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What is Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE Sound? | PRE-SAFE Sound Information
As part of the comprehensive Mercedes-Benz PRE-SAFE® suite, PRE-SAFE® Sound is activated if your vehicle detects that a collision is unavoidable. In such scenarios, PRE-SAFE®Sound will activate your Mercedes-Benz vehicle's sound system and play a short interference signal. Called "pink sound" or "pink noise," this interference signal deploys at about 80 decibels, which is roughly equivalent to the level of noise at the side of a busy road. This signal will cause a reflex in your ear to activate, protecting the eardrum and reducing the damage loud noises produced by the crash can cause to your hearing.
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Your EIP benefits | MR PORTER
As a MR PORTER EIP (Extremely Important Person) - you qualify for a range of exclusive benefits. Watch this animated film or read on to find out more.
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Fabric Reigns! Why Cloth Car Seats Are Making a Comeback - WSJ
If the notion of cloth as a fancy seat covering surprises you, keep up with the times. Car makers once paid little attention to their color and fabrics departments. “We called them ‘rag and fluff,’” recalled Land Rover head of design, Gerry McGovern. In recent years, he argued, unengaged brands have too often, too boringly defaulted to black, brown and gray leather, focusing their design ingenuity on exteriors. But today, luxury players from Bentley and Porsche to Land Rover are questioning hide, racing instead to upholster cars with advanced, sustainable materials soft to the touch.
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Suze Orman Gives Money Advice From Her Private Island
I used to have a watch collection. I loved expensive watches — $15,000, $30,000 watches. And I had quite a few of them. I didn’t wear them outside to impress people; I would just look at them because I considered them like pieces of art. Nobody even knew that I had this extensive, serious watch collection. It was just KT and me. Every once in a while, I would take them out and line them up and be like, “Oh my God, those are so beautiful!” Then gold prices went up to almost $2,000 an ounce and I sold them off. Who gives a damn about the watches?
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Courting the Ultrarich With Chateaus and Chefs - The New York Times
With the jewel in its crown now revamped, masterminded by the interior designer Yves de Marseille and the landscape gardener Peter Wirtz, Moët plans to host up to 2,000 people a year in its three grand salons, a warren of wine cellars and 11 large bedroom suites. Each suite has sweeping interior themes, including “America” and “Roaring Twenties.”

But not everyone is invited.

“You cannot pay to come and stay at Saran, that is not the point. You have to be asked,” said Stéphane Baschiera, the president and chief executive of Moët & Chandon.
When it comes to retail experiences, the French jewelry house Boucheron raised the stakes in January when it reopened its Place Vendôme flagship. The Hôtel de Nocé now features a large one-bedroom apartment with Eiffel Tower views, where only V.I.C.s, or “Very Important Clients,” are invited to stay overnight (served 24/7 by a butler from the Ritz hotel, just across the square).

“Ultimately, staying in one of these residences is a chance,” Mr. Baschiera said. “A chance to live the most ultimate experience. Ultimately, the ‘dream’ part of this you cannot buy.”
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Aman hotels: The exclusive hotel chain celebrities and royalty swear by - NZ Herald
"Simplicity is the essence of elegance and you don't achieve elegance by 'gussying up' things," Zecha said. "When I walk into a building that looks rich and expensive, I feel uncomfortable and a bit intimidated - as if I should hold my breath and be careful not to touch anything. I don't want our guests at Aman to feel like that. I want their first impression to be a warm unpretentious welcome, with simple, clean lines and soft colours that put them at ease."
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Norland nanny - Google Search
Sep 4, 2018 - For over a century, Norland nannies have been the childcarers of choice for the rich and famous, including Prince George and Princess ...
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The San Vicente Bungalows: Hollywood’s New Clubhouse - The New York Times
No 'Gramming at the inn: A staffer applies a sticker to a cameraphone.
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How Hermès Built a Booming Luxury Business From a Humble Harness - WSJ
“For me the equestrian department of Hermès is a bit like the haute couture department at Chanel,” said Dana Thomas, author of “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster.” “It’s what they were originally about, and there is still a small clientele that pays money for it…I think they believe that the day that they give that up, they’ll lose sight of who they are, what their mission is.” Given that the brand just wrapped up its 10th Saut Hermès showjumping competition at the Grand Palais in Paris, it seems to be keeping a steely eye on its mission.
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The Luxury Travel Industry's Most Overused Buzzwords – Skift
“If you define yourself as luxury, you’re not luxury,” said Jacques-Olivier Chauvin, CEO of Fauchon Hospitality who formerly worked at Louis Vuitton.

Annually, Hirschowitz notes with a touch of humor, the group opts to “ban certain words that have been overused in previous years.” Among the terms that it has “embargoed” recently are personalization, millennials, loyalty, sense of place and experiential.

“Resort fees are not in the spirit of luxury. There’s more and more pushback about nickel and diming. A la carte costs make the consumers’ heads explode. If you are luxury, just put it all in one price and make the price extremely high,” said Olshan,
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Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good - The New York Times
All of this has led to a curious new reality: Human contact is becoming a luxury good.

As more screens appear in the lives of the poor, screens are disappearing from the lives of the rich. The richer you are, the more you spend to be offscreen.

Milton Pedraza, the chief executive of the Luxury Institute, advises companies on how the wealthiest want to live and spend, and what he has found is that the wealthy want to spend on anything human.

“What we are seeing now is the luxurification of human engagement,” Mr. Pedraza said.
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We hired a Japanese moving company! - YouTube
Send someone days before to survey / explain process. Hand tissues to neighbors
Recycle old appliances
Sell new appliances (at low prices) -- put right into house
Introduce themselves by name, explain process day-of.
Add protectors to wall and floor
Wrap the bed instead of just carrying it out
Carry things to their own car
Add numbers to boxes so you know which cabinet it belongs to
Containers for dishes, fragile lights, dishes, clothes (accommodate hangers, no folding required)
Color-coded containers: Red is fragile, yellow is "use it right after move"
Specialized workers for different things (e.g., taking light down)
Unpackers are different workers
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Millionaires are spending money on variety and experiences - Business Insider
"More and more," Phillips said, "the wealthy are evaluating a brand in terms of: What mission does this brand represent? How does it contribute to the greater good ... If I choose to purchase this product, what does that say about me and my values?"

And entire industries are developing or adjusting services to cater to this customer interest too. Wellness is increasingly regarded as a modern embodiment of luxury, and accordingly, an array of spas and studios offering treatments like cryofacials, weeklong retreats, and vitamin IV drips are delivering those experiences.

Exclusivity and personalization also play important roles in the way luxury experiences are marketed. Customers don't want just any experience — they want a unique one tailored to them.

Both of those preferences can clearly be seen in the hospitality industry, where high-end hotels are remembering their guests and tweaking their experiences with personalized touches. Other hotels, meanwhile, are fulfilling guests' appetites for exclusivity by making their most luxurious or expensive rooms "invisible" and available only to well-connected clients who heard about the room by word of mouth.
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Amanpuri Villas to Own - Buy Private Residences, Thailand - Aman
Totally silent video except birds chirping and waves crashing
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Customer service and luxury | Seth's Blog
If your Chanel bag wears out, don't expect the same response you might find if you have trouble with something from LL Bean or Lands End. Luxury brands have long assumed that if you can afford to buy it, you can afford to replace it.
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Aman - The Unbranded Asian Luxury Resort Brand - Martin Roll
Before the opening of Aman-i-Khàs in India, the French manager spent 6 month exploring the neighborhood in a radius of some 20 kilometer around the resort on a motorbike. He showed Anil Thadini, the co-founder of Amanresorts and himself a native Indian from the region, an abandoned village from the 12th century that everyone had forgotten about.

The affluent guests at Aman are used to all sorts of haute cuisine in their daily lives and most travel extensively on business while staying at hotels and eating at restaurants everywhere all year round. Therefore, Aman provides no fancy food, but instead simple local cuisines prepared with fresh ingredients served by local cooks to maintain the authenticity of the local place – and to great satisfaction of the guests who finally get a “home-cooked” meal. Most guests do not leave the resorts to eat outside.

The final brand pillar has been the exclusivity of Aman. Given the high profile of Aman’s clientele, it could have been very easy for Aman to capitalize on the presence of the celebrities to gain wide scale publicity and media coverage in the global press. But in line with its overall strategy Aman has refrained from doing so. Amanwas never meant for the mass public and will never become one. It has been created for people who pay an extensive premium to have an experience of a lifetime. So the company has maintained a strict policy of exclusivity.
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Die, Workwear! - Tragedy of the Common Cashmere
Of course, consumers go into these deals half-expecting the sweaters to not be very good anyway. But the material feels too soft and irresistible in stores, and when discounted far enough, they’re basically must-buys. At $50 or $75, if they pill or lose their shape, buyers shrug and replace them with something new. Four hundred years ago, the average person couldn’t even dream of touching cashmere, but nowadays, these sweaters are treated as semi-disposable items. 
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Why Hermès Makes It Tough to Find Its Products – Skift
Still, the online business is improving fast, he said. Last year, the company redesigned its digital experience to focus on mobile, and after that “business just skyrocketed,” he said. Internet sales are Hermes’ fastest growing business segment, he said.

Hermes sells everything online customers can find in stores — with one exception. The nearly impossible-to-get Birkin bag is only sold in stores.

“You have to give people reason to keep coming into the store,” Chavez said.
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The Functional Alibi | Journal of the Association for Consumer Research: Vol 1, No 4
In a 2016 paper, the Harvard Business School professor Anat Keinan and her co-authors studied what they call “functional alibis”—the excuses people make for expensive purchases that play up a product’s function. For example, they might justify buying a Range Rover because it can handle extreme conditions, or justify buying a high-end handbag because it has a useful protective pocket for a laptop. “When people indulge, they want to feel like there’s some sort of rational excuse for their behavior,” Keinan told me.
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The Misconceptions People Have About Luxury Purchases - The Atlantic
One story that’s true: Acquiring something luxurious can temporarily increase one’s self-esteem. One story that’s not: Acquiring something luxurious can impress potential friends.

“People think … that status is going to attract new friends,” he told me. “However, it actually has the opposite effect—that is, people would rather befriend, in a conversation or in an interaction, someone who doesn’t display [high-]status, but rather more neutral markers,” like a Timex instead of a Rolex.
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Aman Resorts: The nasty battle for the ultimate luxury hotel chain | Fortune
Zecha was obsessed with details. He would personally select the bedsheets and reportedly spent upwards of $350,000 on one room. When it came to location, he was single-minded. Miltos Kambourides, whose firm owns the Amanzoe in Greece, recalls that when the two joined forces in 2004, Zecha gave him very specific instructions about how the property should “be off the beaten track, have virgin nature, unobstructed views, access to a great waterfront and beach, and be surrounded by points of interest.” When Kambourides brought Zecha to his proposed site two years later, he says, “he got out of the car and simply said, ‘This is an Aman site,’” and then left.
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Luxury Hotelier Oberoi Group Stays the Course by Focusing on One Brand – Skift
Oberoi’s sense of luxury is pervasive — even extreme. One of their most luxurious properties, the Oberoi Udaivilas in Rajasthan, where a suite runs $14,000 per night, was voted the best hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure in 2015. Guests are carted to the hotel in a private, man-paddled boat; peacocks, wild boars, and white-spotted deer roam free on the 50-acre plot; and guests can ride camels on the grounds. There’s even an 18th-century palace on site. “It’s a pretty tough thing to be named both the top hotel brand and have the top-ranked hotel in the same year, but Oberoi Hotels & Resorts have made it to the top spots,” Travel + Leisure editor Nathan Lump said after the announcement.
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Luxury Prices Are Falling; the Sky, Too - The New York Times
Haunting story about deep discounts at peak of recession. "Will customers ever pay full price for luxury again?" YES
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The Smythson Story
In 1887, Frank Smythson had a pioneering vision to create the extraordinary. An enthusiast of meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional quality, he established a brand with an aspiration to make the beautiful functional and the luxurious timeless.

Frank Smythson created the world’s first practical, portable diary. Known as ‘the Panama hat of books,’ the remarkable pliability of its hard-wearing binding allowed it to be squashed, folded or rolled up without becoming marked or misshapen. The epithet quickly caught on, and was adopted as the name of the diary as well as the leather in which it is bound - both of which remain virtually unchanged to this day. The Panama diary was the first to contain our iconic pale blue Featherweight paper, and was specifically designed to fit perfectly inside a gentleman’s breast pocket ‘without causing the least disfigurement’.

By far the most elaborate stationery produced was for the Maharajas of India during the 1920s and 30s. Beautiful hand-bordered paper was intricately engraved with personal monograms in gold, silver and rich colours, decorated with delicate mother-of-pearl inlays. This exquisite work firmly established Smythson as the world’s foremost purveyors of luxury personalised stationery, a legacy that still lives on to this day.
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Personalised Stationery | Smythson
Considered the highest form of printing, designs are engraved onto copperplates and then coated with coloured inks or metallic foils and hand stamped onto the stationery.

Following the same process as die-stamping, this technique simply omits the ink to give a more subtle raised effect to your lettering or motifs.

Traditionally used on invitations, a decorative or stepped platemark creates a raised border around the edge of the stationery to frame the text.

Whilst we can match any lettering style that you present, Smythson owns a selection of unique lettering styles that you will not find anywhere else and can only be used by our artisans, giving your stationery that true Smythson feel.

To create a border, our artisans first test the ink to ensure a perfect colour match and then meticulously hand paint the edges along the surface.

A deckle edge recreates the effect of paper with a raw edge. This technique can be applied to the cut edge of the paper should you desire a more organic texture.

Cutting the edge of a card at an angle creates a smooth edge that allows our artisans to apply gold or silver metallic foils by hand. This same luxurious finish is used on all Smythson diaries and notebooks.

To add a pop of colour, inks can also be applied by hand to the edge of a card rather than on the surface, as with bordering. This allows you to have something a bit bolder but no less refined.

Smythson has a collection of specially milled paper that is made by our UK artisans in a range of colours and textures, each of which bears our signature watermark. However, should you have a specific paper in mind, our trained consultants have an endless array papers in their repertoire.

Each envelope is finished with our signature Smythson blind stamp to give it that mark of distinction. Our envelopes are handcrafted to complement your stationery and can be enhanced with many of the same techniques used for our stationery such as colour edging. Smythson envelopes are traditionally tissue-lined but they can also be made unlined.

We use a ‘full wrap’ technique to line our envelopes. This technique is completed by hand in our artisan workshop to ensure that tissue covers all surfaces inside of the envelope for a truly luxurious feel. Tissue colours can be selected to match or contrast with your chosen inks or metallic foils.
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Ramit Sethi on Twitter: "3 thoughts on luxury 1. Don't ask people on reddit (or generally, the internet) for advice on luxury. True luxury is almost always centered offline 2. A luxury customer CRAVES boundaries because nobody else says "no" 3. If you don
3 thoughts on luxury

1. Don't ask people on reddit (or generally, the internet) for advice on luxury. True luxury is almost always centered offline
2. A luxury customer CRAVES boundaries because nobody else says "no"
3. If you don't buy luxury, you don't understand luxury
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What are some subtle signs someone has money? : AskReddit
Social cues:

Keep in mind that money isn't a thing, per se - its a concept that represents the ability to have choice. So at the most basic level, you are listening for signs that people can simply choose to do X ("Sally and I decided on a whim to try the tasting menu at Brooklyn Fare last weekend; it was amazing...." - less affluent foodies can absolutely do this too (wine and everything all in, its about $1100 for two people); however, the ability to do it on short notice is reserved to a fairly privileged elite.)

At a more advanced level, you need to realize that rich people use money as a substitute for time. There is a huge hidden service industry in NYC (and many other wealthy cities) that allow the rich to exchange money for time. It can be little things like nannies and dog walkers, but at the end of the day, even extravagant things like owning a jet are little more than exchanging money for time. So listen for social cues like that with an emphasis on how/how much people are wiling to spend to save X amount of time.
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aman resorts | Bespoke Magazine
What Zecha grasped is, first, that size matters; few of the resorts have more than 50 rooms, all of which have fabulous space (in Amanjena, Marrakech, one’s private swimming pool is indoor-outdoor, from the drawing room to the garden). Second, he knew the importance of telepathic service. In Aman world, there are at least four staff per guest, but you never see them. It is no coincidence that the original Amans were in the Far East and India, where labour is abundant and inexpensive, the attitude gentle and soft–footed. Arriving by small aeroplane at Amanpulo, on its own private island in the Philippines, each guest is greeted by name and taken by buggy to their villa hidden in the dunes. It took me three days to work out how the staff knew who was who (the answer: the manager of the Aman lounge at the domestic terminal in Manila – an oasis of calm with showers and Floris soap – sends descriptions of the guests’ clothes ahead to the resort).
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How to Plan a Luxury Trip to Disney, Sneak-Peek Future Rides - Bloomberg
A new luxury offering gets you behind the scenes as never before.
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Aman - why - Page 3 - FlyerTalk Forums
Big discussion on whether Aman hotels are worth it. Notice the different perspectives people bring
may 2018 by ramitsethi
Hotel Butler Service Is Really Nice. Is It Worth the Price? - The New York Times
As soon as he left, Mahir and I started with our requests. I called to ask for a standing fan, and Adalberto delivered one within five minutes. Shortly after, Mahir asked for a coffee. It, too, appeared promptly, in a French press and piping hot. The shirt Mahir needed ironed? A professional dry cleaner couldn’t have done a better job, and Mr. Macedo certainly made sure it was finished faster. A shoe shine? But of course. The dental kit I wanted because I had forgotten my toothbrush? He brought me two kits, along with a half-dozen mini bottles of mouthwash.

Now would come the true test for me: when we left the property for an excursion out, I sent an email asking for two gluten-free red velvet cupcakes. Surely, our butler, who at that point was Dafa Lascu (Mr. Macedo’s shift had ended), wouldn’t be able to procure this hard to find treat. She emailed me back within three minutes to say that she was working on my request. A half-hour later, she called and told me that she hadn’t found the cupcakes at any bakeries near the hotel but would be happy to search for them downtown. But she also forewarned me that the courier fee to have them delivered to the property would likely be pricey. I wasn’t that desperate for a sugar fix so I told her not to bother.

Back at the hotel, we found our clothes and shoes immaculately organized in our closet and our toiletries spread out on the bathroom counter. Then it was time for another round of requests. I had a tear in my shirt that I needed sewn, and Mahir wanted a resistance band and exercise mat in our room. Oh, and could we get suggestions for buzzy gluten-free restaurants to dine at that evening? Check, check and check.

We returned after dinner to a surprise: four gluten-free red velvet cupcakes. They were from Sprinkles, a bakery with three locations in Manhattan, and alongside the box, Ms. Lascu had left us a note. “Please enjoy this small treat from us, and if there anything that you need, allow me to assist,” she wrote.
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may 2018 by ramitsethi
Why are cash registers disappearing from luxury stores? | The Outline
Another employee, who also asked not to be named, nodded in agreement. “When you’re in luxury, you come for the experience,” she said. “We give you champagne; we give you beer and coffee.” The real transaction — the charging of the card and packaging of the purchase — happens behind the scenes, out of the customer’s view.
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Marketing To A High-End Consumer, Using The Luxury Strategy
The 24 anti-laws of marketing
Forget about positioning; luxury is not comparative. 
Does your product have enough flaws to give it soul? 
Don’t pander to your customers’ wishes. 
Keep non-enthusiasts out. 
Don’t respond to rising demand. 
Dominate the client. 
Make it difficult for clients to buy. 
Protect clients from non-clients, the big from the small. 
The role of advertising is not to sell. 
Communicate to those whom you are not targeting. 
The presumed price should always seem higher than the actual price. 
Luxury sets the price; price does not set luxury. 
Raise your prices as time goes on, in order to increase demand. 
Keep raising the average price of the product range. 
Do not sell. 
Keep stars out of your advertising. 
Cultivate closeness to the arts for initiate. 
Do not relocate your factories. 
Do not hire consultants. 
Do not test. 
Do not look for consensus. 
Do not look after group synergies. 
Do not look for cost reduction. 
Do not sell openly on the Internet.
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april 2018 by ramitsethi
Would You Spend $800 for a Haircut? Some Men in New York Do - The New York Times
Ask Tim Rogers, a stylist at Sally Hershberger’s downtown New York studio, who charges a minimum of $400, and as much as $800, for a men’s haircut these days. He regularly flies to the Hamptons by helicopter to attend to a coterie of hedge fund managers and investment bankers. He has visited a celebrity’s home at 10 p.m. He, too, has an array of clients who go to the salon, among them the tennis champion Roger Federer and John Kennedy Schlossberg, the grandson of the president.
april 2018 by ramitsethi
Blog | The Luxe Link | A specialist, luxury shopping service
They find hard-to-find luxury items, ship anywhere, 10% markup
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Loro Piana: Going beyond fabric - The New York Times
An adult Vicuñia produces 8 ounces, or 225 grams, of fleece every two years compared with 7 ounces annually for the cashmere goat and about 7 pounds, or 3.2 kilograms, of wool generated annually by the Merino sheep.

"We check everything to make sure it is pure and of the highest quality," said Pier Luigi Loro Piana. "There is good wine and bad wine; we buy only the good wine."
luxury  quotes 
march 2018 by ramitsethi
Why Even Control Freaks Are Opting for ‘Surprise Vacations’ - WSJ
The latest in travel? The ‘surprise trip,’ where you don’t know where you’re going until just before takeoff—and someone else handles all the worrying logistics
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march 2018 by ramitsethi
Home | Brownell Travel
Rec'd by Sarah H

Notice copy - stands out among competitors
travel-agent  luxury  copywriting 
february 2018 by ramitsethi
About Wayland Travel
Rec'd by Sarah H

Notice copywriting: Our leisure department can handle any request from a quick weekend getaway to a luxurious cruise or customized independent foreign tour. Many of our agents are area specialists with destination-specific certifications and extensive personal travel experience. Our entire staff travels widely. Between us, we have visited more than 120 countries and sailed with most major cruise lines. In addition, we "Work Magic With Miles" - integrating mileage and "points" with dollars to maximize the value of our clients' frequent flyer miles. We offer an extraordinary level of personal attention including "concierge" services to handle pre-booking your dining and activities at your destination.
travel-agent  copywriting  luxury 
february 2018 by ramitsethi
Luggage Shipping: Ship Bags Worry Free with Luggage Free
Excellent - stands out among competitors:

I currently know of six outfits that provide shipping service specifically geared to travelers' baggage: Luggage Concierge ((800) 288-9818, www.luggageconcierge.com), Luggage Forward ((866) 416-7447, www.luggageforward.com), Luggage Free ((800) 361-6871, www.luggagefree.com), Sports Express ((800) 357-4174, www.sportsexpress.com), the Luggage Club ((877) 231-5131, www.theluggageclub.com) and Virtual Bellhop ((877) 235-5467, www.virtualbellhop.com).
copywriting  luggage  travel  luxury 
february 2018 by ramitsethi
Fischer Travel: For Members, Nothing is Impossible
“ The current fee to join is $100,000, that’s just to start with us ”
luxury  travel 
february 2018 by ramitsethi
On-Property Features | The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort

Beverage Service:
Upon arrival, allow a St. Regis Butler to arrange coffee or tea service in your room. And if you wish, a St. Regis Butler will arrive after your morning wake-up call to draw your shades, deliver your coffee or tea as well as the day’s newspaper and weather forecast.

Unpacking & Packing Services: 
Allow a St. Regis Butler to take care of the unpacking and storage of your luggage—so that you can simply relax and enjoy. Similarly, before you depart, simply contact the Butler Service Desk to dispatch a butler to assist with gathering and folding your garments to prepare your luggage for the journey home.

Garment Pressing:
Once unpacked, simply let your St. Regis Butler know which garments require pressing and they will be pleased to assist, returning the garments to your wardrobe promptly. This gracious service includes pressing of two garments per person, per day.

For all other wishes or requests, St. Regis Butler Service is pleased to assist.
luxury  travel 
january 2018 by ramitsethi
A Review of La Cornue Ranges (Ratings)
$9,500 stove


Notice the luxury of requiring time to build
january 2018 by ramitsethi
How New-Breed Travel Agents Can Give You an Edge - WSJ
Awesome post on new breed of travel agents who can help you plan luxury travel. Ranges from a few hundred bucks to $25K+/year
travel  interesting  travel-agent  luxury 
january 2018 by ramitsethi
Why We Continue to Love Expensive Things | The Book of Life
Despite the widespread availability of good quality cheap products (watches, handbags, cars…), there remains a remarkable appetite for extremely expensive versions of them – which seems deeply weird at first sight. The so-called luxury sector appears to defy economic logic.
december 2017 by ramitsethi
A Cruise Ship Called The World Is a Luxury Home at Sea for the Super Rich – Skift
It’s among the world’s most-expensive real estate per square foot, where the oceanfront views never tire, and where the price of entry buys access to the otherwise inaccessible—165 apartments aboard The World, a condo cruise ship. Its intensely private residents spend a third of the year, on average, gliding to the planet’s farthest reaches: Antarctica, Pacific atolls that haven’t seen a ship in two decades, and Ascension, a volcanic outcropping halfway between Africa and Brazil.
december 2017 by ramitsethi
Better Than a Cruise: These Luxe Excursions Ashore - WSJ
The most innovative, exotic new excursions from cruise ships are much more compelling than a hasty port stop. Here, a few that cover new ground
luxury  travel 
december 2017 by ramitsethi
First Look Inside The Top Secret Celebrity Suites At Westfield Century City Mall
The Private Suite Century City will change the way you visit the mall forever.  Members enter Westfield Mall via a special ramp into the underground parking garage, then pass through a hidden security gate into a private, vehicle courtyard, and are then taken to their luxury suite.  The Private Suite has its own exclusive elevator, providing members with direct access to Century City’s restaurants, theaters, and over 200 boutiques, mostly through backdoor access. Imagine walking into your favorite boutique through the back entrance and having sales staff waiting for you to assist in your shopping needs. This is the perfect antidote to stressful Holiday shopping.
december 2017 by ramitsethi
The Psychology of Designer Handbags | Opinion | BoF
Except make you feel good. There is something about colonising your new bag for the first time that is a rite of passage. Free of the general clutter that seems to unavoidably collect at the bottom of bags — pen lids, loose coins, elastic hair bands, coat check tickets, contact lenses (or is this just me?) — a new bag is virgin territory that allows you to become the best and most efficient version of yourself. Just add a smartphone, perhaps some headphones, a small wallet, and a makeup bag you have been inspired to clean out, so that it doesn’t sully its new home.

but ultimately, handbags have one huge advantage: there is no danger of gifting the wrong size. After all, no one has ever picked up a handbag and asked, "Does it make me look fat?"
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november 2017 by ramitsethi
High-End Design Houses Merge Substance, Style — and Discretion : Luxury?In Italy, It's a Way of Life - The New York Times
Sergio Loro Piana, chairman of his family's cashmere and worsted wool textile business, Loro Piana.

"I believe that what I produce is not luxury. If you can't afford it, for you it's a luxury. But for me, it's just a question of high quality. A jet is very expensive, for many it's a luxury, but for those who have a jet, a plane, a boat and whatever else, it's just a way of life."

"These are not the needs of a Boston fireman, who wouldn't wear a cashmere coat if you gave it to him, but needs that I have, that my customers have."
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october 2017 by ramitsethi
Aman private jet world tour
Private Aman jet tour

Total Cost per person: $114,888
($229,776 total twin share)
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september 2017 by ramitsethi
The new rules of modern luxury | Appear Here
New rules, interesting, see that Hermes store
september 2017 by ramitsethi
Tom Ford, Where the Rich and Famous Go to Look Rich and Famous - The New York Times
Fawning, luxe, rich article on Tom Ford store...he couldn't have written a better piece himself
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september 2017 by ramitsethi
Stefano Ricci, Clothier to the 0.001 Percent - The New York Times
“He had his first son’s wedding one year, so he bought a pair of three-carat diamond cuff links that we made in our workshop,” said Filippo, the younger son of the label’s founder.

The cuff links, he added, cost $100,000.

“A year later,” he continued, “his other son got married. So we presented him with an $80,000 tie, with 100 diamonds on it. We made six of them. One of them is owned by Elton John. When we went personally to deliver it, we said, ‘Are you happy with the cuff links?’”

One client, a “world leader” whom Filippo declined to name, as a matter of company policy, needed a new power suit a few years ago for an important appearance at a conference of the Group of 8 industrialized countries. Stefano Ricci flew a tailor to the G8 meeting, where he produced one in two days.

Another client from East Asia used to send a plane to Florence every month to pick up 100 silk shirts at a cost of about $1,000 apiece. “He only wears silk shirts,” Filippo said. “But a month only has about 30 days; that’s three shirts a day.”
august 2017 by ramitsethi
Die, Workwear! - A Look at John Lobb’s Archive
Lovely footwear, but with prices that start around $7,500, they’re prohibitively expensive for the most guilty of spendthrifts. On the upside, the Lobb store tells me they’ll fly their fitter out to meet any clients in the US – even if yours is the only order in that city. 
july 2017 by ramitsethi
The Louis Vuitton Trunks that Take 150 Hours to Make - WSJ
Behind the scenes at the Louis Vuitton atelier, where each bespoke piece is the result of a collaboration of specialists, a complex process that has remained largely unchanged since the 19th century
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may 2017 by ramitsethi
Is the Retro White-Sneaker Craze Over? Foot Locker Says So - WSJ
“Both Superstar and Stan Smith are what we call footwear franchises,” Adidas said Friday. “We proactively manage their life cycles across several seasons and years… to ensure longevity and avoid overheating.”
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may 2017 by ramitsethi
This New Luxury Sleeper Train In Japan Is Beautiful And Insane
Sweeping glass windows for scenic views, specially designed nickel silver cutlery, cypress bathtubs. Japan has a new ultra-luxurious sleeper train in service starting today, and man, it’s unbelievable.
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may 2017 by ramitsethi
How I Learned to Take the SAT Like a Rich Kid - The New York Times
The friends I made at Phillips Exeter were from fancy-sounding towns and seemed to have it all. Most attended prestigious private or highly ranked public schools. They were impossibly sporty, charming and intelligent, with perfect smiles and impeccably curated Instagram profiles. The program we attended costs around $10,000, so they were clearly affluent, but they also came from diverse backgrounds. They had been on exotic vacations and had volunteered for the needy. They were truly interesting people.

So I didn’t understand why so many of them were enrolled in the optional SAT prep section of our summer program. Why would such impressive high achievers spend their summer nights storming through a massive SAT book? Many of them already took weekend SAT prep courses back home. Did they just think it was fun to time one another on practice sets?

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carol 28 minutes ago
Those who write about the fact that working hard is important, and is not the purview solely of the affluent miss one fact.Working class...
Jeff 31 minutes ago
I think what young Mr. Hernandez is referring to is the culture of wealth that the affluent bask in. Private secondary schooling, tutors,...
Oak Park WriterMom 35 minutes ago
A sad, strange state of affairs. A childhood dedicated to attaining the perfect SAT scores, extracurriculars, grades, experiences and such...
Family and friends from home thought it was weird that I went to “school” during my summers, but the kids at Exeter saw summer academic programs as normal and enjoyable. I was happy to be around so many fellow nerds. Still, they approached studying for the SAT with a near-professional intensity that was alien to me.

I realized that they didn’t just want to score exceptionally well on the SAT. They were gunning for a score on the Preliminary SAT exams that would put them in the top percentile of students in the United States and make them National Merit Scholars in the fall.
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april 2017 by ramitsethi
Luxury Firms Lavish Even More Attention on the Ultrarich - WSJ
High-end menswear firm Stefano Ricci flies its tailors to clients around the world to make custom suits. Each suit costs between $10,000 and $20,000, and customers are expected to purchase at least five for a tailor to make the trip, says Filippo Ricci, the family-owned company’s creative director. The Ricci family recently opened a country house near its headquarters in Florence where it hosts top-spending clients, even allowing them to drive the family’s collection of vintage cars.
march 2017 by ramitsethi
Austerity? Not on This Saudi Itinerary - The New York Times
WTF Among his other royal perks, King Salman travels with roughly 100 bodyguards; the deck space on his yacht, moored in Marbella, Spain, is bigger than a football field. And despite his appetite for luxury, he maintains a private jail for “errant princes and spendthrift princesses who neglect to pay their bills,” according to Time Magazine.
march 2017 by ramitsethi
In an Age of Privilege, Not Everyone Is in the Same Boat - The New York Times
NYT writes hit piece on customer segmentation, using cruise ships. Written to agitate
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december 2016 by ramitsethi
Household Staffing Services | British American Household Staffing | SoHo, New York City, Los Angeles & San FranciscoBritish American Household Staffing Agency | SoHo, New York British American Household Staffing
An Estate Manager is responsible for several households and estates owned by a family. This will often including properties overseas. He/she oversees all properties, is in charge of staffing and managing each Household Manager. He/she may also take charge of the buying, selling and build out of properties. He/she is responsible for any yachts or private jets. Estate Managers in New York, CT (Greenwich) California (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Chicago, Florida (Palm Beach) and the UK are the overseers of large estates and multiple properties usually owned by a high net worth individual or family.  Estate Managers will oversee all the staff often via House Managers who are stationed in each property.  Estate Managers are highly skilled in all areas of domestic staffing management and accounting.  Some Estate Managers are specialized in rural management and agriculture for rural estates.  
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november 2016 by ramitsethi
The New Domestics - The New York Times
Then there’s Brenda, 51, who has an M.B.A. and an undergraduate degree in accounting. She is the estate manager for a family based in New York, running a mega-property with a staff of 14, including five housekeepers, one personal assistant and a chef. (She asked that her last name not be used to protect the identity of her employers.)

On the West Coast, the 50-something chief of staff for a young billionaire has a master’s in divinity from an Ivy League university and more than a decade of experience working for an East Coast billionaire. (He declined to be named at all, for the same reason.) He describes his job, which pays in the mid-six figures, as “managing the managers,” the scope of which includes the oversight of the private staff in the family office, along with estate managers, housekeepers and nannies — more than 40 in all, all of whom enjoy a lush benefits package, including a 401(k) plan that is competitive with any you would find in the corporate world.

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37Rubydog February 15, 2014
One doesn't need an MBA for these roles. One needs to be smart, practical, loyal, service-oriented and, most importantly, discreet. It...
Andrew February 15, 2014
Enjoying the varied comments about this article, i appreciate the responses from all angles .It's surely whats makes the world go round.
My Opinion February 14, 2014
Do you use Facebook, shop at Wal-Mart, use Google, subscribe to the New York times? You know your answer is yes and each and every single...
Say hello to the New Domestics, armed with a quiver of graduate degrees and a corporate mind-set, or at the very least a grounding in organizational psychology, social work and finance. Their skill sets reflect the new reality of private service, which aims to mimic the systems and structures of the corporate world.
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november 2016 by ramitsethi
Hire Society
Google search: "household manager manhattan"

Chef’s Assistant
Domestic Couple
Estate Manager
Executive Personal Assistant
Facilities Manager
House Manager
Personal Assistant
Private Chef
Nanny/Baby Nurse
A variety of individually designed positions based on the client’s needs
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november 2016 by ramitsethi
The Michael Kors guide to building brand cache | Glossy
Michael Kors is currently on a rocky road to top-tier luxury brand status, and last week—during its second quarter fiscal 2017 earnings results announcement —it made clear that it has no plans to change course.
On Thursday, Joseph B. Parsons, Michael Kors’ CFO and executive vice president, and John Idol, its chairman and CEO, claimed to be optimistic as they revealed the company’s first quarterly revenue decline since it went public in 2011. They largely attributed the 3.7 percent drop in quarterly sales ($1.09 billion, compared to $1.13 billion in the same quarter a year ago) to its recent reduction of inventory in U.S. department stores.
Since August, the brand has been strategically pulling back on the amount of product it ships to retailers including Macy’s and Neiman Marcus. In addition, starting in February 2017, it will exclude itself from their broad-based coupons and sales.
It’s all part of Michael Kors’ plan to elevate its perceived status among fashion shoppers. Here, we break down its strategy for effectively changing its reputation for the better.
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november 2016 by ramitsethi
After the Kardashian Robbery, the ‘No-Name Hotel’ Loses Its Anonymity - The New York Times
PARIS — Until last Monday morning, it was one of the ultimate insider addresses in Paris.

The Hôtel de Pourtalès, where Kim Kardashian West was held up at gunpoint at 2:30 a.m., sequestered and robbed of jewels worth millions of dollars, was a secret that thrived on word of mouth, private concierge services and password access.

Not actually a hotel, but rather what hotel executives term, disdainfully, “residential accommodations,” the Hôtel de Pourtalès is hidden in plain sight, in a courtyard behind a pretty-enough facade with a burgundy door at 7 rue Tronchet, an otherwise unremarkable strip of the Eighth Arrondissement between the Madeleine church and the Printemps department store. Nearby shops include Petit Bateau, Saint James and Jacadi; Eres is across the street. The Café Madeleine on the corner is friendly and always busy.

And inside: nine apartments that come with custom furniture designs by Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Philippe Starck, as well as the services of a concierge, private chef and personal shopper.
october 2016 by ramitsethi
Why Buyers Shunned the World’s Largest Diamond | Vanity Fair
he idea that diamonds are rare must contend with this evidence that they are not. Right now, the industry is choked with unsold rough. A recent contraction of demand in China trashed the wholesale diamond price and wiped out a number of cutting-and-polishing factories in India. A sense of apprehension pervades the diamond world. But not at Lucara.
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august 2016 by ramitsethi
The Suit That Couldn’t Be Copied - The New Yorker
Fascinating article on Savile Row tailor.

Not only did Taub say yes; he also offered to give me a garment, so that it could be taken apart and so that the tailor who was trying to reproduce it would have the best possible information. His reasoning was that something made by Gieves & Hawkes could be taken apart but not put back together again in as lovely a form. Many of the decisions that go into making a garment what it is—how tightly a piece of cloth is pinched when it is sewn, or what angle the needle enters at—leave no trace except in the result.

I said two hundred and fifty dollars. He nodded. “One of my pockets costs more than that.” He added, with kindness, “Every garment has its own story. I can’t tell what pressures the tailor was working under. We have customers who will pay a lot and who will give us time to make the best product possible.”
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july 2016 by ramitsethi
Only 99 Units of the "World's Fastest Car" to be Sold by Aston Martin
“We won’t announce a price because in this kind of market, you talk to the client independently,” he said. “It’s the old adage: if you need to ask, you can’t afford.”
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june 2016 by ramitsethi
Interview: Four Seasons CEO on Building a New Kind of Loyalty – Skift
Skift: For a brand that has such a close relationship with their guests and the guest experience is put on such a high level, you don’t have a loyalty program, which is different than, I think, everybody?

Smith: It is.

Skift: Why not, and what other hotels get from loyalty programs, how do you get that as well?

Smith: Yeah, it’s a really good question. When I talk about our transition from high-touch low-tech to high-touch enabled by high-tech, that’s a dimension of that. Our focus, and we are very focused on it in terms of a “program,” is on recognition. Loyalty is associated with, if I demonstrate my loyalty by staying with you, I accumulate points and get free things.

Our view of our guests and certainly our feedback from our guests is they’re far less concerned about accumulating points to be redeemed for rewards as they are being in a position where they’re recognized and we understand their preferences and can serve them in that highly personalized way they’ve come to expect.
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may 2016 by ramitsethi
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