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Red of the Redfields, by Grace S. Richmond
Red keeps mostly to the background in this story of his cousins, the Redfields, and the broken-down war correspondent who comes to live with them.
books  fiction  byWomen  GraceSRichmond  1920s  FadedPage  doctors  journalists  siblings  collegegirls  PostWar  WWI 
june 2018 by redeemingqualities
Red and Black By Grace Smith Richmond
New minister in town Robert McPherson Black falls in love with Red Pepper Burns at first sight and vows to be his best friend. Also World War I happens.
books  fiction  byWomen  1910s  GraceSRichmond  WWI  doctors  clergy  romance  suburban  journalists  oldstuff  religion  series 
june 2018 by redeemingqualities
Red Pepper's Patients by Grace S. Richmond
Red Pepper Burns continues to do his thing, which involves repairing and curing young engineer Jordan King and mysterious book agent Anne Linton.
books  fiction  byWomen  GraceSRichmond  ProjectGutenberg  1910s  doctors  invalids  motoring  musicians  romance  series 
june 2018 by redeemingqualities
Mrs. Red Pepper by Grace S. Richmond
Red and his wife adjust to married life and rehabilitate Dr. John Leaver, of Baltimore. Meanwhile Ellen's old friend Charlotte moves in across the street and sets up a photography studio.
books  fiction  byWomen  GraceSRichmond  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  doctors  invalids  photographers  grandparents  series 
june 2018 by redeemingqualities
Spray on the Windows, by J.E. Buckrose
Ann Middleton chooses between the wealthy nephew of her employer and a disgraced neighbor, and then deals with the consequences.
books  fiction  JEBuckrose  1910s  byWomen  GoogleBooks  hotels&resorts  secretaries  romance  supernatural  poverty  boats 
may 2018 by redeemingqualities
The Starling, by Juliet Wilbor Tompkins
Sarah Cawthorne grows up being repressed by her emotionally abusive father and the tall hedge that surrounds her house. Then she writes a popular novel.
books  fiction  GoogleBooks  byWomen  JulietWilborTompkins  California  abuse  writers  journalists  1910s  nerves  parenting 
may 2018 by redeemingqualities
A Safety Match by Ian Hay
Daphne Vereker, substitute mother to a handful of younger siblings, marries overbearing capitalist Sir John Carr and eventually--after a few years and a kid--falls in love with him.
books  fiction  IanHay  ProjectGutenberg  byMen  romance  England  capitalism  mines  He/SheFellInLoveWithHis/HerWife/Husband  1910s  vicarages  children  blindness 
may 2018 by redeemingqualities
Old Valentines by Munson Aldrich Havens

The hero and heroine fall in love at first sight, run away to get married, and finally get down to the real business of the story: publishing his first book of poetry.
books  fiction  romance  MunsonHavens  byMen  ProjectGutenberg  1910s  poetry  oldstuff  charity  publishing 
may 2018 by redeemingqualities
Meg's Friend: A Story for Girls by Alice Corkran

A young journalist befriends a girl who lives in his boarding house, and eventually helps her to go away to school. Her struggles at school and what happens after.
books  fiction  girls  byWomen  AliceAbigailCorkran  England  school  1880s  familydrama  longlostrelative  orphans  orphan+crankyspinster/curmudgeon  journalists  missingjewels  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
The Terrible Twins by Edgar Jepson

Hyacinth Wolfram and Violet Anastasia Dangerfield wreak havoc in their neighborhood, but it all feels a little out of proportion. They're no Tinker and Lady Noggs.
books  fiction  byMen  EdgarJepson  ProjectGutenberg  1910s  battlemurdersuddendeath  children  cats  royalty  bicycles 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
Ann and her Mother by O. Douglas

Ann and her mother entertain themselves over a winter in an isolated new house by going over some family history. Less boring than that sounds.
books  fiction  byWomen  AnnaBuchan  ODouglas  Scotland  clergy  writers  servants  ProjectGutenberg  1920s 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
The Setons by O. Douglas

Elizabeth Seton is the daughter of a clergyman in Glasgow. She runs the house, takes care of her little brother, assists her father, and finds a little time for herself, too. Eventually WWI interrupts.
books  fiction  AnnaBuchan  ODouglas  Scotland  clergy  siblings  WWI  charity  1910s  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
Two Little Women on a Holiday by Carolyn Wells
Dolly and Dotty's friend invites them to spend a couple of weeks with her rich uncle in New York City
books  fiction  girls  series  byWomen  CarolynWells  NewYorkCity  1910s  missingjewels  TheTheatre  houseparty  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
Two Little Women and Treasure House by Carolyn Wells
Dotty Rose and Dolly Fayre's dads build them a tiny house to do their homework in, and they make over the local rich girl's personality.
books  fiction  girls  series  suburban  byWomen  CarolynWells  housekeeping  interiordecorating  1910s  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
Two Little Women by Carolyn Wells
Dotty Rose moves in next to Dolly Fayre, and the two become best friends.
books  fiction  girls  series  byWomen  CarolynWells  neighbors  injuries  camping  hotels&resorts  1910s  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
Patty's Fortune by Carolyn Wells

In which Bill Farnsworth holds a house party in an empty hotel and Philip Van Reypen's aunt tries to coerce Patty into marrying Phil.
books  fiction  girls  series  byWomen  CarolynWells  1910s  houseparty  inheritanceandsuccession  singing  illness  NewYorkCity  Maine  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
Patty Blossom by Carolyn Wells

Patty makes friends with the Bohemian Blaneys and dances barefoot. There's also some business with a fancily bound James Whitcomb Riley set at a charity sale. Oh, and Patty gets engaged.
books  fiction  series  girls  byWomen  CarolynWells  romance  1910s  bohemians  charity  poetry  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
Patty-Bride by Carolyn Wells

Covers pretty much the entirety of Patty's engagement and includes: Helen Barlow, Philip Van Reypen being predictably awful, more spies than you would think.
books  fiction  series  girls  byWomen  CarolynWells  1910s  spies  WWI  romance  NewYorkCity  WashingtonDC  charity  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
The Luminous Face by Carolyn Wells
There's very little to distinguish this mystery, beyond its somewhat fantastic (and yet obvious) solution. The victim is a Seattle millionaire trying to marry his sister's New York Society stepdaughter. The detective is Pennington Wise, though as usual Zizi does all the work. The
books  fiction  mystery  detectives  byWomen  CarolynWells  NewYorkCity  familydrama  doppelgangers  1920s  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
In the Onyx Lobby by Carolyn Wells
Bun magnate and serial sexual harasser Sir Herbert Binney is murdered in the lobby of his apartment building. A hastily scribbled note accuses two women of the deed. Penny Wise and Zizi investigate.
books  fiction  mystery  detectives  byWomen  CarolynWells  NewYorkCity  familydrama  1920s  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
The Diamond Pin by Carolyn Wells
Elderly practical joker Ursula Pell dies mysteriously in a locked room. What follows is the usual Carolyn Wells + Fleming Stone nonsense, but with a kind of scavenger hunt, and minor kidnappings.
books  fiction  mystery  byWomen  CarolynWells  detectives  1910s  NewYorkState  missingjewels  kidnapping  ProjectGutenberg 
march 2018 by redeemingqualities
The Girl Crusoes: A Story of the South Seas by Mrs. Herbert Strang
Bess, Mary and Tommy are separated from their uncle in a shipwreck, and manage pretty well on an island thick with banana trees.
Mrs.HerbertStrang  books  fiction  byMen  1910s  adventure  shipwrecked  boats  islands  survival  siblings  racism  ProjectGutenberg 
january 2018 by redeemingqualities
Miss Mott writes an advice column--and occasionally works as a private detective, or assists her uncle at Scotland yard. But she's pretty soft on at least one criminal.
books  fiction  1930s  ProjectGutenbergCA  byMen  EPhillipsOppenheim  detectives  London  criminals 
november 2017 by redeemingqualities
When Gretel Was Fifteen by Nina Rhoades
Gretel Schiller has a tough time navigating the USA's entry into WWI as a person with German heritage.
books  fiction  girls  ProjectGutenberg  NinaRhoades  1920s  adventure  spies  kidnapping  NewYorkCity  boardingschool  WWI  byWomen 
november 2017 by redeemingqualities
The Girl from Arizona by Nina Rhoades
Marjorie Graham leaves her family's ranch in Arizona to go to school in New York, and eventually wins over even her snobby cousin.
books  fiction  1910s  ProjectGutenberg  NinaRhoades  byWomen  Arizona  NewYorkCity  longlostrelative  girls  horses  racism 
november 2017 by redeemingqualities
The Children on the Top Floor by Nina Rhoades
Betty and Jack Randall's new friendship with their neighbor Winifred helps them out when their mother gets sick.
books  fiction  1900  NinaRhoades  ProjectGutenberg  byWomen  children's  longlostrelative  NewYorkCity  disability  doctors 
november 2017 by redeemingqualities
Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville by L. Frank Baum
Uncle John and the nieces spend the summer at a mysterious farmhouse near the isolated town of Millville, and investigate mysteries badly.
books  fiction  byMen  ProjectGutenberg  LFrankBaum  EdithVanDyne  series  girls  1900s  farming  familydrama  financialmachinations  yokels  Adirondacks 
may 2017 by redeemingqualities
Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad by L. Frank Baum
Uncle John takes the three nieces to Italy, where they witness the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and tangle with some brigands.
books  fiction  ProjectGutenberg  byMen  LFrankBaum  EdithVanDyne  travel  transatlanticvoyages  Italy  criminals  familydrama  kidnapping  1900s  girls  series 
may 2017 by redeemingqualities
Aunt Jane's Nieces by L. Frank Baum
Aunt Jane gathers her three nieces together to decide which one should inherit her fortune--even though her dead fiance's nephew has a better right to it.
books  fiction  ProjectGutenberg  byMen  LFrankBaum  EdithVanDyne  series  girls  inheritanceandsuccession  longlostrelative  incognito  familydrama  1900s  America  ThreeNieces 
may 2017 by redeemingqualities
The Story of a Whim - Grace Livingston Hill - Google Books
A young man receives a box of things meant for a girl, and it sparks a religious awakening,
books  fiction  GraceLivingstonHill  GoogleBooks  byWomen  religion  Florida  romance  charity 
april 2017 by redeemingqualities
In the Heart of the Christmas Pines by Leona Dalrymple - Free Ebook
Jean Varian pays a visit to a small town over Christmas and comes to love more of its people than she thought she would.
books  fiction  LeonaDalrymple  byWomen  ProjectGutenberg  Christmas  America  orphans  longlostrelative  heiresses  1910s 
december 2016 by redeemingqualities
Lady Noggs, Peeress - Edgar Jepson - Google Books

Felicia Grandison, otherwise Lady Noggs, makes the lives of her uncle the Prime Minister and everyone on his estate hell, but in a nice way.
books  fiction  1900s  EdgarJepson  byMen  children  battlemurdersuddendeath  England  EnglishEstates  GoogleBooks 
may 2016 by redeemingqualities
Tenant for Death, by Cyril Hare

One of those mysteries where you have to figure out who the victim is before you can figure out who killed him. Dry, in that golden age detective fiction way. Good.
books  fiction  1930s  mystery  CyrilHare  London  byMen  ProjectGutenbergCA  detectives  financialmachinations 
april 2016 by redeemingqualities
Jan and Her Job by L. Allen Harker - Free Ebook

A young woman goes to India to take care of her sister and niece and nephew, but takes the kids back to England after her sister's death. The nephew and the love interest are both very appealing, and I enjoyed the villain’s unrelenting awfulness.
books  fiction  LAllenHarker  byWomen  ProjectGutenberg  India  England  1910s  familydrama  siblings 
april 2016 by redeemingqualities
The Loudwater Mystery by Edgar Jepson - Free Ebook

The most English of English mystery novels, but not in a particularly interesting way. A very angry man dies in his country house. Nobody liked him.
books  fiction  byMen  EdgarJepson  1920s  mystery  England  EnglishEstates  ProjectGutenberg 
april 2016 by redeemingqualities
Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill - Free Ebook

Teenager in the 1830s marries the proprietor of a temperance newspaper in her sisters place. They figure out that they love each other, but it takes a while.
books  fiction  historical  NewYorkState  GraceLivingstonHill  religiousovertones  trains  siblings  He/SheFellInLoveWithHis/HerWife/Husband  byWomen  1900s  comeuppance 
april 2016 by redeemingqualities
A Poor Wise Man by Mary Roberts Rinehart - Free Ebook

A story about a city. Lily Cardew's grandfather helped build it. Jim Doyle wants to destroy it. Willy Cameron is going to do his best to save it.
books  fiction  MaryRobertsRinehart  1920s  byWomen  ProjectGutenberg  America  politics  work  WWI  PostWar  labor  socialandclassissues 
april 2016 by redeemingqualities
Ten Dollars Enough by Catherine Owen - Free Ebook

Molly Bishop and her husband try out housekeeping. This book is mostly recipes, by volume, and that works better than you would think.
books  fiction  cooking  CatherineOwen  1880s  food  housekeeping  America  byWomen  ProjectGutenberg  suburban 
april 2016 by redeemingqualities
Doodles: The Sunshine Boy - Emma C. Dowd - Google Books

Follows Polly of Lady Gay Cottage and precedes Polly and the Princess, but Polly isn't featured very prominently. This book belongs to Doodles Stickney, who can't walk but can sing, his brother Blue, and the mockingbird Caruso.
books  fiction  EmmaCDowd  byWomen  musicians  birds  poverty  series  1910s  GoogleBooks  America  disability 
april 2016 by redeemingqualities
EXPERIENCE by Catherine Cotton
"This charming chronicle has no plot.
It is an attempt to present a happy, witty simple-minded woman who attracted love because she gave it out, and tried to make her home a little well of happiness in the desert of the world."

(I laughed and cried.)
books  fiction  CatherineCotton  ProjectGutenberg  byWomen  religion  WWI  England  FirstPersonPoV  1920s 
march 2016 by redeemingqualities
Penelope's English Experiences, by Kate Douglas Wiggin.

Penelope, Salemina and Francesca hang out in London, not doing much of anything, as far as I can tell. But they do nothing very charmingly.
books  fiction  FirstPersonPoV  KateDouglasSmithWiggin  1890s  travel  England  London  byWomen  romance 
february 2016 by redeemingqualities
Gentle Breadwinners: The Story of One of Them - Catherine Owen - Google Books

Dorothy and her sister May are left penniless. They move in with their aunt and uncle, poor farmers, and Dorothy learns to make a living by cooking.
books  fiction  CatherineOwen  cooking  business  work  food  farming  byWomen  1880s  America 
february 2016 by redeemingqualities
The Seven Darlings - Gouverneur Morris - Google Books

Seven siblings turn their summer home into a very expensive inn after the death of their father, and fall in love in dizzyingly rapid succession.
books  fiction  GouverneurMorris  byMen  1910s  camping  fishing  boats  cooking  romance  fluff  hotels&resorts  NewYorkState  siblings  inheritanceandsuccession 
february 2016 by redeemingqualities
THE ROMANTIC PRINCE by Rafael Sabatini

The fictional son of a real-life 15th century duke falls in love with a burgher's daughter but is prevented from marrying her. Then things get complicated. Not Sabatini's best, but one I'm pretty fond of.
books  fiction  RafaelSabatini  byMen  historical  adventure  romance  ProjectGutenbergAU  royalty  ethicalDilemmas  socialandclassissues  1920s  realPersonFiction  theNetherlands 
march 2015 by redeemingqualities
Pretty Kitty Herrick the Horsebreaker: A Romance of Love and Sport - Mrs. Edward Kennard - Google Books

Fox hunting makes NO SENSE, but Kitty Herrick is super into it, and is able to parley her skills into a job after her father kills himself. Horses EVERYWHERE. Also I'm developing a theory that you can identify bad fiances by their small mustaches.
books  fiction  Mrs.EdwardKennard  1890s  animals  horses  byWomen  GoogleBooks  romance  smallMustache 
march 2015 by redeemingqualities
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