Daring Fireball: The Apple Watch Edition's Upgrade Dilemma
- it won't be replacing my Swiss watch any time soon
GSMA Intelligence
- interesting diagram talking about latency and bandwidth requirements of different applications on mobile networks when you scroll down the page
research  reference  wireless 
4 days ago
Activist Puts Pressure on Qualcomm - WSJ
- inevitable when one looks at the increasing competition in the chip business for them and the move by major players (Apple, Samsung, Huawei)
qualcomm  semiconductors  technology  totwitter 
4 days ago
Samsung Galaxy S6 review: It’s what’s on the outside that counts | Ars Technica
- this review is emblematic of the pedestal that Samsung has fallen off
samsung  wireless 
4 days ago
These slides are all you need to make the case for an all-flash data center | SiliconANGLE
- that responsive data has to change the economics of cloud as well and not in a good way
6 days ago
Exclusive: Twitter A/B testing a Yahoo style directory for non-logged in users | SiliconANGLE
- and google seems to be supplementing search results with content from DMOZ about links
6 days ago
If Nokia Map Unit Is for Sale, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo All Might Want a Look | Re/code
- it makes sense that Nokia would want to sell this separately from the phones, but who would it go to
where2.0  nokia  business 
6 days ago
Anger and Envy in the Chaebol Republic | Foreign Policy
- there will come a point when it it will undermine the iron grip that chaebols have on Korean society (paywall)
korea  media 
8 days ago
M.B.A. Programs That Get You Where You Want to Go | NYTimes.com
Duke University for Apple and HEC for the luxury industry
education  todo 
9 days ago
Tumblr is getting sucked into the Yahoo mothership | Business Insider
- likely to suffer similar kinds of challenges to flickr et al
yahoo!  business 
9 days ago
A New Wave of Chinese Smartphones Set to Emerge in 2015 - TechNode
- the key thing here is likely to be relevant patents which many of these companies currently don't have
legal  ip  china  wireless 
11 days ago
Billionaire Fridman targets US and Europe in $16bn telecoms spree - FT.com
board will include Lastminute.com co-founder Brent Hoberman and Irish telecoms entrepreneur Denis O’Brien, has been brought together to aid acquisitions in the technology sector to augment an already substantial portfolio of telecoms businesses. It will also include Osama Bedier, a former Google payments executive, former Skype executive Russ Shaw and Sir Julian Horn-Smith, one of the founding management team at Vodafone (paywall) - presumably a shedload of leverage as well since $16Bn won't go that far
wireless  networkandtelecoms  business 
11 days ago
Cyber Trends: 5 Subcultures on the Internet | Highsnobiety
- interesting how the internet is melding and spawning tribes
online  culture 
11 days ago
Panasonic to Release Spherical Fan/circulator - Nikkei Technology Online
- gives Dyson a run for his money with this design. I love the space age feel of it
design  home 
11 days ago
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