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RT : Coverage of our flip, citing principles at the core of the dispute. articles will be publishe…
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RT : It's great to see that the ISSI will publish a new journal in compliance with fair principles! Congratu…
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Impressively comprehensive analysis of Gold using . Main takeaways:
* it's still growing
* mo…
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The Idealis
Launching today! A new overlay journal for librarians:
via alum :)
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Introducing Matters, the journal for single observations in
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Thumbs Down for the Freemium Model? Researchers Reject Nature’s Fast Track Peer Review Experiment | The Scholarly Kitchen
"One of the core goals of OA is to do away with economic barriers preventing researchers from accessing the literature. But by shifting the economic burden from the readers to the author, different economic barriers spring up, preventing those who can’t afford APCs from publishing their own work."
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