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Entwurf Lehrerhinweise im ZUM Projektwiki
= Hinweise für Lehrer =

Wenn Sie Interesse haben, im Projektwiki zu arbeiten, können Sie auf dieser Seite lernen, welche Schritte zum Einstieg nötig sind. Unter den Überschriften finden Sie die...
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november 2013 by retemirabile
Main Page - WikiEducator
The WikiEducator is an evolving community intended for the collaborative:
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january 2010 by retemirabile
educationalwikis - home
This site aims to answer one question: How can I use wikis in education?
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november 2009 by retemirabile
Web 2.0 Tutorial
Teachers are using the new Web 2.0 tools to launch their classroom into the 21st century. Students are creating online content, collaborating with other students around the world and showcasing their work to a global audience. Web 2.0 facilitates professional networking. It provides authentic learning experiences for students, and it encourages global awareness, creativity, innovation, critical thinking and collaboration. The knowledge our students will gain from engaging with Web 2.0 technologies will foster the communication and information literacy skills that are required in the 21st century.
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august 2009 by retemirabile
For Teachers New to Wikis
For Teachers New to Wikis provides evolving information on how to incorporate wikis into your classroom. Whether you are a first-time or frequent user of wikis, we invite you to contribute ideas, information, and insights regarding wikis and their value as a colloaborative, public writing tool. To contribute, simply select edit, insert your additions or revisions, and then, if you wish, add your name to the Contributors list.
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july 2009 by retemirabile

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