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Why flies go one way and grounders go the other – The Hardball Times
Poorly hit flies go toward the opposite field while well hit flies go toward the pull field. This is another reason right fielders are much busier than left fielders. A large number of flies that left fielders see are traveling over their heads and into the bleachers. They
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The Pros and Cons of Pulling the Baseball | FanGraphs Baseball
To hit an outside pitch hard, a hitter must let the ball travel deeper. When the ball travels deeper, it is more likely to be hit in the air, as the hitter is less likely to be out on his front foot. As the pitch location moves closer to the hitter, the ideal contact point moves closer to the pitcher, and the likelihood of front side leakage increases, raising the chances of a pulled, roll-over groundball.
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The Doug Mirabelli Trade: An Oral History – The Hardball Times
Instead of being patient and coming up with a creative situation, we got caught up in some of the panic that was enveloping our clubhouse. I got too close to the situation and made a really reactionary move.”
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