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5000 Tigers by k
"I want to talk about this not getting along thing without you shoving your tongue down my throat," Casey said.
sportsnight  slashy_gen  dan/casey  dan  casey  hotel  fight  relationship  friendship  author:k 
january 2009 by renenet
Headed to the Dance by Mosca
"Every time George Mason University wins another tournament game, an angel gets its wings."
sportsnight  slash  dan/casey  firsttime  basketball  author:mosca 
january 2009 by renenet
Hankering by Nestra
"A little thing set in the happy-go-lucky land of early first season. Someone's got a powerful hankering for something. I can't believe I'm talking like this. Happy birthday to shrift. Her hankering for Dan/Casey happened to coincide with my watching 38 episodes of SN over the Christmas holidays."
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sportsnight  slash  dan/casey  firstkiss  short  author:nestra 
january 2009 by renenet
Five Things That Never Happened by Shrift
"It goes something like this: death, sex, agony, agony, kid. Five things that never happened to Dan Rydell."
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sportsnight  gen  slashy_gen  dan  dan/casey  5things  angst  author:shrift 
january 2009 by renenet
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