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MAT: Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit
MAT is a toolbox composed of a GUI application, a CLI application and a library, to anonymize/remove metadata.
anonymity  metadata  privacy  python  tool  opensource 
12 weeks ago by raphman
PhotoFS is a web-based photo album or image gallery, based on the files-as-directories and attributes-as-files concepts at the core of the ReiserFS V4 filesystem. It does not require reiser4, but is much more efficient on that system than on others.
filesystem  gallery  files-as-directories  python  opensource 
february 2018 by raphman
apple/ccs-pycalendar: Python iCalendar library used by CalendarServer
This is a python library for parsing and generating iCalendar data.
python  ical  opensource  apple 
december 2017 by raphman
mottosso/Qt.py: Minimal Python 2 & 3 shim around all Qt bindings - PySide, PySide2, PyQt4 and PyQt5.
Qt.py enables you to write software that runs on any of the 4 supported bindings - PySide2, PyQt5, PySide and PyQt4.
gui  python  qt  opensource  library  wrapper 
december 2017 by raphman
aaronsw/html2text: Convert HTML to Markdown-formatted text.
html2text is a Python script that converts a page of HTML into clean, easy-to-read plain ASCII text. Better yet, that ASCII also happens to be valid Markdown (a text-to-HTML format).
markdown  html  converter  opensource  python 
september 2017 by raphman
astorfi/speechpy: SpeechPy - A Library for Speech Processing and Recognition
This library provides most frequent used speech features including MFCCs and filterbank energies alongside with the log-energy of filterbanks. If you are interested to see what are MFCCs and how they are generated please refer to this wiki page.
library  opensource  programming  python  speech  recognition  dsp 
september 2017 by raphman
saulpw/visidata: A console spreadsheet tool for discovering and arranging data
A curses interface for exploring and arranging tabular data

Usable via any remote shell which has Python3 installed.
cli  csv  python  spreadsheet  data  opensource  tool 
july 2017 by raphman
hoburg/gpkit: Python package for defining and manipulating geometric programming models.
GPkit is a Python package for defining and manipulating geometric programming models, abstracting away the backend solver. Supported solvers are mosek and cvxopt.
constraints  solver  python  programming  opensource 
march 2017 by raphman
ergonomica/ergonomica: A Bash alternative written in Python.
Ergonomica is a cross-platform shell language, implemented in Python. Ergonomica aims to modernize the terminal, in an easily-extensible and usable language, independent of the OS on which it runs.
shell  python  terminal  opensource 
february 2017 by raphman
rinohtype: The Python Document Processor — rinohtype 0.3.1 documentation
rinohtype is a Python library that transforms a structured document into a professionally typeset PDF guided by a document template and style sheet. It can be used to create any kind of document, but its focus is on complex documents such as technical manuals.
typesetting  python  latex  tex  opensource  markdown 
february 2017 by raphman
python-visualization/folium: Python Data. Leaflet.js Maps.
Folium builds on the data wrangling strengths of the Python ecosystem and the mapping strengths of the Leaflet.js library. Manipulate your data in Python, then visualize it in on a Leaflet map via Folium.
python  gis  maps  leaflet.js  library  opensource 
april 2016 by raphman
Home Assistant
Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. Track and control all devices at home and automate control. Installation in less than a minute.
automation  home  iot  python  opensource 
april 2016 by raphman
Uberi/speech_recognition: Speech recognition module for Python, supporting CMU Sphinx, Google Speech Recognition, Wit.ai, IBM Speech to Text, and AT&T Speech to Text.
Speech recognition module for Python, supporting CMU Sphinx, Google Speech Recognition, Wit.ai, IBM Speech to Text, and AT&T Speech to Text.
speech  python  recognition  opensource 
february 2016 by raphman
PCBmodE is a printed circuit board design Python script that creates an SVG from JSON input files, and then creates Gerber and Excellon files for manufacturing.

PCBmodE gives the designer the freedome to place any arbitrary shape on any layer, as it is natively vector-based. Much of the design is done in a text editor -- editing JSON -- with viewing and some editing -- routing mostly -- done with Inkscape.
python  pcb  opensource  tool  inkscape  cool 
january 2016 by raphman
Vdirsyncer synchronizes your calendars and addressbooks between two storages. The most popular purpose is to synchronize a CalDAV/CardDAV server with a local folder or file. The local data can then be accessed via a variety of programs, none of which have to know or worry about syncing to a server.
caldav  calendar  addressbook  sync  python  opensource  pim  productivity 
december 2015 by raphman
Home - the bpython interpreter
bpython is a fancy interface to the Python interpreter for Linux, BSD, OS X and Windows (with some work). bpython is released under the MIT License. It has the following (special) features:

In-line syntax highlighting
Readline-like autocomplete with suggestions displayed as you type.
Expected parameter list for any Python function.
"Rewind" function to pop the last line of code from memory and re-evaluate.
Send the code you've entered off to a pastebin.
Save the code you've entered to a file.
Python 3 support.
python  interpreter  cli  shell  opensource 
december 2015 by raphman
A collection of GIMP scripts and plug-ins by Akkana Peck.
python  gimp  plugins  opensource 
november 2015 by raphman
KeePassC is a curses-based password manager compatible to KeePass v.1.x and KeePassX http://raymontag.github.com/keepassc/
cli  python  password  keepass  opensource 
october 2015 by raphman
gutomaia/pyNES · GitHub
Python programming for Nintendo 8 bits
python  nintendo  nes  opensource 
september 2015 by raphman
Welcome to igraph's new home
igraph is a collection of network analysis tools with the emphasis on efficiency, portability and ease of use. igraph is open source and free. igraph can be programmed in R, Python and C/C++.
graphs  r  python  c++  network  analysis  visualisation  opensource 
august 2015 by raphman
Antimony is a computer-aided design (CAD) tool from a parallel universe in which CAD software evolved from Lisp machines rather than drafting tables.
cad  python  design  opensource 
july 2015 by raphman
Python-based OCR package using recurrent neural networks.
ocr  python  neural_networks  opensource 
june 2015 by raphman
A fast, offline reverse geocoder in Python
geo  geocoding  python  geolocation  opensource 
may 2015 by raphman
Kallithea, a member project of Software Freedom Conservancy, is a GPLv3'd, Free Software source code management system that supports two leading version control systems, Mercurial and Git, and has a web interface that is easy to use for users and admins. You can install Kallithea on your own server and host repositories for the version control system of your choice.
git  hosting  webservice  opensource  mercurial  python  scm 
april 2015 by raphman
extract text from any document. no muss. no fuss
python  text  extraction  opensource  nlp 
february 2015 by raphman
Gitless is an experimental version control system built on top of Git. Many people complain that Git is hard to use. We think the problem lies deeper than the user interface, in the concepts underlying Git. Gitless is an experiment to see what happens if you put a simple veneer on an app that changes the underlying concepts.
vcs  git  research  python  opensource 
february 2015 by raphman
Mahogany Mail
Mahogany is an Open Source cross-platform mail and news client. It is available for X11/Unix and MS Win32 platforms, supporting a wide range of protocols and standards, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP (including SSL support for all of them) and full MIME support.
(Also: Python interpreter embedded)
email  opensource  imap  python  crossplatform 
january 2015 by raphman
Blockhash is a set of libraries (Python and JavaScript, currently) implementing a variation of the perceptual image hashing algorithm described by Bian Yang, Fan Gu and Xiamu Niu in their paper Block Mean Value Based Image Perceptual Hashing
hash  image  similarity  opensource  python  javascript 
december 2014 by raphman
Home Assistant is a home automation platform running on Python 3. The goal of Home Assistant is to be able to track and control all devices at home and offer a platform for automating control.
home  automation  python  opensource 
november 2014 by raphman
Schematics is a Python library to combine types into structures, validate them, and transform the shapes of your data based on simple descriptions.
python  api  data  model  software_engineering  module  opensource 
october 2014 by raphman
ocropus - The OCRopus(tm) open source document analysis and OCR system - Google Project Hosting
OCRopus™ is an OCR system written in Python, NumPy, and SciPy focusing on the use of large scale machine learning for addressing problems in document analysis.
ocr  opensource  scanning  python 
september 2014 by raphman
"PyBossa is a free, 100% open-source framework for crowdsourcing. It enables you to create and run projects where volunteers help you with image classification, transcription, geocoding and more. PyBossa lets researchers, civic hackers and developers connect with people all around the world to solve problems faster and more efficiently. Embrace the power of the crowd!"
crowdsourcing  opensource  python  datamining 
august 2014 by raphman
Cassowary: A pure Python implementation of the Cassowary constraint solving algorithm. Part of the BeeWare suite.
A pure Python implementation of the Cassowary constraint-solving algorithm. Cassowary is the algorithm that forms the core of the OS X and iOS visual layout mechanism.
ui  layout  osx  gui  python  opensource  constraints  solving 
august 2014 by raphman
Pyjs is a port of Google Web Toolkit to Python, and thus enables the development of Rich Media AJAX applications in Python, with no need for special browser plugins. Pyjs contains a stand-alone python-to-javascript compiler, and also a Widget Set API that looks very similar to Desktop Widget Set APIs (such as PyQT4 or PyGTK2).
python  web  ui  library  opensource  browser 
august 2014 by raphman
Mailgun library to extract message quotations and signatures.
python  library  email  parser  opensource  signature 
july 2014 by raphman
A collection of fancy functional tools focused on practicality.
python  library  functional  opensource  tool 
june 2014 by raphman
Terminal Velocity by seanh
A fast note-taking app for the UNIX terminal
notetaking  linux  shell  cli  python  opensource  tool 
may 2014 by raphman
uncompyle -- A Python 2.7 byte-code decompiler
'uncompyle' converts Python byte-code back into equivalent Python
source. It accepts byte-code from Python version 2.7 only.
decompiler  python  opensource  reverse_engineering 
april 2014 by raphman
Portia is a tool for visually scraping web sites without any programming knowledge. Just annotate web pages with a point and click editor to indicate what data you want to extract, and portia will learn how to scrape similar pages from the site.
scraping  python  scrapy  opensource  web 
april 2014 by raphman
PySheet - Mission: Cognition
PySheet is a simple Python based spreadsheet with integrated interpreter shell. The language for the formulas is Python. This program requires Python 2.6, a recent version of the wxPython library, and my EzWX library to run correctly.
python  opensource  spreadsheet 
march 2014 by raphman
libmpsse - Open source library for SPI/I2C control via FTDI chips - Google Project Hosting
Libmpsse is a library for interfacing with SPI/I2C devices via FTDI's FT-2232 family of USB chips. Based around the libftdi library, it is written in C and includes a Python wrapper courtesy of swig.
python  opensource  spi  i2c  ftdi  electronics 
february 2014 by raphman
A python framework to transform natural language questions to queries in a database query language.
python  nlp  search  database  opensource  framework 
february 2014 by raphman
Katee/quietnet · GitHub
Simple chat program using near ultrasonic frequencies. Works without Wifi or Bluetooth and won't show up in a pcap.
audio  python  sound  networking  communication  opensource  ultrasound 
january 2014 by raphman
a cross-platform windowing and multimedia
library for Python.
graphics  opengl  programming  python  library  opensource  crossplatform  gamedev  multimedia 
december 2013 by raphman
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