Alexa, Blow My Mind | Gartner L2
- Apple's recent iPhone and Apple Watch launch lacked buzz in comparison to previous launches
apple  analysis  totwitter 
8 hours ago
Luxury Daily Rimowa seeks to offer more than suitcases to its 'purposeful travelers'
- marketing and design is going to rely on community and collaboration - sounds like Stüssy's playbook for the past four decades
luxury  totwitter 
17 hours ago
Aldi and Lidl won't be scared by Tesco's new discount Jack's | Nils Pratley | Business | The Guardian
- visually it might be an Aldi analogue, pricing strategy wise it seems closer to Poundstretcher with a bakery
uk  retailing  tesco 
20 hours ago
Yoga Balls - YouTube
- anti innovation hype ad by FileMaker
studio  sample  inspiration 
CTS - conserve the sound
- a German project that preserves what would have been familiar sounds of now obsolete technology. Most are interesting, though the Krups coffee grinder sounds exactly the same as my more modern model
studio  sample  history  consumerelectronics 
3 days ago
Spike in fraud cases as criminals adopt illegal software -
A report released Monday by the SPC's China Justice Big Data Service Platform said the number of online and telecom fraud cases concluded by Chinese courts rose more than 70 percent year-on-year in 2017. - SPC is China's Supreme People's Court

The report did not include exact figures on how many cases were heard in 2016 and 2017.

"Not content with cheating people out of money with spam calls or texts, fraudsters have started using WeChat and illegal number-disguising software to deceive victims," it said
china  informationsecurity  privacy  hacking  totwitter 
4 days ago
Bruce Schneier talks about IoT, surveillance, and cybersecurity
- nice interview with Bruce Schneier focused on personal information security
informationsecurity  privacy  totwitter 
4 days ago
Is blockchain bullshit? Examining its current worth to digital advertising | The Drum
Yes, but lots of people are having variable success in trying to make it less BS
4 days ago
The booming male beauty market in China - Daxue Consulting - Market Research China
- finding the Korean idol flower boy image difficult to square with mainstream male beauty products
male  totwitter  china  beauty 
8 days ago
中国影视明星社会责任研究报告出炉 有两人得“0”分 -
- social media responsibility index for celebrities. Challenges to brand sponsorship model of marketing. Show business finances would need to change if China still wants TV, music and film industries.
china  marketing  totwitter  social 
9 days ago
Jori Hulkkonen - Attack Magazine
- so looking forward to his Simple Music for Complicated People album
10 days ago
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