APOD: 2019 January 17 - Cabin Under the Stars
Explanation: Gocka's, a family nickname for the mountain cabin, and a wooden sled from a generation past stand quietly under the stars. The single exposure image was taken on January 6 from Tanndalen Sweden to evoke a simple visual experience of the dark mountain skies. A pale band of starlight along the Milky Way sweeps through the scene. At the foot of Orion the Hunter, bright star Rigel shines just above the old kicksled's handrail. Capella, alpha star of Auriga the celestial charioteer, is the brightest star at the top of the frame. In fact, the familiar stars of the winter hexagon and the Pleiades star cluster can all be found in this beautiful skyscape from a northern winter night.
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Pelosi is right to say no to Trump’s speech. Because things are not normal.
Everybody hates the State of the Union. It’s long, it’s boring, and it’s quickly forgotten. But it’s also extremely important to the nation, which is exactly why it’s a good thing that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has done this:
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday asked President Trump to postpone his State of the Union address — or deliver it in writing — citing security concerns related to the partial federal government shutdown.
The suggestion, which could deny Trump an opportunity to make his case for border wall funding in a prime-time televised address, came as White House officials were urging Republican senators to hold off on signing a bipartisan letter that would call for an end to the government shutdown, now in its 26th day.
In a letter to Trump, Pelosi said the U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security, both of which have key responsibilities for planning and implementing security at the scheduled Jan. 29 address in the House chamber, have been “hamstrung” by furloughs.
“Sadly, given the security concerns and unless government re-opens this week, I suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has re-opened for this address or for you to consider delivering your State of the Union address in writing to the Congress on January 29th,” Pelosi wrote in the letter.
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12 hours ago
In First Floor Speech, Ocasio-Cortez Condemns Trump Shutdown as 'Erosion of American Democracy'
"It is not normal for public servants to run away and hide from the public that they serve. And it is certainly not normal to starve the people we serve for a proposal that is wildly unpopular."
Using her first floor speech as a member of Congress to highlight the severe financial pain and insecurity the government shutdown has caused for millions of ordinary Americans, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday castigated President Donald Trump for holding "800,000 workers' paychecks hostage" and argued that the record-long lapse in federal funding is emblematic of a systemic crisis of democracy.
"The truth is, this shutdown is about the erosion of American democracy and the subversion of our most basic governmental norms."
—Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
"It is actually not about a wall, it is not about the border, and it is certainly not about the well-being of everyday Americans," Ocasio-Cortez said of the shutdown, which is now in its fourth week with no end in sight. "The truth is, this shutdown is about the erosion of American democracy and the subversion of our most basic governmental norms."
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12 hours ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lambasts US government shutdown in first House speech – video | US news | The Guardian
'It's not normal to shut down the government when we don’t get what we want,' says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during her first speech on the house floor. 'The truth of this shutdown is that it's actually not about a wall. The truth is, this shutdown is about the erosion of American democracy and the subversion of our most basic governmental norms' 
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James Skoufis and Tom Abinanti will examine state, right up to Cuomo
Two local state lawmakers now lead Senate and Assembly committees that, despite their rather boring names, wield the power to probe suspected misdeeds among state officials and departments, right up to the governor's office.
And even though both legislators are Democrats, like Gov. Andrew Cuomo, barbs have already been tossed back and forth about who could out-investigate whom.
"Everything is on the table," said new state Sen. James Skoufis, who was appointed by new Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Yonkers, to head up the Senate Investigations and Government Operations Committee. "A robust, active committee begins to expose inefficiencies, waste, wrongdoings."
His counterpart in the Assembly is veteran lawmaker Tom Abinanti, D-Greenburgh, whose Assembly Oversight, Analysis and Investigation Committee has a somewhat different jurisdiction. The two committee leaders say they won't shy away from taking on issues that could cut close to the governor.
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Trump Is Ignoring Voter Opinion With His Shutdown Fight - The Atlantic
The president and his party have grown accustomed to representing a minority of Americans—and ignoring majority opinion.
A government shutdown that most Americans oppose, on behalf of a border wall that most Americans oppose, might be the logical end point for a president and a political party that appears more and more unconcerned about attracting support from a majority of the public.
Donald Trump’s decision to precipitate a government shutdown over his demands for money to build a border wall, and the virtual absence of congressional GOP resistance to his approach, shows how comfortable the president and the broader Republican Party around him have grown in pursuing goals that face majority opposition in polls—so long as they retain the backing of their core supporters.
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21 hours ago
Ripple Effects of the Shutdown Reach the GPS System - The Atlantic
As you read the accounts below, remember the point that Jon Tester, recently reelected Democratic senator from Montana, made this past week on the Senate floor: If one man, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, would let a “clean” budget resolution come up for a vote, it would certainly pass with both Democratic and Republican support.
Extra reminder: As of December 18, the Senate had unanimously approved a “clean” funding measure, with White House assurances that Donald Trump would sign it. Then Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, et al. began mocking Trump for “weakness,” and he turned against the deal and began announcing the “crisis” at the border. That is the backstory to the needless disruption and destruction now underway.
Here we go with today’s update. First, an underpublicized degradation of GPS coverage, with consequences for a wide range of businesses. A reader writes...
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We’re All To Blame For The Shutdown | FiveThirtyEight
That’s what the game theorists say, anyway.
At its strategic core, the partial government shutdown — soon to enter a record-breaking 22nd day — is a breakdown of bargaining: two sides, no solution in sight. President Trump and congressional Democrats are engaged in the latest battle of a game that economists have studied for decades. If politicians can’t end the stalemate, surely game theorists can. OK, they can’t. But they can help identify what’s gone wrong, and you and I may be part of the problem.
Let’s start with the basics about what bargaining really is: the allocation of a scarce resource and the setting of a price.
In regular, everyday, one-on-one bargaining, it’s beneficial to act more intransigent than you really are. Suppose you’re trying to sell me a used car, which happens to be worth exactly $1,000 to both of us. While we stand alone on the lot, I’ll say smart, strategic things like, “I’ll pay $800 for this hunk of junk and not a penny more.” And you’ll say smart, strategic things like, “I won’t part with this beauty for any less than $1,200.” And so on we dance around that $1,000 number, eventually arriving at some agreed-upon price at which point I’ll pay you and drive home in my new used car. In traditional game theory models, we’ll always make some deal.
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The Times Story on Trump and Russia Is a Big Deal - The Atlantic
It’s a big deal.
The arresting New York Times headline last Friday—“F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia”—sparked a strangely bifurcated reaction. A bombshell to some, a dud to others, the story has had lots of people scratching their heads: What does it even mean?
The confusion is understandable, as is the debate over the significance of this deceptively complex and nuanced report—a story that, through no fault of reporters Adam Goldman, Michael Schmidt, and Nicholas Fandos, remains incomplete in key respects.
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21 hours ago
It’s Already Collusion - POLITICO Magazine
We don’t need news reports to tell us that Trump is giving Putin what he wants. Take it from this longtime Russia hand: It’s staring us in the face.
On Friday, the New York Times revealed an FBI investigation whether Candidate Trump had colluded—the word he hates and denies—with Russians to help his campaign. The next day, the Washington Post probed into President Trump’s refusal to let his own government in on his sensitive conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among other developments, Congress has renewed calls for the State Department interpreter Maria Gross, the only other American present for Trump’s two-hour private meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland, to share what she knows about the contents of their discussion.
As the plot has thickened, so have fallacious distractions. Last year the transcripts of former President Bill Clinton’s numerous meetings with the late Russian leader Boris Yeltsin were declassified, leading to persistent suggestions that Trump’s relationship with Putin is much the same as Clinton’s dealings with Yeltsin in the 1990s.
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McVay, Rams have their playoff breakthrough
LOS ANGELES — Sean McVay had to have it.
With so many teams in the NFL seemingly searching for someone in his mold, the Rams 32-year-old head coach was still looking for his first NFL playoff win.
The Rams had won 24 games and two NFC West divisional crowns in the two seasons since McVay became the youngest head coach in modern NFL history, but that had yet to carry over into the postseason.
Until Saturday night at the Coliseum, when, on the two-year anniversary of his hire and the three-year anniversary of the Rams return to Los Angeles, McVay delivered.
“It means a lot for this team,” said McVay. “I think that’s kind of what's special about it is to be able to see guys have that success and then be a part of it and be able to share it with them. That's what's so special about football.”
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Ukraine under information fire
2018: Assessing the damage 
Ukraine tops the EUvsDisinfo database as the most frequent target with 461 references among a total of 1,000 disinformation cases reported in the course of 2018.
Out of the 212 reports appearing in the “anti-fake” section of the independent Russian outlet The Insider in 2018, 60 were about Ukraine (including Crimea). In its latest publications before the holidays, The Insider’s fact-checkers found problems e.g. in Russian state media’s reporting about Ukraine’s foreign debts, about the Ukrainian army and about the country’s president.
The Kyiv-based online outlet StopFake, which monitors the way pro-Kremlin media portray Ukraine, recently presented a Top 10 of disinformation targeting Ukraine in 2018. StopFake’s list includes reports claiming that Ukrainian children are forced to play with stuffed Adolf Hitler dolls; that Ukrainian students are forced to reject relatives living in Russia and that Ukraine’s national church “is becoming the Christian version of ISIS”.
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Copyright’s Safe Harbors Preserve What We Love About the Internet | Electronic Frontier Foundation
How is the Internet different from what came before? We’ve had great art, music, film, and writing for far longer than we’ve had the World Wide Web. What we didn’t have were global conversations and collaborations that millions can participate in. The Internet has lowered barriers to participation in culture, politics, and communities of interest. Copyright’s safe harbors for intermediaries are essential to making this possible. But today, those safe harbors are under threat from laws like Article 13 of the EU’s proposed Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive. And some voices in the U.S. want to gut the safe harbors here.
In the U.S., the safe harbors of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act protect Internet companies of various kinds against the possibility of massive copyright infringement damages when one of their users copies creative work illegally. In return for that protection, Internet companies have to take some concrete steps, like adopting and enforcing a repeat infringer policy. Some companies—the ones that store user-uploaded content—have to register an agent to accept and act on takedown notices from rightsholders (the familiar “DMCA notices”). The law is explicit that Internet companies aren’t required to surveil everything uploaded by users to find possible copyright infringement. It also provides a counter-notice process for users to get non-infringing uploads put back online.
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True People Search Removal & Opt Out Instructions
One of the first things we recommend for anyone looking to protect their personal information online is to go through the True People Search removal process.
There are a number of reasons for this.
You see, there are a lot of sites that exist solely to share info about as many people as possible. This isn’t a groundbreaking or new business model.
But True People Search stands out.
Here’s why:
They share a vast amount of personal info that can be used for harmful purposes
It’s totally free (this is a big one)
They have gained a decent amount of popularity that doesn’t seem to be fading
A lot of other people search websites charge money for their services at some point. This means at least some of the information is hidden behind a paywall.
This still doesn’t means your info is safe, but it does raise the barrier of entry a bit. When sites like True People Search make everything available for free, the only thing a scammer needs to access your info is an internet connection.
This combined with the fact that they have a decent user base means you have to take them seriously, and opting out or completing the True People Search removal steps is the only way to do it.
Before we get into the individual steps (or how you can automate the process with our software) we highly recommend that you learn a little about the site and how they operate. This knowledge will help you better protect your information in the long run.
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PeopleSmart Opt Out: You Need To Do This ASAP
[Big Update]: We just released a brand new software feature that will automatically complete the PeopleSmart opt out process for you (and do the same for 20+ other sites just like it). Give it a shot by heading over to this page.
Opting out of PeopleSmart is something we highly recommend if you want to keep your personal information private.
PeopleSmart is a self-described, “privacy-friendly people search engine” whose search tools can, “help you connect, identify unknown calls, complete client research and more.”
One of the reasons why PeopleSmart is so popular is that they often reveal more details about a person for free than similar sites. A lot of people searching websites hide significant amounts of information behind paywalls, but not PeopleSmart.
This is why completing the PeopleSmart opt out steps is so important.
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The Value of a Hacked Email Account — Krebs on Security
One of the most-viewed stories on this site is a blog post+graphic that I put together last year to illustrate the ways that bad guys can monetize hacked computers. But just as folks who don’t bank online or store sensitive data on their PCs often have trouble understanding why someone would want to hack into their systems, many people do not fully realize how much they have invested in their email accounts until those accounts are in the hands of cyber thieves.
This post aims to raise awareness about the street value of a hacked email account, as well as all of the people, personal data, and resources that are put at risk when users neglect to properly safeguard their inboxes.
Sign up with any service online, and it will almost certainly require you to supply an email address. In nearly all cases, the person who is in control of that address can reset the password of any associated services or accounts –merely by requesting a password reset email.
Your email account may be worth far more than you imagine.
How much are these associated accounts worth? There isn’t exactly a central exchange for hacked accounts in the cybercrime underground, but recent price lists posted by several miscreants who traffic in non-financial compromised accounts offer some insights.
One prominent credential seller in the underground peddles iTunes accounts for $8, and Fedex.com, Continental.com and United.com accounts for USD $6. Groupon.com accounts fetch $5, while $4 buys hacked credentials at registrar and hosting provider Godaddy.com, as well as wireless providers Att.com, Sprint.com, Verizonwireless.com, and Tmobile.com. Active accounts at Facebook and Twitter retail for just $2.50 apiece.
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22 hours ago
Largest collection ever of breached data found | Technology | The Guardian
Store of 770m email addresses and passwords discovered after being put on hacking site
The largest collection of breached data in history has been discovered, comprising more than 770m email addresses and passwords posted to a popular hacking forum in mid-December.
The 87GB data dump was discovered by the security researcher Troy Hunt, who runs the Have I Been Pwned breach-notification service. Hunt, who called the upload Collection #1, said it was probably “made up of many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources”, rather than representing a single hack of a very large service.
But the work to piece together previous breaches has resulted in a huge collection. “In total, there are 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email addresses and passwords,” Hunt wrote, and “21,222,975 unique passwords”.
While most of the email addresses have appeared in previous breaches shared among hackers, such as the 360m MySpace accounts hacked in 2008 or the 164m LinkedIn accounts hacked in 2016, the researcher said “there’s somewhere in the order of 140m email addresses in this breach that HIBP has never seen before”. Those email addresses could come from one large unreported data breach, many smaller ones, or a combination of both.
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22 hours ago
An Astonishing 773 Million Records Exposed in Monster Breach | WIRED
THERE ARE BREACHES, and there are megabreaches, and there’s Equifax. But a newly revealed trove of leaked data tops them all for sheer volume: 772,904,991 unique email addresses, over 21 million unique passwords, all recently posted to a hacking forum.
The data set was first reported by security researcher Troy Hunt, who maintains Have I Been Pwned, a way to search whether your own email or password has been compromised by a breach at any point. (Trick question: It has.) The so-called Collection #1 is the largest breach in Hunt's menagerie, and it’s not particularly close.
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22 hours ago
773M Password ‘Megabreach’ is Years Old — Krebs on Security
My inbox and Twitter messages positively lit up today with people forwarding stories from Wired and other publications about a supposedly new trove of nearly 773 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords that were posted to a hacking forum. A story in The Guardian breathlessly dubbed it “the largest collection ever of breached data found.” But in an interview with the apparent seller, KrebsOnSecurity learned that it is not even close to the largest gathering of stolen data, and that it is at least two to three years old.
The dump, labeled “Collection #1” and approximately 87GB in size, was first detailed earlier today by Troy Hunt, who operates the HaveIBeenPwned breach notification service. Hunt said the data cache was likely “made up of many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources.”
KrebsOnSecurity sought perspective on this discovery from Alex Holden, CTO of Hold Security, a company that specializes in trawling underground spaces for intelligence about malicious actors and their stolen data dumps. Holden said the data appears to have first been posted to underground forums in October 2018, and that it is just a subset of a much larger tranche of passwords being peddled by a shadowy seller online.
Here’s a screenshot of a subset of that seller’s current offerings, which total almost 1 Terabyte of stolen and hacked passwords...
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Have I Been Pwned: Why 1Password?
The only secure password is the one you can't remember
I had my epiphany about the importance of creating secure passwords (and the necessity for a password manager) back in 2011 where I concluded that the only secure password is the one you can’t remember. Back then, I chose 1Password because it was the best fit for my needs; it was user friendly, it had clients for all the devices I used and it made syncing my passwords across them simple. 7 years and hundreds of passwords later, I partnered with them to help people who find themselves in a breach after searching HIBP get themselves into a great password manager.
Today, I use 1Password in all the same ways as I have since 2011, and more. I obviously use it for every single one of my passwords, but I also store other essential information in there such as driver's licence, memberships and credit card data. I fill payment forms on web pages with the latter and use the same keyboard shortcut to fill in identity data such as my phone number and home address. Shortly before the partnership came into being, I subscribed to 1Password families so that my wife and I could share important sensitive information between us in a secure, practical fashion.
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Wall Hooks We Love: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
In the fight against clutter, the hook is an essential tool. Install a few around your home, and suddenly your jacket, bag, and tangle of necklaces have a place to live. But very few function well and look stylish enough to show off on your walls. We recommend 11 hooks that Wirecutter staffers use to help make their day-to-day hustle a little tidier.
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23 hours ago
The Best Duct Tape for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
We tested 10 duct tapes on wood, glass, and plastic sheeting, spending seven months monitoring their outdoor performance in a New England field, and we found the best roll of duct tape to have around the house is Duck Max Strength. No other tape we tested has such a good combination of features—strong adhesive, high material strength, and stretchy flexibility—making it the most useful in the widest variety of situations.
Our pick
Duck Max Strength
The best duct tape
Duck Max Strength sticks to most anything, tears off the roll neatly, and stays stiff enough to not flop onto itself yet flexible enough to wrap around corners or an uneven surface.
$7 from Amazon
$6 from Walmart
Duck Max Strength’s strong adhesive sticks well to a variety of materials. It tears off in a straight line, and while it’s flexible enough to wrap around an uneven shape (like the finger of a blown-out glove), it’s also stiff enough that it doesn’t flop over on itself during use.
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iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Review | iMore
The new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR Smart Battery Cases are here. No, it's not a dream. It's not a drill. Apple has really made new iPhone Smart Battery Cases for the new iPhones. And... they may not be pretty, but they're pretty damn good.
iPhone XS Smart Battery Case
iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case
iPhone XR Smart Battery Case
Smart Battery Case: Previously...
I loved the previous Smart Battery Cases. Yes, they were ugly, yes they were expensive, but the technology inside it made them the most efficient cases on the market. They did so much more with so much less. Apple put function ahead of form and wow but did a lot of people lose their minds.
Here's why, from my earlier preview:
Instead of covering up the radios with non-RF transparent battery, Apple cut it away on the sides. Yeah, leaving the stuff of Dieter Ramm's worst design-is-how-it-works nightmares — a hump the likes of which you could never not see — but also something that not only didn't interfere with reception but actually included a passive antenna to boost reception. That way, rather than start screaming for signal, the radios could keep their chill and your phone could really get its charge on.
Also, iOS could understand the difference between the case and a plug, so the iPhone could stay in mobile mode. That way, none of the more power intensive and expensive processes spin up, all the chips could still race-to-sleep, and the charging could be as fast and efficient as possible.
Now, we have a new set of Smart Battery Cases — For iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
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23 hours ago
Daring Fireball: Tim Cook: 'It's Time for Action on Data Privacy'
Tim Cook, in an op-ed for Time:
Last year, before a global body of privacy regulators, I laid out four principles that I believe should guide legislation:
First, the right to have personal data minimized. Companies should challenge themselves to strip identifying information from customer data or avoid collecting it in the first place. Second, the right to knowledge — to know what data is being collected and why. Third, the right to access. Companies should make it easy for you to access, correct and delete your personal data. And fourth, the right to data security, without which trust is impossible.
Steve Jobs in 2010: “Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for — in plain English, and repeatedly.”
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23 hours ago
Applause as AOC, Porter, Pressley, and Tlaib Head to House Financial Services Committee
"Scary news for Wall Street and great news for the rest of us!"
Following outrage last week after Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) shut out progressives from some of the chamber's most powerful committees, news that freshman Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Katie Porter (D-Calif.), Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) are headed to the Financial Services Committee was met with applause.
Congratulating the quartet, Social Security Works called it "scary news for Wall Street and great news for the rest of us!"
The committee's oversight responsibilities include U.S. banks and lenders, the economy, financial aid to industries other than transportation, insurance, international finance, public and private housing, securities and exchanges, and urban development.
Confirming her appointment late Tuesday, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that she was "looking forward to digging into the student loan crisis, examining for-profit prisons/ICE detention, and exploring the development of public and postal banking."
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Higher Taxes on the Rich Won't Suffocate Innovation - The Atlantic
A 70 percent marginal rate could help, not hurt, innovation.
When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested this month that the United States should tax income over $10 million by 70 percent, it galvanized something unusual: a broad and substantive national conversation about the design and purpose of federal tax policy.
No, I’m just kidding. It kicked off a lot of screaming about socialism, especially on cable news.
From the cacophony of communist callouts, however, a subtler argument emerged. Entrepreneurs and center-right economists insisted that raising taxes dramatically on the rich would undo America’s ability to spark innovation and attract entrepreneurs who want to start companies and solve big problems.
In the abstract, their case is clear. “If income taxes are high enough, start-ups stop happening,” said Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator, the country’s preeminent start-up incubator.
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Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science
PUBLISHED Jan. 16, 2019, at 9:00 AM Compare your results to those of your friends and family. By and Julia Wolfe Your groups You’re part of the ${group} group.…
from instapaper
Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science | FiveThirtyEight
Your results
Openness to experience
67 out of 100
54 out of 100
67 out of 100
Negative emotionality
46 out of 100
33 out of 100
personality  test  science  psychology  538 
Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science | FiveThirtyEight
Compare your results to those of your friends and family.
What’s your personality, and what can it tell you about your true self? Those questions have launched a thousand online personality quizzes. But you can do better than those specious — yet irresistible — quizzes. You can take a personality quiz backed by science.
Meet the Big Five, the way most psychologists measure and test personality. It’s a system built on decades of research about how people describe one another and themselves. (You can read more about it in this article we published last year.) There are a couple of things that make it — and this quiz — different.
First, the Big Five doesn’t put people into neat personality “types,” because that’s not how personalities really work. Instead, the quiz gives you a score on five different traits: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, negative emotionality and openness to experience. For each of those traits, you’re graded on a scale from 0 to 100, depending on how strongly you associate with that trait. So, for example, this quiz won’t tell you whether you’re an extravert or an introvert — instead, it tells you your propensity toward extraversion. Every trait is graded on a spectrum, with a few people far out on the extremes and a lot of people in the middle.
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Mounting evidence suggests Trump fears Putin due to compromising info
Trump's behavior toward Russia has always been a security concern, and the FBI had no choice but to open a counterintelligence operation. It did its job.
Let us sit back, just for a moment, and absorb the reality of the revelations of the past few days.
For apparently the first time in history, the president of the United States himself was the subject of a counterintelligence investigation. This means that his ties to a hostile power were significant enough to overcome the high bar the FBI would have to clear to investigate any American for possibly being influenced or compromised by another country — much less its own chief executive.
We have also learned that the president has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal his discussions with an enemy foreign leader not only from intelligence and foreign policy figures in his own administration, but even from the senior officials of his own Oval Office. It should go without saying that he has tried, in this area as in so many others, to wall himself off from congressional oversight.
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First 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 - Charity Auction
What better way to overpay for a car than for the benefit of a worthy cause, in this case the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation?
It has become a ritual of sorts in recent years for automakers to offer up for auction the first copy of a highly anticipated new model to benefit a charity. The car will bear a VIN in a low number, often #001, as is the case with the soon to be freshly minted 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 offered here, it's an opportunity for those with the means to score an instant collectible while applying a cold-cash compress to their ego without appearing too arrogant. After all, it's for charity, right?
When the car rolls across the block on Friday, January 18, at the 2019 Barrett-Jackson collector-car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, it will be accompanied by both Edsel Ford II and Aaron Shelby, who will be leveraging their family legacies to prod the bidding audience into blowing their children's college funds.
The car, with its "700-plus" horsepower from a supercharged 5.2-liter V-8, will be delivered to the winning bidder in standard GT500 spec, although the buyer will have a choice of any of the available colors and options. Barrett-Jackson is quick to point out that 100 percent of the hammer price will go to help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation find a cure. As traditions go, it's hard to think of a better way of separating well-heeled car fans from their cash.
cars  mustang  shelby  auction 
Why People Don't Like the New Toyota GR Supra - The Drive
There's a new Toyota Supra, and people have grievances. Are they valid?
After more than two decades' absence in North America, the Toyota Supra is back. In case you were wondering, its imminent arrival has caused a bit of an uproar.
It's now called the GR Supra, and it rides on a platform jointly developed by Toyota and BMW, which uses the chassis for its modernized Z4 roadster. The two cars share an eight-speed automatic transmission and a selection of turbocharged engines, including a 3.0-liter, twin-turbo straight six that boasts 335 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. This Supra is lighter, more powerful, and stiffer than its predecessor. 
But for some people, that's just not good enough.
Making the mistake of reading the comments section on any article about the GR Supra, also called the Mk.5, will give the impression that half the internet is ready to behead its lead engineer, Tetsuya Tada, and the man who gave him that title, Toyota president Akio Toyoda. Everything about the Mk.5 incenses people, from the location of its timing chain to the galling existence of its fraternal BMW twin.
It's worth understanding what sort of gripes the public has with the Mk.5, but before we examine them, we need to look closely at the legendary predecessor, the Mk.4.
cars  toyota  supra  turbo  review 
Toyota Supra Turbo – Instrumented Test – Car and Driver
Think of it as a Lexus for Smokey Yunick.
From the March 1993 Issue of Car and Driver
Toyota's first Supra was a bastard: the 110-horsepower progeny of the plain-Jane and little-loved Celica. We expected it to be orphaned quickly, describing it in 1979 as "a make-believe Monte Carlo" with "vapid steering and doughy suspension."
Much has changed.
Since 1979, the Supra has established its own, respectable family tree. And now we have a fourth-generation Supra—one that rushes to 160 mph rather than 110, and one that shares as many parts with a Celica as a Tappan oven shares with a Ferrari F40.
Which is apt, actually, because the 1993 Supra Turbo definitely cooks, and it steals more than a few F40 styling cues—the shape of its grille, its trapezoidal head­lamp lenses, and its colossal brake scoops. Not to mention the plagiarized rear wing, which appears to have been unfastened from something manufactured by Aerospatiale but is, praise the Pharaohs, only an option. (As Joseph Campbell once said, "Not one shred of evidence exists that life is serious.")
The 1993 Supra shares its 3.0-liter inline six with the Lexus SC300 and GS300. The naturally aspirated iteration produces 220 horsepower at 5800 rpm. But with two turbos strapped to the iron block's star­board flank, it musters an additional 100 horsepower, as well as a pot-walloping 315 pound-feet of torque—32 pound-feet more than a twin-turbo Nissan 300ZX can summon.
cars  toyota  supra  review  90s 
Latest data breach exposes 773 million records - Six Colors
Troy Hunt, who maintains the Have I Been Pwned? database, has a blog post on the latest data breach, dubbed “Collection #1”, which contains 773 million records. That makes it the largest breach after Yahoo’s two billion-level incidents.
Let’s start with the raw numbers because that’s the headline, then I’ll drill down into where it’s from and what it’s composed of. Collection #1 is a set of email addresses and passwords totalling 2,692,818,238 rows. It’s made up of many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources.
So, that’s a lot of passwords. It’s worth checking HIBP to see if your email or password has been compromised. (Users of 1Password’s most recent version can use the Watchtower feature, which is now integrated directly with HIBP.) But chances are at least some of your older accounts are in there, so it’s a great time to 1) update your old passwords; 2) start using a password manager if you’re not already; and 3) enable two-step/two-factor authentication wherever it’s available.
security  privacy  passwords  email  data  breach  collection_#1  pwn 
Data Breach Collection with 773 Million Email Entries Leaked Online
A giant 87 gigabyte archive consisting of 773 million unique email addresses and their associated cracked, or dehashed, passwords has been spotted being promoted on an online hacking forum. This file is being called "Collection #1" and was designed to easily be used in credential stuffing attacks.
Credential stuffing is when attackers take lists of email address and their associated cracked/dehashed passwords and use them to try and log into different sites. If there is a matching account using the same credentials, the attackers will then gain access to your data and potentially financial assets.
This collection was discovered by security researcher and Have I Been Pwned creator Troy Hunt and consists of 2,800 different files containing the leaked account information from many data breaches. While the original data from these data breaches may have had encrypted passwords, whoever compiled this collection converted them into dehashed passwords to make them easier to use in attacks.
This compilation is being called "Colection #1" based on a folder name in a screenshot promoted these data breach files.
security  privacy  passwords  email  data  breach  collection_#1  pwn 
Massive data breach: 773 million accounts, with passwords, leaked from LinkedIn, Adobe, more - Test if your account is safe - AfterDawn
roy Hunt has set up up a searchable database that contains a whopping 773 million breached login details. The data has been put together by combining various high profile data breaches from the past years, including the data breaches to LinkedIn and Adobe
The database that he calls "Collection #1" includes email addresses and passwords totalling 2,692,818,238 rows. Yes, you got that one right, more than two and a half billion details. When all the duplicates removed, it still leaves more than one billion login details (email address and password combination) to the database. And there are more than 700 million unique email addresses there, so some email addresses were breached in more than one data leak, with different password.
Mr. Hunt, who works as a regional director for Microsoft got the data from popular anonymous file sharing service MEGA and its origins, according to him, point to a popular hacker forum where the set of files is distributed openly among the hackers. Dataset in question is 87 gigabytes in size and has more than 12'000 files in it. He details the project in his own blog.
To help to indetify whether youre account has been breached, he has put together a website for anyone to test it...
security  privacy  passwords  email  data  breach  collection_#1  pwn 
Dog Wick - YouTube
Published on Feb 7, 2017
They messed with the wrong dog.
Thanks to John Wick 2 for sponsoring this video!
Directed by Clinton Jones and Freddie Wong
Director of Photography: Clinton Jones
Producer: Ashim Ahuja
Production Coordinator: Karina Farah
Gaffer: Dom D'Astice
Key Grip: Edward Scully
Best Boy Electric: Tyler Startzell
Sound Mixer: Jerry Wolfe
Key Production Assistant: Jordan Michaud–Scorza
Set Production Assistant: Patrick Braley
Dog Wranglers: Thomas Roach and Tyler DeTrude
Stunt Coordinator: Robert Dill
Prop Master: Stephanie Ottinger
LA City Parks and Rec Monitor: Erin Giambalvo
BTS Photography: Cliff Lloret
BTS Editor: Alec Masterson
Music by Maxton Waller
Sound Editing by Cody Flick
John Wick - Brett Driver
Dog Wick - Scout
Mob Boss - Robert Sisko
Thugs/Stunts - Nick Krawiec, Jay Kwon, Tony Sre, and Robert Dill
More awesome videos at RocketJump.com!
humor  youtube  action  thriller  movies  wick  dogs 
Daring Fireball: NHL Develops iPad App to Give Coaches Live Stats During Games
Greg Wyshynski, reporting for ESPN:
“There are two stat types across the board that every coaching staff said that, without question, helped them make in-game moment decisions: Time on ice and faceoffs,” Foster said. “With time on ice, you want to manage your top players to make sure they have gas in the tank at the end of the game, or if they’re coming back from an injury.”
For both ice time and faceoffs, the app offers something that the coaches uniformly requested from the NHL: easy-to-read displays. Faceoff success or failure is depicted as a series of green circles with check marks or red circles with X’s, and faceoff percentages can be broken down by where they were held and against whom.
This app with live stats replaces paper printouts, which team staffers would scamper to get into coaches’ hands as quickly as possible.
Interesting contrast, too, to Major League Baseball, which has had iPads in the dugout since 2016, but which expressly forbids those iPads from being online. Whatever stats are on those iPads at the start of the game are the only stats available during the game. This NHL system is all completely live.
hockey  apps  ipad  statistics  daring_fireball  coach 
Chris Cornell Immortalized at Los Angeles’ The Forum | Live Review | Consequence of Sound
Not even one of LA's worst storms could stop this all-star pilgrimage to The Forum
Seattle Comes to Los Angeles: It was only fitting that the massive “I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell” would fall right in the heart of the most intense rainstorm Los Angeles has seen in years. With the Forum already a challenging destination situated deep in the heart of Inglewood, CA, the relentless rain reduced traffic to around the arena into one giant rock ‘n’ roll parking lot. It was a pilgrimage only for the hardcore and headstrong, as no one going in could have anticipated a nearly five-hour celebration that would include a host of superstar special guests ranging from Miley Cyrus to Peter Frampton.
Emotions ran sky-high as friends, family and fans remembered the man who represented everything great about the early ‘90s Seattle rock scene. So impossibly talented, so unfathomably beautiful, blessed with a voice that could rip a portal into another dimension, according to Jack Black. His spirited introduction to Metallica’s set encapsulated the mood of the evening: always remembering the music and the memories that will live on into eternity.
concert  grunge  music  RIP  SG  voice 
Chris Cornell Tribute Concert: Setlist + Video | Music News | Consequence of Sound
Featuring Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog, plus Foo Fighters, Metallica, Josh Homme, Miley Cyrus, and many more
Members of Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, and Audioslave, as well as Foo Fighters, Metallica, Josh Homme, Fiona Apple, and Brandi Carlile were all on hand to pay tribute to Chris Cornell as part of an all-star tribute concert held in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. Organized by Cornell’s wife, Vicky, “I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell” featured 42 distinct performances and a multitude of surprises guests, making for an unforgettable evening spanning nearly five hours in length.
The concert began with the Melvins, who performed a six-song set that ended with a cover of Soundgarden’s “Spoonman”.
concert  grunge  music  RIP  SG  voice 
Here’s the action-packed first trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum | Ars Technica
The third installment in thriller franchise looks almost as good as original film.
Everyone's favorite reluctant assassin is on the run with a $14 million bounty on his head, and few allies, in the action-packed first trailer for John Wick: Chapter 3—Parabellum.
(Spoilers for first two movies below.)
For those who missed the first two movies in the trilogy, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is a legendary hitman (known as "Baba Yaga") who tried to retire when he fell in love and got married. Unfortunately, he's drawn back into the dark underground world by an act of senseless violence after her death. As Wick mourns Helen's passing, Iosef Tarasov, the son of a Russian crime syndicate, breaks in, kicks him unconscious, and steals his classic 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1. On top of all that, Tarasov kills the little dog, Daisy, that Helen gave to John to comfort him. From there, there's really no hope for Iosef. Nothing will stop John Wick from seeking retribution.
movies  trailer  action  thriller  wick 
Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland is a Wonderland of Peculiar Production | Consequence of Sound
The Opus revisits the parties, kazoos, and jam sessions behind the legendary album
Our podcast series, The Opus, continues its journey into The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Electric Ladyland.
A hodge-podge of jam sessions and extended blues homages could have easily transformed into a bloated mess. Instead, the ambling attempt to make the “Earth Space Music” of Electric Ladyland became the stuff of legend. Host Ernest Wilkins is joined by music writer Dan Epstein to discuss Hendrix’s production style and the sometimes quite peculiar techniques the maestro used in the studio.
And what a studio it was! The Record Plant was founded to ensure Hendrix’s complete control over the record, allowing for parties that became immortalized on wax and painstaking perfectionism. This episode highlights early takes and demos from those sessions and inspiring insights into the fluid and fascinating ways that Jimi Hendrix let his creativity soar.
The Opus is a co-production of the Consequence Podcast Network and Sony.
For more Hendrix, check out Electric Ladyland – 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, a new box set featuring previously unreleased demos, alternate takes, and a live bootleg. Pick up a copy here or stream the original album in full below.
music  podcast  hendrix  anniversary  review  box_set 
How running websites has changed in the last two decades (for an Ars IT guru) | Ars Technica
Ars' IT guru Jason Marlin has 20+ years in information infrastructure—game's changed a bit.
I was a true nerd growing up in the 1980s—not in the hipster way but in the 10-pound-issue-of-Computer-Shopper-under-my-arm way (these things were seriously huge). I was thoroughly addicted to BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems) by the time I was 10. Maybe it's no surprise I ended up as a technical director for a science and tech site.
In fact, I'd actually draw a direct line between the job of managing your own BBS (aka SysOping) to managing a modern Web infrastructure. And with everyone around Ars looking back given the site's 20th anniversary, let's make that line a bit clearer. It won't be an exhaustive history of websites, but here's how my own experiences with managing websites have evolved in the past two decades—plus how the tools and thinking have changed over time, too.
web-dev  IT/IS  90s  2000s  2010s 
Tim Cook Calls for US Privacy Regulations in Time Op-Ed – MacStories
User privacy is one of the social drums Tim Cook has been consistently beating for years now, and today that's continuing in an even stronger way with a new op-ed by Apple’s CEO published by Time. Cook writes...
In addition to outlining these four principles, Cook gets more specific in calling for a particular organization to be formed that counteracts a “shadow economy that’s largely unchecked” whereby people’s data is sold by retailers and other companies without express knowledge or consent. He writes...
Apple has established a consistent practice of standing for user privacy, partly owing to its highly publicized standoff with the FBI in 2016, but it seems that in 2019 the company wants that value to be even more pronounced. First there was the unavoidable banner at CES touting the iPhone's privacy advantage, and now today's op-ed. It will be interesting to see if any of the ideas Cook pushes bring about productive discussion on this issue, leading to practical change in US policy.
apple  business  op-ed  privacy  security  tim_cook 
What to do if you've locked yourself out of access to your SIM card | iMore
Ever lock yourself out of your own SIM card by not remembering your SIM PIN? Here's what to do!
With iOS 12, Apple gave us a way to secure our SIM cards by locking it with a PIN code (here's how-to set it up). It's a simple process and gives us an added layer of security each time we restart our iPhone or remove the SIM card and pop it into another device.
But what happens when you've set up a SIM PIN a long time ago and forgot you did so? And then, when you try to create a new one, you've managed to lock yourself out of your own SIM card because of numerous failed attempts at guessing what your previous SIM PIN was?
This happened to me recently (don't ask how), but fortunately the process to regain access to your SIM card is not too difficult. Here's how to do it!
howto  cellphones  SIM  security  passwords 
2018 Dodgers Review: Clayton Kershaw - True Blue LA
We’ve finally reached the final player review from last season, which means the Dodgers can finally make their move this offseason, right?
It was another year of battling injuries for the Dodgers longtime ace. But when he was on the mound, Clayton Kershaw was still able to be effective.
What went right
If you compare the 2018 version of Kershaw to the standard he has set over the past decade in baseball, it was underwhelming from a standpoint of dominance. But that doesn't mean he wasn’t great at preventing the other team from scoring runs.
In 26 starts, the lefty finished with a 2.73 ERA. That would’ve been good for fourth in the National League had Kershaw qualified, falling five outs shy at 161 1⁄3 innings.
The 30-year-old was charged with two or less runs in 20 of 26 games and struck out more than five hitters per walk (5.34) for the fifth straight season.
With 155 strikeouts — his lowest total since his first year in 2008 — Kershaw moved from 68 to 57 on the all-time list. He is 8th among active players and is only 121 away from a tie with Sandy Koufax for third in franchise history, 211 away from Don Drysdale for second.
After coming back from his second stint on the DL, the lefty went 7-1 with a 2.20 ERA from June 28 to September 18. Impressive for someone who lost two to three mph of his fastball this year.
baseball  dodgers  kershaw  review 
Facebook's '10 Year Challenge' Is Just a Harmless Meme—Right? | WIRED
If you use social media, you've probably noticed a trend across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter of people posting their then-and-now profile pictures, mostly from 10 years ago and this year.
Kate O'Neill is the founder of KO Insights and the author of Tech Humanist and Pixels and Place: Connecting Human Experience Across Physical and Digital Spaces.
Instead of joining in, I posted the following semi-sarcastic tweet...
My flippant tweet began to pick up traction. My intent wasn't to claim that the meme is inherently dangerous. But I knew the facial recognition scenario was broadly plausible and indicative of a trend that people should be aware of. It’s worth considering the depth and breadth of the personal data we share without reservations.
Of those who were critical of my thesis, many argued that the pictures were already available anyway. The most common rebuttal was: “That data is already available. Facebook's already got all the profile pictures.”
Of course they do. In various versions of the meme, people were instructed to post their first profile picture alongside their current profile picture, or a picture from 10 years ago alongside their current profile picture. So, yes: These profile pictures exist, they’ve got upload time stamps, many people have a lot of them, and for the most part they’re publicly accessible.
But let's play out this idea.
facebook  photography  facial_recognition  training  algorithm  privacy  security  op-ed  meme 
Daring Fireball: Facebook's '10 Year Challenge' -- Harmless Meme, or Training for Age-Progressive Facial Recognition?
Kate O’Neill, writing for Wired:
But let’s play out this idea.
Imagine that you wanted to train a facial recognition algorithm on age-related characteristics and, more specifically, on age progression (e.g., how people are likely to look as they get older). Ideally, you’d want a broad and rigorous dataset with lots of people’s pictures. It would help if you knew they were taken a fixed number of years apart — say, 10 years.
Sure, you could mine Facebook for profile pictures and look at posting dates or EXIF data. But that whole set of profile pictures could end up generating a lot of useless noise. People don’t reliably upload pictures in chronological order, and it’s not uncommon for users to post pictures of something other than themselves as a profile picture. A quick glance through my Facebook friends’ profile pictures shows a friend’s dog who just died, several cartoons, word images, abstract patterns, and more.
In other words, it would help if you had a clean, simple, helpfully labeled set of then-and-now photos.
I think it’s very fair to say we should all assume the worst with Facebook all the time now. That’s why I posted my 10-year challenge to Twitter instead of Instagram.
facebook  photography  facial_recognition  training  algorithm  privacy  security  daring_fireball  meme 
Why Not Kill? A Guide to the Greatest Female Action Villains | Consequence of Sound
From Grace Jones to Lucy Liu to Charlize Theron, being bad never looked so hip
“I think what’s exciting about playing a villain—particularly a villain who’s totally unapologetic about their evil intentions—is that it’s not anything remotely like what you get to do in real life,” actress Bryce Dallas Howard once said. “You’re never allowed to be evil and not feel bad about it afterwards, let alone be evil, period.”
And isn’t that why everyone loves a good villain? Because, to some degree, they function as a kind of fantasy figure? This goes double for action movies, when the villains often get to be the meanest, most brilliant and bloodthirsty people in the room. But those roles typically go to dudes, whether they be big and bullying (like Bennett in Commando) or bookish and scheming (like Travis Dane in Under Siege 2).
This weekend, however, a woman gets to serve as the main antagonist of one of the biggest action franchises in the world. In The Fate of the Furious, Charlize Theron plays Cipher, a master hacker with enough charm to turn Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto against his Fast family. How does she do it?
While women have played memorable villains across any number of genres, it’s in action that they’ve perhaps made their biggest impact. That’s why we’ve compiled a few of favorites here, focusing specifically on the action genre. Some are sociopathic, some are sadistic, and some are quietly nursing a heart of gold. But what they all are is lethal.
movies  action  thriller  actress  top_ten 
Rye & Ginger Cocktail Recipe | Tasting Table
BlackTail is serving up our new favorite cocktail
We're big fans of rye whiskey, so when we tried the Rye & Ginger at BlackTail, we knew we had to get the recipe. For this cocktail, rye whiskey is mixed with fig syrup, amaro, lemon sherbet and ginger ale for a sipper that's equally sweet and spicy. The best part: It batches easily for a crowd.
If you're not familiar with malic acid, it's a powder that causes the sour flavor in fruits and can be found at most specialty spice stores. It adds the perfect tartness to this cocktail, but you can easily substitute lemon juice to get those same puckering notes.
Rye & Ginger Cocktail
Recipe adapted from Jesse Vida, BlackTail, New York, NY
Yield: 1 cocktail
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes, plus cooling time
Total Time: 15 minutes, plus cooling time
1½ ounces Bulleit rye whiskey
¼ ounce fig syrup
¼ ounce Zucca amaro
¼ ounce lemon sherbet
2 dashes 10 percent malic acid solution or ¼ ounce lemon juice
4 ounces chilled Blenheim ginger ale
1. Make the syrup: In a small saucepan, combine all the ingredients over medium-high heat. Bring to a simmer and cook until the sugar has dissolved, 2 minutes. Let cool completely, then strain.
2. Make the cocktail: In a highball glass, combine all the cocktail ingredients, except for the ginger ale, and stir until chilled and the sherbet has dissolved. Add the ginger ale, stir to combine, then serve.
alcohol  drinks  recipes  rye&ginger 
Since stepping onto the scene in 2001, we broke the mold with our eye-catching color and premium blend of exotic fruit juices, french vodka & a touch of cognac. Now, it’s time you discovered the original flavor and signature color that changed game.
drinks  alcohol  france 
Monster 773 million-record breach list contains plaintext passwords | Ars Technica
Widely circulated "Collection #1" was used in automated credential stuffing attacks.
Have I Been Pwned, the breach notification service that serves as a bellwether for the security of login credentials, has just gotten its hands on its biggest data haul ever—a list that includes almost 773 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords that were used to log in to third-party sites.
According to Have I Been Pwned founder Troy Hunt in a post published Wednesday, the monster list is a compilation of many smaller lists taken from past breaches and has been in wide circulation over the past week. It was also posted to the MEGA file sharing site. At least one of the included breaches dated back to 2015. Dubbed "Collection #1," the aggregated data was likely scraped together to serve as a master list that hackers could use in credential stuffing attacks. These attacks use automated scripts to inject credentials from one breached website into a different website in hopes the holders reused the same passwords.
The 773 million email addresses and 21 million passwords easily beat Have I Been Pwned’s previous record breach notification that contained 711 million records. But there are other things that make this latest installment stand out. In all, it contains 1.16 billion email-password combinations. That means that the list covers the same people multiple times, but in many cases with different passwords. Also significant: the list—contained in 12,000 separate files that take up more than 87 gigabytes of disk space—has 2.69 billion rows, many of which contain duplicate entries that Hunt had to clean up.
security  privacy  passwords  email  data  breach  collection_#1  pwn 
773 million records added to Watchtower after Collection #1 Data Breach | 1Password
Earlier today, security researcher Troy Hunt announced the Collection #1 data breach and updated Have I Been Pwned with over 773 million new compromised logins. These are now available in Watchtower so you can check if you’ve been affected by the breach right from 1Password.

What is the Collection #1 data breach?
Collection #1 consists of over 1 billion username and password combinations, taken from individual data breaches on thousands of different websites. The data has been circulating on the dark web and hacker forums, and is the single largest breach to ever be added to Have I Been Pwned and Watchtower.

Collection #1 contains:

1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email address and password
773,138,449 unique email addresses
21,222,975 unique passwords
Around 140 million email addresses in this breach had never appeared in Have I Been Pwned before.
security  privacy  passwords  email  data  breach  collection_#1  1password  pwn 
Troy Hunt: The 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach
Many people will land on this page after learning that their email address has appeared in a data breach I've called "Collection #1". Most of them won't have a tech background or be familiar with the concept of credential stuffing so I'm going to write this post for the masses and link out to more detailed material for those who want to go deeper.
Let's start with the raw numbers because that's the headline, then I'll drill down into where it's from and what it's composed of. Collection #1 is a set of email addresses and passwords totalling 2,692,818,238 rows. It's made up of many different individual data breaches from literally thousands of different sources. (And yes, fellow techies, that's a sizeable amount more than a 32-bit integer can hold.)
In total, there are 1,160,253,228 unique combinations of email addresses and passwords. This is when treating the password as case sensitive but the email address as not case sensitive. This also includes some junk because hackers being hackers, they don't always neatly format their data dumps into an easily consumable fashion. (I found a combination of different delimiter types including colons, semicolons, spaces and indeed a combination of different file types such as delimited text files, files containing SQL statements and other compressed archives.)
The unique email addresses totalled 772,904,991. This is the headline you're seeing as this is the volume of data that has now been loaded into Have I Been Pwned (HIBP). It's after as much clean-up as I could reasonably do and per the previous paragraph, the source data was presented in a variety of different formats and levels of "cleanliness". This number makes it the single largest breach ever to be loaded into HIBP.
There are 21,222,975 unique passwords. As with the email addresses, this was after implementing a bunch of rules to do as much clean-up as I could including stripping out passwords that were still in hashed form, ignoring strings that contained control characters and those that were obviously fragments of SQL statements. Regardless of best efforts, the end result is not perfect nor does it need to be. It'll be 99.x% perfect though and that x% has very little bearing on the practical use of this data. And yes, they're all now in Pwned Passwords, more on that soon.
That's the numbers, let's move onto where the data has actually come from.
security  privacy  passwords  email  data  breach  collection_#1  pwn 
Why I love Reply All and you should too | Ars Technica
The podcast explores Venmo forensics, the Derek Jeter of domains, and Jennicam.
I love the Internet, and I also love podcasting. So why did it take me so long to fall in love with a podcast whose tagline is "a show about the Internet" ? I don’t have a good answer. But 2015 is finally the year that I’ve become a regular listener of Reply All.
The show, hosted by the affable Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt, takes elements of Internet culture that maybe you’ve seen or read about and makes them more human. You hear the voices of people on different corners of the Internet.
Given that I am a podcast subscriber of Vogt and Goldman’s former employer (WNYC’s On The Media), you would think that I would have been a regular listener to the show’s earlier incarnation, TLDR. But for some reason, I only caught episodes here or there (I loved the Sgt. Star story, about the US Army’s online chat bot.) But since being re-launched as Reply All, the show has been all killer and no filler.
Other Reply All listeners and I have heard from a guy who used an artist-conceived app to receive an in-person message from his ex-girlfriend by a complete stranger. We’ve heard from the guy who invented the pop-up ad. We’ve heard about what Venmo can tell us about romance, and the weird One Direction obsessives on social media. As someone who pens articles daily about various Internet-related shenanigans, I’ve yet to hear an episode of Reply All that felt stale. (To be fair, I haven’t yet listened to the entire TLDR back catalog.)
podcast  internet  reply_all 
Song Exploder | Bonus Episode: Reply All
Four years ago, on November 24, 2014, the first episode of the podcast Reply All came out. It’s a podcast about the internet hosted by Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt. And since then, they’ve put out 131 episodes. The show has gotten over 100 million downloads so far. Robert Downey Jr. is going to star in a movie based on one of their episodes. And from the debut, it’s been one of my favorite podcasts. A while back, in 2015, I did a special edition of Song Exploder for Reply All, about their theme song by Breakmaster Cylinder. I’d hear the guys talk about “the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder” in the show’s credits, but I didn’t really know who or what that was. And I wanted to find out more. So in honor of the four year anniversary of Reply All’s launch, I’m putting out this special crossover episode for the first time here on Song Exploder.
Buy or stream Breakmaster Cylinder’s Reply All theme here.
podcast  internet  reply_all  music  songs 
Reply All by Gimlet Media
“‘A podcast about the internet’ that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.” – The Guardian
We publish new episodes on Thursdays at 6AM ET
About Reply All
Reply All is hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, who launched the show in 2014. Our show is downloaded around 5 million times per month.
Here are some nice things people have said about us:
This is my favourite new podcast.They find great stories no one else has covered, narrative stories with interesting plots and compelling characters.
– Ira Glass, This American Life
Despite the name, ‘Reply All’ isn’t a podcast about technology — it’s a podcast that tells gorgeous, painfully human stories that happen to have bits of technology sprinkled in.
– Nick Quah, Vulture
It’s an amazing show. The entire staff’s secret favorite show … not even secret actually.
– Jad Abumrad, Host of Radiolab
podcast  internet  reply_all 
What you get when you export Calendar and Reminders in macOS, and how to use those files | Macworld
The archive formats vary by app and by export selection in Calendar.
The Calendar and Reminders apps in macOS let you create backups through an export option. In Calendar, you can select File > Export > Export or Export > Calendar Archive. Reminders lets you select File > Export. The exported files can used for recovery or imported into other apps and systems.
What’s the difference between these options, and why select one over another? All the options produce some variation on an ICS file, a standard calendar format supported by Apple, Google, and Microsoft, among others.
mac  backup  calendar  reminders 
Wall Street Is Making the Most Money Ever, So Why the Long Face? - Bloomberg
The six big banks head toward their first $100 billion year
Profits aren’t lifting a grim holiday mood as bank stocks wilt
In this article
A jazz duo played inside a Manhattan apartment this week while Wall Street veteran Erika Karp mingled with other finance types. The big banks are finishing what’s on track to be the most profitable year ever, but the mood at the holiday party was restrained. Sometimes it dipped into sarcasm and disgust.
No matter what happens as December drags to a close, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and the other four U.S. heavyweights made so much money in the first three quarters that they’ve already topped last year’s total haul. Boosted by Donald Trump’s tax cuts, they’re heading toward their first $100 billion year ever, smashing the $93 billion record from 2016. But jubilation is hard to find.
Holiday spirits across Wall Street are being spoiled by anxiety that markets are getting uglier, frustration over the industry’s own miserable stock prices and fears that a recession will finally hit. Another explanation for the tempered mood: Bankers are savvy enough not to flaunt record-setting profits a mere decade after taxpayers bailed them out during the financial crisis.
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It’s Official: Wall Street Topped $100 Billion in Profit - Bloomberg
The six biggest U.S. banks have never had a $100 billion year. Until now.
Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and their peers have already reported more than $111 billion of profit for 2018. Morgan Stanley will only make that number bigger when it releases its fourth-quarter results Thursday.
They have Republican tax cuts to thank, along with rising interest rates, a surge in dealmaking and a retail-banking boom.
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Complete transcript, video of Apple CEO Tim Cook's EU privacy speech | Computerworld
Apple CEO, Tim Cook spoke up for privacy at a conference of European privacy commissioners in Brussels this morning.
'AI must respect human values'
The themes of this year’s conference is “Debating Ethics: Dignity and Respect in Data Driven Life", Cook is the first tech CEO to serve as the keynote speaker for the conference and was invited to speak.
He talked about data, put in a bid for a bill of U.S. digital rights, slammed competitors for profiting while unleashing powerfully negative forces, and spoke up for a GDPR-style privacy protection in the U.S.
What follows is the transcript of his speech.
Read on too to find the complete speech in video form...
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'We need new privacy laws' urges Apple CEO, Tim Cook | Computerworld
Apple's Tim Cook is urging government regulation to regulate shady data brokers and to protect user privacy.
In a sidelong slap at the business model of Facebook, Google and others, Apple CEO Tim Cook has published an article in which he urges the U.S. government to put surveillance capitalists/data brokers under transparent legal oversight.
Stand up for your rights
“In 2019, it's time to stand up for the right to privacy - yours, mine, all of ours.” Cook writes in an article for Time Magazine.
“Consumers shouldn't have to tolerate another year of companies irresponsibly amassing huge user profiles, data breaches that seem out of control and the vanishing ability to control our own digital lives.”
To put this into context, it is worth reminding ourselves of a 2014 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation into nine data brokers.
This found them to hold vast amounts of data on every U.S. household, one broker had records of over 1.4 billion transactions and 700 billion data elements.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook: It's Time for Action on Data Privacy | Time.com
In 2019, it’s time to stand up for the right to privacy—yours, mine, all of ours. Consumers shouldn’t have to tolerate another year of companies irresponsibly amassing huge user profiles, data breaches that seem out of control and the vanishing ability to control our own digital lives.
This problem is solvable—it isn’t too big, too challenging or too late. Innovation, breakthrough ideas and great features can go hand in hand with user privacy—and they must. Realizing technology’s potential depends on it.
That’s why I and others are calling on the U.S. Congress to pass comprehensive federal privacy legislation—a landmark package of reforms that protect and empower the consumer. Last year, before a global body of privacy regulators, I laid out four principles that I believe should guide legislation:
First, the right to have personal data minimized. Companies should challenge themselves to strip identifying information from customer data or avoid collecting it in the first place. Second, the right to knowledge—to know what data is being collected and why. Third, the right to access. Companies should make it easy for you to access, correct and delete your personal data. And fourth, the right to data security, without which trust is impossible.
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Tim Cook pens op-ed on privacy regulations - Six Colors
Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken to the pages of Time magazine to argue for comprehensive digital privacy legislation...
Cook and Apple have, of course, made privacy one of their major selling points over the last several years, especially as data breaches and privacy intrusions have become regular occurrences. So there’s obviously a vested interest for the company to push such legislation: it’ll hurt its competitors much more than it will hurt Apple itself.
But, be that as it may, it also has the benefit of being the right thing to do. The other month I came home from vacation to find a note that my application for a credit card had been rejected—a credit card I had, of course, never applied for. But what’s worse than that is that there is nothing remotely shocking about that news to anybody reading this site: we’ve all either been the victim of people trying to steal (or successfully stealing) our identity or know someone who’s been a victim, and it’s largely due to these kinds of personal data breaches.
I’d argue, to take a step further, that simply protecting our information isn’t enough. Put simply, the federal identity system needs to be overhauled. Relying on a nine-digit “secret” number—or worse, knowledge of easily obtainable information like your birth date or mother’s maiden name—to establish your identity is a dangerously outmoded concept that might have been fine in the early 20th century, but it’s far from sufficient these days. A more secure cryptographic-based system is a must in this day and age.
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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Volkswagen Golf GTI (2019 Volkswagen - Momo)
Really dig the Momo graphics on this GTI. What do you say?
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'John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum': Everything We Know So Far | Digital Trends
First footage from 'John Wick: Chapter 3' has Keanu Reeves running for his life
You never run out of targets when you’re the world’s greatest assassin, so John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum will bring Keanu Reeves‘ legendary hitman back to the screen for more bullet-riddled adventures on May 17, 2019. We already know some of the characters who will and won’t be returning for the third installment of the franchise in prior updates, and now we have our first look at some footage and a premiere date for the first trailer.
John Wick: Chapter 2 director Chad Stahelski will return behind the camera for Parabellum, and screenwriter Derek Kolstad is confirmed to be penning the script for the film, after having written the first two installments of the series.
Here is everything we know about John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum so far.
movies  action  wick  thriller  review 
Rams Fan Petitions to Remove Bill Vinovich from NFC Title Game vs. Saints | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
A Los Angeles Rams fan has started a petition to removed Bill Vinovich as the head official for Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the New Orleans Saints.
Andrew Liptock started the petition, citing the fact that the Rams are 0-8 in games officiated by Vinovich.
Liptock also pointed out that the opposing team has never been assessed more penalty yardage than the Rams in games overseen by Vinovich's crew.
Liptock's petition has already garnered more than 1,000 signatures toward a goal of 1,500.
According to J.B. Long of ESPN Los Angeles, the Rams' 0-8 record in games refereed by Vinovich has been accrued since 2006.
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Kyrie Irving of Boston Celtics called LeBron James to apologize for being 'that young player that wanted everything' in Cleveland
BOSTON -- Celtics guard Kyrie Irving said that in the wake of his outbursts at coach Brad Stevens and forward Gordon Hayward on the court at the end of Saturday's loss at the Orlando Magic and pointed criticisms of Boston's young players afterward, he called LeBron James and apologized for the way he handled criticism from James when the two were teammates in Cleveland.
"Obviously, this was a big deal for me, because I had to call [LeBron] and tell him I apologized for being that young player that wanted everything at his fingertips, and I wanted everything at my threshold," Irving said after scoring 27 points and dishing out a career-high 18 assists in Boston's 117-108 home victory over the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night. "I wanted to be the guy that led us to a championship. I wanted to be the leader. I wanted to be all that, and the responsibility of being the best in the world and leading your team is something that is not meant for many people.
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Years of sorrow haven't taken everything from Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman - Los Angeles Rams Blog- ESPN
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Nickell Robey-Coleman’s personality is infectious.
In the Los Angeles Rams' locker room, he’s among the most welcoming of faces. A stereo sits inside his locker, and many days he turns it up to provide a soundtrack for the room.
Robey-Coleman’s teammates describe him as their scrappiest player. He’s not only their 5-foot-8, 180-pound nickelback, he’s their hype man. Per usual, the defensive backs will look to him to provide inspirational words before they take the field against the New Orleans Saints in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.
“He gets us up,” safety John Johnson III said. “He gets that fire in us.”
That’s what makes it so difficult to fathom. Underneath his exuberant and upbeat personality, the 27-year-old has already experienced some of life’s deepest sorrows.
“It’s a beautiful storm that you can’t really describe,” Robey-Coleman said. “It’s ugly, but it is great. It hurts, but it feels good.”
Eight years ago, he held his mother in his arms moments after she had passed away. And two months ago, in the middle of the season, his newborn son died before he ever had a chance to hold him.
Football has provided a path away from the pain.
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'John Wick' Reviewed: An Idiot Killed His Puppy and Now Everyone Must Die - The Atlantic
This infinitely stylish, brilliantly stupid movie might be Keanu Reeves's renaissance.
Presumably there's a reason why we're so fascinated by hitmen in popular culture—possibly something to do with their uncomplicated codes, and their brutal efficiency, and their roles as godlike arbiters in the eternal gamble of life versus death. There are two archetypes of hitmen, according to Telegraph film critic Anne Billson: the infallible, superheroic dispenser of doom (The Terminator, No Country for Old Men, Collateral), and the humanized, accessible, almost lovable killers (Pulp Fiction, Road to Perdition, The Professional).
John Wick, played with quiet, slow-burning grace by Keanu Reeves in what's being billed as a comeback for the 50-year-old actor, is both. At the beginning of the film he seems like any Wall Street banker or startup whiz who has cashed out early to enjoy life with his wife, Helen (Bridget Moynahan, seen only in flashbacks and blurry iPhone clips). That’s until Helen dies of a serious but unspecified illness, leaving Wick all alone in his sleek, monochrome mansion as a living, breathing, sobbing manifestation of Sad Keanu.
movies  action  wick  thriller  review 
John Wick solidified Keanu Reeves as one of the greatest action stars of all time
John Wick (2014)
In the entire history of American action cinema, there are very, very few movies that take their fight scenes as seriously as John Wick does. Some of the action set pieces in John Wick—the home invasion, the one-man nightclub siege—are straight-up masterpieces, and the movie never lingers long between these exquisitely crafted depictions of mayhem. But my favorite scene in the movie isn’t a fight. It’s the part where Viggo, the movie’s lead Russian gangster, has to tell his son just how badly he’d fucked up. Viggo’s boy, Iosef, has broken into the home of a “fucking nobody.” He’s killed the man’s dog, stolen his car, and left him unconscious. Viggo, played by the late Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist, doesn’t mind any of this. He just minds that Iosef did all this to the wrong guy.
Carefully and patiently, Viggo tells Iosef that he and his associates used to call John Wick, that nobody, baba yaga—the bogeyman. And then he continues, “John wasn’t exactly the bogeyman.” Dramatic pause. “He was the one you send to kill the fucking bogeyman.” A moment later, as that sinks in: “I once saw him kill three men in a bar with a pencil. A fucking. Pencil.”
movies  action  thriller  wick  review 
A History Of Violence
With A History Of Violence, Tom Breihan picks the most important action movie of every year, starting with the genre’s birth and moving right up to whatever Vin Diesel’s doing this very minute.
movies  action  thriller  top_ten 
Watch Trailer For John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum | Video | Consequence of Sound
The saga continues on May 17th
It began with the death of an innocent puppy, but the John Wick series has since evolved into its own kind of myth, one that will be elaborated upon with an accompanying Starz series. First, however, we’re getting John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum—the follow-up to the excellent John Wick: Chapter 2—and today marks the release of its very first trailer.
Halle Berry, Anjelica Huston, and Jason Mantzoukas join returning cast members Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, and Lance Reddick in the sequel, which also features some nifty acrobatics from The Raid‘s Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif.
Parabellum, we should note, isn’t an ending. This isn’t a trilogy. Director Chad Stahelski recently said he “could live here for the rest of my career.” He added, “I enjoy making these movies because there’s no limit. We create our own mythology, and we have a studio that both stays out of our way and supports us on the wacky decisions.”
The sequel opens on May 17th, 2019. Watch the trailer below.
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Luke Walton says coaching Lakers is ‘best job in the world’ - Silver Screen and Roll
This season has been incredibly tough on Luke Walton. He thinks he’s up to the challenge, and the Lakers need him to be.
The first NBA head coaching gig Luke Walton got also just happens to be one of the (if not the) most sought-after jobs in the entire industry. The downside to that being someone’s first opportunity is that there is nowhere to go but down if they lose that job. For far too much of this season, rumors of that happening to Walton have swirled around him and the Los Angeles Lakers.
It’s all part of the territory, though, and Walton knew that going in, as he told Ramona Shelburne of ESPN:
“It’s the best job in the world and I love the challenge that we have,” Walton told ESPN in a recent interview. “It’s challenging, it’s hard, it’s sleepless nights. But it’s also awesome.”
basketball  coach  lakers  luke 
2 days ago
Luke Walton is up to the challenge while LeBron recovers
LOS ANGELES -- Let's start by acknowledging that this is probably not scientifically possible.
A little while ago, during the second half of a game, Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton swore he felt the exact moment a virus landed in the lining of his nose, exacerbating the sinus infection he has been ignoring for weeks.
His eyes started watering. His head started throbbing. And then, to add insult to illness, his team blew a six-point lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder with swingman Kyle Kuzma sidelined after a seized-up back.
Already without superstar LeBron James (groin) and veteran point guard Rajon Rondo (hand) the young Lakers fell apart and dropped what would have been a great win in a tightly packed Western Conference. They proceeded to lose four of their next six, including especially depressing ones to the tanking Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks that brought out a new round of questions about the young coach's job status.
basketball  coach  lakers  luke 
2 days ago
Pelosi Moves to Shut Down Trump's State of the Union - The Atlantic
President Trump might be able to keep the government closed indefinitely. But the new Democratic speaker can deny him use of the country’s most effective pulpit to make his case to the public.
The latest casualty of the partial government shutdown might be President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in a letter to the president on Wednesday, suggested that the annual speech before Congress be postponed or scrapped altogether in light of the legislative impasse that has led to the ongoing shutdown, the longest in U.S. history.
“Sadly, given the security concerns and unless government re-opens this week,” the speaker wrote, “I suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has re-opened for this address or for you to consider delivering your State of the Union address in writing to the Congress on January 29th.”
Pelosi’s missive was cloaked in the politesse of a formal communication from the leader of one branch of government to another. But it was nothing less than a threat to deploy Pelosi’s authority as speaker to deny Trump the use of perhaps the country’s most powerful pulpit in the middle of a partisan standoff.
pelosi  gov2.0  politics  trump  congress  speech 
2 days ago
Why Nancy Pelosi Will Win - The Atlantic
She beat George W. Bush on Social Security privatization, and she’ll beat Trump on the wall.
Democrats sometimes portray themselves as high-minded and naive—unwilling to play as rough as the GOP. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is, once again, proving that self-image wrong. She’s not only refusing Donald Trump’s demand for a border wall. She’s trying to cripple his presidency. And she may well succeed.
Pelosi’s strategy resembles the one she employed to debilitate another Republican president: George W. Bush. Bush returned to Washington after his 2004 reelection victory determined to partially privatize Social Security. “I earned capital in the campaign, political capital,” he told the press, “and I intend to spend it.” Bush’s plan contained two main elements. The first was convincing the public that there was a crisis. Social Security, he declared in his 2005 State of the Union address, “is headed toward bankruptcy.” The second was persuading Democrats to offer their own proposals for changing it.
As the journalist Matthew Yglesias pointed out not long ago, a fallacy underlay Bush’s argument. Even if you believed Social Security was going bankrupt, diverting some of the tax money that funds it into private accounts wouldn’t solve the problem. It would make the problem worse. To mask that glitch, Bush needed to lure Democrats into offering proposals that actually shored up Social Security’s finances—by cutting benefits, raising taxes, or cutting other spending—but were highly unpopular. Americans would presumably prefer Bush’s cotton candy to the Democrats’ broccoli, and thus empower Bush to fulfill the decades-old conservative goal of ending Social Security as a program of social insurance.
gov2.0  politics  pelosi  congress  trump  immigration 
2 days ago
First Impressions of the Apple iPhone Smart Battery Case — MacSparky
Well that didn’t take long. Ordered yesterday and arrived this morning. I explained why I ordered the case yesterday. Here are some photos of the new case in action and a bit of commentary. Click on any image for further detail.
iphoneXS  accessories  battery 
2 days ago
Photos From the 2019 Dakar Rally - The Atlantic
With a ceremonial start in Lima, Peru, on January 7, a group of 334 competitors started the 41st annual Dakar Rally: a 10-day, 3,000-mile (5,000 kilometer) off-roading adventure held exclusively in Peru this year. The vehicles—which include specialized cars, trucks, motorcycles, and quad bikes—are currently on stage 9 of 10 stages that travel south to Tacna, then back to Lima on January 17. Here is a look at Dakar 2019 in progress, as teams race to the finish line.
cars  racing  rallying  dakar  photography  in_focus  south_america 
2 days ago
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