- specification and estimates
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16 hours ago
China's Booming Live Streaming Market Has Reached Its Zenith
- Huajiao. Long answer: emoji-like “gifts” from the viewers that can later be cashed in for money. And lots of it (cue hip-hop air horn).
What’s interesting is, Chinese viewers are less enamored by mindlessly goofy check out my six pack vids (*cough* Logan Paul), and more interested in watching the mundanities of their favorite influencer’s everyday life -- i.e. singing in the shower, driving, and… slurping soup?
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_Blade Runner 2049_: Inside the Dark Future of a Sequel 35 Years in the Making | WIRED
“Blade Runner changed the way the world looks and how we look at the world,” William Gibson says. It was one of the things which inspired me to move to Hong Kong
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Uber Sues Mobile Agency Alleging Ad Fraud - WSJ
- interesting implications around tracking showing weakness in Uber’s much vaunted data expertise?
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As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles - NYTimes.com
- great example of what Kevin Kelly talked about in his book The Inevitable that we only preserve jobs by working with rather than against robots
3 days ago
There's Blood In The Water In Silicon Valley | Buzzfeed
Tech is manifestly unready for this new era. They’ve been playing small-ball politics of regulation, and coasting on incredibly high approval ratings. But there are signs they feel the winds changing. You can usually detect a political figure’s problems from their overcompensation, and Zuckerberg’s Midwestern tour had all the hallmarks of a classic reaction to a specific political polling question: “Does he care about people like me?” The move was widely misinterpreted as some kind of beginning to Zuckerberg’s political career. But Zuckerberg is Facebook, and his image is his company’s. His mission was to fix the company’s image, and I’m just not sure this one is fixable.

You can see the shape of how this plays out in a recent exchange between Mark Halperin and Rep. Adam Schiff, in which Halperin asked of Facebook: “Did they put profits ahead of patriotism in their conduct during the campaign?”
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5 days ago
The Smart Watch Market is Headed for a Boom | Park Associates
- not so sure about the rationale on this, I often forget to wear my smart watch for the same reasons that they give for fitness bands
wearables  iot  analysis 
5 days ago
comScore Opens Global Access to Free Viewability Measurement - comScore, Inc
- only for global advertisers, publishers, agencies and ad networks?
online  advertising 
5 days ago
P&G's Pritchard Calls for Next Generation of Digital Ads | Special: Dmexco - AdAge
- I kind of agree with him from a an overall sentiment point of view, but viewability is also a function of how much of the viewable area it fills? I realise that it would be hard to measure but it would be a function of ad size, scrolling speed and display size. In the real world think about the ads on the tube escalators.
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5 days ago
On the Equifax Data Breach - Schneier on Security
Surveillance capitalism fuels the Internet, and sometimes it seems that everyone is spying on you. You're secretly tracked on pretty much every commercial website you visit. Facebook is the largest surveillance organization mankind has created; collecting data on you is its business model. I don't have a Facebook account, but Facebook still keeps a surprisingly complete dossier on me and my associations -- just in case I ever decide to join.

I also don't have a Gmail account, because I don't want Google storing my e-mail. But my guess is that it has about half of my e-mail anyway, because so many people I correspond with have accounts. I can't even avoid it by choosing not to write to gmail.com addresses, because I have no way of knowing if newperson@company.com is hosted at Gmail.
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7 days ago
P&G Asia brand director: 'We were clickbaiters – and a giant duck still got more likes than we did'
- “I’ve been through generations of training in how to make a good Facebook ad, which has gone around 360 degrees and come back to the simple principles of marketing. We went through lots of complications in how to get clicks – we were clickbaiters. We honestly were. And yet that duck in Hong Kong Harbour got more likes than any of pure branded messaging, and we thought that’s maybe a good thing. But it’s not and it doesn’t help brands or businesses. It’s taken us time to get to where we are and the simplicity of those core marketing principles.”
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7 days ago
Fab equipment spending breaking industry records | Electroiq
- foundries are anticipating continuing electronics demand rather than a flattening or a slow down
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8 days ago
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