Facebook drives more traffic to articles, but Twitter users spend more time reading them
Do small screens translate to shortened attention spans? Not so, suggests a new report from Pew Research Center. Turns out mobile users are spending twice as much time reading long-form articles
facebook  twitter  media  engagement 
Majority Of Germans Think The Media Is Controlled By Political, Economic Elites
According to a recent survey, the majority of people in Germany view the news media as simply a pillar of the government and the powerfully elite - which will have an impact on trust
pr  media  analysis 
Canada cites espionage risk from two Huawei employees, saying it plans to reject their immigration applications | South China Morning Post
- Huawei still has a trust gap. Canada might be especially sensitive given how throughly p0wnd Nortel was by China based hackers in years prior to their bankruptcy
canada  networkandtelecoms  china  informationsecurity  hacking 
Killing an American icon: Fuel delivery start-ups could downsize U.S. gas stations | SiliconAngle
- something about this feels iffy to me. Service stations have a lot of safety restrictions for good reason, that could fall between the cracks in the 'Uber model'. The margins in running gas stations are actually about the convenience store part of the business, not the fuel. It may make more sense in electric vehicles with easily swappable battery packs???
bigoil  business  analysis  automotive 
2 days ago
Apple to Revamp Streaming Music Service After Mixed Reviews, Departures - Bloomberg
- if the sub-editor had honesty tourettes this would read, 'Veterans scarpered, Apple strives to make streaming service less shit'
apple  business  media  analysis 
2 days ago
BlackBerry brings video calls to BBM on Android and iOS; North America only for now | VentureBeat | Apps | by Paul Sawers
- way too late for many people to care - way behind Skype for Business let alone LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc etc
ott  messaging  video  rim 
2 days ago
Huawei G9 Lite released in two versions in China | Gizchina
- interesting positioning as it seems to sit awkwardly between Honor and Huawei's P series
huawei  wireless 
2 days ago
The Who, What & Why of Activist Investors' Attacks | EE Times
- McKinsey seem to have incredibly rose-tinted glasses about this, presumably not to disrupt business in other practice areas such as banking...
business  analysis  technology 
2 days ago
You can now hang out with Totoro and explore Studio Ghibli worlds in virtual reality | Rocket News 24
- indicates an interesting interplay between linear media and VR. Linear media storytelling sets the scene; VR allows you to explore it
japan  media  immersion  vr  totwitter 
2 days ago
Jolla raises $12 million to continue developing Sailfish OS | Tech.eu
- glad that they found funding, but things will be a lot tougher with AndroidOne's progress and Cyanogen getting their act together with their geo-licences
jolla  os  wireless  analysis  business 
3 days ago
PLOS ONE: Tracking Protests Using Geotagged Flickr Photographs
- interesting that they are using flickr. Web 2.0 era networks have more accessible data structures. Flickr has a relatively smaller community but a passionate one
flickr  where2.0  research  reference  totwitter 
3 days ago
In the Cloud, Oracle Shops the Discount Aisle — The Information
there’s a lot of upside potential to buying small, targeted cloud software businesses. It can improve their profitability by shifting their services to its own infrastructure. Most obviously, it can shrink sales and marketing costs, typically the single biggest expense for cloud software, by integrating the products into its own formidable sales organisation (paywall)
oracle  business  analysis  enterprise 
3 days ago
This Tech Bubble Is Bursting - WSJ
When the dot-com bubble burst in early 2000, the fallout for publicly traded stocks was quick and severe. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 37% in the 10 weeks following its peak on March 10, 2000. For
siliconvalley  bayarea 
4 days ago
Cyanogen OS no longer exclusive to Yu in India, here's why | Gizchina
- so OnePlus could have been spared the hassle of creating OxygenOS
wireless  os 
4 days ago
British "Spies" Among Thousands Of names Exposed Following Massive Leak At Largest Mid-East Bank | Zero Hedge
- Not sure that this is true, however if it is then the hackers leaked profiles that they built up based on the bank data but went beyond to look at things like social media profiles
informationsecurity  privacy  hacking 
4 days ago
China's Baidu Misses Expectations As Net Profit Crashes 18.9%
Chinese search engine company Baidu published its unaudited financial report for the first quarter ended March 31, 2016, stating that its total operating revenue reached CNY15.821 billion, which was
totwitter  china  search  business  analysis  baidu 
5 days ago
Spy Chief Complains That Edward Snowden Sped Up Spread of Encryption by 7 Years
it came from the National Security Agency. “The projected growth maturation and installation of commercially available encryption — what they had forecasted for seven years ahead, three years ago, was accelerated to now, because of the revelation of the leaks.”
5 days ago
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