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wordmobi - Google Code
Wordmobi is S60 client for wordpress written in Python for Nokia mobile phones, helping you to manage your blog while saving time and bandwidth. Common blog operations, like posting, approve comment, post delete, comments visualization, for instance, are possible using wordmobi.
wordpress  blog  mobile  s60  nokia  python  open-source  software 
march 2009 by raphman
IYOUIT Portal - Share Life Blog Play
"IYOUIT is a mobile application developed in Python, and running on Nokia Series 60 phones. Its aim is to make it easy for an end-user to automatically record, store, and use context information, e.g. for personalization purposes, as input parameter to information services, or to share with family, friends, colleagues or other relations, or just to log them for future use or to perform statistics on your own life. E.g., it can be used to create automatic context bits for your own blog, so that your friends can easily see what you have been doing the last days, including a summary of the pictures you have made."
mobile  nokia  python  mashup  community  lbs 
february 2009 by raphman
Python for Mobile Devices
"This is a site dedicated to the coverage of Python software for mobile devices, including applications, developer tools, and news."
linux  mobile  python  palm  phone  zaurus 
june 2008 by raphman
Betavine Forge: Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver: Project Info
Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux is a GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA device manager written in Python, licensed under the GPL. Features: Data call handling Send/Receive SMS SIM phone book management Graphical user interface using GTK
linux  vodafone  mobile  umts  gprs  OpenSource  sms  python 
february 2008 by raphman

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