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Alpha - Elayna - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
When Danny's association with a mysterious stranger leads to an IA investigation, Steve learns the lengths to which he'll go to protect his partner.
h50  slash  steve/danny  firsttime  au  vampires  case  mind-control  memory_loss  author:elayna  from delicious
november 2011 by renenet
Sentinel and Guide - Elayna - Hawaii Five-0 (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Every fandom needs a couple of Sentinel-fusion rewrites of the first episode, right? This is mine. I've only seen two episodes of The Sentinel, so this is my take on Sentinel fanon as generally found in Sentinel/SG:A fusions. I won't even pretend it's faithful to Sentinel canon, though I tried to not drift too far from H5-0 canon.
h50  slash  steve/danny  au  sentinel!au  sentinel-guide-relationship  romance  firsttime  has_sequel  author:elayna  from delicious
june 2011 by renenet

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