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[FIC] to ithaca - sea_changed (foxlives) - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
written for thomas/miranda/james appreciation week on tumblr, for the prompts what could have been (fix it)/the reunion with miranda included. this was meant to be a short tumblr ficlet, and thus the logic is thin and the plot holes are many: it's technically a part of a larger au i have mapped out in my head, the summary of which is, miranda really is a witch; so in fact the explanation for about 80% of these gaps is quite literally "magic!!" all you really need is the knowledge that it takes place in the gap between seasons two and three, and a willingness to Go With It in the name of emotions.
fandom:blacksails  pairing:james/miranda/thomas  length:5-10k  author:sea_changed  fic 
july 2017 by revolutionaryjo
[FIC] The Art of Asymmetry - AstronautSquid - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
Her sketches of people tended to veer into caricature with their lively emphasis of all things out of the ordinary - a large nose, a double chin, a foppish gesture -, and had thus quickly been ruled unfit for display among polite company.

Thomas encouraged her to keep a rotating selection framed on a dresser in the chamber connecting their rooms.

It was a week into their affair that Miranda first sketched James.

[for thomas/miranda/james week 2017]
fandom:blacksails  pairing:james/miranda/thomas  length:5-10k  author:astronautsquid  fic 
june 2017 by revolutionaryjo

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