Metric and trace collection all rolled into one client library.
opencensus  census  monitoring  metrics  observability  tracing  visibility  prometheus  zipkin 
4 days ago
The need for a Digital Geneva Convention - Microsoft on the Issues
This is really great leadership from Microsoft. I want this for the world. Perhaps my only criticism is its focus on nation-state attackers. For most service providers, it looks far more likely that identity thieves and Bitcoin miners are the primary threats.
microsoft  politics  law  internationallaw  security  genevaconvention 
7 days ago
trishankatdatadog/yubikey: How to use Yubikey for gpg, git, ssh, Docker Content Trust, VMware Fusion, and more
Excellent and comprehensive cheat sheet on leveling up your personal key management to something HSM-esque using a Yubikey and GPG.
yubikey  gpg  pgp  ssh  pki  security  hsm  crypto 
19 days ago
dm3876_usbtypec_diagram2b.png (867×465)
This is why we can't have nice things.
usb  usbc 
5 weeks ago
AppArmor vs SELinux – RIT Computing Security Blog
Less important for the comparison than for the detailed walkthrough of bootstrapping an AppArmor profile.
apparmor  selinux  linux  security 
5 weeks ago
FakeRoot - Debian Wiki
"This is done by setting LD_PRELOAD to libfakeroot.so, which provides wrappers around getuid, chown, chmod, mknod, stat, and so on, thereby creating a fake root environment." I always wondered how this worked.
5 weeks ago
You and Your Research
Dr. Hamming on how to be a great scientist based on his observations from his time at Bell Labs.
research  science  greatness  productivity  career 
6 weeks ago
Concourse: CI that scales with your project
This certainly seems like something to get behind. Jenkins is an antipattern.
concourse  ci 
6 weeks ago
Peter Bourgon · A theory of modern Go
I haven't followed this theory thus far but I can see myself getting behind it. I might miss global variables with the flag package, though.
6 weeks ago
What to do if you have a nuisance or false alarm | Kidde
Confirmed, you must race around the house to find the fire alarm that started the ruckus to silence all of them in case of false alarm.
firex  firealarm  fire  smokealarm  smokedetector  smoke  alarm  safety  home 
7 weeks ago
Canonical Livepatch Service | Server | Ubuntu
Ksplice for everyone! Super expensive, though. Better to just stay really good at provisioning from scratch.
ubuntu  livepatch  linux  kernel 
7 weeks ago
My $169 development Chromebook
Some really fantastic advice in here. I don't personally feel the need to be capable of doing work without an Internet connection and I think for a daily driver the most expensive Chromebook on the market (base models around $1,000) are a better idea than going super cheap but all of this advice is still very sound.
chromeos  chromebook  security  laptop 
7 weeks ago
Linux Kernel Driver Database: main index
Best web reference I've found for the Linux kernel's bajillion CONFIG_* parameters.
linux  kernel 
7 weeks ago
SELinux - ArchWiki
Lots of needy potholes along the road to SELinux.
selinux  linux  security 
7 weeks ago
Learning to operate Kubernetes reliably
Actually really smart to defer the internal networking debacle until later.
cron  kubernetes  stripe 
7 weeks ago
Security-enhanced Linux for mere mortals - 2015 Red Hat Summit - YouTube
It's difficult to tell how much of the gentle slope portrayed here is because of all the effort Red Hat has put into the defaults and how much is because SELinux is generally misunderstood.
linux  selinux  redhat 
7 weeks ago
Dirt Roading in the Bay Area, CA: Part 1 | While Out Riding
Coastal Trail, etc. in the Headlands, Shell Ridge on Mount Diablo, and Bolinas Ridge.
cycling  gravel 
7 weeks ago
Long fire/gravel roads around Bay Area? : BAbike
Some Marin, some peninsula, and some all the way in Big Sur.
cycling  gravel 
8 weeks ago
Time for Tech Firms to Take Responsibility for the Havoc They Wrought in 2017
"The problem is that Maslow’s framework pertains to individual, not societal, well-being."
tech  economics 
8 weeks ago
Internet protocols are changing | APNIC Blog
Good survey of the currently-in-flight changes to core network protocols and their motivations. It'll be a little weird when almost everything is working around port and protocol differentiation.
dns  http  quic  tcp  udp  tls  networking  performance 
9 weeks ago
A Kubernetes distribution. Analogous to CDH or Hortonworks.
typhoon  kubernetes  terraform 
10 weeks ago
Work-in-progress implementation of SPIFFE.
spiffe  spire  identity  security  ops  dist 
10 weeks ago
Identity framework that directly addresses the disconnect between server identity and process identity in modern systems.
spiffe  identity  security  ops  dist 
10 weeks ago
Crypto-Gram: February 15, 2017 - Schneier on Security
Some really compelling thoughts on IoT security, externalities, and policy.
iot  security  policy 
11 weeks ago
Debugging an evil Go runtime bug - marcan.st
Good story but most worth it for the talk of gen_initramfs_list.sh.
golang  linux  kernel  initrd  initramfs 
11 weeks ago
Gruntwork | DevOps as a Service
Pay-to-play infrastructure code sharing.
gruntwork  aws  terraform  packer  ops 
12 weeks ago
higebu/packer-alpine: Alpine Linux Packer template
I tried to bend this into AWS but it didn't go well.
packer  alpine  linux  aws  ec2 
12 weeks ago
Unikernels are unfit for production | Joyent
The dissenting opinion which, at least in the medium-term, I believe. I'm not yet willing to bet my instrumentation is _that good_.
12 weeks ago
unigornel/unigornel: A library operating system for Go
This one's actually aspiring to be written in Go, too.
golang  unikernel 
12 weeks ago
SPIFFE (Secure Production Identity Framework For Everyone) might have a lot of the properties I've been dreaming about for identity bootstrapping.
spiffe  identity  security  pki  x509  authentication  authorization  acl 
12 weeks ago
Curiously, this doesn't mention anything about Grub Legacy. I wonder if that was ever truly the problem.
aws  ec2  ami  linux  linuxfromscratch 
november 2017
Linux From Scratch on EC2
I tried, and failed, to do this but I am still very interested.
aws  ec2  linux  linuxfromscratch 
november 2017
Unikernels - Rethinking Cloud Infrastructure
I like so much about the unikernel architecture and the idea of a "library operating system" but the arc towards Kubernetes et al requires more software underneath the application than just a hypervisor.
unikernel  kernel  linux  mirageos 
november 2017
How to Monitor the SRE Golden Signals – DevOpsLinks: The Must-Read Publication for Aspiring DevOps Professionals – Medium
Not super enlightening on the theory front but it's a good treasure map that can help bypass a whole bunch of man pages when getting these tools dialed.
monitoring  sre  aws  haproxy  nginx  apache  mysql  linux 
november 2017
Trunk Based Development
A cool collection of resouces. I haven't read all of them yet.
programming  deployment  vcs  trunk 
november 2017
Go FCC Yourself
A redirect to the comment process for Ajit Pai rolling back network neutrality.
fcc  politics  netneutrality 
november 2017
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