FlatBuffers: FlatBuffers
A thing a bit like Protocol Buffers that doesn't require a parse step before accessing a field.
flatbuffers  protobuf  serialization  google 
19 days ago
go-cloud/samples/wire at master · google/go-cloud
Wire is both a potentially very useful bit of code on its own plus this serves as a tidy example of how to use `go generate` and build tags together to work with generated code without totally bailing on the Go toolchain.
golang  wire  deps 
27 days ago
research!rsc: What is Software Engineering? (Go & Versioning, Part 9)
"Software engineering is what happens to programming
when you add time and other programmers."
programming  softwareengineering  engineering  golang 
27 days ago
Announcing Managed CockroachDB: The Geo-Distributed Database as a Service | Cockroach Labs
It's about to get a lot easier to try Cockroach DB which was impressive if too risky to bet on a few years ago and is, I'm sure, more so now. It's still not Spanner, though; it's probably more like F1 or Megastore+SQL.
cockroachdb  dist  db  saas 
5 weeks ago
The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your startup's metrics - 80 slide deck included! at andrewchen
Lots of good details on business growth metrics investors want to see. They're perhaps pretty consumer/hit-focused but still useful in other contexts with different constants.
vc  business  metrics 
5 weeks ago
Adam Jacob on Twitter: "Paul Cormier says it clearly. Red Hat isn’t an open source company. They are an enterprise software company with an open source development model. That’s the thing anybody who thinks there will “never be another Red Hat” do
This is a really interesting and subtle difference that I didn't appreciate when it mattered to my business. Red Hat is not an open source project. There's no github.com/redhat/rhel page with a friendly README and quickie compile instructions. RHEL is a big, complex piece of enterprise software and it just so happens that, if you have the time and know where to look, you can cobble together all the source code and compile it.
redhat  opensource 
6 weeks ago
Liberating Distributed Consensus - Heidi Howard
I can't really understand the utility of consensus presented as the literature tends to in which only one value can ever be decided. And, even with that difficulty, these alrogithms that claim consensus in one round trip don't seem useful given they revert to two round trips after the initial epoch.
paxos  consensus  dist 
7 weeks ago
Introduction to Data / Observable
When this page is updated to include the ability to access private, authenticated data sources, I will be all over this service.
observable  javascript  notebook  visualization  d3 
7 weeks ago
debuerreotype/debuerreotype: reproducible, snapshot-based Debian rootfs builder
It's mildly terrifying that this is where the root Debian Docker images come from.
debian  docker  linux  containers 
8 weeks ago
Protobuffers Are Wrong :: Reasonably Polymorphic
I can see a few good points in here if I squint but mostly this is just empirically nonsense.
protobuf  types 
9 weeks ago
WikiLeaks - Releases
Map of AWS datacenters. It's just a hint at the truly astounding scale of their operation.
aws  datacenters 
9 weeks ago
Software disenchantment @ tonsky.me
This speaks to me deeply. I would be so, so happy to go around deleting software for years and years.
programming  engineering  perf 
9 weeks ago
Urban Commuter Belt-Drive Bike - Pure Cycles
More belt drive bikes. (At least, they have one model.)
cycling  beltdrive 
september 2018
Sikuli Script - Home
Whole screen graphical testing toolkit we're using at Slack. I still have no idea how this stuff works but it's pretty cool.
sikuli  testing  mac  windows  gui 
august 2018
DEC64: Decimal Floating Point
A floating-point number format that uses base-10 exponents to make it useful to humans.
dec64  decimal  float  floatingpoint  math  programming 
july 2018
All Tech Events - Techmeme
Like Lanyrd but worse but still exists.
techmeme  tech  conferences 
june 2018
GPS & Smartphone Compatible Bike Computers | Wahoo Fitness
These seem to be the ones most everyone's carrying.
wahoo  elemnt  cycling 
may 2018
Beautiful, though expensive, faux analog cycling computer.
omata  cycling 
may 2018
networking:netem [Linux Foundation Wiki]
Some relatively complete docs on tuning Linux to artificially slow traffic.
linux  netem  tc  networking  testing  latency  perf 
may 2018
Compass 700C x 28 Chinook Pass | Compass Bicycles
Theoretically the best tires (these for the road).
cycling  tires  compass 
may 2018
How did we end up with containers?
No, no, no: "If you’re building a container artifact, testing it, and then deploying it, it matters less if your build process is held together with spit and chewing gum. As long as someone can work the magic and get a container spit out, and it works, then it works."
april 2018
repl.it - Online REPL, Compiler & IDE
Jen Gilbert-endorsed teaching environment.
repl  teaching  learning  programming  ide 
april 2018
Don't Want a Robot to Replace You? Study Tolstoy.
A nice distillation of my nebulous reason to attend Wash U over a pure engineering school.
economics  literature  academia  college  university  diversity  inclusion 
march 2018
This is the brownie recipe referenced in that speech I did way back in high school.
brownies  usgov  military 
march 2018
DevOps and CI automation simplified | Shippable
I haven't tried it but the reputation is that it's grown up, monorepo-focused, and maybe an alternative to the Chef Delivery-style pipelines.
ci  cd  deployment  shippable 
march 2018
Metric and trace collection all rolled into one client library.
opencensus  census  monitoring  metrics  observability  tracing  visibility  prometheus  zipkin 
february 2018
The need for a Digital Geneva Convention - Microsoft on the Issues
This is really great leadership from Microsoft. I want this for the world. Perhaps my only criticism is its focus on nation-state attackers. For most service providers, it looks far more likely that identity thieves and Bitcoin miners are the primary threats.
microsoft  politics  law  internationallaw  security  genevaconvention 
february 2018
trishankatdatadog/yubikey: How to use Yubikey for gpg, git, ssh, Docker Content Trust, VMware Fusion, and more
Excellent and comprehensive cheat sheet on leveling up your personal key management to something HSM-esque using a Yubikey and GPG.
yubikey  gpg  pgp  ssh  pki  security  hsm  crypto 
february 2018
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