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Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?
The "cost" of high internal quality software is negative: "High quality software is cheaper to produce!" The usual trade-off between cost and quality, one that we are used to for most decisions in our life, does not make sense with the internal quality of software. (It does for external quality, such as a carefully crafted user-experience.)
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Why Isn’t Agile Working? – Hacker Noon
To “be Agile”, you’ll need to spend a good deal of money and energy on:
* Doing the work that actually matters (benefits). Doing less.
* Automation, tooling, deployment pipeline, feature flags, etc. (DevOps)
* Changing your management culture
* Adjusting how you fund initiatives. Shift to incremental, mission based funding vs. funding projects
* Allocating resources to manage complexity (regular refactoring and re-architecting)
* Mapping value streams, and treating your business a service ecology
* A fresh look at shared services
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