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AVCAL - Guidelines and Templates
Australia Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
work  venturecapital  australia 
september 2017 by redshaw
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Venture Capital Software email 20130719
work  software  venturecapital  asp 
july 2013 by redshaw
BBC - Future - Technology - Bruce’s Sterling’s vision of the future city
What will the city of 2050 be like? Acclaimed science fiction author Bruce Sterling paints a picture of urban sprawl and lost opportunities.
work  toread  bbc 
may 2013 by redshaw
Emerald Technology Ventures - cleantech venture capital - About Us
Emerald is a pioneer in the clean technology sector and is focused on investing in innovative technologies within the energy, materials and water sectors.
work  cvtoolbar  venturecapital  switzerland 
august 2012 by redshaw
Direct flights from airports
Where can I fly to from any airport?
work  flight  travel 
june 2012 by redshaw
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