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XM:FC - Hank/Alex -- Five Times the Beast Took Control (And One Time He Was Just Hank)
1. Growling, biting, clawing, and all kinds of manhandling
2. Alex exuding sexy, sexy pheromones
3. Scent marking---rubbing up against him, coming on him... fuck, if Hank feels like pissing on Alex to mark his territory, I AM THERE
4. Knotting
fic  fandom:marvel  genre:pwp  rating:nc-17  relationship:first-time  pairing:alex/hank  trope:#things  trope:possessive.jealousy  trope:kinks  trope:made.them.do.it  genre:romance  trope:sexpollen.heat  ~xmen 
december 2011 by rahmbo

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