Le Apaches de Frankfort
Bikers that seen from time to time in Frankfurt
10 days ago
Sync handy mobile laptop notebook server all with each other
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14 days ago
BESCHLUSS DER KOMMISSION - vom 20. März 2014 - über Äquivalenzen zwischen Führerscheinklassen - (Bekanntgegeben unter Aktenzeichen C(2014) 1625) - (2014/209/EU) - https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/DE/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32014D0209&from=en
Inhaber von Führerscheinen der Gruppe A sind berechtigt, Fahrzeuge der Klassen D1 und D1E nicht für die gewerbliche Nutzung (nicht für berufliche Zwecke, keine direkt oder indirekt zahlenden Fahrgäste) und der Klasse C1E zu führen, sofern das Gesamtgewicht des Anhängers und des Zugfahrzeugs 8,25 t nicht überschreitet.
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4 weeks ago
12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech – Humane Tech – Medium
10. The economic model of big companies skews all of tech.
Today’s biggest tech companies follow a simple formula:

Make an interesting or useful product that transforms a big market
Get lots of money from venture capital investors
Try to quickly grow a huge audience of users even if that means losing a lot of money for a while
Figure out how to turn that huge audience into a business worth enough to give investors an enormous return
Start ferociously fighting (or buying off) other competitive companies in the market
This model looks very different than how we think of traditional growth companies, which start off as small businesses and primarily grow through attracting customers who directly pay for goods or services. Companies that follow this new model can grow much larger, much more quickly, than older companies that had to rely on revenue growth from paying customers. But these new companies also have much lower accountability to the markets they’re entering because they’re serving their investors’ short-term interests ahead of their users’ or community’s long-term interests.

The pervasiveness of this kind of business plan can make competition almost impossible for companies without venture capital investment. Regular companies that grow based on earning money from customers can’t afford to lose that much money for that long a time. It’s not a level playing field, which often means that companies are stuck being either little indie efforts or giant monstrous behemoths, with very little in between. The end result looks a lot like the movie industry, where there are tiny indie arthouse films and big superhero blockbusters, and not very much else.

And the biggest cost for these big new tech companies? Hiring coders. They pump the vast majority of their investment money into hiring and retaining the programmers who’ll build their new tech platforms. Precious little of these enormous piles of money are put into things that will serve a community or build equity for anyone other than the founders or investors in the company. There is no aspiration that making a hugely valuable company should also imply creating lots of jobs for lots of different kinds of people.
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7 weeks ago
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