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misspamela | Obviously, I need an Avengers icon. FIC.
I saw Captain America yesterday. I have a LOT of feelings, mainly, "If I were Tony Stark, I would hit that like the fist of God," and "Why the hell isn't it summer 2012 yet?" and also, "I hope the Avengers movie is 15 hours long."
avengers  marvel  captainamerica  ironman  firsttime  seduction  pwp  author:misspamela  short  from delicious
november 2011 by renenet
221b_slash_fest: Prompt 15: In Which Criminals Take A Holiday And Lestrade Tries To Get Laid
Lestrade decides he’s been pining for the great detective long enough and
initiates a plan to finally get into his pants—and coat. You’d think the phrase, “Will you come?”
would have been clear enough, but apparently Sherlock needs an all caps, “COME, YOU IDIOT!”
to get his attention.
sherlock  slash  sherlock/lestrade  humor  firsttime  seduction  author:blooms84 
november 2010 by renenet

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