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Teaching with Technology
Large collection of technlogy tools to use for teaching. #delicious
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july 2009 by retemirabile
How to Use Glogster in the Classroom
Glogster is: A web 2.0 platform that easily allows users to upload photos, videos, text, audio and more to create a unique online, interactive poster. To see its true potential, I decided to give it a go with my group of about 80 7th grade students.
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july 2009 by retemirabile
Informatikserver Graz - PowerPoint-Learning
Was man mit „PowerPoint Plus“ und PP-Learning alles erreichen kann, hängt dabei nicht vom Programm ab, sondern vom Einfallsreichtum und der Kreativität der Lehrperson.
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april 2008 by retemirabile
Video: "How to Speak"
In this skillful lecture, Professor Patrick Winston of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers tips on how to give an effective talk, cleverly illustrating his suggestions by using them himself.
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march 2008 by retemirabile — stockphotos for personal and non commercial use
The images may be used freely for personal, educational and non-profit projects. [Z.B. als Impulsfotos oder zur Illustration von Präsentationen geeignet]
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november 2007 by retemirabile
Mayang's Free Texture Library
[Z.B. als Impulsfotos oder zur Illustration von Präsentationen geeignet]
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november 2007 by retemirabile

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