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Alex Rodriguez on Rebooting His Image: "You Have to Own Your Shit" | Hollywood Reporter
Earlier this year, Fox signed him to a multiyear deal as a full-time analyst. But he wasn't looking for a broadcast job when the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs in 2015, partly because he didn't think he'd be good at it. It's a running theme in Rodriguez's life: his inferiority complex. It's his Achilles' heel — and what drives him.
"He needed reinforcement that he was the best," says Rose. "Some players just want be told every day how good they are. I mean, Alex was so good, I don't even think he understood how good he was. He always needed that little pat on the back to substantiate that."
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The Man Who Hated Agassi - WSJ
David Foster Wallace tennis essays
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Jordan Spieth feels ghosts of Masters past in final-round collapse | NBC SportsWorld
“Instead of seeing nothing around me except the business at hand,” he said. “I suddenly seemed to notice everything around me. The color of the sky. The expectant faces of the people in the gallery. You name it.”
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What Happened to Tiger Woods? It's the Most Vexing Question in Sports
What Happened to Tiger Woods? It's the Most Vexing Question in Sports

Alan Shipnuck: What Happened to Tiger Woods
Sports Illustrated senior writer Alan Shipnuck dives into his account of what happ...
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Not Over Till It’s Over - WSJ
The life of a baseball professional—a player, a manager, a scout, anyone paid to work in the world of baseball—is the envy of just about anyone who isn’t paid to work in the world of baseball
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