Should the Tech Giants Be Broken Up? | WSJ City
Apple and Microsoft supply 95% of desktop operating systems - but this point hides the huge disparity in market size and power between Microsoft and Apple still
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10 hours ago
Cathay Pacific Airways lags behind peers in fuel efficiency while Qantas is worst polluter, study finds | South China Morning Post
How much cargo, and how well airlines fill planes up to their maximum payload, typically with freight, had the greatest impact on fuel efficiency, Graver added. He said it was not about the number of passengers carried or the number of seats squeezed into planes
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18 hours ago
American Views: Trust, Media and Democracy - Edelman
I suggest that the public relations business move itself from a reliance on advocacy toward a new policy of informing the populace more broadly on subjects of the day. That means providing the positive and negative facts, with third party attribution
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18 hours ago
Cranberries sales jump by over 900,000 percent after Dolores O'Riordan’s death | Irish Central
- record companies eye 'flowers and sundry' budget to hire assassins and boost back catalogue sales
18 hours ago
As Voice Continues Its Rise, Marketers Are Turning to Sonic Branding – Adweek
- again. Has had peaks in usage from jingles to the Intel 'dong', Nokia's ringtone and the Cillit Bang 'BANG!'
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Kroger And Rivals In Talks To Buy Wholesale Startup Boxed For Up To $500 Million | Forbes
- I am surprised that a CPG player like P&G haven't thrown their hat in the ring
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China Smartphone Market 2017: Top 10 Best-selling Models - Counterpoint Research
- interesting read, basically Apple is the premium smartphone seller. Huawei's Honor brand makes the top ten along with Xiaomi. The real winner is BBK-related brands OPPO and vivo
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ongoing by Tim Bray · Google Memory Loss
the whole Web is crush­ing­ly ex­pen­sive, and get­ting more so ev­ery day. Things like 10+-year-old mu­sic re­views that are nev­er up­dat­ed, no longer ac­cept com­ments, are light­ly if at all linked-to out­side their own site, and rarely if ev­er visited… well, let’s face it, Google’s not go­ing to be sell­ing many ads next to search re­sults that turn them up. So from a busi­ness point of view, it’s hard to make a case for Google in­dex­ing ev­ery­thing, no mat­ter how old and how ob­scure - the problem for Google would only be if you started to see search promiscuity
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Vice May Risk Losing Cool Cachet With Brands Over Sexism Concerns | Ad Age
- not terribly surprising. Disappointing given the quality and diversity of their content
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Unilever picks AnalogFolk as digital agency of record for its food brands | CampaignLive
- this is UK market stuff only, so would be working alongside global agencies. Plus side great win, downside Leatherhead is a long way from Shoreditch
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GDPR for public relations: driving up standardss — Stephen Waddington
- good read, BUT I have been reading articles about improving the standard of PR beyond shotgunning generic pitches for decades literally
pr  data  legal  eu  uk 
Knock and the door shall be opened unto you | FT Alphaville
In China, the data linked to technology companies is already central to the notion of credit provision. It also plays into the country’s planned social credit system. This has come alongside the rapid development of online payments, especially on WePay, part of WeChat. It would be no exaggeration to say that this is perhaps the most important technological development of the present moment, although, in part because of the impenetrability of the Chinese internet, it currently resonates less than it should
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How an unknown Chinese phone maker became No 3 in India by solving the oily fingers problem | South China Morning Post
“Big companies which sell smartphones in more than 100 countries are too global to care for one single market,” Chowdhury said in an interview in Shenzhen. “The core strategy for us is to become the favourite mobile phone brand in emerging markets.”
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2 days ago
Why Uber Can Find You but 911 Can’t - WSJ
- one can understand the reluctance of technology companies to get involved
3 days ago
Luxury group Kering to spin off Puma to shareholders | RTE
- not terribly surprising it fits awkwardly with the other brands
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5 days ago
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