Cloud Computing Brings Sprawling Centers, but Few Jobs, to Small Towns -
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20 hours ago
Report: China's Tsinghua targeting Korea's fabless | EETE Analog
Tsinghua Unigroup, a state-controlled conglomerate that has acquired numerous chip companies, has shopping list of companies specializing in power management, NFC, security, and Internet of Things
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21 hours ago
Snapchat to launch behavioral targeting for advertisers
Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Snapchat is planning to introduce behavioral targeting for advertisers, the company's director of revenue operations Clement Xue revealed in
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21 hours ago
Clinton Campaign Using Signal For Encrypted Communication | The Daily Dot
Signal is considered the gold standard in encryption apps. Hillary Clinton wants Edward Snowden in jail but that doesn't mean her campaign won't eagerly ta
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21 hours ago
Five Years of Tim Cook’s Apple in Charts – Beyond Devices – Medium
This week marks the fifth anniversary of Tim Cook’s appointment as permanent CEO at Apple — he was appointed CEO on August 24th, 2011. As a result, we’ll no doubt see quite a few retrospectives this
Teens Who Say No to Social Media - WSJ
- interesting that they are staying off the grid, may change as they go to college
analysis  social  gen-z 
An Exclusive Look at How AI and Machine Learning Work at Apple – Backchannel
- Apple felt that they needed to place this story. Steven Levy has had access since before the Apple Mac launch - the challenge that goes largely unmentioned is delivering high levels of privacy unlike other players
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2 days ago
In the electronics doldrums | The Japan Times
During the 1990s, Japan’s electronics industry made as great a contribution to the nation’s economic growth as automakers. In the latter half of that decade, the electronics sector alone had a trade surplus close to ¥10 trillion a year. After the turn of the century, however, it started showing signs of decline and its trade balance turned into the red in 2013. Statistics for that year showed that electronics components and devices scored a trade surplus of ¥2.9 trillion, but trade in finished electronics products incurred a deficit of ¥3.7 trillion.
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6 days ago
Samsung plans refurbished smartphone program: source | Reuters
- taking a leave out of Apple's book, but it won't help in China or India
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6 days ago
TheLADbible Group
- it would be interesting to see more of a breakdown on some of the audience numbers that they highlight
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7 days ago
Access, Accountability Reporting and Silicon Valley - Nieman Reports
- interesting, smart read. I thought that press coverage of Silicon Valley has been sycophantic for decades. There were some noticeable exceptions like InfoWorld's Notes from the Field in the early 1990s
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7 days ago
This Is How The Majority Of The World Will Get Online, Google Hopes - BuzzFeed News
“My relationship to Google is like I’m forced to be married to someone,” said Rudiantara, who noted that his government eventually spoke to Google, who created the technology behind the maps and accounts that make the insanely popular game possible and had made sure the game was being played away from sensitive military sites. “We can’t say go to hell to Google or to technology. But we also cannot allow them to do everything they want to do.”
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7 days ago
It looks like Watch battery life is still a problem Apple can’t easily fix | BGR
- battery technology hasn't really evolved significantly since lithium ion technology
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9 days ago
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