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Alisha Torn - MASTERPOST: (X-Men: FC) These Bridges We've Built
Four years after the events of X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier finds his X-Men on the losing side of their continuing battle with Erik’s Brotherhood. Azazel and Mystique have a child in secret and, unwilling to raise Kurt in the midst of Erik's war, they give him up to Charles to raise at his school for the gifted. He agrees to do so, on thecondition that they visit their son regularly. This leads to tenuous contact between the Brotherhood and the X-Men outside of the battlefield for the first time in years, and both Xavier and Magneto realize that the lines dividing them are not as clear-cut as they previously thought.
x-men  slash  fixit  reconcilliation  stryker  charlesxavier  charles/erik  eriklehnsherr  raven  actionadventure  alishatorn  length-long  bigbang  hallucination  telepathy  emmafrost  azazel  kidnapping  captive  rescue  raven/azazel  kurtwagner  destiny  precognition  pov-3rd  pov-xavier  post-firstclass 
november 2011 by ratcreature
nekosmuse | Fic: Tessellation (1/?) Eric/Charles XMFC (kink meme fill)
Prompt 1: This is an odd request, but I'd like a fill where Erik and Charles go on to be important mutant advocates (in their own very different ways), but while they know of each other, they've never actually met.

Cue them eventually meeting at some big function celebrating a mutant legislative victory (or something). They hit it right off and skip out on the celebration/rally in order to play chess and have long discussions. In other words, they fall in love...


Prompt 2: I want an AU where a moderately less crazy than usual Erik meets Charles after he has already been paralyzed, and is still interested. Charles is completely paraplegic, no feeling or function below the injury at all. Which is particularly annoying, since he can hear what everyone is thinking about him. But he deals, because he's cool like that.
x-men  au  charles/erik  eriklehnsherr  charlesxavier  firsttime  firstmeeting  raven  nekosmuse  destiny  slash  imploedhet  raven/destiny  hankmccoy  hank/ofc  genosha  stryker  collar  shaving  brotherhoodofmutants  emmafrost  telepathy  powerful-xavier  mutantpower-sex  power-suppression  length-novel  romance  actionadventure  mutants-are-public  alcoholism  withdrawal  disability  charles/moira  logan  scottsummers 
october 2011 by ratcreature
KCScribblings - [ST:XI] Second-Best Destiny (Master Post)
"Whatever our lives might have been, our destinies have changed." -- AOS Spock, ST:XI "You once said being a starship captain was my first, best destiny. And, if that's true, then yours is to be by my side." -- Deleted Shatner scene from ST:XI, origi
startrek  st:aos  kcs  gen  length-novel  jamestkirk  spock  kirk-prime  spock-prime  q  romulans  plague  starfleet  insecure-kirk  mindmeld  telepathy  destiny  bond  bigbang  leonardmccoy  mpdjk 
october 2010 by ratcreature

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