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101 real world web scraping exercises in Python 3 for data journalists
python  scraping  journalism  data 
august 2015 by raphman
ToolDatabase < Dmi
tools for ddj, dh, scraping, etc.
ddj  journalism  tools  scraping  web  collection 
december 2014 by raphman
Friedrich Lindenberg - pudo.org
"I'm a software developer and data wrangler working on methods to support effective journalism, activism and civic participation."
pudo  person  opendata  journalism 
june 2013 by raphman
Final Edition on Vimeo
After 149 years and 311 days, the Rocky Mountain News published its final edition on February 27, 2009.
business  journalism  video  newspaper  rocky_mountain_news 
june 2012 by raphman
GlobaLeaks - Open Source Whistleblowing Framework
GlobaLeaks is the first open-source whistleblowing framework. It empowers anyone to easily set up and maintain a whistleblowing platform. GlobaLeaks can help many different types of users: media organizations, activist groups, corporations and public agencies.
journalism  leak  wikileaks  whistleblowing  activism 
april 2012 by raphman
The Overview Project
"Overview is an open-source tool to help journalists find stories in large amounts of data, by cleaning, visualizing and interactively exploring large document and data sets. "
ap  overview  visualization  opensource  infoviz  software  journalism  data 
july 2011 by raphman
Ask mb: What the TK? - mediabistro.com Content
Confused by wacky mag-world jargon? From the lede to the kicker, with a nut graf in between, here's mb's handy glossary.
journalism  reference  writing  shortcuts 
may 2011 by raphman
An investigations game - The Help Me Investigate blog
Blog for Help Me Investigate, an open source tool people can use to collaborate to investigate questions in the public interest. (also known as crowdsourced investigative journalism).
crowdsourcing  journalism  game  investigation 
may 2011 by raphman
Journalist: Personen, Posen, Prominente
Wen darf ich fotografieren und wen nicht? Wann steht das öffentliche Interesse über dem Schutz der Persönlichkeit? Wer Persönlichkeitsrechte verletzt, muss im Extremfall mit einer Geldbuße in sechsstelliger Höhe rechnen. Wollen sich Bildjournalisten und Bildredakteure vor Schadenersatzansprüchen schützen, dann sollten sie einige Regeln beachten.
journalist  german  article  photography  press  journalism  photo  law  rights 
april 2011 by raphman
Discourse DB
Discourse DB is a new kind of site: a database that uses the power and ease-of-use of wiki technology to collect the opinions of the world's journalists and commentators about ongoing political events and issues.
journalism  wiki  politics  database  commentary  discourse 
march 2011 by raphman
Datenjournalismus: OpenDataCity | Die Datengestalter
OpenDataCity ist spezialisiert auf Anwendungen rund um große Datensätze. Wir recherchieren und bearbeiten Daten aus einer journalistischen Perspektive:
german  opendata  data  visualization  infoviz  journalism 
march 2011 by raphman
Churnalism | Search
Churn engine to distinguish journalism from
journalism  news  media  pr  search  web  transparency  press 
march 2011 by raphman
Journalism Warning Labels « Tom Scott
"It seems a bit strange to me that the media carefully warn about and label any content that involves sex, violence or strong language — but there's no similar labelling system for, say, sloppy journalism and other questionable content.
I figured it was time to fix that, so I made some stickers. I've been putting them on copies of the free papers that I find on the London Underground. You might want to as well."
journalism  sticker  tag  warning  research  satire  fun  newspapers  labels 
august 2010 by raphman
Washington City Paper: City Desk - The Unsung Hero of the Washington Post
When Julie Tate’s name appears in the Washington Post, it’s generally surrounded by predictable text. The predictable text sits at the footer of the story, and often at the footers of long and complicated stories. The predictable text, always in italics, reads like this:

Staff researcher Julie Tate contributed to this report.
blog  research  article  researching  washingtonpost  journalism 
october 2008 by raphman
Die PrivacyBox soll es in erster Linie Journalisten, Bloggern und anderen Publizierenden ermöglichen, eine vorratsdatenfreie (und auch anonyme) Kontaktmöglichkeit für Informanten anzubieten. Sie steht aber auch weiteren Interessierten offen.
german  journalism  privacy  Anonymous  privacybox  communication 
june 2008 by raphman

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