Japanese Police Advert
- to persuade Yakuza to leave their life of crime behind
39 minutes ago
A British tragedy in one act | HKEJ Insight
- nice byline by Chris Patten aimed at an audience of Hong Kong readers
uk  brexit 
53 minutes ago
E-Mail from Bill - The New Yorker
- fascinating artefact from 20 years ago, it reminds me of some Skype chats that I have with my friend Noel who lives in Hong Kong
online  communications  totwitter 
2 hours ago
China says Brexit is a sign of a ‘losing mindset’ | Irish Times
“East Asia has witnessed decades of high-speed growth and prosperity. Europe stays where it was, becoming the world’s centre of museums and tourist destinations. Unfortunately, Europe is also close to the chaotic Middle East. Waves of refugees flood into Europe, coinciding with increasing terrorist attacks,” the editorial ran. Among Chinese citizens, the reaction has been largely one of bewilderment. The European Union is generally seen as something that countries strive to get into, rather than out of.
“I though Brexit was a joke, I never thought it could come true,” wrote one online commentator, Xiong, while Momo said: “I think more Chinese people were watching Brexit than actual British people voting.”
china  uk  eu  analysis  totwitter 
20 hours ago
Britain, EU at odds over timing of divorce talks - The Boston Globe
The markers of European decline are not hard to find. For the first time in modern history, Asia has more private wealth than Europe, the Boston Consulting Group said last year. And China will account for 70 percent of Asia’s growth between now and 2019, the group said.
eu  economics  analysis  totwitter 
Earned Brand 2016 - Edelman
- interesting research into consumer brand relationships across a range of brand categories
research  media  totwitter 
3 days ago
Apple Pay is finally offering something that both retailers and customers want http://qz.com/712807/apple-pay-is-finally-offering-something-that-both-retailers-and-customers-want/
Apple Pay, the iPhone maker’s mobile wallet service, has received a tepid response from the US public since it was released in September 2014. The problem has been twofold: First, it can’t be used in
analysis  e-tailing 
4 days ago
Instagram says it has 500 million monthly users
More than 80% of Instagram users are outside the US, the firm says Instagram has said it has grown its monthly active user base to 500 million. 300 million of those users of the photo sharing site
todo  totwitter  instagram 
4 days ago
Instagram hits 500 million users but people are spending less time in the app
Getty Images What took Facebook nearly seven years to accomplish, Instagram has just achieved in under six. The photo-sharing app hit 500 million users today. With 80% of its users now from outside
instagram  totwitter 
4 days ago
Universities and startup factories are fuelling a rise in UK startups like Magic Pony, the AI business Twitter bought for $150 million
While the Magic Pony exit is likely to be seen as a positive step for the UK AI scene, it does raise questions about whether the UK will ever be able to produce a really big AI company if Silicon Valley keeps preying on the country's most promising startups.
ai  uk  business  analysis  blogit 
4 days ago
Taking the headphone jack off phones is user-hostile and stupid | The Verge
- you could argue the same about removing floppy disks on the original iMac, though I am inclined to agree with this
design  wireless 
5 days ago
Why These People Are Upset About Apple’s Latest Updates
Dear TIME Reader, As a regular visitor to TIME.com, we are sure you enjoy all the great journalism created by our editors and reporters. Great journalism has great value, and it costs money to make
ip  legal  totwitter 
5 days ago
New Marketing in Pyongyang — Choson Exchange
Tina Kanagaratnam is the CEO of the Shanghai-based PR firm, Asia Media.
6 days ago
BNNS - Apple Developer Documentation
- Apple's API that allows the GPU to run a simple neural network that helps the iPhone be smarter about preferences
apple  ai  machinelearning  totwitter 
6 days ago
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