Online payments and prostitution: How the internet is transforming the oldest profession
- crypto-currency does away with the creepiness of cash, the big problem with credit cards and PayPal in the US is the payment providers closing accounts and traceability
finance  money  adultentertainment 
23 hours ago
Amazon rewards Prime Members who choose slower shipping | Marketing Pilgrim
- I wonder what Amazon will do with the data beyond using differentiated delivery, would this be baked in for future offerings?
amazon  e-tailing 
23 hours ago
CHART OF THE DAY: Most Of Amazon’s Income Goes Back Into The Company (AMZN)
- the financial results almost reminded me of Intel's 'tick-tock' planning and process change
amazon  business  analysis 
23 hours ago
Stream that bootlegged movie, go to jail | Silicon Beat
- US government thinks that the new war on drugs is piracy basically
us  media  business  legal  ip 
23 hours ago
Tencent reportedly downsizing microblogging platform | WantChinaTimes
- interesting if Tencent Weibo is put in maintenance mode
tencent  weibo 
Taiwan eager to tap into industrial robots market | WantChinaTimes
- it would be interesting to see what Taiwan could do in industrial robotics
taiwan  robotics  innovation  totwitter 
HTC's brand awareness in China drops: report
- HTC is an uncomfortable sandwich, it has Apple in the luxury brand position above it and Samsung et al as peers. The most danger comes from below with Lenovo, Oppo and Xiaomi turning out products that look increasingly impressive
wireless  htc 
How Ravers Became the New Flower Children | New Republic
- how reimported house and techno brought about a rave like culture in the US
us  culture 
Is Moore's Law Less Important to the Tech Industry? -
- the problem is that it's hard to focus on performance per watt and define the difference. Way before this, the speed bumps were having less and less impact, partly due to poorly written software
technology  design 
What Do Chinese Dumplings Have to Do With Global Warming? -
- the irony of this article appearing during the OSI meat scandal. Interesting how China has gone to 95% of the population having refrigeration
china  fmcg  cpg 
Google has run away with the web search market and almost no one is chasing | Quartz
- not terribly surprising, search is hard and it is difficult to move a customer away unless you have something radically better
search  google  duckduckgo  bing 
China Manufacturing Gauge Rises to 18-Month High on Stimulus  - Bloomberg
- interesting since this data is focused on private sector SMEs
china  economics 
3 days ago
Yves Béhar sells his design agency to Chinese PR firm BlueFocus | VentureBeat
- BlueFocus is looking more and more like the kind of fully rounded business Martin Sorrell should be worried about
marketing  totwitter 
3 days ago
How the Hammer Falls as China Nails Corruption - Caixin
- interesting that the body site is seen as a source and the audience goes there directly
china  media  economics 
3 days ago
China regulator determines Qualcomm has monopoly: state-run newspaper | Reuters
- from Bill Bishop's Sinocism newsletter - how do Qualcomm's planned China royalty rates compare with those it charges in Japan and Korea? And is the possible fine assessed against China revenue or global revenue? I have heard it might be the latter, which could be significantly larger than what shareholders expect
china  qualcomm  semiconductors  totwitter 
3 days ago
Apple’s iPad Problem | Slate
- and those that do have a third device don't need to replace it that often, especially since the iPad seems robust and perfectly adequate doing what it does, so the replacement cycles will be slower
ipad  consumerbehaviour 
4 days ago
Daring Fireball: More Amazing Xiaomi/Apple Design Coincidences
- John Gruber's Jobs-esque dis 'Xiaomi copies with some degree of taste; Samsung has no taste.'
xiaomi  apple  design 
4 days ago
What Type of Sharer Are You? Improve Your Social Media With Our Quiz
- the study is link bait but they do have some good links to interesting academic research
social  research  reference  consumerbehaviour 
4 days ago
Razer Integrates WeChat into its Nabu Wearable, Says Should Hit U.S. for Under $100 | Re/code
- really like the messenger link and cross platform nature, now if they could make it more reliable than Nike's Fuelband (on my second one in four months)
wearables  webofnoweb 
4 days ago
Qualcomm delivers blowout Q3, but cuts outlook over China woes | ZDNet
- The Chinese government regulatory issues were well known if not well understood, however it was interesting that some Chinese clients feel that they don't need to pay Qualcomm....
china  qualcomm  wireless  semiconductors  legal  ip 
4 days ago
U.K. Cabinet Office Adopts ODF as Exclusive Standard for Sharable Documents -
- Microsoft would have been pissed a few years ago, now with the new management in place, who knows
microsoft  digitalbritain  uk  enterprise2.0  totwitter 
4 days ago
Chinese Social Media Shrinks by 7% During Internet Crackdown - China Digital Times (CDT)
- As Chinese authorities stage a crackdown on “rumor mongering” — the number of people visiting social websites dropped by 20.4 million, or 7.4 percent, to 257 million. How much of these were real accounts and how much were bots?
china  social  totwitter 
4 days ago
China Voice: More Internet companies should go abroad - Xinhua
- these firms face limited (but growing) regulatory barriers in their overseas expansion while foreign firms effectively blocked from the Chinese Internet, especially as it becomes clear that some really are viewed as national champions. I wonder if results outside China will be harmonised as well?
baidu  search  totwitter 
4 days ago
Chromium - The Chromium Projects
- Chinese web browsers from the likes of Tao Bao based on Chrome
google  china  chrome  browser 
4 days ago
BBC News - Five ways Aldi cracked the supermarket business
- some of these things like store layout and bursts of unusual items are similar to Morrisons and Kwik Save
fmcg  cpg  retailing  totwitter 
5 days ago
Indonesia 101 | PixelBits
- great rundown on Indonesia from a start-up perspective
indonesia  business 
5 days ago
WhatsApp, The Anti-Marketing Growth Phenomenon - GrowthHackers
- its more like the product being the marketing rather than 'anti-marketing' per se
whatsapp  ott  messaging  totwitter 
5 days ago
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