Inside the company that rebuilt Digg - Vox
- the exception to the online rule that lightning doesn't strike twice for online services
digg  analysis  business 
6 hours ago
- privacy based network that the record and movie industry will hate
ip  legal  privacy  informationsecurity 
20 hours ago
Guangzhou police reveal bust of 'billion-yuan' counterfeit bag ring | South China Morning Post
- with a potential street value of about 1 billion yuan (HK$1.26 billion) - The challenge with valuing these things is multi-faceted. Because it is criminal in nature pricing structure and market isn't transparent. Secondly purchasers of fake goods wouldn't necessarily buy real goods so this isn't about market substitution of Louis Vuitton bags. It is a big statement by the Chinese government (paywall)
luxury  ip  legal  china 
2 days ago
Yahoo Stock Crashes As Alibaba IPOs - Business Insider
- Yahoo! represents an ideal target to do an LBO and asset strip to pay down the debt
yahoo!  business  analysis  totwitter 
2 days ago
Ashley Madison Steps Up Search For Asian PR Support | Holmes Report
- they are banned in South Korea and Singapore. Thailand would likely be added to the list if Ashley Madison launched there
online  business  thailand  korea  singapore 
2 days ago
Logistics: The flow of things | The Economist
- explains why e-railers are building their own logistics networks (paywall)
china  logistics  e-tailing 
2 days ago
Dude, where are my socks? | the Anthill
- great story about a small TaoBao reseller
china  e-tailing  totwitter 
2 days ago
Apple - Privacy
- interesting that Apple didn't do this sooner
apple  privacy 
3 days ago
Peter Thiel Says Computers Haven’t Made Our Lives Significantly Better | MIT Technology Review
- Peter Thiel comes across as a bit of a dick but is right on the money with regards the lack of hard innovation and excess of soft innovation
innovation  ideas 
3 days ago
Smartphone stress in Coolpad cuts, China Mobile 'naked' strategy | SCMP
- bottom end of market suffering with Coolpad laying off 1,000 employees
china  wireless  business  analysis 
3 days ago
Why news extortion is so hard to uncover | China Media Project
- not just a Chinese problem, look at the uncomfortable aspects of media power with NewsCorp / News Int'l
media  ethics  totwitter  pr 
3 days ago
Clamshells Gets Smart | CSS Insight
- could we see a return of clamshell devices?
wireless  design 
4 days ago
Facebook Is Hiding Important Information - Business Insider
- nothing new pointing out yet again that mobile app adverts count for a significant amount of their revenue sales
4 days ago
Pioneer To Sell DJ Equipment Business For More Than Half A Billion Dollars » Synthtopia
- interesting move, particularly with the launch of the new turntable. What will happen with things like IP?
pioneer  music  consumerelectronics 
4 days ago
Fareed Zakaria Never Stopped Plagiarizing: How Dozens Of Episodes Of His CNN Show Ripped Others Off | Our Bad Media
- looks like a potential new media storm-in-a-teacup. If he plagiarises, he has good taste with the material he takes
media  ip  totwitter 
4 days ago
Daring Fireball: Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations
- a key point missing here is that you don't buy a watch when you pay for a luxury watch; you buy into the support network behind it which will keep it running at a price decades from now.
apple  luxury  totwitter 
4 days ago
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