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Hands Too Shaky to Hold - dedougal - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Derek shows up late to his art class, the last person he expects to see modeling is Stiles.
Teen.Wolf  au  futurefic  Derek/Stiles  Derek.Hale  Stiles.Stilinski  Cora.Hale 
october 2013 by reccea
Half past the point of oblivion - ellievolia - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Which is the exact reason why he’s now crossing the threshold of Beacon Hills’ tattoo parlor, all the while feeling a little queasy. And there is Derek. Derek Hale, on the other side of the counter, with ink stained fingers and a look between confusion and disbelief on his face. What is Derek doing here?
Teen.Wolf  Derek/Stiles  Derek.Hale  Stiles.Stilinski  futurefic 
september 2012 by reccea
The Outline - korynnvictoria - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The entire time he was doing it, Derek was sitting right there next to him, silently judging, criticizing when he saw flaws maybe Stiles didn’t, and all in all helping Stiles, though Stiles uses that term loosely. Sometimes he’ll say ‘bossing Stiles into choosing this school,’ or ‘harassing Stiles into dropping that school’ – it just depends on his mood. Stiles knows that Derek wants him to go somewhere that counts, somewhere that will make an impression on people.
Teen.Wolf  futurefic  Derek/Stiles  Derek.Hale  Stiles.Stilinski 
september 2012 by reccea
(Sacred) In the Ordinary - Chapter 1 - idyll - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The Pack, after college, graduate school and the starting of careers, comes back to Beacon Hills. Nothing's gotten less complicated after all this time.
Teen.Wolf  futurefic  Derek/Stiles  Derek.Hale  Stiles.Stilinski  Scott.McCall  Allison.Argent  Jackson.Whittemore  Lydia.Martin 
september 2012 by reccea
Butter Pies - [ Teen Wolf ] [ White Noise ]
I never asked you to leave! Derek shouts, but he stumbles back from Stiles when he realises that they’ve been arguing without spoken words. He puts a hand up to his temple, and shakes his head as if to clear the air, but it doesn’t work, he can feel it at the back of his head and in his mind, this awareness of Stiles. He looks at Stiles, who’s staring right back at him and Derek knows Stiles is feeling it too.
Teen.Wolf  futurefic  Derek/Stiles  Derek.Hale  Stiles.Stilinski 
august 2012 by reccea
there are some remedies worse than disease (inception)
Your father threw the first stone. And your mother caught it between her teeth.
Inception  gen  futurefic  Phillipa.Cobb  Dom.Cobb  James.Cobb 
august 2010 by reccea
Some Days Those Maps Collide
"She has my money." Two deep breaths from Seth. "So Marissa'll be calling sometime today about all of us having dinner and we'll be forced to meet Linton the gay guitarist and be polite and stuff. Should we go?"
The.OC  futurefic  Ryan/Seth  Ryan.Atwood  Seth.Cohen 
may 2010 by reccea
tigs: White Collar Fic: Provenance (Peter & Neal. PG. Future!fic.)
“You know this isn’t goodbye, though,” Neal says. “You really don’t think I’ll just fade away, do you?”
White.Collar  gen  Peter.Burke  Neal.Cafferty  Elizabeth.Burke  futurefic 
may 2010 by reccea
Bayside Revisited
Screech shakes his head. "Fine. It's just a small thing. A tiny thing, really, given the history of our friendship. I thought maybe you could sign the invitations to the high school reunion coming up this fall."
Saved.By.The.Bell  Zack.Morris  Kelly.Kapowski  Jessie.Spano  Lisa.Turtle  AC.Slater  Screech  futurefic 
september 2009 by reccea
Fleet of Foot
“You weren’t here when he was still a prince. You weren’t here before, but just look at him and tell me you can’t see how different he is. The King is home, and Camelot - we will be right again.”
Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  futurefic  merlin.emrys  arthur.pendragon 
august 2009 by reccea
The Tender Things That We Were Working On
He prepares for both eventualities by buying a new suit, and then hiding it in the back of the closet.
Breakfast.Club  Bender/Brian  John.Bender  futurefic 
august 2009 by reccea
They had burnt Gaius at the stake for sheltering a sorcerer under the king's aegis. Merlin should have been drained, a husk with everything else beaten out of him, but the tears swelled out of his eyes, unstopping.
Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  futurefic  merlin.emrys  arthur.pendragon  Uther.Pendragon  Guenivere 
june 2009 by reccea
For The Most Part
But what amazes him more than anything is that she’s not perfect either, and he thinks maybe he should’ve seen that somewhere along the way. How she manages to make it to work on time every single day but can’t be ready for a dinner reservation or make the 7:15 movie boggles his mind. And would it kill her to take out the trash? Just once?
West.Wing  Josh/Donna  Josh.Lyman  Donna.Moss  futurefic 
june 2009 by reccea
A Matter of Time: Blessed Are Those
“Ianto Jones,” the Doctor said, trying out the vowels in a perfect mimicry of a Welsh accent. “I read his biography, you know.”
Torchwood  au  futurefic  Jack/Ianto  Jack.Harkness  Eleventh.Doctor 
may 2009 by reccea
children die of the imagination
An enchanted forest, a cursed sleeper, a young king, and a quest. AKA: An Arthur-seeks-Merlin fic.
Merlin  futurefic  Merlin/Arthur  Merlin.Emrys  Arthur.Pendragon  Nimueh 
may 2009 by reccea
Romcom, with Sheep
"I was mainly in it for the questing," Arthur agrees. He brightens. "I'll have more time for that!"
Merlin  humor  futurefic  Merlin/Arthur  Morgana/Guen  Merlin.Emrys  Arthur.Pendragon  Morgana.LeFey  Guenivere 
may 2009 by reccea
True North
Right then he was just talking to his parents, handsome but nothing special, and yet Merlin was drawn to him as he ever is, like a magnet seeking true north.
Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  futurefic  Merlin.Emrys  Arthur.Pendragon 
april 2009 by reccea
The Seven Worst Kept Secrets of Camelot
Detailing those certain things which every child of Camelot grows up hearing stories about and would swear on their life to have never heard.
Merlin  futurefic  Merlin/Arthur  Guenivere/Lancelot 
april 2009 by reccea
An Explanation, Of Sorts, For What Was and Will Be
Merlin asks once if you’re sorry. He’s angry, truly angry, and it’s a sight to behold. All that power compacted into such a small space, just ready to explode. But beneath the anger is something else, something desperate. It’s a need that you are very familiar with, a need to understand, a need for peace.
Merlin  Morgana.LeFey  Morgana/Guen  Merlin/Arthur  futurefic 
march 2009 by reccea
The Offer of How Merlin Got To Be Royal Sorcerer After All
Unfortunatly neither Morgana nor Lord Myrton, the Royal Envoy, were to find out what Merlin wanted to tell the Prince because at that moment King Arthur unfroze, seized the Warlock’s arm and proceeded to haul him from the room, to the astonishment of the visiting Court and the somewhat resigned amusement of his own.
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  Arthur.Pendragon  Morgana.LeFey  Merlin.Emrys 
march 2009 by reccea
Dark Skies At Night
He may be out of the king’s favour, but he is never out of Arthur’s. And Arthur is the one he’s loyal too; Arthur, who can only really exist in the dark, when eyes aren’t on him anymore. Watching. Judging.
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  pwp  Arthur.Pendragon  Merlin.Emrys  angst 
march 2009 by reccea
He doesn't count the ghosts. He knows how many there are: one hundred and seventy-seven men. The bodies were charred already, but Arthur and his knights gathered the bones and cast them into the marsh. Every skeleton sunk out of sight, swallowed by the murky water.
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  Arthur.Pendragon  Merlin.Emrys  angst 
february 2009 by reccea
So Arthur takes to wearing it around the castle, and even the dimmest in the court are wise enough to see his obvious appreciation of the blade and, in it, an opportunity to gain favor. Scarcely five minutes will pass without another lady breathlessly complimenting the beauty of his new sword, another lord remarking the fine workmanship. Even those who know nothing of swords seem to recognize Arthur’s as extraordinary, and his knights are beside themselves with envy and awe.
crack  futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  Arthur.Pendragon  Merlin.Emrys 
february 2009 by reccea
“How long do you think it takes a dragon’s egg to hatch?” Merlin interrupted, desperate, and he could see the moment Arthur’s train of thought went from ‘wheat’ to ‘egg!’ Merlin had never met anybody who needed a pet more than Arthur.
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  Arthur.Pendragon  Merlin.Emrys  bestthingever 
february 2009 by reccea
Made known silently
Arthur looks ahead of them, far into the distance, though it is too dark to see the missing path. “As though, perhaps, if I do this one thing for you, you might try calling me Arthur again.”
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  pre.slash  Arthur.Pendragon  Merlin.Emrys 
february 2009 by reccea
All the Laughter From Before
"It's pretty, but very distressing. And lo, all is sunshine and daisies... and death, but what can you do?
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  character.death  Arthur.Pendragon  Guenivere  Morgana.LeFey  Merlin.Emrys 
february 2009 by reccea
Into His Own
Merlin thought nothing of it when Gaius dropped the first clay pot. It was, after all, an empty pot.
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  Arthur.Pendragon  Merlin.Emrys  angst 
february 2009 by reccea
A Lady's Favour
‘Guinevere’ his lips named her, his queen; ‘Gwen’ his eyes called out, cutting warm and intimate through chambers dense with ceremony and courtly manners.
futurefic  Merlin  Guenivere  Guenivere/Lancelot  Lancelot 
february 2009 by reccea
the trouble we possess
He’ll want to say, ‘It’ll be okay.’ He’ll want to believe it too. Arthur walks his inevitable path, every day one click closer to his destiny; for Merlin, time is anything but linear.
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  Guen/Arthur  Arthur.Pendragon  Guenivere  Morgana.LeFey  Merlin.Emrys  angst 
february 2009 by reccea
Two For One
"Yes, fine, there's a lady in the lake and she has your sword."
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  bestthingever 
february 2009 by reccea
Peach, Plum, Pear
"I think," said Guenevere slowly. "I think perhaps Wyllt is the wiser of the two."
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur  Merlin.Emrys  Arthur.Pendragon  bestthingever 
january 2009 by reccea
Walking into Legend
"Merlin? Will you travel once again with me?" asks Arthur. Merlin takes his lover's hand, presses his lips to Arthur's knuckles, the greatest show of affection he will make before the assembled knights and generals.
futurefic  Merlin  Merlin/Arthur 
january 2009 by reccea
A Man Not Alone
Ianto Jones knows why Jack is Torchwood's leader. Jack knows what Ianto Jones will be.
Torchwood  Ianto/Jack  Ianto.Jones  Jack.Harkness  futurefic 
may 2008 by reccea

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