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Reliquary: Led Zeppelin - Coda Advanced Tapes (2010 Boogie Mama) [SBD]
Led Zeppelin
'Coda Advanced Tapes'
(Inc. Bonham's isolated Drum Tracks)
(2010 Boogie Mama)
Outtakes 1969 - 1982
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Coda Advanced Tapes (Boogie Mama)
Sugar Mama, Poor Tom, Walter’s Walk (instrumental), Ozone Baby, Walter’s Walk, Ozone Baby, Night Flight, Darlene, Bonzo’s Montreux, Wearing And Tearing. John Bonham isolated drum tracks: unreleased, Carouselambra, Ozone Baby (2x), All My Love, Wearing And Tearing, drum segments, Fool In The Rain
Coda Advanced Tapes is the new release on Boogie Mama featuring outtakes associated with the final Led Zeppelin album Coda, released in 1982. Released as a contractual obligation after John Bonham’s death, the songs ranged over their entire eleven year history together.
Boogie Mama essentially combine halfs of two old Empress Valley releases. The first half of the disc has “tape 1” from The Lost Sessions Vol. 8 (EVSD 362) from “Sugar Mama” up to “Wearing And Tearing.” The second half of the disc has the John Bonham isolated drum tracks which surfaced in 2004 and were released on disc one of The Lost Sessions Vol. 4 (EVSD 308-309).
The first track is an outtake considered for inclusion in the collection, but was ultimately rejected. “Sugar Mama” dates from the busy summer of 1969 and exists in very good sound quality. It is an embarrassing slice of late sixties pop music. It’s perfectly understandable why the band refused to include it on the album, even though it would have made more sense to include it instead of “I Can’t Quit You,” which was already previously release. “Sugar Mama” is an interesting curiosity and nothing more than that.
“Poor Tom” comes from the 1970 sessions for Led Zeppelin III and is one of the strongest tracks on the record. This take is purely instrumental and has a very long drum introduction, stretching several measures longer than the final edited version.
The two versions of “Walter’s Walk” are really the same one but with different edits. It was recorded in the spring of 1972 during the Houses Of The Holy sessions and it’s doubtful it ever was meant for release. The first take is the raw recording featuring Page, Jones and Bonham bashing out the rhythm and faint hints of melody, exactly how it was employed that summer on the US tour when it was included in the long “Dazed And Confused” improvisations.
The second “Walter’s Walk” contains the 1982 Robert Plant vocals and Page guitar overdubs. It sounds almost identical to the Coda version.
“Night Flight” was recorded in 1971 during the sessions for the fourth album and was released several years afterwards on Physical Graffiti. This track is identical to the final version except it has faint backing vocals.
“Bonzo’s Montreux,” recorded in September 1976 sounds very much the same as does “Darlene,” recorded in Stockholm in 1978. The final track is “Wearing And Tearing,” another Coda song from the In Through The Outdoor sessions. It is the same as used on the LP except it has a John Bonham count-in.
The rest of the disc contains Bonahm drumming along to the tunes from In Through The Outdoor and Coda. There was some comment at the time about the tape’s veracity, but that’s largely irrelevant. The drummer both drums and sounds like John Bonham (he’s audible at some points, grunting and shouts “fookin’ ‘ell” before “Fool In The Rain”). If it where a forgery, it’s a damn fine one!
It’s a brilliant insight into a brilliant drummer and makes me wish they had released the official album with this good quality. The songs sound fresh and exciting.
Coda Advanced Tapes is an excellent release on Boogie Mama. The label utilize a cardboard digipack with a photo of Bonham on the front cover playing the drums with a joyful look on his face. These tapes are essential for the collection, and this is an affordable way to pick these up. -collectorsmusicreviews.com
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Reliquary: Led Zeppelin - Studio Sessions Ultimate (Scorpio) [12 CDs]
Led Zeppelin
Studio Sessions Ultimate (1968 to 1980) [12 Discs]
(2007 Scorpio : Scorpio LZ-07001)
This box was released in May 2007. It contains everything on Antrabata's "Sessions", Midas Touch's "Brutal Artistry" and "Brutal Artistry II", and Empress Valley's "The Lost Mixes EP Volume 1". Antrabata and the Midas Touch both titles were all three released in 1997, and Empress Valley in 2001. Scorpio doesn't include any of the new material released during the six years prior to it's release. Going back even further, they also excluded the extra 36 minutes of Battle of Evermore outtakes that's only found on TDOLZ's "Sessions" title from 1997. There is some minor material making it's debut. The first disc's track 13 has an extra half minute in the end over prior releases. Disc ten's tracks 7-14 provide an extra 17 minutes of studio room floor edit pieces for Ten Years Gone and Boogie With Stu. Scorpio's material was closely sequenced chronologically. They were careful to not miss the few bits of tape before/after tracks that have commonly been missed by others. The tapes are excellent quality, with the only exception being some static halfway through Stairway To Heaven on the final disc. -Original
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: VBR average 192 Kbps MP3
(*)Excellent to Superb stereo soundboard.
(**)Very good stereo cassette demo recordings.
Comments included when I got it: Japanese bootleg. Deluxe cardboard box with a photo of the burning Hindenberg on the front cover. The discs are packaged in white sleeves with the clear window on the front to allow easy identification. Also included is a four-fold insert with the track listing. -Original
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Reliquary: Cream - Psychedelic Circus (MVR 354)
'Psychedelic Circus'
(Mid Valley Records : MV 354)
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY, USA
November 2nd, 1968
Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3
This is one show of Cream's that has never been done justice til now.
It's wandered around in bits and pieces in awful sound quality. The
friendly folks at Mid Valley have now gotten their hands on a complete
tape and applied that Mid Valley magic. The sound quality still isn't
great but is a vast improvement over every release I've ever heard.
music  cream  psych_rock  60s  bootlegs  download  nyc 
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Q&A. Dakota Blue Richards Answers Your Questions. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello fellow Endeavourists and welcome to a new post. A very exciting post as we have Dakota Blue Richards AKA Shirley Truelove, answering the questions you asked. I don’t imagine Dakota will read this post or even this website but if she should wander in this friendly house then I would like to thank her for taking the time to take part in this Q&A.
So, without further ado let’s dive in.
Hi Dakota, Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this Q&A as I know you must be very busy. So here we go...
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  interview 
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Reliquary: P.J. Proby - Three Week Hero [SBD]
Repost. Why? I'll tell ya; This is something all Led Zeppelin fans eventually realize is a real thing. Not a myth, not a dream, not an old made-up story that has been passed down threw the generations. It actually exists!! ...just sayin'
P.J. Proby
'Three Week Hero'
(1969 Liberty LBS 83219 U.K.) 
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3
P.J. Proby (vocals)
*Jimmy Page (misspelled “Paige”) (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar)
*John Bonham (drums, percussion, congas)
*Robert Plant (harmonica, tambourine, vocals)
*John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards, arrangements)
Three Week Hero is an album Recorded September 1968 at Olympic Studios, London, released by rock singer P. J. Proby on 8 April 1969, by Liberty Records. The album contains a mixture of dramatic pop, blues, rock, and country style songs, a departure from Proby's trademark pop sound of the 1960s. While it did not succeed commercially, it is best remembered today as the first time all four members of Led Zeppelin recorded together in the studio, which revived interest in the recording. Proby recollects: ‘Come the last day we found we had some studio time, so I just asked the band to play while I just came up with the words. ... They weren't Led Zeppelin at the time, they were the 'New Yardbirds' and they were going to be my band’.
Jimmy Page had previously sessioned on 1964-05-15 with session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan for Proby on his biggest success 'Hold Me', which reached number 3 in the UK charts. Other sessions soon followed for 'Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart', 'Stagger Lee', 'Linda Lu', 'Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu', and 'Hanging from Your Love Tree'. Due to poor managerial and investment advice, Texan-born Proby was declared a bankrupt in the United States in 1967, and decided to try his luck in the United Kingdom by relocating there in 1968. Members of Led Zeppelin were invited to participate after John Paul Jones had already pre-booked the session as a commitment prior to August 1968. The medley 'Jim's Blues'/'George Wallace Is Rollin' In This Mornin'', features all four members with Robert Plant playing harmonica and tambourine. 'Today I Killed a Man' reached number 13 on the Dutch singles chart, an American Civil War song ostensibly redirected towards the Vietnam War. Many of the ideas behind these songs would be revisited on the Family Dogg's 1969 album A Way of Life, whose members appeared as backing singers, and this release was also produced by Steve Rowland.
The song 'Sugar Mama' recorded by Led Zeppelin at Morgan Studios in 1969, is not the same 'Sugar Mama' recorded on this album.
music  ledzep  jimmy_page  JPJ  robert_plant  60s  SBD  download  pop_rock 
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Buffalo Springfield remaster complete discography for new box set | Consequence of Sound
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the band's final concert
On May 5th, 1968, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Richie Furay, Bruce Palmer and Dewey Martin played their final show together as Buffalo Springfield. (Young, Stills, and Furay reunited under the moniker in 2011, though Palmer and Martin had passed away in 2004 and 2009, respectively.) To celebrate the 50th anniversary of that ultimate performance, Rhino is releasing a brand new box set featuring the band’s entire, three-album discography.
Due out June 29th, the set is called What’s That Sound? The Complete Albums Collection. It includes new stereo mixes of 1966’s Buffalo Springfield, 1967’s Buffalo Springfield Again, and 1968’s Last Time Around, as well as mono mixes of the of the first two records. All the remastering was done from the original analog tapes under the watch of Young himself.
music  box_set  anniversary  psych_rock  60s  discography  remaster 
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Track of the Day: 'Eli's Comin'' by Laura Nyro - The Atlantic
From a reader who’s submitted multiple cover songs to our series:
I’m going to be contrary with this pick. Laura Nyro was a brilliant songwriter, as evidenced by the many, many people who had huge chart successes with her songs. Sadly, the one person who didn’t have that success was Laura herself. That is one of the music industry's great mysteries.
“Eli’s Comin’” was a top ten hit for Three Dog Night, but it can’t hold a candle to the original. In addition to lead vocals, Laura plays all the keyboards and does all the backing vocals—an early example of overdubbing. The note she hits at 2:15 never fails to give me chills.
music  songs  songwriter  60s  pop_music 
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Reliquary: Yardbirds, The - Broken Wings & Empty Nests [SBD]
The Yardbirds
'Broken Wings & Empty Nests'
(1998 Tendolar Records : TDR-031)
Alt. Versions, Radio Broadcasts, Live
Stereo Soundboard / FM Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Guitars: Jimmy Page (tracks: 3-7) : Jeff Beck (tracks: 1,2, 8-10, 15-21)
1->2 Mono Versions/Roger the Engineer/Completely Different
3 Live at the BBC - The Only Unreleased Song!
4->7 Live in Offenbach, Germany-1968!
8+10 Live on US TV!
9 Alternate Version of Keith Rolf Solo Single
11 Keith Relf - Live at the BBC
12 Keith Relf - Post Yardbirds Demo
13+14 Jeff Beck Solo at the BBC!
15->21 Live in Birmingham, UK 1966
yardbirds  music  jimmy_page  beck  60s  bootlegs  SBD  download  radio  concert 
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Netflix film examines why NASA shunned women astronauts in early days | Ars Technica
Since then, NASA has begun to redeem itself by taking steps toward gender parity.
This June, the world will mark the 55th anniversary of the first woman flying into space. Valentina Tereshkova, an amateur Russian skydiver, spent nearly three days in orbit inside a spherical Vostok 6 capsule. The first American woman, physicist Sally Ride, would not follow Tereshkova into space for another two decades.
A new documentary on Netflix, Mercury 13, examines the question of why NASA did not fly women in space early on and, in particular, focuses on 13 women who underwent preliminary screening processes in 1960 and 1961 to determine their suitability as astronauts. The film offers a clear verdict for why women were excluded from NASA in the space agency's early days—"good old-fashioned prejudice," as one of the participants said. Mercury 13 will be released Friday.
The film admirably brings some of these women to life, all of whom were accomplished pilots. There is Jerrie Cobb, who scored very highly in the preliminary tests and gave compelling testimony before Congress in an attempt to open NASA's early spaceflight programs to women. Another key figure is pilot Jane B. Hart, married to a US Senator from Michigan, whose experience in the project compelled her to become one of the founders of the National Organization for Women.
gov2.0  politics  space  women  60s  sexism 
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Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels RLC Real Riders ’66 Super Nova – the Lamley Group
Model: Hot Wheels ’66 Chevy Super Nova
Line: RLC Series 11 Real Riders
Where to get it: eBay has a few
Why it’s in the collection: For one, it is one of the most photogenic models Hot Wheels has ever done. Designed by Larry Wood, and debuting in mirrored gunmetal grey. It will never look better. Although the Copperhead, with its textured roof, is giving it a run for its money.
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  60s  chevy 
5 weeks ago by rgl7194
Good and Plaid: 1960 | Shorpy | Old Photos
Columbus, Georgia, circa 1960. "Cotillion." Which seems to be two boys short and two girls tall. 4x5 acetate negative from the News Photo Archive. View full size: http://www.shorpy.com/node/23288?size=_original
shorpy  photography  dance  teenager  60s  fashion 
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The Beatles, "Your Mother Should Know" (1967): Deep Beatles
One of Magical Mystery Tour’s most memorable sequences remains the ending, when the Beatles jog down a staircase in all white tuxedos, surrounded by an assortment of women in ballgowns, others in military garb, and more. Paul McCartney’s grin and exaggerated dance moves illustrate how much he enjoyed filming the scene, perhaps because the four were dancing to one of his own compositions: “Your Mother Should Know,” a track written specifically for a big production number.
In addition, the song pays tribute to his father’s music hall background as well as his family’s deep love for the genre. As McCartney told biographer Barry Miles in Many Years from Now, he envisioned a Busby Berkeley-style number while writing the song. He wrote it at his Cavendish Avenue home on a harmonium.
During this time, relatives including Aunty Jin (who was later name-checked in the Wings hit “Let ‘Em In”) were also staying with him. Their conversations inspired McCartney to compose the track; perhaps their presence also reminded him of music hall, a beloved tradition that McCartney had revisited previously in songs such as Sgt. Pepper’s “When I’m Sixty-Four,” and Yellow Submarine’s “All Together Now.”
beatles  music  deep_cuts  songs  60s 
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Reliquary: David Bowie - EMIDISC Acetate (2 Tracks 1967) [SBD]
David Bowie 
'EMIDISC Acetate'
Two Track Acetate 1967
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3
Track List:
01. Everything Is You (Bowie):
    released only on EMIDISC acetate, backed by 'Social Kind Of Girl'.
02. Social Kind Of Girl (Bowie): also known as 'Social Girl';
   released only on acetate backed by 'Everything Is You'.
music  bowie  bootlegs  download  60s  collecting  SBD 
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Music List for All Episodes of ENDEAVOUR Series with Downloadable PDF & Excel Sheet. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello everyone and welcome to the second part of my posts on the music used in the Morse universe. This post includes all the classical music used in the Endeavour series.
My next post will show any connective music tissue between the original Morse and the Endeavour series.
Click on the music title to open a new window with a music video from Youtube of the selected music.
At the end of the post I have included a downloadable PDF and excel sheet which includes a list of all the information. This will allow you to put the list on your phone or tablet or print it out.
Any broken links or problems or omissions please let me know.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  music 
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Custom Cougar (2018 HWC Original 16 Replica!)
Wow, what an awesome replica. Super shiny too. It's all metal and has working suspensions. On top of that, it has excellent details too!
cars  hot_wheels  ford  60s 
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1968 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage | The Midas Monkey (2018 Entertainment)
Wow, what an upgrade from the mainline release! Now this is proper. This Midas Monkey is all metal with Red Line rubber tires! The interior is painted for added detail too!
cars  hot_wheels  corvette  60s 
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Reliquary: Yardbirds, The [1968.03.30] Live At The Anderson Theatre [SBD]
The Yardbirds (featuring Jimmy Page)
'Live At The Anderson Theatre'
(1990 Golden Stars : GSCD 1093)
Anderson Theatre
New York, NYC,. USA
Saturday March 30th, 1968
Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. The Train Kept A Rollin'
02. You're A Better Man Than I
03. Heartful Of Soul
04. I'm Confused
05. My Baby
06. Over Under Sideways Down
07. Drinking Muddy Water
08. Shapes Of Things
09. White Summer
10. I'm A Man
yardbirds  jimmy_page  concert  nyc  60s  bootlegs  download  SBD 
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Reliquary: Yardbirds, The [1967.04.04] Zeppelin Presentation [SBD]
The Yardbirds
'Zeppelin Presentation'
(WPOCM 0888 D 009 - 2)
Stockholm’s Concert Hall
Stockholm, Sweden
Tuesday April 4th, 1967
Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
The Yardbirds are England version of the US’s Buffalo Springfield (or vice versa) – possibly more famous for who was in the band and what future musical acts they spawned than for the music they made! Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page all played guitar for the Yardbirds at some point between 1963 + 1968. That trio all ranked in the top 5 on Rolling Stones' list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time with Clapton as #2, Page as #3, and Beck at #5. The Yardbirds begat such bands as Cream, The Jeff Beck Group, and of course, the mighty Led Zeppelin! This soundboard recording captures the band with Jimmy Page at the helm, in Stockholm on Tuesday April 4th, 1967. -ORIGINAL
music  yardbirds  concert  60s  SBD  bootlegs  download  jimmy_page  beck 
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The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Redline Replicas are making their way to market. They hit France first. – the Lamley Group
It is always cool to see a market that doesn’t get a ton of attention in the diecast world all of a sudden get that attention.
That has happened with France. There are a quite a few collectors in France, and I always enjoy hearing from them. They collect a lot of brands, and they know their stuff. For some reason they have been shut out of Matchbox for years, but they do get Hot Wheels.
So it was cool to see the new Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Redline line show up at Carrefour, a French supermarket. Lamley Reader Arthur Douissard found four of the five models released (someone beat him to the Beetle) and was kind enough to share some pics...
cars  hot_wheels  anniversary  france  60s 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194
Reliquary: Neil Young - Meets Buffalo Springfield & The Squires [SBD]
Neil Young
'Meets Buffalo Springfield and The Squires'
Unreleased Demos 1963-1968
(1989 Moby Dick Records : MDCD 001)
Soundboard Recordings
Sound Quality Varies
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
(*) Elektra Studios 1965
(+) 1963 recording with The Squires
Back in 1989 when it came out this was a treasure trove of rare material.
Tracks 1-7 are Neil Young's 1965 Elektra Audition, Tracks 8-11 are needle drops of Buffalo Springfield rare acetates and tracks 12 & 13 are needle drops of The Squires 1963 single. Little if any noise reduction has been used so you hear every click and pop on the needle drops which is a good or bad thing depending on your perspective on noise reduction.-Original
music  rock_n_roll  60s  demo  SBD  bootlegs  download 
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Reliquary: Rolling Stones - Rolling Stones Play Chuck Berry [SBD]
The Rolling Stones
'Rolling Stones Play Chuck Berry'
Studio Outtakes / Pre-FM / Soundboard
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
music  rolling_stones  rock_n_roll  bootlegs  download  SBD  60s  70s 
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Reliquary: Jeff Beck Group [1968.07.17] Luanne's Club, Dallas
Jeff Beck Group
Luanne's Club
Dallas, Texas, USA
Wednesday July 17th, 1968
Very Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Jeff Beck - Guitar
Rod Stewart: Voice & Rhythm guitar*
Ron Wood - Bass
Mickey Waller - Drums
60s  beck  bootlegs  concert  download  music 
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone (2017 RLC Exclusive Car Culture HW Redliners - 0/5!)
"Not for individual sale." That's right, it's part of an RLC exclusive set after all. It just makes it that much more awesome to have in the collection. I'm truly glad I was able to obtain these, considering how many issues the HWC website has. Totally worth it though. The metal/metal, rubber tires, premium details, and super exclusivity are to die for!
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  ford  60s 
9 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1965 Volkswagen Fastback (2017 RLC Exclusive Car Culture Air Cooled - 0/5! | Mooneyes)
"Not for individual sale." That's right, it's part of an RLC exclusive set after all. It just makes it that much more awesome to have in the collection. I'm truly glad I was able to obtain these, considering how many issues the HWC website has. Totally worth it though. The metal/metal, rubber tires, premium details, and super exclusivity are to die for!
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  vw  60s 
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How the Original Bullitt-Movie Mustang Was Rediscovered | Feature | Car and Driver
Following the story is like following the links in a chain.
Steve McQueen’s Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback vanished 38 years ago. The ominous-looking pony car with the barking 390-cubic-inch V-8, which starred in one of the greatest chase scenes in movie history in the film Bullitt—with McQueen doing the driving in many of the shots—may have been lost, but it was never forgotten. Certainly not by Mustang aficionados, who speculated on its whereabouts for almost four decades, titillated by the occasional internet post or word of a spectral sighting. So when the Bullitt Mustang suddenly appeared at a Ford press preview at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 14, 2018, the assembled journalists, car nuts, Ford execs, and Mustang fans went full geek.
The synchronicity of the car’s breaking cover in the same year as the Bullitt movie’s 50th anniversary, and at the same event where Ford revealed its 2019 Mustang Bullitt tribute model—the third since 2001—is just too perfect for it to have been happenstance. And yet it largely was.
cars  mustang  movies  60s  auto_show 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1968 Corvette - Gas Monkey Garage (2018 Nightburnerz)
I may like this Hot Wheels recolor than the original Gold Midas Monkey color Hot Wheels released before. This one really pops in blue with orange flames!
cars  corvette  60s  hot_wheels 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Reliquary: Neil Young - Elektra Demos 1965 & More [SBD]
Neil Young
'Elektra Demos 1965 & More'
Elektra Studios New York, Sept. 1965
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
The Elektra Demos Recorded at the Elektra Studios in New York City, September 1965. Engineered by Peter Siegel. All Tracks are just Neil and his acoustic guitar. First time available in superb sound quality. -Original
music  60s  psych_rock  demo  bootlegs  SBD  download  nyc 
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Endeavour series 6 has already been ordered by ITV
ITV has confirmed that it’s ordered another series of its Inspector Morse prequel series, Endeavour. That’ll mark the sixth series for the show, that’s cast Shaun Evans in the title role.
Series five concluded over the weekend, earning strong ratings and a sizeable response from audiences. ITV confirmed that the show would be returning in 2019 swiftly, to soften the blow of the series coming to an end.
Endeavour series 6 will be set in 1969, with production expected to begin later this year. And as per ITV’s announcement Tweet, the next run of the show will be landing in 2019.
Morse fans, we have news. #Endeavour will return to @ITV in 2019 pic.twitter.com/cyEY78J2yy
— ITV (@ITV) March 11, 2018
More as we hear it.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  review  synopsis  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc 
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ENDEAVOUR: ‘ICARUS’ S5E6; Review, Music, Locations, Literary References etc. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Endeavour Series five, Episode six; ‘Icarus’.
Chronologically this is episode 23.
First broadcast 11th March 2018.
Where’s Colin?
I’m not 100% sure but… This is during the scene when Thursday and Strange are interviewing Blackwell.
Directed by  Gordon Anderson . This is Gordon’s first venture into the Morse universe.
Written by Colin Dexter (characters), Russell Lewis (written and devised by). Russell has written all the Endeavour episodes. He also wrote;
Lewis (TV Series) (screenplay – 4 episodes, 2010 – 2012) (story – 1 episode, 2006)
– Fearful Symmetry (2012) … (screenplay)
– Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things (2011) … (screenplay)
– Falling Darkness (2010) … (screenplay)
– The Dead of Winter (2010) … (screenplay)
– Reputation (2006) … (story)
He also wrote the Morse episode, ‘The Way Through the Woods’.
After the disappearance of a teacher at Coldwater school Morse is sent in as a substitute. Division is concerned Ivory’s disappearance is linked to the deaths of two police officers.
Meanwhile the rest of the team continue to investigate Cromwell Ames and Eddie Nero. George Fancy is given the task of tailing Ames.
Trewlove is given the role of being Morse’s wife while he plays the part of teacher. Will Morse be tempted by Trewlove’s womanly wiles?
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  review  synopsis  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc 
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1967 Mustang (2018 Then And Now)
Well I did it again, another car I wasn't going to get but I did anyways! I'\m a sucker for old school muscle cars!
cars  hot_wheels  60s  mustang 
10 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona (2017 Target Exclusive Retro Style Series)
This Target exclusive Retro Style casting sure does have a retro feel to it! Not only is the packaging old school, but the deco itself certainly looks retro as well. It's pretty patriotic in colors too!
cars  60s  charger  hot_wheels 
11 weeks ago by rgl7194
ENDEAVOUR: ‘Quartet’ S5E5; Review, Music, Locations, Literary References etc. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello fellow Endeavourists and Morsonians. Sorry for the lateness of my post. Been a little under the weather. Feeling better now.
Here we are at the penultimate review for the fifth series of Endeavour. Will my review be a favourable one? I have been hearing on the old grapevine that in some quarters of social media I am persona non grata due to my having the temerity to criticize some people’s beloved TV show. There are times when one has to open their eyes and see that one’s favourite show is not perfect.
Many of my favourite shows over the years have had clunkers amongst their oeuvre. Many of my favourite film directors have made bad movies. (Alfred Hitchcock’s Family Plot to name one), The same goes for my favourite actors. (Meryl Streep in The Homesman to name but one). My favourite singer for 50 years, David Bowie made a few bad albums (Tin Machine anyone). A few of my favourite writers have written what I believe are either bad or mediocre novels.
No one likes having their favourite TV show, film, actor, singer being criticized but their are times when one has to grow a thicker skin and realise their favourites are not infallible.
Anyhoo let me started on my new post. I have included a video as a starting point for my review please watch that first.
Endeavour Series five, Episode five; ‘Quartet’.
Chronologically this is episode 22.
First broadcast 4th March 2018.
A participant in a TV game show is shot and killed. A stray bullet hits a little boy and puts him in hospital. The killing of the German participant leads Endeavour into the deep and dangerous world of spies and espionage.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  endeavour  police  review  synopsis  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc 
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...Led Zeppelin BBC Rock Hour (Playhouse Theatre London, June 1969)
From collectorsmusicreviews.com
BBC Playhouse Theatre, London – June 27th, 1969
Intro, Communication Breakdown, I Can’t Quit You, Interview, Dazed And Confused, Liverpool Scene sketch, White Summer/Black Mountain Side, You Shook Me, How Many More Times
Bonus disc: Communication Breakdown, Dazed And Confused, Going To California, Stairway To Heaven, What Is And What Should Never Be, Whole Lotta Love
Bumble Bee’s BBC Rock Hour, just like their Blue Flame, is another release of a Zeppelin tape that has been released many times before in the past. The June 27th, 1969 In Concert appearance has had releases dating back to the Neolithic era. On vinyl it was released well over a dozen times with the better titles being Complete BBC Performances on Toasted, Dazed And Confused on Royal Sound (RS009), Hot London (Kolne), and Four Symbols (Accord). The version on Accord was reissued this twice. Other vinyl titles include Flight Of The Zeppelin (Jolly Good Sound), In The Light 69-75 Zipp Zapp (LZL 4 A-D), and Idolescence (Volsung) and the poor sounding My Rider on Idi Amin...
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Led Zeppelin II « Classic Rock Review
Led Zeppelin II (1969)
From puluche.com
Led Zeppelin already had an impressive touring schedule under their belts when they released their sophomore album, Led Zeppelin II. They had completed touring around the UK and the States, but Led Zeppelin II would be the album that would cement them into rock history.
The album was released in October 1969, a mere nine months after their debut, and was recorded and produced in between their hectic touring schedule. The blues influenced quartet took their initial more psychedelic approach and fused it with harder, bluesier rock to create one of the most influential rock albums to date.
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Led Zeppelin I « Classic Rock Review
Led Zeppelin I (1969)
From adriandenning.co.uk
Jeff Beck leaves Jimmy Page as sole guitarist in The Yardbirds, a group that had also numbered Eric Clapton among their ranks prior to Jeff and Jimmy. Keith Relf, the singer with The Yardbirds, winds up leaving along with the groups drummer and bass player. Jimmy Page along with manager Peter Grant find themselves with concert dates to fulfil, so set about forming a new Yardbirds line-up. Enter Robert Plant, session bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham.
Jimmy Page had worked extensively as an in-demand session guitarist all through the Sixties, playing on countless pop and rock recordings, learning about studio techniques and record making as he went along. Early shows saw the soon to be christened Led Zeppelin billed as The Yardbirds but certain supporters were apparently disappointed that it wasn’t really The Yardbirds. The name Led Zeppelin was based on something Who drummer Keith Moon said about a proposed off-shoot group ( to feature himself along with Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck ) “Going down like a lead balloon, or a lead zeppelin”. Remove the ‘a’ from ‘lead’, and hey presto! For this new enterprise, Jimmy Page wanted to explore dynamics….. he more than succeeded.
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ENDEAVOUR: ‘COLOURS’ S5E4; Review, Music, Locations, Literary References etc. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello and welcome to a new post and a review of the fourth episode of the fifth series. I should have pointed out the following sooner but better late than never. When you write your first comment on any post it has to wait for approval from me. Once approval has been given then all your subsequent comments will be published immediately.
Approval of the first comment is simply to stop any unsavory comments being left. Thankfully in the years I have been writing the blog I have only had to disallow one comment due to racist language. I NEVER delete comments or not approve them just because they criticize me or don’t agree with my opinion. As I wrote in my first review of the new season, the review is just my opinion. I never write that it is the correct or only opinion. As with ALL reviews it is just one person’s opinion. In the case of this blog it is my opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.
I have some good news. I will be upgrading my blog soon and part of that upgrade will include a forum. The forum will allow for everyone to discuss anything related to the Morse universe. I am hoping to incorporate a live facility into the forum. This would mean that you guys can write messages to each other in real time within the forum.
Endeavour Series five, Episode four; ‘Colours’.
Chronologically this is episode 21.
First broadcast 25th February 2018.
After a fashion shot at an army base one of the models, Jean Ward, is found murdered. One of the soldiers whose job was to protect the models during their time at the army base is Sam Thursday, Fred’s son. Suspicion falls on him and Oswald a black soldier who was also under instruction to protect the models.
Soon after another murder occurs but Endeavour is unsure if there is connection especially in light of the two murders having a different modus operandi.
Suspicion falls on the Nazi sympathizer Lady Bayswater whose step daughter was the model, Jean Ward. With her step daughter dead she would inherit everything.
With Win Thursday putting pressure on Fred to retire, their son under suspicion for murder and Joan getting arrested at a protest, all is not well in the Thursday home.
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ENDEAVOUR: ‘Passenger’ S5E3; Review, Music, Locations, Literary References etc. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello Morsonians and Endeavourists and welcome to my third review of the fifth series of Endeavour. I hope my post finds everyone well. I would like to write a huge thank you for all your support. Ultimately this blog wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for all the readers of this blog. Thank you for your continued support and to those who are visiting for the first time, welcome. I hope you find many articles of interest within my blog. I would also like to thank all those who not only leave comments but point out references, locations etc that I miss. I love this as it makes it a much more a collaborative blog. On that note if anyone wants to write a post about any subject within the Morse universe please do so and forward it to me via the ‘contact me’ button at the top of the page.
Endeavour Series five, Episode three; ‘Passenger’.
Chronologically this is episode 20.
First broadcast 18th February 2018.
The story arc of this series continues with the theft of goods and the killing of the van driver. The Robbery Squad from London think it is connected to Eddie Nero but the Oxford police believe otherwise.
While Thursday, Strange and Endeavour were attending the theft and murder George Fancy is dealing with a missing person’s case. A young woman, Frances Porter, has been missing for a few days and is being reported missing by her husband and her sister.
While George is seconded to the robbery squad, Endeavour is left to deal with missing person. After the dead body of Frances Porter is found Oxford Mail’s Dorothea Frazil tells the police that she believes that Frances’s death may be connected to a death four years previously.
While the lads from the robbery squad cause disruption in Cowley police station in more ways than one the unknown gang who are pushing there way into Eddie Nero’s patch are causing even more confusion and mayhem in Oxford.
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ENDEAVOUR: ‘CARTOUCHE’ S5E2; Review, Music, Locations, Literary References etc. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
CARTOUCHE: a carved tablet or drawing representing a scroll with rolled-up ends, used ornamentally or bearing an inscription.
Hello Morsonians and Endeavourists and welcome to my review of the second episode of the fifth series. Hope fully you have recovered from my rather unflattering review of the first episode. For those who haven’t read it and for those who have I have updated the post many times since I posted it with a lot of new information regarding locations etc. Click here to read that post. To paraphrase Endeavour, ‘I must warn you, it’s a post-mortem review’.
Endeavour Series five, Episode two; ‘Cartouche’.
Chronologically this is episode 19.
First broadcast 11th February 2018.
A former detective sergeant is found dead in his flat from what appears to be at first natural causes. However, Dr. DeBryn discovers that he was poisoned and another poisoning soon follows. Meanwhile the local cinema is preparing to welcome some famous Hollywood actors and directors to promote their latest film.
Endeavour is still finding it hard to warm to George Fancy but George finds a friendly ear in the form of Trewlove. At Fred Thursday’s house we discover he has guests, his brother and his wife and daughter.
In the background to the above racist attacks have been carried out at properties owned by the local gangster, Eddie Nero.
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Led Zeppelin Albums, As Ranked by CoS Readers | Consequence of Sound
See where Physical Graffiti, Houses of the Holy, Led Zeppelin IV, and more stack up
In honor of the 43rd anniversary of Led Zeppelin‘s sixth studio album Physical Graffiti, our latest Readers’ Poll installment asked for your favorite Led Zeppelin album. The English rockers truly stand as one of the most influential pioneers in rock ‘n’ roll history. At the height of their powers, they redefined the standard for bands to follow. Consult any of our album reviews for Led Zeppelin, and then check out the rockers’ nine studio albums ranked by CoS readers below...
09. CODA
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All 74 Led Zeppelin Songs, Ranked -- Vulture
It's difficult to remember now how precious the blues seemed to rockers in the 1960s. The blues were a serious matter, meant to be played a certain way. Rock bands always fooled around with doing the blues louder and with less finesse, of course, but beyond that, folks like Eric Clapton were the models, with their sincere embarkations into the music. They were done with brio, but with probity and respect, too.
Jimmy Page put an end to all of that with Led Zeppelin, the band that broke the blues and created something new — hard rock, heavy metal, whatever you want to call it.
We blink — and many years have passed. Now we have the latest (and definitive, we're told) remastering of the band's now-historic catalogue. The final group of three albums — including Presence, In Through the Out Door, and Coda — is out this week. The sound sparkles, and the many early versions and mixes of some fabled tracks will thrill fans.
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All 87 Led Zeppelin Songs, Ranked | SPIN
Every song ever recorded by Zep, listed from worst to first
It’s surprisingly easy to forget about Led Zeppelin in 2014. With arena rock gradually fading from relevance, or at least being subverted and co-opted as a genre and idea — the closest thing to a stadium-geared blockbuster in the last year might have been One Direction’s Midnight Memories — Zeppelin’s enduring influence as the ideal of Big Rock Music is less relevant than ever. Even Almost Famous, the Zep-soaked Cameron Crowe flick that helped expose a new generation to the classic rock of their parents, is almost 15 years old at this point. The next time you hear “Stairway to Heaven,” it might actually sound interesting and refreshing — which is kinda cool, but just feels intuitively wrong.
It takes an event like this year’s spate of deluxe Zeppelin reissues — the first three were released back in June, while IV and Houses of the Holy are on deck for next month — to remind you of how incredible this band really was. Some elements of the Zeppelin experience haven’t dated quite so brilliantly — namely the rampant misogyny, the even more rampant Tolkien references, and the always-terrible 1976 Presence LP — but the songs, the sound, and the sheer size of the group continue to dazzle to this day. If they make music on this scale in 2014, it’s certainly not to be found in the rock genre, and you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find it anywhere else, either.
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Blue Cheer - 'Vincebus Eruptum' (1968): On Second Thought
Formed 1967 in San Francisco, California, Blue Cheer included lead singer and bassist Dickie Peterson, guitarist Leigh Stephens and drummer Paul Whaley.
Adding layer upon layer of strength, volume and ear-numbing feedback to their improvisionally inclined material, the trio was radical even by the era’s standards of anything goes, no matter which way the wind blows. Louder than Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience – who they were constantly compared to – but not as technically competent, Blue Cheer attracted a lot of attention right from the start. Yet opinions were greatly divided, as the band was either loved or loathed.
Enough people clearly approved of Blue Cheer’s thunderous jamming, because not only did their debut album Vincebus Eruptum climb to No. 11 on the charts, but the disc also parented a top-selling single: An absolutely devastating cover of Eddie Cochran’s 1958 hit “Summertime Blues,” which reached No. 14 early in 1968.
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Unholy Reliquary: P.J. Proby - Three Week Hero [SBD]
Repost. Why? I'll tell ya; This is something all Led Zeppelin fans eventually realize is a real thing. Not a myth, not a dream, not an old made-up story that has been passed down threw the generations. It actually exists!! ...just sayin'
P.J. Proby
'Three Week Hero'
(1969 Liberty LBS 83219 U.K.)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3
P.J. Proby (vocals)
*Jimmy Page (misspelled “Paige”) (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar)
*John Bonham (drums, percussion, congas)
*Robert Plant (harmonica, tambourine, vocals)
*John Paul Jones (bass, keyboards, arrangements)
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1968 Chevy Nova (2018 February Kmart K Day Exclusive!)
It's that time of the year again, the first K Day of the year! I'm glad it's still going, got to score this exclusive car!
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You gotta check out the Hot Wheels ’66 Super Nova Gasser Nationals Exclusive – the Lamley Group
Mercy me, this is cool.
The second of two Convention Models for the upcoming Hot Wheels Nationals in Dallas, Texas, has been unveiled. The first model is the ’83 Silverado, and it is nice. This one? The ’66 Super Nova, and it’s incredible.
First off, the ’66 Super Nova has eased in nicely as a collector favorite. As well it should, because it’s a beautiful casting. Second, how cool is that copper color?!? I assume Steve Vandervate did the deco for this one, and it’s stunning as usual.
But it’s the third reason that throws this model in the “HOT DAMN!!” category. Look at the roof...
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The brilliant ’69 Nissan Skyline Van is like nothing Hot Wheels has ever done. – the Lamley Group
I’m obsessed with Hot Wheels Car Culture.
Truly obsessed. I have claimed it is the best thing Hot Wheels has ever done, and as it evolves year-to-year, mix-to-mix, that opinion only gets stronger. From Japan Historics in 2016 through Cargo Carriers in 2018 (with much more to come), Hot Wheels has never been better.
But that isn’t the only reason I am obsessed with Car Culture. HW Car Culture is evolving. The first Japan Historics was an amazing set, with its mix of JDM favorites done in several racing styles (with a police car mixed in), sitting on the new 4-spoke Real Riders. It was a great way to introduce Car Culture.
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Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale – the Finest of Alfas | DriveTribe
33 Stradale is one of the most sought after cars in the world. It makes perfect sense, as it is essentially a successful race car dressed with a gorgeous body. On top of that, it even was the most expensive car when it came out. With only 18 of 33 Stradales produced and even fewer in existence today, you’re unlikely to come across one – even Alfa Romeo museum stores a replica. We attempt to fill in this gap and provide vital knowledge about this crème de la crème Alfa.
33 Stradale debuted in 1967 Turin Motor show and caused quite a stir. It is not much of surprise, as it boasted a modified chassis from Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 and stunning styling by Franco Scaglione.
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Ford GT40 Mark IV Heading to Auction | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
To the casual observer, Ford’s dominance of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the late 1960s can seem almost monolithic. After all, the winning was all done by GT40s, wasn’t it? While the small-block Mark I cars that triumphed in 1968 and 1969 and the big-block Mark IIs—which brought Ford its first overall victory at the Circuit de la Sarthe in 1966—shared real visual and mechanical continuity, the 1967 Mark IV was its own thing entirely.
The GT40 had been an Anglo-American proposition from the start, with roots in Eric Broadley’s lovely little Lola Mark 6, but the Mark IV was to be a star-spangled affair, meant to erase all doubt that American know-how was superior to Italian 12-cylinder prancy-horsey voodoo—that it wasn’t the luck of the limeys that had spurred the Yanks on to victory the previous year. Never mind that the winning car had been driven by a pair of Kiwis named Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren.
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Morse as the Mystery in “Endeavour” – Paley Matters
Endeavouring to understand Inspector Morse.
Thirty years after the first Inspector Morse episode aired, we find ourselves back in 1967 with season four of Endeavour on PBS, watching a youthful D.C. Morse underline one word in his notebook: “odd.” He is hunched at his desk, frowning, as D.I. Thursday, D.S. Strange, and C.S. Bright conjecture the reasons for a recent drowning. This is not yet the Morse with the red Jaguar, but it is in many ways already the same melancholic Morse, with his penchant for alcohol, opera, and women.
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Led Zeppelin: The rise to heavenly heights | The Independent
Out of the ashes of The Yardbirds rose the biggest, loudest, most successful rock band in the world. Keith Shadwick reveals how the guitarist Jimmy Page created Led Zeppelin
Call it bad luck, bad timing or whatever, but, in just 18 months, The Yardbirds went from being a cutting-edge band listened to and imitated by every wannabe to a spent force that, in May 1968, were ready to call it a day.
By now managed by Mickie Most's RAK-label partner Peter Grant, they made their last appearance at San Francisco's Fillmore Ballroom on a bizarre bill that included the uncompromising jazz pianist Cecil Taylor and the electric-violin-led rock band It's A Beautiful Day. The dope-heads in the audience must have been even more confused than usual on those three nights.
And it was all played in the knowledge that, whatever happened, The Yardbirds were over. News of an impending split had been leaked in the music press in the UK. Melody Maker carried a brief note. "Break-up of The Yardbirds is expected on their return from America... Lead guitarist Jimmy Page is to reform the group with a new lead singer and drummer, to replace Keith Relf and Jim McCarty."
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The Clock That Went Backwards: Cream - 2016 - The Last Goodbye (Soundboard)
(Mid Valley - MVR-808/809/810/811)
October 4, 1968
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA
01. White Room
02. Politician
03. Crodssroads
04. Sunshine of Your Love
05. Spoonfull
06. Deserted Citied of the Heart
07. Passing the Time
08. I'm So Glad
60s  blues_rock  bootlegs  cream  music  concert  box_set  flac  download  SBD 
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Reliquary: Cream - The Last Goodbye (2016 Mid Valley - 4CD) [SBD]
'The Last Goodbye' (4 Disc Set)
(2016 Mid Valley : MVR-808/809/810/811)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Track List: (Artwork Included)
October 4, 1968 - Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA
01. White Room
02. Politician
03. Crossroads
04. Sunshine of Your Love
05. Spoonful
06. Deserted Cities of the Heart
07. Passing the Time
08. I'm So Glad
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Cream - 2016 - The Last Goodbye (Mid Valley 4 sbd box) - Guitars101 - Guitar Forums
(Mid Valley - MVR-808/809/810/811)
October 4, 1968
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA
01. White Room
02. Politician
03. Crodssroads
04. Sunshine of Your Love
05. Spoonfull
06. Deserted Citied of the Heart
07. Passing the Time
08. I'm So Glad
60s  blues_rock  bootlegs  cream  music  concert  box_set  flac  download  SBD 
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Cream - 1966-1967 - BBC Radio Sessions (FM/FLAC) - Guitars101 - Guitar Forums
Cream - 1966-1967 - BBC Radio Sessions
BBC Radio Sessions 1966-1967
Rebroadcast on Tommy Vance's Friday Rock Show & Alan 'Fluff' Freeman's Saturday Rock Show.
BBC Radio 1 FM> Marantz ST320L tuner>Aiwa or Teac cassette deck>master cassette>wave capture, track markers & burned to cdr>accuraterip to flac level 8.
Eric Clapton
Jack Bruce
Ginger Baker
Rhythm and Blues - 1966-12-09
01 - Cat Squirrel
02 - Train Time
03 - Hey Lawdy Mama
04 - I'm So Glad
05 - Tommy Vance with session info.
60s  bbc  blues_rock  bootlegs  cream  music  radio  flac  download 
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Hi-Res Cream - On The Radio (1966-68/2017) FLAC lossless music ape wav
Artist: Cream | Album: On The Radio | Released: 1966-68/2017 | Genre: Rock, Classic Rock | Country: UK
CD1 - BBC Transcription Discs
Duration: 01:00:29
CD2 - Swedish Radio Concert. Off-Air BBC Recordings
Duration: 00:58:24
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roio » Blog Archive » JEFF BECK GROUP - BBC 1967-1968
BBC Compilation: March 1967 to September 1968 [no label, 1CD]
Very good to excellent FM/SBD stereo.
Here is a Jeff Beck BBC compilation that has also circulated as Lost Early Sessions - Live At The BBC Collection 1967-1968; and as BBC Sessions 1967 & 1968 (with a slightly different tracklist).
Thanks to Mesquite who shared the tracks on Dime in 2006.
Mesquite noted: “Here is a Beck BBC compilation 1967-1968; this one assembled from my DAT tapes. Thanks to my pal in the Great White North for this.”
Here is a post at beehivecandy.com:
One of the reasons that bands were invited to perform sessions for the BBC during the 1960s and 1970s was due to the restricted ‘needle time’ that existed in the UK at the time. By undertaking ‘live sessions’ it enabled the BBC to provide more popular music performances, and get around the ridiculous limitations placed on them by the ‘Performance Rights’ authorities. These crazy restrictions were also in part the reason that Offshore ‘pirate’ Radio took off in the ’60s and ’70s. The legacy however has ironically given us high quality live performance recordings of bands from The Beatles through to The Yardbirds.
Until to date, no Jeff Beck BBC material has been officially released. One can only speculate why.
Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.
music  60s  bbc  radio  concert  download  bootlegs  beck 
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Jeff Beck Group - 1967-1968 - BBC Sessions (FM/FLAC) - Guitars101 - Guitar Forums
Jeff Beck Group - 1967-1968 - BBC Sessions
(FM broadcast FLAC)
Jeff Beck Group – BECK'S BEEPLERO
BBC Sessions, March 1967-September 1968 (Expanded, Upgraded, Corrected & Boosted)
A) Sources: Various b'casts
Show: Saturday Club, rec. date: March 7, 1967, first air date: March 18, 1967 - 15 min. EX quality except*, which is now VG++/EX- quality.
Line-up: Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Mickey Waller, Dave Ambrose
1. I Ain't Superstitious (now upgraded)*
2. Jeff Beck interview
3. Hi Ho Silver Lining
4. I Know I'm Losing You
5. Let Me Love You
6. Stone Cold Crazy
music  60s  bbc  radio  concert  download  bootlegs  flac  beck 
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ITV’s Endeavour is the best period drama on TV, and here’s why
ITV’s Endeavour is the best period drama on TV, and here’s why
Tonight, ITV launches the fifth series of its beautifully evocative crime drama, Endeavour. In the spirit of following Fred Thursday’s advice, I thought I would ‘get down’ my thoughts on why Endeavour is the best period drama on TV.
We spend a lot of time critiquing and obsessing over historical inaccuracies in period drama. Yet, weirdly, Endeavour seems to fly under the radar. Despite pulling in solid weekly viewing figures and standing on the shoulders of the cultural giant that was Inspector Morse, there have been very few pieces exploring the quality of one of ITV’s most successful shows. Big-budget dramas such as McMafia, The Night Manager, Sherlock and The Crown, might soak up publicity resources and dominate conversations, but (to my mind) it is Endeavour that has been quietly and consistently turning out the best historical crime drama on TV.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
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Endeavour review – as comforting as cheese on toast | Television & radio | The Guardian
Russell Lewis’s Inspector Morse prequel – a clever, well-crafted whodunnit oozing with period detail – gets better and better. Plus: Stanley and His Daughters
You know how sometimes even the most adventurous foodie just fancies cheese on toast for tea – familiar, comforting, English and a little old-fashioned, especially on a Sunday night? Well, it can be like that with television, too. Nothing too innovative tonight, please, no parallel universes or subtitles. Murder, oh yes, you need a dunnit in order to ask who, but not too graphic or weird. The sex should be hinted at, rather than actually done. Endeavour? Perfect.
The Inspector Morse prequel, now in its fifth series, has reached 1968, where the Rolling Stones are on the radio. Not that young Morse (Shaun Evans) is doing much swinging or spending the night together with anyone. Promoted to DS in the new Thames Valley force, he is more sure of himself and grumpier than before, further along the journey towards Colin Dexter/John Thaw’s character. He has no time outside work for much apart from opera and the crossword, certainly no time for the new boy: cocky, young DC George Fancy, whose focus is mainly on what he calls “crumpet” – and he is not talking comforting teatime treats.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  review  endeavour 
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ENDEAVOUR: ‘Muse’ S5E1; Review, Music, Locations, Literary References etc. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Hello fellow Endeavourists and welcome to my first review of the new series. There is a lot to get through so let’s get cracking.
Endeavour Series five, Episode One; ‘Muse’.
Chronologically this is episode 18.
First broadcast 4th February 2018.
As excitement gathers around the forthcoming auction of a long lost but now discovered Faberge egg the local police have to deal with a murder and a possible attempt to steal afore-mentioned Faberge egg.
The murder of a former boxer seems tied to the underworld until the death of a Lonsdale Don possibly throws cold water on that theory.
With a new police officer joining the ranks at Cowley, George Fancy, the merging of the Oxford police force into Thames Valley Constabulary, the return of Joan Thursday and so much more, the city of Oxford has become a little more complicated for Endeavour.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  review  synopsis  endeavour 
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Interview with Dakota Blue Richards and Lewis Peek. – Morse, Lewis and Endeavour
Here is an article from the website, tv.bt.com. Dakota Blue Richards and Lewis Peek talk about Endeavour series 5.Article is by Laura Hannam.
Endeavour stars reveal series five secrets
Endeavour star Dakota Blue Richards and newcomer Lewis Peek let us in on what’s coming up in the critically acclaimed ITV drama series…
Filming has begun on series five of ITV’s Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour, and the show welcomes Poldark star Lewis Peek to the cast as DC George Fancy.
As he joins Endeavour alum Dakota Blue Richards (WPC Shirley Trewlove) in the 1960s drama, we spoke to the pair about what to expect from the new series.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  interview  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
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Endeavour stars Dakota Blue Richards and Lewis Peek talk series five | BT
Endeavour star Dakota Blue Richards and newcomer Lewis Peek let us in on what’s coming up in the critically acclaimed ITV drama series…
Filming has begun on series five of ITV's Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour, and the show welcomes Poldark star Lewis Peek to the cast as DC George Fancy.
As he joins Endeavour alum Dakota Blue Richards (WPC Shirley Trewlove) in the 1960s drama, we spoke to the pair about what to expect from the new series.
The times they are a-changing
Endeavour will kick off in the year of 1968, a turning point for the British police as organisational changes lead to team absorptions across the country and new laws change the way the police operate forever. Homosexuality is now legal, and race discrimination laws have been tightened.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  interview  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
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Endeavour 2018: Interviews – Life of Wylie
“EVERYONE brings their top game to Endeavour.
“We’re very lucky.
“I’m glad people love it because that’s our intention.”
Shaun Evans talking to me about the return of the, now, Detective Sergeant Endeavour Morse to the screen.
Starting on ITV at 8pm this Sunday (Feb 4).
The new 2018 series five of Endeavour being the longest yet with six feature-length films.
Infused with a sense of endings and new beginnings.
And further glimpses of the younger Morse’s relationships with women.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  interview  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
february 2018 by rgl7194
Endeavour: Did you spot Colin Dexter's cameo? | Oxford Mail
Endeavour returned to our screens last night for the first episode of series five. Newly promoted Detective Sergeant Endeavour Morse tackled a good old Oxford mystery, with a number of dons losing their lives at the hands of a mystery killer.
There was also a posthumous cameo from Colin Dexter, who regularly appeared in Inspector Morse and Lewis as well as earlier series of Endeavour. This series is the first since he died last year.
We wrap up five talking points from the first episode...
60s  bbc  crime_drama  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
february 2018 by rgl7194
Cracking the Morse code | Drama Quarterly
British actors Dakota Blue Richards and Lewis Peek tease the return of Inspector Morse prequel Endeavour for a fifth season, while also discussing life on set and the impact of the #MeToo campaign.
It’s strange to recall that, when it was first commissioned, Endeavour was intended as a one-off special marking the 25th anniversary of long-running detective drama Morse. As if its popularity would ever be in doubt: since that 2012 prequel, a further 16 feature-length films have aired on UK broadcaster ITV over the last four years.
It’s a sign of the show’s continuing success, with Shaun Evans taking the lead as the young Endeavour Morse, that the upcoming fifth season has been extended to six films, also proving that traditional ‘whodunnits’ like this and Midsomer Murders are far from antiquated in the face of competition from modern serialised crime dramas.
The new season, which begins in the UK on February 4, opens in 1968 with the recently promoted Detective Sergeant Morse facing changing times as Oxford City Police merges with another constabulary. His personal life also faces challenges as Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers) returns to Oxford, with many issues unresolved following her disappearance last season and Morse’s unexpected proposal.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  interview  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
february 2018 by rgl7194
Cream - The BBC Radio Sessions (complete list and more) | Steve Hoffman Music Forums
This is a complete list of Cream's BBC Radio Sessions with their current availability, I have not done comment about the quality of recordings because there are members much better than me to do it.
I hope this list will be useful, corrections, additions, details and curiosity are welcome.
Main sources: Book 'Eric Clapton: Day By Day' by Marc Roberty, Web Page 'Jack Bruce: Past Tours Database' by Bob Elliott, but also others.
OR = Official Release: 'BBC Sessions' / 'Disraeli Gears (Deluxe Edition)' / 'Fresh Cream (Super Deluxe Edition)'
B/T = Bootleg/Tape
music  cream  bbc  radio  bootlegs  forum  60s  blues_rock 
february 2018 by rgl7194
Endeavour is ‘easy PC’ for Dakota Blue Richards who’s grown up on screen - Sunday Post
HER first acting experience saw her get third billing on a blockbuster movie just behind Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig – before she was even a teenager.
And there was every chance that she would be another in a long line of child stars who’d be lost along the way and not make the transition to a successful adult actor.
But Dakota Blue Richards, who was picked as a total unknown to take the leading role of Lyra in the 2007 epic The Golden Compass, has proved any doubters wrong.
Now 23, she has forged an impressive career and is now one of the mainstays in ITV’s big crime drama Endeavour which returns for a new series tonight.
The change, she says, has been an incremental thing.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  interview  endeavour 
february 2018 by rgl7194
Endeavour star Dakota Blue Richards likes to have a say on her character WPC Trewlove
The year is now 1968. Everyone from The Beatles with their White Album to the rioting students in Paris and the civil-rights marches in America is talking about a revolution – and Endeavour’s creator Russell Lewis promises that there are similarly drastic changes in store for Morse, Thursday and Oxford City Police.
“Endeavour Morse is a little bit discombobulated emotionally as we begin this series,” says Russell.
“He’s got the rank of sergeant, but he didn’t get the girl [girlfriend Joan rejected his proposal].
He’s pondering how much satisfaction the job is giving him. He’s out of sorts.
“In 1968, Oxford City Police merged with two other constabularies into Thames Valley, which is more familiar to Inspector Morse viewers.
"That’s a huge change and brings with it uncertainty as to their futures, and DCI Fred Thursday is thinking: ‘It’s time to retire.’”
“The promotion hasn’t been anything Endeavour thought it would be,” reveals Shaun Evans, 37, who plays the title character.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
february 2018 by rgl7194
Endeavour season 5 ITV ramps up Morse romance with MAJOR sex bombshell 'He doesn't know' | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk
ENDEAVOUR returns for its fifth season tonight bringing Endeavour Morse back into detective work, and even more so into new romances.
Following the end of season four, Endeavour viewers saw the titular character (played by Shaun Evans) emotionally ravaged by his former love interest Joan Thursday (Sara Vickers), and debating moving to work in London.
Still stationed in Oxford, with a lot on his plate already, Endeavour has been given a new sidekick, Detective Constable George Fancy (Lewis Peek). 
During season five’s premiere, Fancy will make advances towards Constable Shirley Trewlove (Dakota Blue Richards), but will be quickly shut down. 
With Endeavour back returning to his unsociable demeanour, he won't approve of his newest pupil.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
february 2018 by rgl7194
WPC Trewlove, aka Dakota Blue Richards, talks us through all things Endeavour | Oxford Mail
Dakota Blue Richard’s name will always be synonymous with Oxford, her roles deeply embedded in the structure of the city.
Having played Lyra in Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass in 2007, the die was cast for her longevity here from an early age.
And with Series five of Endeavour about to begin, the famous Morse detective drama being increased from four to six episodes this year, Dakota Blue is here to stay, with WPC Trewlove being given an increasing amount of screen time.
So does Dakota have a sense of ownership over Trewlove now?
“Yes, I feel I know her much better because in the past two series you only saw one side of her.
60s  bbc  crime_drama  police  trewlove  tv  uk  uniform  wpc  endeavour 
february 2018 by rgl7194
Beauty in Chaos: The Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat Turns 50 | Consequence of Sound
Reed and Cale lead listeners through a seminal blend of arty audacity and aggression
As far as sophomore album’s go, The Velvet Undergound’s White Light/White Heat is extraordinary, both for its unapologetic abandonment of the mournful moods established by their debut and for its dissonance, which replaced the measured doses of pop art-minded bliss (inspired by Andy Warhol and contributed by vocalist Nico) with a total overdose of arty audacity and even aggression in their absence.
On its 50th anniversary, the record holds up as an outrageously unique collection of weird ideas and organically driven psychedelic soundscapes. It elevated the instrumental, mental, and sexual tension that encapsulates what the Velvets were all about and allowed for its individual players to act out sonically. Singer/guitarist Lou Reed, bassist John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison, and drummer Maureen Tucker were all clearly challenging themselves, their listeners, and each other on this one, and the result feels like precursory punk rock, especially listened to today in the context of all that came after it.
music  alt_rock  anniversary  review  60s 
february 2018 by rgl7194
Jimmy Page: How the Name Led Zeppelin Came to Be | Music News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Guitar master Jimmy Page talked about the early days of Led Zeppelin, explaining to The Academy of Achievement (transcribed by UG):
"The Yardbirds did their last date - I think it's the beginning of July [1968] - and during August I find Robert Plant and I work with him.
"I get into my house and I play him various ideas of things that I want to do on this album because I had a very clear idea of what would work at that point of time with the FM radio in America that was just about getting to the point where they were playing whole sides of albums.
"I realized that if you had an album that as you listen to one track it would set up the second track - there would be such a diversity upon the album, different styles and different moods that would capture people's imagination when they listened to it.
"And now we had the vehicle, with the FM radio, to be able to do that. So yeah, I had very clear ideas of the material that I wanted to do.
music  ledzep  jimmy_page  history  60s  interview 
february 2018 by rgl7194
The Story of Sean Flynn's Leica M2
This is a story about a camera, a rather special camera. Every camera has a history, so they say. But it is not all that often that one has such a rich and documented history. One that was thought to be lost but has been found again. This is the story of Sean Flynn’s Leica M2.
I have been very lucky throughout my career to have found some amazing cameras, but every now and again you come across something that sets itself apart. This is one of those cameras. The vast majority of the cameras I see have no record — you literally have no idea where they have been. But this camera is different, it has a well-documented history that was thought to have been lost. But through a bit of digging and a lot of luck, the history of this camera has revealed itself.
This really is a story of serendipity. I was offered this camera earlier this year by a representative of the Flynn family. As soon as I was told about the history of the camera I knew exactly who would want it. One of my clients has a particular taste for cameras with a history and this was the camera for him.
But first, we should go back and talk a little bit about Sean Flynn.
camera  photography  celebrity  war  60s  70s 
january 2018 by rgl7194
The Beatles, "Words of Love" from 'Beatles for Sale' (1964): Deep Beatles
From their first album, the Beatles declared that they while they respected their predecessors, they also desired to break rules and expand the very definition of rock ’n roll. Thus, it comes as no surprise that John Lennon and Paul McCartney often expressed their admiration for Buddy Holly. The Texas-born singer-songwriter transcended rockabilly conventions, experimenting with percussive techniques and harmonies. In turn, Holly created the template of modern rock, setting standards that are still followed today. To pay tribute to their idol, the Beatles recorded one of his most tender songs: “Words of Love.”
“Words of Love” dates back to March 1957; Holly recorded the track at producer Norman Petty’s Clovis Studio in Clovis, New Mexico. One important element of the song is its use of overdubbing, a rarity at the time in rock ’n roll. According to John Gribbin’s biography Not Fade Away: The Life and Music of Buddy Holly, the singer had two different guitar parts he wanted to play on one record. To accomplish the effect, Holly had to record one segment first, then the other part essentially on top of it. In other words, the technique involved “playing the first recording from one tape machine to another while the extra voices or instruments were being recorded simultaneously onto the second tape.”
music  beatles  60s  songs  deep_cuts  cover 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Black Sabbath - Sabbath Early Sabbath, Outtakes 1969-1971 [SBD] FLAC + 320
Black Sabbath
'Sabbath Early Sabbath'
Outtakes 1969-1971
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: FLAC + MP3@320
Track List: (Artwork Included)
Black Sabbath
01 Black Sabbath
02 Evil Woman
03 The Wizard
04 Planet Caravan
05 Rat Salad
06 Paranoid
07 Sweet Leaf
08 Children Of The Grave
09 Into The Void
Earth pre: Black Sabbath
10 The Rebel
11 When I Came Down
12 Early One Morning
13 Blue Suede Shoes
Flying Hat Band pre: Judas Priest, Glen Tipton
14 Seventh Plain
15 Reaching For The Stars
16 Lost Time
17 Coming of The Lord
music  sabbath  heavy_metal  SBD  60s  70s  flac  bootlegs  download 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Rolling Stones - Beat Beat Beat at the Beeb [SBD] FLAC + MP3
The Rolling Stones
'Beat Beat Beat At The Beeb'
(1994 Invasion Unlimited : IU 94282-1/2)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: FLAC + MP3@320
A complete package of the known Rolling Stones BBC appearances. Most tracks
are from tape/CD sources and quality is very good to superb mono/stereo.
This is an excellent collection of early Rolling Stones performances which if not for networks like DIME might never heard of this side of the pond; remember, the BBC didn't regularly archive its live on-air performances until the late 1960's. (More...) -Original
bbc  rolling_stones  music  flac  SBD  60s  concert  bootlegs  download 
january 2018 by rgl7194
CARNEGIE HALL, NY 10-17-69 - Never Before Seen Fan Photos! First use of Black Beauty Les Paul - Photos - Led Zeppelin Official Forum
Here are some never-before-seen fan photos from Led Zeppelin's legendary Carnegie Hall (October 17, 1969) appearance. A group of 15 year-old fans captured their experience at the 8:30pm (early show) from the 10th row. They describe a lack of security, except for Carnegie Hall ushers and were free to venture up to the front of the stage for a few pics as well.
Amazingly, these photos also reveal Jimmy Page's first photographed live use of his Black Beauty Les Paul during Led Zeppelin and confirms it was brought to North America for this fall 1969 tour.
ledzep  music  photography  guitar  jimmy_page  60s 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Reliquary: Beatles, The - Live At BBC Television 1963-1964 [SBD]
 The Beatles
'Live At BBC - Television 1963/1964'
(1994 Invasion Unlimited : IU 9427-1) 
Broadcast (Audio) Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3
Special lil' note: This includes the only complete 1963 concert.
bbc  tv  beatles  music  60s  bootlegs  download 
january 2018 by rgl7194
Who Shot the Iconic Apollo 8 Earthrise Photo?
Apollo 8 was the first manned mission to leave Earth’s orbit, orbit the Moon, and return to Earth. Since it wasn’t a moon landing, though, it tends to not be as celebrated as other manned moon missions. But the photo known as Earthrise was captured during this mission on December 24th, 1968, becoming an iconic piece of history. This 6-minute video from Vintage Space explores the question of who the person behind the camera was.
For years nobody knew who took that photo, but it’s now apparent that it was astronaut Bill Anders. To determine this, lead visualizer Ernie Wright dug into flight logs to find out which of the crew members were able to capture the photo.
By looking at the orientation of the craft, as well as audio recordings, Wright was able to figure out which crewman was looking out of which window. He could then determine which crew member could have seen the Earth at the time, and therefore who the photographer must have been.
photography  space  moon  60s 
january 2018 by rgl7194
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