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88 Important Truths I’ve Learned About Life
Whenever you’re worried about what others will think of you, you’re really just worried about what you’ll think of you.
april 2019 by redlunate
The Truth About Failing Spectacularly - WSJ
The main reason veteran leaders rarely fail dramatically is that they’ve failed before. They’ve learned where problems come from and how to spot them in the larval stages. Their genius is being able to identify a ship’s weakest rivets before setting sail, and formulating a plan that protects them from unsustainable pressure.
february 2019 by redlunate
Alex Rodriguez on Rebooting His Image: "You Have to Own Your Shit" | Hollywood Reporter
Earlier this year, Fox signed him to a multiyear deal as a full-time analyst. But he wasn't looking for a broadcast job when the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs in 2015, partly because he didn't think he'd be good at it. It's a running theme in Rodriguez's life: his inferiority complex. It's his Achilles' heel — and what drives him.
"He needed reinforcement that he was the best," says Rose. "Some players just want be told every day how good they are. I mean, Alex was so good, I don't even think he understood how good he was. He always needed that little pat on the back to substantiate that."
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august 2017 by redlunate
The Lawyer, the Addict -
Peter himself lived in a state of heavy stress. He obsessed about the competition, about his compensation, about the clients, their demands and his fear of losing them. He loved the intellectual challenge of his work but hated the combative nature of the profession, because it was at odds with his own nature.
july 2017 by redlunate
I wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ with Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past. - The Washington Post
But the reassurance he got from even his biggest achievements was always ephemeral and unreliable — and that appears to include being elected president. Any addiction has a predictable pattern: The addict keeps chasing the high by upping the ante in an increasingly futile attempt to re-create the desired state. On the face of it, Trump has more opportunities now to feel significant and accomplished than almost any other human being on the planet. But that’s like saying a heroin addict has his problem licked once he has free and continuous access to the drug. Trump also now has a far bigger and more public stage on which to fail and to feel unworthy.
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may 2017 by redlunate
David Letterman (and His Beard) Shop at Target These Days - The New York Times
When the show was great, it was never as enjoyable as the misery of the show being bad. Is that human nature?”
october 2016 by redlunate
Bruce Springsteen’s Unmasks His Agonies in the Memoir ‘Born to Run’ - WSJ
Success is no salve, he repeats, and a concert’s glow fades: Playing live, he writes, “provided me the illusion of intimacy without risk or consequences. . . . It’s fiction, theater, a creation . . . And at the end of the day, life trumps art . . . always.”
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october 2016 by redlunate
Moby: ‘There were bags of drugs, I was having sex with a stranger’ | Music | The Guardian
He also thinks his difficulties with his mum had an effect. “If you’re constantly ashamed when you’re growing up, when you become an adult you’re constantly ashamed. And when you get close to people you assume they will only like you as long as they see you in your best light. There is the profound desire for closeness and the profound fear of the other person. You start getting close to someone, they do something that might not be perfect, and it triggers a terror response and you run away… By you, I mean me, of course.”
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may 2016 by redlunate
Moby Looks Back - WSJ
The musician Moby was recently regaling a group of cocktail-party guests with tales of 1980s New York when he had a realization.
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may 2016 by redlunate
Winning at Life—And Death - WSJ
Technology Transforms the Comedy Economy
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may 2016 by redlunate
The Doug Mirabelli Trade: An Oral History – The Hardball Times
Instead of being patient and coming up with a creative situation, we got caught up in some of the panic that was enveloping our clubhouse. I got too close to the situation and made a really reactionary move.”
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april 2016 by redlunate
Jordan Spieth feels ghosts of Masters past in final-round collapse | NBC SportsWorld
“Instead of seeing nothing around me except the business at hand,” he said. “I suddenly seemed to notice everything around me. The color of the sky. The expectant faces of the people in the gallery. You name it.”
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april 2016 by redlunate
The Voyeur’s Motel - The New Yorker
As the anonymous author wrote in his memoir, “Man cannot see too much of human nature.”
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april 2016 by redlunate
What Happened to Tiger Woods? It's the Most Vexing Question in Sports
What Happened to Tiger Woods? It's the Most Vexing Question in Sports

Alan Shipnuck: What Happened to Tiger Woods
Sports Illustrated senior writer Alan Shipnuck dives into his account of what happ...
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april 2016 by redlunate
When AI rules the world: what SF novels tell us about our future overlords | Books | The Guardian
it’s easy to miss just how prescient Gibson is. Perhaps his most important insight is that an AI might be no more interested in the human life that underlies its existence than humans are interested in bacteria.
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april 2016 by redlunate
Drowning in Information Overload —Chambers Daily “While I was out on paternity leave in early October, I kept feeling overwhelmed. The more I realized how much work I needed to do, the more I felt like my life was spinning out of control.”
While I was out on paternity leave in early October, I kept feeling overwhelmed. The more I realized how much work I needed to do, the more I felt like my life was spinning out of control. I
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november 2015 by redlunate
Life Advice for the Class of 2014 -
That means saving like crazy. And, no, you won't be missing out on much. All those possessions you want will give you so little pleasure. Instead, what will give you pleasure is striving after the things you're passionate about. I would encourage you to manage your financial life so you can do just that.
may 2014 by redlunate

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