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Men Know It’s Better to Carry Nothing - The Cut - Medium
Women clean up because fashion allows it. She pointed to the size of women’s bags, which allow us — like sherpas or packhorses — to lug around the tool kits of servitude. A woman is expected to be prepared for every eventuality, and culture has formalized that expectation. Online, lists of necessities proliferate: 12, 14, 17, 19, 30 things a woman should keep in her purse. Almost all include tissues, breath mints, hand sanitizer, and tampons — but also “a condom, because this is her responsibility, too.” (A woman’s responsibility for everyone else’s spills extends to the most primal level.)
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3 days ago by renaissancechambara
The big scoop: what a day with an ice-cream man taught me about modern Britain | Food | The Guardian
“Since Brexit, people have less money, and less confidence in spending money. They haven’t got the money in their pockets they had a few years ago.”
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13 days ago by renaissancechambara
BBC - Capital - Why are people thirsty for 'raw water'?
- having grown up on for a good deal of my childhood on a farm we drank well water but I wouldn't glorify it the way it has been done here
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7 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
More Americans Are Living Solo, and Companies Want Their Business - WSJ
- I was relieved when the half loaf arrived - interesting that there are smaller appliances
FMCG  whitegoods  trends  consumerbehaviour  us  totwitter 
8 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
When Chinese students were given the uncensored internet - Inkstone
- shouldn’t really be a surprise looking at how limited western media consumption tends to be in aggregate
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8 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
About Us | SITU8ED
SITU8ED was founded in 2016 by a small group of experts from academia and industry, with the aim of offering solutions for location-based analytics and advertising, and critically where users’ privacy is assured and compliance to GDPR is a given.

Our pedigree is in situation modelling – hence the company name.  Situations encapsulate places that people visit and their travel betweeen those places, determining their significance for the user and assigning them rich semantics – types of place, brand names, dwell times, types of travel, etc.
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8 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
Report: Chinese spend nearly 5 hours on entertainment apps daily | TechCrunch
Chinese internet users now spend an average of 4.7 hours on their handsets a day just for entertainment purposes, according to new data (in Chinese) collected by research firm QuestMobile.

The number is up from the 4.1-hour average from a year ago. By ‘entertainment’, QuestMobile is counting services like e-reading, music streaming, online karaoke, video streaming, mobile gaming, live streaming, and of course, short videos that are taking the world by storm. The total screen time could be much higher given the country now prefers taking QR code payments instead of cash, not to mention eyeball time contributed by children using smartphones to do their homework and housewives searching for the best deals on ecommerce platforms
china  wireless  consumerbehaviour  trends  totwitter  reference  research  statistics 
9 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
China's new creatives - JWT Intelligence
This new wave of consumers recognizes China’s rising economic status and thus possesses an acute sense of national pride; no longer are they reliant on Western fashion brands and influence to define how they express themselves as individuals. Yet the world is small, and despite crackdowns on international cultural imports like hip-hop and K-pop, there are echoes in China of what defines Gen Z tastes abroad in the streetwear, beauty, art, luxury and online landscapes. This is channeled through a powerful new creative lens
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9 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
WalktheChat | WeChat Live Streaming Case Study: 48% Sales Conversion Rate!
- really interesting read. China's mix of live-streaming and e-tailing is shopping TV for the 21st century
consumerbehaviour  china  e-tailing 
11 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
How Young Chinese are Re-connecting with Their Elders | Jing Daily
Digital Watch: How Chinese Millennials & Gen Zers are Re-connecting with Their Elders
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11 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
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