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The key to tackling climate change: electrify everything
From the "pretty obvious if you think about it" files...
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3 days ago by rdormer
Circuit Simulator Applet
good pre-canned library of circuits to learn from
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december 2017 by rdormer
Reality is that most EVs emit less CO2 than petrol cars over their lifetimes
as usual, conservative free market loving dipshits tilt at a windmill by lying and misrepresenting facts
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december 2017 by rdormer
Autonomous Cars Have Shorter Range Due To High Power Consumption By Computers
it should be noted BorgWarner would lose a lot of money if electric vehicles become widespread
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october 2017 by rdormer
51% Of British Motorists Expect To Be Motoring In An Electric Vehicle Within 5 Years
"Change is being driven by men, with 60% of male drivers planning to drive an EV within 5 years compared to 42% of women."
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october 2017 by rdormer
Induction Versus DC Brushless Motors
"My conclusion is that DC brushless drives will likely continue to dominate in the hybrid and coming plug-in hybrid markets, and that induction drives will likely maintain dominance for the high-performance pure electrics. The question is what will happen as hybrids become more electrically intensive and as their performance levels increase? The fact that so much of the hardware is common for both drives could mean that we will see induction and DC brushless live and work side by side during the coming golden era of hybrid and electric vehicles."
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february 2017 by rdormer
Williamson Labs: Power Supplies
good explanation of different types of basic power supplies, and (maybe, check?) answers the question of what happens when you feed pulsed DC current into a transformer - you get sawtooth AC
august 2016 by rdormer
Record Battery Energy Density in Context
energy density of batteries vs fossil fuels
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may 2016 by rdormer
Power Profiler
more stats on regional power compositions
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february 2016 by rdormer
Portland to generate electricity within its own water pipes
very interesting idea. Mouth breathers in the comment section get schooled by people who actually know what they're talking about and who actually read the article.
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february 2016 by rdormer

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