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Locked Room Puzzle - Speranza - due South [Archive of Our Own]
"Aileen," Musky said finally, with the air of someone imparting great wisdom, "if you ever have a case gives you the stinkeye, one of the finest policemen in all the world lives not twenty miles past Miller's Hill."
duesouth  slash  canada  author:speranza  post-cotw  established  casefic  fraser/rayk  from delicious
may 2013 by renenet
Buzz by LaT
Sneaking a glance across the bullpen at Fraser, it occurs to Ray - for the umpteenth time in forty-five minutes - that all he wants to do is … stroke it. Fraser's newly short hair, that is. Alternative URL:
duesouth  slash  fraser/rayk  hair  pwp  author:LaT 
december 2010 by renenet
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