Writing with Color — Writing with Color: Description Guide - Words for...
Writing with Color: Description Guide - Words for Skin Tone We discussed the issues describing People of Color by means of food in Part I of this guide, which brought rise to even more questions,...
writing  color  race 
september 2017
Enter passphrase with pinentry in Terminal via SSH connection / FAQ / Knowledge Base - GPGTools Support
GPGTools, GPGMail, Support, Customer, Issues, Troubleshooting, Problem, GPGServices, GPG Keychain Access, GKA, MacGPG, MacGPG2, GPGPreferences, MacGPG1, Mobile OpenPGP
gnupg  gpg  ssh 
september 2017
Favicon Generator for all platforms: iOS, Android, PC/Mac...
The ultimate favicon generator. Design your icons platform per platform and make them look great, everywhere
favicon  design 
june 2017
Business Planning for Nonprofits | National Council of Nonprofits
Business planning is a way of answering, “Where are we going?” or “What are we trying to achieve?” but also, “Who will get us there, by when, and how much money and other resources, will it take?” The business planning process takes into account the nonprofit’s mission and vision, the role of the board, and external environmental factors, such as the climate for fundraising. Ideally the business planning process also takes into consideration the potential for changes in basic assumpt...
june 2017
Online Business Plan Software Features & Benefits | LivePlan
Use LivePlan to create your business plan. LivePlan is fully customizable and works for every business in every industry, including for products, services, and even non-profits.
nonprofit  business 
june 2017
How To Move a MySQL Data Directory to a New Location on Ubuntu 16.04 | DigitalOcean
Whether you’re adding more space for data or evaluating ways to optimize database performance, this tutorial will guide you through relocating MySQL’s data directory.
mysql  ubuntu 
may 2017
Screen Recording, Screencasting and Video Editing Software | Telestream ScreenFlow | Overview
Telestream ScreenFlow® is award-winning, powerful screen recording, screencasting, and video editing software for Mac that lets you create high-quality software or iPhone demos, professional video tutorials, in-depth video training, and presentations.
may 2017
Allow specifying an ignore file for language statistics · Issue #137 · github/linguist
linguist - Language Savant. If your repository's language is being reported incorrectly, send us a pull request!
may 2017
Accounting Firm in Nashville, TN | Cody & Jones CPAs
Cody & Jones CPAs offers a broad range of services for individuals and small businesses. Contact us for a free consultation
cpa  accounting 
july 2016
Darrel  Miller | Gooroo Bio | Gooroo
Darrel  Miller | Gooroo Bio. HTTP API Specialist
http  patterns 
april 2016
Burnout.io | Burnout.io
Burnout.io is an information resource for combating occupational burnout and restoring a healthy work-life balance.
burnout  mental-health 
june 2015
Adobe Color CC
Create color schemes with the color wheel or browse thousands of color combinations from the Color community.
color  palette  adobe 
april 2015
avian-missing.tmbundle - Some features missing from TM2
textmate  plugins 
april 2015
PSDCovers • Photoshop Mockups For Product Presentation
Download high resolution Photoshop Cover Actions for product mockups for your web and graphic projects.
photoshop  resources  mockups  templates  books  ebooks 
march 2015
Free online tool to convert PNG to ICO, or ICO to PNG.
icons  favicon 
march 2015
Home | kramdown
kramdown is a fast, pure-Ruby Markdown-superset converter
markdown  jekyll 
march 2015
Advanced Jekyll Plugins & Features - Custom Post Types, Category Pages, Pagination, and More
Here at Divshot we're huge fans of Jekyll, the static CMS and blogging platform created by the folks at GitHub. We use Jekyll to power everything from o...
jekyll  howto 
march 2015
NM's Tumblelog • Links, Footnotes, and Abbreviations in Markdown
Links, Footnotes, and Abbreviations in Markdown One reason that Markdown1 is so popular is that it’s much easier for a human to read than HTML. To make Markdown as readable as possible, I like to...
november 2014
Example: Setting Up a Static Website Using a Custom Domain - Amazon Simple Storage Service
Walk through a code example of how to set up a static website using a custom domain.
s3  aws  static-website 
october 2014
Known: a social publishing platform
A publishing platform for everyone. Share your story using a variety of media and publish using any device.
october 2014
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