The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Redline Replicas are making their way to market. They hit France first. – the Lamley Group
It is always cool to see a market that doesn’t get a ton of attention in the diecast world all of a sudden get that attention.
That has happened with France. There are a quite a few collectors in France, and I always enjoy hearing from them. They collect a lot of brands, and they know their stuff. For some reason they have been shut out of Matchbox for years, but they do get Hot Wheels.
So it was cool to see the new Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Redline line show up at Carrefour, a French supermarket. Lamley Reader Arthur Douissard found four of the five models released (someone beat him to the Beetle) and was kind enough to share some pics...
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march 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Neil Young - Meets Buffalo Springfield & The Squires [SBD]
Neil Young
'Meets Buffalo Springfield and The Squires'
Unreleased Demos 1963-1968
(1989 Moby Dick Records : MDCD 001)
Soundboard Recordings
Sound Quality Varies
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
(*) Elektra Studios 1965
(+) 1963 recording with The Squires
Back in 1989 when it came out this was a treasure trove of rare material.
Tracks 1-7 are Neil Young's 1965 Elektra Audition, Tracks 8-11 are needle drops of Buffalo Springfield rare acetates and tracks 12 & 13 are needle drops of The Squires 1963 single. Little if any noise reduction has been used so you hear every click and pop on the needle drops which is a good or bad thing depending on your perspective on noise reduction.-Original
music  rock_n_roll  60s  demo  SBD  bootlegs  download 
march 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones Play Chuck Berry [SBD]
The Rolling Stones
'Rolling Stones Play Chuck Berry'
Studio Outtakes / Pre-FM / Soundboard
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
music  rolling_stones  rock_n_roll  bootlegs  download  SBD  60s  70s 
march 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Jeff Beck Group [1968.07.17] Luanne's Club, Dallas
Jeff Beck Group
Luanne's Club
Dallas, Texas, USA
Wednesday July 17th, 1968
Very Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Jeff Beck - Guitar
Rod Stewart: Voice & Rhythm guitar*
Ron Wood - Bass
Mickey Waller - Drums
60s  beck  bootlegs  concert  download  music 
march 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (2017 RLC Exclusive Car Culture HW Redliners - 0/5!)
"Not for individual sale." That's right, it's part of an RLC exclusive set after all. It just makes it that much more awesome to have in the collection. I'm truly glad I was able to obtain these, considering how many issues the HWC website has. Totally worth it though. The metal/metal, rubber tires, premium details, and super exclusivity are to die for!
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  ford  60s 
march 2018 by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1965 Volkswagen Fastback (2017 RLC Exclusive Car Culture Air Cooled - 0/5! | Mooneyes)
"Not for individual sale." That's right, it's part of an RLC exclusive set after all. It just makes it that much more awesome to have in the collection. I'm truly glad I was able to obtain these, considering how many issues the HWC website has. Totally worth it though. The metal/metal, rubber tires, premium details, and super exclusivity are to die for!
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  vw  60s 
march 2018 by rgl7194
How the Original Bullitt-Movie Mustang Was Rediscovered | Feature | Car and Driver
Following the story is like following the links in a chain.
Steve McQueen’s Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback vanished 38 years ago. The ominous-looking pony car with the barking 390-cubic-inch V-8, which starred in one of the greatest chase scenes in movie history in the film Bullitt—with McQueen doing the driving in many of the shots—may have been lost, but it was never forgotten. Certainly not by Mustang aficionados, who speculated on its whereabouts for almost four decades, titillated by the occasional internet post or word of a spectral sighting. So when the Bullitt Mustang suddenly appeared at a Ford press preview at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 14, 2018, the assembled journalists, car nuts, Ford execs, and Mustang fans went full geek.
The synchronicity of the car’s breaking cover in the same year as the Bullitt movie’s 50th anniversary, and at the same event where Ford revealed its 2019 Mustang Bullitt tribute model—the third since 2001—is just too perfect for it to have been happenstance. And yet it largely was.
cars  mustang  movies  60s  auto_show 
march 2018 by rgl7194
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