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0x5f3759df | Hummus and Magnets
This post is about the magic constant 0x5f3759df and an extremely neat hack, fast inverse square root, which is where the constant comes from.
algorithms  article  programming  math  c  floating_point  sqrt  _eimi  encoding 
december 2017 by raphman
knight666 / utf8rewind — Bitbucket
utf8rewind is a system library written in C designed to extend the default string handling functions with support for UTF-8 encoded text.
utf-8  c  library  opensource  utf8  text  encoding 
october 2016 by raphman
stb/other_libs.md at master · nothings/stb
single-file public-domain/open source libraries with minimal dependencies
c  library  overview  minimalistic  opensource  programming  list 
january 2016 by raphman
Antialiased 2D vector drawing library on top of OpenGL for UI and visualizations.
2d  graphics  opengl  c 
december 2015 by raphman
ctypes.sh is a bash plugin that provides a foreign function interface directly in your shell. In other words, it allows you to call routines in shared libraries from within bash.
bash  c  tool  opensource 
december 2015 by raphman
startc is a minimal freestanding C runtime library for a 32-bit i386 PC.
Its job is to put the machine in a state which can be comfortably programmed
using ordinary C semantics, without constraining the application programmer's
architectural policy choices.
embedded  os  c  programming  opensource  x86 
october 2015 by raphman
A foreign function interface for bash.
bash  c  programming  interface 
july 2015 by raphman
midipix is a development environment that lets you create programs for Windows using the standard C and POSIX APIs.
c  cross-platform  windows  posix  library 
june 2015 by raphman
C-Reduce is a tool that takes a large C or C++ program that has a property of interest (such as triggering a compiler bug) and automatically produces a much smaller C/C++ program that has the same property. It is intended for use by people who discover and report bugs in compilers and other tools that process C/C++ code. C-Reduce is relased under a BSD-like license.
c  bugs  programming  debugging 
january 2015 by raphman
cc65 - a freeware C compiler for 6502 based systems -
6502  embedded  compiler  opensource  c 
december 2014 by raphman
C-Reduce is a tool that takes a large C or C++ program that has a
property of interest (such as triggering a compiler bug) and
automatically produces a much smaller C/C++ program that has the same
property. It is intended for use by people who discover and report
bugs in compilers and other tools that process C/C++ code.
c  programming  debugging  tool  bug 
may 2014 by raphman
ooc » The ooc programming language
ooc is a small programming language with a clear and concise syntax that compiles to C99.
c  programming  oop 
january 2014 by raphman
Bloomd is a high-performance C server which is used
to expose bloom filters and operations over them to
networked clients. It uses a simple ASCII protocol
which is human readable, and similar to memcached.
bloom  c  filter  server  opensource 
november 2013 by raphman
Table of Contents — An Introduction to libuv
libuv is a high performance evented I/O library which offers the same API on Windows and Unix.
event  library  node.js  callback  programming  development  documentation  opensource  crossplatform  c 
october 2013 by raphman
Cello • High Level Programming C
Cello is a GNU99 C library which brings higher level programming to C.

Interfaces allow for structured design
Duck Typing allows for generic functions
Exceptions control error handling
Constructors/Destructors aid memory management
Syntactic Sugar increases readability
C Library means excellent performance and integration
c  programming  library 
august 2013 by raphman
linux - Getting Filename from file descriptor in C - Stack Overflow
"You can use readlink on /proc/self/fd/NNN where NNN is the file descriptor. This will give you the name of the file as it was when it was opened — however, if the file was moved or deleted since then, it may no longer be accurate (although Linux can track renames in some cases). To verify, stat the filename given and fstat the fd you have, and make sure st_dev and st_ino are the same."
linux  filesystem  hack  programming  c 
may 2013 by raphman
mortdeus/legacy-cc · GitHub
The earliest versions of the very first c compiler known to exist in the wild written by the late legend himself dmr.
c  compiler  history 
may 2013 by raphman
LLJS : Low-Level JavaScript
LLJS is a typed dialect of JavaScript that offers a C-like type system with manual memory management. It compiles to JavaScript and lets you write memory-efficient and GC pause-free code less painfully, in short, LLJS is the bastard child of JavaScript and C. LLJS is early research prototype work, so don't expect anything rock solid just yet. The research goal here is to explore low-level statically typed features in a high-level dynamically typed language. Think of it as inline assembly in C, or the unsafe keyword in C#. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done.
javascript  c  programming 
october 2012 by raphman
pozorvlak/libtap - GitHub
The tap library provides functions for writing test scripts that produce output consistent with the Test Anything Protocol. A test harness that parses this protocol can run these tests and produce useful reports indicating their success or failure.
c  programming  testing 
august 2011 by raphman
This is CS50 OpenCourseWare
Introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming. This course teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently. Topics include abstraction, encapsulation, data structures, databases, memory management, software development, virtualization, and websites. Languages include C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and XHTML. Problem sets inspired by real-world domains of biology, cryptography, finance, forensics, and gaming. Designed for concentrators and non-concentrators alike, with or without prior programming experience.
c  compsci  harvard  programming  education  teaching  cs  introduction  course  opencourseware 
june 2011 by raphman
c++ - Printing 1 to 1000 without loop or conditionals - Stack Overflow
This one actually compiles to assembly that doesn't have any conditionals:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

void main(int j) {
printf("%d\n", j);
(&main + (&exit - &main)*(j/1000))(j+1);
programming  c  cool  fun  loop  algorithms 
march 2011 by raphman
Strangest language feature - Stack Overflow
"What is, in your opinion, the most surprising, weird, strange or really "WTF" language feature you have encountered?"
programming  language  feature  funny  humor  c  java  javascript  python  wtf 
august 2010 by raphman
Dave Korn - RE: Cygwin.dll crash, alloca and custom stack
" Your code is
100% bogus and should be taken out the back, lined up against a wall, and

Then the bleeding corpse should be hung, drawn and quartered.

Then burnt.

Then the smouldering rubble should be jumped up and down on.

By a hippo."
c  cygwin  humor  memory  stack  programming 
july 2010 by raphman
inih - Project Hosting on Google Code
inih (INI Not Invented Here) is a simple .INI file parser written in C. It's only a couple of pages of code, and it was designed to be small and simple, so it's good for embedded systems. It's also more or less compatible with Python's ConfigParser style of .INI files, including the multi-line syntax.
ini  c  embedded  file  parser  microcontroller  library  opensource 
may 2010 by raphman
TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index
"the way down: each one contains another zip file under the name r/r.zip. (For the die-hard Unix fans, r.tar.gz is gzipped tar files all the way down.) Like the line of shopping carts, it never ends, because it loops back onto itself: the zip file contains itself! And it's probably less work to put together a self-reproducing zip file than to put together all those shopping carts, at least if you're the kind of person who would read this blog. This post explains how."
programming  language  index  tiobe  ranking  c++  c  popularity 
may 2010 by raphman
The Memory Management Reference: Beginner's Guide: Overview
Memory management is a complex field of computer science and there are many techniques being developed to make it more efficient. This guide is designed to introduce you to some of the basic memory management issues that programmers face.
memory  development  c  programming  reference 
may 2010 by raphman
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