Now Is The Perfect Time For An RSS Renaissance | Neflabs
- great read and a much needed request for a lean web
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20 hours ago
CIA agents in 'about 30 countries' tracked by technology, top official says - CNNPolitics
"Singapore's been doing it for years," she told CNN following her keynote speech on Sunday morning at the 2018 GEOINT Symposium, hosted by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation. Meyerriecks did not elaborate with further examples.
privacy  where2.0  wireless  webofnoweb 
g2g, brb, and what the loss of early MSN language means | Dazed
- interesting change in consumer behaviour as time spent online creeps upwards with the move towards ubiquitous connectivity
consumerbehaviour  ott  messaging  totwitter 
P&G returns to YouTube but with a more selective mindset | Marketing Interactive
- ultimately brands are powerless in the face of Google, Facebook and Amazon advertising
procterandgamble  alphabet  facebook  amazon  advertising  totwitter 
China opposes all forms of protectionism, commerce minister says
- says market with high levels of implicit and explicit protection
economics  totwitter  china 
Microsoft gives up artificial intelligence sales over ethical concerns
- interesting positioning, it would be good to get an understanding on on what the board would define as a bad actor
microsoft  ethics 
2 days ago
After Sir Martin Sorrell: The Reckoning | LinkedIn
- interesting analysis of the marketing sector, I disagree with the way that some of it hangs together
advertising  business  analysis 
3 days ago
Gchat could have saved Google the trouble of launching yet another messaging service. | Slate
- what this forgets is that GChat ended up having a lot of bots and spam accounts. For me it was worse than Skype or Yahoo! Messenger at the time. I could see business historians highlighting this as a lost opportunity in the story of Alphabet
alphabet  ott  messaging  totwitter 
3 days ago
Flickr Takes Another Sad Turn, Gets Bought by Something Called SmugMug | Gizmodo
- thankful it hasn't been shut down but pensive. That's pretty much me done as an Oath customer then
flickr  smugmug 
4 days ago
Do Chinese Luxury Consumers Care About British Heritage? | Jing Daily
- In the West, we buy into lifestyle brands—we like brands that can sell us everything. But the Chinese consumer likes to go to a specialist for each item. They like to buy their knitwear from one place and their shoes from another. They value quality and are willing to pay for it. - which is where premium streetwear gets in the door
china  consumerbehaviour  luxury  apparel  branding 
4 days ago
CLOT Magazine | COLDCUT, a journey through cut and paste and audiovisual innovation
- great overview of Coldcult's creative efforts and an interview with them
culture  studio 
4 days ago
Agency Layoffs Or Agency Calibration?
examine the characteristics of the players winning creative assignments for digital experiences. Tech consultancies like Accenture Interactive, Deloitte Digital, IBMiX and PwC are successful with system integration and digital experiences. Their combination of data, strategy, implementation and creative is a potent offering for marketers. Yet, their ability to capture the essence of the brand is still developing. For agencies – large or small, public or independent – brand creativity is differentiating
advertising  totwitter 
7 days ago
A Renewed Vision For WPP | Forrester Research
- I don't think that a technology leader would get creative businesses and you'd end up with yet another ad tech business with the rest of the value withering away but interesting reading
wpp  business  analysis 
7 days ago
The Battle for the Gayborhood Has Become A Passive-Aggressive Turf War
- I was reading this and thinking about the way Canal Street in Manchester became invaded by hen parties from the late 1990s onwards
consumerbehaviour  us  trends  totwitter 
7 days ago
Director Tony Kaye happy to be working and out of ‘Hollywood jail’ | The Drum
He says that a story arc doesn’t really matter in six seconds. “I think you can throw anything at it, as long as it’s quite clear what it’s for. If you’re working under 20 minutes, in my opinion, you don’t need any structure. You can be as fragmented or as crazy as you want.”
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7 days ago
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