StarTech Unveils Dual-Display Thunderbolt 2 Docking Station with 12 Ports - AnandTech
Modern laptops are getting thinner with every generation and it becomes increasingly harder for PC makers to integrate multiple ports into them. Nonetheless, end-users still need to connect their
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2 hours ago
Moore’s law really is dead this time | Ars Technica
Gordon Moore's original graph, showing projected transistor counts, long before the term "Moore's law" was coined. Moore's law has died at the age of 51 after an extended illness. In 1965, Intel
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2 hours ago
The chips are down for Moore’s law : Nature News
Nature | News Feature Sharing The semiconductor industry will soon abandon its pursuit of Moore's law. Now things could get a lot mo
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2 hours ago
Who Killed Nokia? Nokia Did | INSEAD Alumni Magazine
Despite being an exemplar of strategic agility, the fearful emotional climate prevailing at Nokia during the rise of the iPhone froze coordination between top and middle managers terrified of losing
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2 hours ago
LLVM Patches Confirm Google Has Its Own In-House Processor - Phoronix
Michael Larabel is the principal author of and founded the site in 2004 with a focus on enriching the Linux hardware experience. Michael has written more than 10,000 articles covering
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2 hours ago
The fall… and rise and rise and rise of chat networks | Ars Technica
At the end of October 2014, something very important came to an end. After 15 years of changing the way people communicated forever, Microsoft closed down its MSN Windows Live service. Originally
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2 hours ago
Why Yahoo Couldn’t Adapt to the Smartphone Era - The New Yorker
Marissa Mayer, the president and C.E.O. of Yahoo, in November. Credit Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty
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2 hours ago
Why Google search suggests “Muslims support terrorism”
A woman in Chicago noticed something startling while using Google: Hind Makki, a blogger and founder of a photo project depicting women in mosques around the world, was writing a post about some
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16 hours ago
Why do doctors still use pagers?
About 85 percent of hospitals still rely on pagers. Stockbyte/Thinkstock For most people, the pager represents a sad, humorous relic of the past
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17 hours ago
Investors think Adidas should be as richly valued as Nike, for the first time in a long time
After years of struggle, Adidas is feeling optimistic. Today (Feb. 11), the German sportswear company announced better-than-expected sales in 2015. Sales rose 16% to €16.9 billion ($19.2 billion),
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17 hours ago
Dumplings and fortune cookies: Your emoji are about to get even more diverse
If you like dumplings, get excited. The Unicode Consortium, which develops and approves emojis, has picked a dumpling, chopsticks, and fortune cookies among others to add to your emoji lexicon.
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17 hours ago
Fitbit is partnering with one of New York’s hottest fashion brands in hopes of finally looking cool
Fitbit’s activity-tracking bands are designed for fitness, but the company is trying hard to make them look fashionable. Last week, it unveiled Fitbit Alta, a “fashion-forward” device that can be
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17 hours ago
The Biggest Name In Women's Shoes Is Steve
One weekend in November, Steve Madden was sitting in the greenroom at a brand-new Nordstrom in Torrance, California, waiting to go downstairs for a personal appearance to promote his eponymous shoe
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17 hours ago
Baidu Receives Offer for Stake in Online Video Platform Qiyi
To save articles or get newsletters, alerts or recommendations
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Tea kettles, slippers, congee: US hotels are wooing the Chinese tourist class
Is a $15 electric kettle the key to luring Chinese tourists? A growing number of US hotel chains think so. China’s outbound travelers are expected to double to 234 million tourists spending $422
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China wants to approve every song before it goes online - Tech in Asia
- interesting potential move from online to offline media for diehard fans. I expect most Chinese listeners wouldn't care
legal  online  regulatory  china  media 
Neon killer?: Samsung, LG unveil OLED Wall technologies - Electronics Eetimes
- I feel conflicted about this as LEDs haven't displaced neon from an aesthetic point of view, will OLED be any different. Secondly, the craftsmanship in neon sign making is a site to behold. But it could bring us to more of a 'Blade Runner' cityscape
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Five reasons why SoundCloud might be doomed FACT
- get on there this weekend and rinse the stuff you want
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2 days ago
Teenagers Are Much Better At Snapchat Than You | Buzzfeed
not scientific but interesting, whats the lost business opportunity for Mattel and Hasbro?
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2 days ago
Tech Nation | Tech City UK
- interesting report to try and mollify critics
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2 days ago
What is HTTP2 and How Will it Affect Your SEO? by @patrickstox
HTTP/2 is a much needed refresh of the HTTP protocol that was based largely on Google
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2 days ago
LG's next G5 phone to sport 'always on' screen - CNET
LG is on the verge of announcing the G5, which we now know will have an always-on screen. LG LG Electronics is trying to drum up excitement over the launch of the G5, its next flagship Android phone,
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2 days ago
Akamai earnings call hints at Apple CDN - Business Insider
- not terribly surprising, Akamai has strategic partnerships with Apple rivals as well
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3 days ago
This Google app could forever change the way you travel
Google's translation app has a new feature that will come in handy for travelers. You point your smartphone's camera at a sign printed in a foreign language, and Google's translation technology
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3 days ago
Suite of data tools for beginners, focused on fun
Data can be intimidating and confusing for beginners, and as a result they stay away from the spreadsheets and delimited files altogether. DataBasic, a suite of tools built as an introduction to
3 days ago
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