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GitHub - stitchfix/immutable-struct
Create struct-like classes that don't have setters, but have an awesome constructor.
11 weeks ago by raygrasso
GitHub - Shopify/deprecation_toolkit
⚒Eliminate deprecations from your codebase ⚒
ruby  maintenance  refactoring 
september 2018 by raygrasso
GitHub - grodowski/undercover
Actionable code coverage - detects untested code blocks in recent changes
august 2018 by raygrasso
Crystalball Manual
Crystalball is a Ruby library which implements Regression Test Selection mechanism originally published by Aaron Patterson. Its main purpose is to select a minimal subset of your test suite which should be run to ensure your changes didn't break anything.
ruby  testing 
july 2018 by raygrasso
A Ruby gem for sending webmention and pingback notifications.
ruby  publishing  blogging 
july 2018 by raygrasso
GitHub - discourse/mini_sql
a minimal, fast, safe sql executor
postgres  ruby 
june 2018 by raygrasso
GitHub - varvet/pundit
Minimal authorization through OO design and pure Ruby classes
security  ruby 
april 2018 by raygrasso
GitHub - philnash/pwned
An easy, Ruby way to use the Pwned Passwords API.
security  ruby  passwords 
march 2018 by raygrasso
GitHub - Ferocia/kartalytics
Image processing mariocart to extract race analytics.
ruby  gamedev 
march 2018 by raygrasso
GitHub - emad-elsaid/rubrowser
a ruby code dependency graph interactive visualizer
february 2018 by raygrasso
GitHub - ruby-concurrency/concurrent-ruby
concurrent-ruby - Modern concurrency tools including agents, futures, promises, thread pools, supervisors, and more. Inspired by Erlang, Clojure, Scala, Go, Java, JavaScript, and classic concurrency patterns.
ruby  concurrency 
december 2017 by raygrasso
GitHub - grosser/parallel
Ruby: parallel processing made simple and fast
ruby  concurrency 
december 2017 by raygrasso
GitHub - JuanitoFatas/fast-ruby
:dash: Writing Fast Ruby :heart_eyes: -- Collect Common Ruby idioms.
ruby  performance 
july 2017 by raygrasso
Ruby alignment for emacs by jimweirich
emacs  ruby 
march 2017 by raygrasso
How unicorn talks to nginx
An introduction to unix sockets in Ruby.
unix  unicorn  ruby  nginx 
march 2017 by raygrasso
GitHub - asdf-vm/asdf
Extendable version manager with support for Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, Erlang & more
versioning  ruby  elixir  nodejs 
january 2017 by raygrasso
GitHub - pitr-ch/algebrick
Typed structs on steroids based on algebraic types and pattern matching.
january 2017 by raygrasso
GitHub - enkessler/childprocess
Cross-platform Ruby library for managing child processes.
december 2016 by raygrasso
GitHub - dry-rb/dry-container
A simple, configurable container implemented in Ruby
november 2016 by raygrasso
Naming chained enumerations with domain concepts in Ruby
Retaining Ruby's chained Enumerable style, but finding a way to inject names that reflects the application domain.
october 2016 by raygrasso
GitHub - brandonhilkert/sucker_punch
Sucker Punch is a Ruby asynchronous processing library using concurrent-ruby, heavily influenced by Sidekiq and girl_friday.
september 2016 by raygrasso
GitHub - github/graphql-client
A Ruby library for declaring, composing and executing GraphQL queries
graphql  ruby 
september 2016 by raygrasso
A small Ruby library for constructing parsers in the PEG (Parsing Expression Grammar) fashion.
ruby  parser 
august 2016 by raygrasso
GitHub - puma/puma-dev
A tool to manage rack apps in development with puma
ruby  tools 
july 2016 by raygrasso
Ruby optparse template
Example of how to provide usage in header comment of Ruby script.
july 2016 by raygrasso
GitHub - modcloth/mc-settings
Convenient way to manage ruby application settings/configuration across multiple environments
ruby  rails 
june 2016 by raygrasso
Introducing Helix
A bridge between Ruby and Rust.
rust  ruby  performance 
may 2016 by raygrasso
GitHub - github/scientist
:microscope: A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths.
may 2016 by raygrasso
GitHub - envato/rack-ecg
Health check page as Rack middleware
may 2016 by raygrasso
GitHub - grosser/pru
Pipeable Ruby - forget about grep / sed / awk / wc ... use pure, readable Ruby!
may 2016 by raygrasso
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