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Miyamoto Spills Donkey Kong’s Darkest Secrets, 35 Years Later | WIRED
And yes, that means that the official onomatopoeia for Mario’s jumping sound is pi-ro-po-pon-pon!  clipblog  Donkey_Kong  Nintendo  history  videogames  videogame  arcade 
october 2016 by ree
The Battle of Donkey Kong | 雷屋 -KAMINARIYA-
"Ikegami’s contract said that Nintendo was not to copy the program on their own, and could not allow any third party to, either. However, one very important element was not decided in this contract: Who owned the rights to the program itself."
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january 2011 by ree
Twitter / Retronauts at 1UP: Reading between the lines of this @gdri article, I finally realized why we never see the arcade version of Donkey Kong:
From the linked article: "In another trial that year [1990], it was determined that Nintendo did not hold the copyright to the DK code." Ah. Explains why DK isn't on the Wii Virtual Console even though it has other arcade games.
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september 2010 by ree

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