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Archive of Operating Systems mission is saving the great job of many great people whose created Open Source and/or Freeware operating systems.
The systems we archive are based on Linux, BSD, DOS, Solaris, and other, independent technology.
os  archive 
may 2018 by raphman
Perma.cc helps scholars, journals, courts, and others create permanent records of the web sources they cite.

Perma.cc is simple, free to use, and is built and supported by libraries.
academic  archive  journal  citations  good_scientific_practice 
january 2016 by raphman
The Digital Comic Museum - Free and Public Domain Comic Books
We are the best site for downloading FREE public domain Golden Age Comics. All files here have been researched by our staff and users to make sure they are copyright free and in the public domain.
ebooks  free  comics  archive  public_domain 
october 2015 by raphman
XAD.de - die Plattform für Werbung
Wie bewerben Unternehmen ihre Produkte? Was geben sie dafür aus und welche Medien und Umfelder wählen sie? XAD kennt die Antworten und verschafft Ihnen mit seinen vielfältigen Analysetools schnell und effizient den Überblick
advertising  german  archive  analytics 
january 2015 by raphman
The Virtual Laboratory
The Virtual Laboratory is a platform where historians publish and discuss their research on experimentation in the life sciences, art, and technology.
history  archive  science  technology  medicine 
january 2015 by raphman
Doug Engelbart Video Archives : Free Movies : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
The Doug Engelbart Archives on the Internet Archive is a collection of Engelbart's films and videos dating back to 1968, including historic and still relevant presentations, demos, interviews, and award ceremonies.
doug_engelbart  history  archive  research  hci  interaction 
december 2013 by raphman
Zotero | Home
Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to
help you collect, organize, cite, and share your
research sources.
archive  bibliography  research  software  opensource  zotero 
november 2013 by raphman
Cuil Crawl Data : Free Web : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Web crawl snapshot generously donated from cuil.com.
This collection of pages mostly from 2007 and some from 2008, is about 310 terabytes of compressed data, and almost 60 billion URLs (mostly text).

Cuil was a search engine that organized web pages by content and displayed relatively long entries along with thumbnail pictures for many results. Cuil said it had a larger index than any other search engine, with about 120 billion web pages. It went live on July 28, 2008. Cuil's servers were shut down on September 17, 2010, with later confirmations the service had ended.
web  archive  corpus 
april 2013 by raphman
Bell System Technical Journal, 1922-1983
With this posting of the Bell System Technical Journal from volume 1 issue 1 in July 1922 to the final issue published in December 1983, we are pleased to be able to open the vault of this knowledge to our global technical colleagues.
archive  history  journal  bell 
october 2012 by raphman
PaperBack is a free application that allows you to back up your precious files on the ordinary paper in the form of the oversized bitmaps. If you have a good laser printer with the 600 dpi resolution, you can save up to 500,000 bytes of uncompressed data on the single A4/Letter sheet. Integrated packer allows for much better data density - up to 3,000,000+ (three megabytes) of C code per page.
storage  backup  archive  paper  software  fun  opensource 
august 2012 by raphman
HTTP Archive
The HTTP Archive tracks how the Web is built.
Trends in web technology
load times, download sizes, performance scores
Interesting stats
popular scripts, image formats, errors, redirects
Website performance
specific URL screenshots, waterfall charts, HTTP headers
archive  http  performance  statistics  web 
april 2012 by raphman
Home Page - Periodicals Archive Online
Periodicals Archive Online is an archive of hundreds of digitised journals published in the arts, humanities and social sciences.
academic  journals  research  library  archive 
march 2012 by raphman
Archive of Our Own » home
Welcome to the Archive of Our Own!

We're a fan-created, fan-run, non-profit, non-commercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, and fanvids.
archive  fanfic 
december 2011 by raphman
CoRR - Computing Research Repository
Welcome to the Computing Research Repository (CoRR), sponsored by ACM, the arXiv.org e-Print archive, NCSTRL (Networked Computer Science Technical Reference Library), and AAAI. CoRR allows researchers to search, browse and download papers through its online repository. CoRR is available to all members of of the community at no charge.
algorithms  archive  cs  reference  research  open_access 
august 2011 by raphman
Warrick - Recover Your Lost Website
Warrick is a free utility for reconstructing (or recovering) a website when a back-up is not available. Warrick will search the following web repositories for missing resources: Internet Archive, Google, Bing (formerly Live Search), and Yahoo. All of the resources are gathered together and provided to you as a single collection of files.
archive  backup  internet  web  tool  webservice 
august 2011 by raphman
The Technium: When Hard Books Disappear
"We are in a special moment that will not last beyond the end of this century: Paper books are plentiful. They are cheap and everywhere, from airports to drug stores to libraries to bookstores to the shelves of millions of homes. There has never been a better time to be a lover of paper books. But very rapidly the production of paper books will essentially cease, and the collections in homes will dwindle, and even local libraries will not be supported to house books -- particularly popular titles. Rare books will collect in a few rare book libraries, and for the most part common paper books archives will become uncommon. It seems hard to believe now, but within a few generations, seeing a actual paper book will be as rare for most people as seeing an actual lion.

Brewster decided that he should keep a copy of every book they scan so that somewhere in the world there was at least one physical copy to represent the millions of digital copies. That safeguarded random book would become the type specimen of that work. If anyone ever wondered if the digital book's text had become corrupted or altered, they could refer back to the physical type that was archived somewhere safe."
books  archive  archive.org  history 
july 2011 by raphman
wikiteam - tools for archiving wikis - Google Project Hosting
There are thousands of wikis in the Internet. Everyday some of them are no longer publicly available and, due to lack of backups, lost. Many people download tons of media files (music, books, etc) from the Internet, implementing a kind of distributed backup. Wikis, most of them under free licenses, disappear from time to time because nobody grabbed a copy of them. That is a shame that we would like to solve.
research  wiki  backup  archive  opensource  tools 
june 2011 by raphman
NIMH Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention
"The International Affective Picture System (IAPS) provides normative ratings of emotion (pleasure, arousal, dominance) for a set of color photographs that provide a set of normative emotional stimuli for experimental investigations of emotion and attention."
emotion  pictures  photos  research  psychology  affective  archive  collection  images  science 
november 2010 by raphman
ASCII by Jason Scott / Archiveteam! The Geocities Torrent
geocities  history  internet  www  torrent  archive 
october 2010 by raphman
Depubliziertes tagesschau.de Archiv
"Der am 1. Juni 2009 in Kraft getretene 12. Rundfunkänderungsstaatsvertrag schreibt eine maximale Verweildauer bestimmter Inhalte auf den Webseiten der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten vor. Nach der Verweildauer müssen die Inhalte gelöscht bzw. versteckt werden. Die gelöschten Daten finden auf dieser Seite ein neues Zuhause.

Das Archiv kann nach Datum und nach Thema durchsucht werden. Die Suchfunktion sucht entweder nach Themen oder über Google auch im Volltext der Artikel. Außerdem können die Inhalte als Rohdaten heruntergeladen werden."
tagesschau  depublizieren  german  news  ard  tv  information  archive 
october 2010 by raphman
Interesting Letterhead Designs | Letterheady
Much like its sibling, Letterheady is an online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. However, here at Letterheady we don't care about the letter's content. Just its design.

Click here to submit any letterheads you feel are worthy of exposure. Alternatively, email me the details.


Shaun Usher
letters  letterheads  design  collection  archive  history  paper  print  vintage  typography 
may 2010 by raphman
Search the PopSci Archives | Popular Science
We've partnered with Google to offer our entire 137-year archive for free browsing. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements. It's an amazing resource that beautifully encapsulates our ongoing fascination with the future, and science and technology's incredible potential to improve our lives. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
popsci  magazine  history  archive  technology  science 
march 2010 by raphman
Homepage / 24 – Das Wissensportal der Deutschen Filmakademie
"Willkommen bei 24 – Das Wissensportal der Deutschen Filmakademie! Vierundzwanzig Bilder pro Sekunde – das ist seit jeher die Kennzahl des Kinos. Sie führt euch auf eine spannende Reise hinter die Kulissen des Filmemachens. Unsere Clips zeigen denkwürdige Szenen und filmische Spitzenleistungen aus dem deutschen Kino. Daneben verraten die Macher ihre Tricks und Geheimnisse – vom Kameramann bis zum Filmkomponisten. "
german  film  cinema  resource  reference  archive  portal  movie  filmmaking 
november 2008 by raphman
LDC Catalog
The New York Times Annotated Corpus contains over 1.8 million articles written and published by the New York Times between January 1, 1987 and June 19, 2007 with article metadata provided by the New York Times Newsroom, the New York Times Indexing Service and the online production staff at nytimes.com.
corpus  nyt  new_york_times  archive  news  datamining  text 
november 2008 by raphman
SPAM Archive
This directory contains all the spam that I have received since early 1998. I have employed various "bait" addresses, such as <bait@em.ca> to trick email address harvesters into putting them on spam lists. The archives have been (re)compressed with p7zip which produces files about half the size of tar+bzip2, and smaller even than I was able to achieve with RAR on Linux.
email  antispam  spam  archive  corpus 
august 2008 by raphman

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