Amazon is merging Prime Now and AmazonFresh - Business Insider
- it should add clarity from a brand point of view as well. Now they just need to get the Prime Now app to work properly
amazon  totwitter 
2 hours ago
Apple in Talks to Buy Cobalt Directly From Miners - Bloomberg
- sounds like a smart use of their capital pile given the rising cost of cobalt due to electric vehicle batteries
apple  analysis  business  totwitter 
4 hours ago
How social media and our obsession with "authenticity" is changing porn | Dazed
“Authenticity and amateur (fall) into traps about not acknowledging porn performance as craft, labour, and work”, Sullivan says, referencing a piece in the SF Weekly in 2014 by performer Siouxsie Q. In the article, the pornstar argues that, although authenticity is “one of feminist porn's favourite words”, striving for an “authentic” sex scene undermines the labour that goes into creating a porn film. It erases the fact that performing is work, and not a hobby, which in turn justifies people watching free porn on the basis that it’s not worth paying for, says Sullivan. She thinks authenticity needs to be separated from the idea of actuality and redefined to mean the craft of the performance, in order to show people it is work and not fun and games. - Interesting the way it echoes wider media concerns
adultentertainment  media  analysis  business  totwitter 
2 days ago
Apple's iPhone X is the Instant Scapegoat for Samsung's Failure to Win OLED Orders from Chinese Vendors - Patently Apple
"Other smartphone makers, who Samsung had hoped would incorporate OLED panels, have been slow to make the transition due to their expense and are sticking to liquid crystal displays."
display  technology  samsung  totwitter 
2 days ago
I, Cringely Prediction #7 — 2018 will see the first Alexa virus - I, Cringely
- There are presently more than 15,000 Alexa skills that have been officially approved by Amazon and are available for download. These skills do everything from launching programs to gathering data to setting reminders. Though relatively simple, each is still a cloud app that can connect tens of millions of Echo products to Amazon Web Services (AWS).
iot  informationsecurity  totwitter 
2 days ago
Facebook plans to thwart election ad fraud with postcards | The Next Web
- guessing that they haven't heard of mail forwarding services? Also according the Mueller report Russia had operatives in-country
facebook  us 
2 days ago
News UK to advertisers: Run your Facebook ads on our sites | Digiday
- and so the other shoe drops. The Murdoch family newspapers have led the way in mainstream media pointing out the flaws in Google and Facebook advertising in what looked to me like a sustained campaign. I am not saying that anything they've said is wrong, but now we get to see a 'possible' motivation
media  uk  totwitter 
2 days ago
Publicis Groupe creates new agency for auto client | Communicate Online
- Publicis takes a leave out of WPP's book with a single purpose agency
4 days ago
WSJ City | Kraft Heinz looking to acquire more businesses
Kraft Heinz, which is run by executives from Brazilian investment firm 3G Capital, has earned a reputation for its efficiency. As a result, profitability has soared.

But sales of its products have declined, ramping up pressure for the company to do another deal so it can start the cost-cutting process again.
Rejected Again?
A year ago, Kraft Heinz made a $143 billion bid for Unilever, but the negotiations fell apart after Unilever said it wasn't a good cultural fit.
fcmg  business 
5 days ago
Under Armour's (UA) international business grew in 2017, especially in China — Quartz
- it will depend on how Under Armour can leverage their NBA stars in China. They also need to get clear space in design between themselves and rivals
underarmour  sports  apparel  business  analysis  totwitter 
7 days ago
European businesses expect UK soft Brexit, Survey suggests | FT
2,500 senior executives in the UK, France, Germany and Spain found that a majority of companies believe that Britain’s future relationship with the EU will maintain principles such as the free movement of people and oversight by the European Court of Justice. (paywall)
brexit  totwitter 
8 days ago
Stories – AMP
- interesting experiences on mobile
webdev  webdesign  totwitter 
8 days ago
Many Siris · Bryan Irace
- I think its a focus on context rather than fragmentation
siri  machinelearning  design  totwitter 
8 days ago
Saudi Cleric Says Women Should Not Be Forced to Wear Abaya Robes in Public | The Fashion Law
- potentially huge for fashion retailers in Saudi and a possible sign of the state moving towards a greater degree of liberalism - in the loosest possible sense. Saudi needs that flexibility to move beyond oil and getting its young people into work
saudiarabia  apparel  fashion 
8 days ago
Unilever threatens to pull ad spend from platforms that ‘breed division’
“Consumers don’t care about third-party verification. They do care about fraudulent practice, fake news, and Russians influencing the US election. They don’t care about good value for advertisers. But they do care when they see their brands being placed next to ads funding terror, or exploiting children."

“They don’t care about sophisticated data usage or ad targeting via complex algorithms, but they do care about not seeing the same ad 100 times a day. They don’t care about ad fraud, but they do care about their data being misused and stolen.”
online  advertising  unilever  totwitter 
9 days ago
Facebook Losing Friends to Snapchat in the U.K. - Bloomberg
- it is worthwhile being skeptical until there is more details on the methodology but interesting nonetheless
facebook  analysis  totwitter 
9 days ago
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