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The myth of the quick win | Brian Hunt CBAP. Business Process Consultant | LinkedIn
Great article. Has some useful stats about the extent to which senior managers understand problems in their organisation
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june 2015 by rcollings
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 - Business Process Flows - Star From
Description of enhancements to CRM Business Process Flows
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january 2015 by rcollings
Display Business Process Values on Forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
Potentially useful article on the new business process capability in Microsoft CRM
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july 2014 by rcollings
Royal British Legion
Interesting case study showing how budget database was assembled using SharePoint and workflow tool K2
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may 2014 by rcollings
Interesting breakdown of business process problems into 'transactional' - essentially mechanical - and 'exploratory' - more complex, messy, not subject to simple business rules
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april 2013 by rcollings
Workbook: CRM, Web Based Customer Relationship Management Software | Workbooks CRM
Another SaaS CRM system - appears to be very focussed on the sales process and worflows. Now has a fundraising component
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march 2013 by rcollings
How Adaptive Case Management Helps Businesses Overcome Challenges and Improve Performance
Hey - it turns out that what I have been saying for the last 10 years (BPM is hopeless because its too rigid and that you want is something that is more flexible and which allows human beings to make decisions based on their own knowledge and what is happening in the broader world) now has a name 'Adaptive Case Management'. Watch this space
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january 2011 by rcollings
How Do You Identify BPM Operational Processes?
Ha! What I have been saying for years - BPM doesn't help deliver improved services - you still end up with rigid, inflexible processes. As article says 'you end up in a bigger mess, faster'
bpm  systems.thinking  flaws 
january 2011 by rcollings
Online Wireframes and Mockups | Creately
Another SAAS diagramming tool. It does have entity relationship diagrams but they use a convention that I am less keen on
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november 2010 by rcollings
End this 'inhumane and expensive' asylum system | Law | guardian.co.uk
Yet another example of how narrow minded attempts to drive down costs actually results in a worse service to clients (not surprising) and higher costs (more surprising, perhaps). A pilot scheme to ensure that asylum seekers are represented properly during the asylum process resulted in faster decisions and fewer appeals (over 20% of negative asylum decisions are subsequently reversed on appeal). Approaches which deal with problems properly and completely at the intial stages nearly always deliver a better and more efficient service
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june 2010 by rcollings
Economy is in flow, not scale | ResPublica
Critique of the Gershon approach to factory style outsourcing - why it actually delivers a worse and more costly service than on the one it is supposed to be replacing and improving on
systems.thinking  johnseddon  government  governmentcuts  outsourcing  bpm 
may 2010 by rcollings
Celebrate the end of CAA, by John Seddon - Public Finance Opinion
A straw in the the wind? Are we going to see the end of the inspection driven regimes of the last two decades (that prove very little apart from the fact that a lot of boxes have been ticked) with a greater focus on talking to customers/users about what they want and then working out good ways of delivering them.
government  systems.thinking  bpm  localauthority 
may 2010 by rcollings
Redux :: Redefining Analysis - Ashish Bhagwat - Old Wine Sells For Itself, Who Needs A New Bottle?
Haven't read this in detail but provides a potentially interesting breakdown of the different types of processes that exist
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may 2010 by rcollings
Software as a Service (SaaS) - Performance management emerges for LOB managers
Argues that whilst the software industry has provided adequate solutions for supporting process work (even here I have doubts), it has not solved the problem of supporting knowledge work (ie where people have to find answers to questions rather than simply following 'rote' processes). Suggests that Salesforce, despite the hype, has been no more successful than its 'in-house' predecessors. Not sure of what I think about the solutions it identifies but I think its analyis of the problem is correct
knowledgemanagement  bpm  collaboration  salesforce 
may 2010 by rcollings

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