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Books for hacker-minded people - HackerBooks
Find and explore books quoted on Stack Overflow*and Hacker News*.
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february 2011 by rafaeldff
Shindig - an Apache incubator project for OpenSocial and gadgets
Shindig is a new project in the Apache Software Foundation incubator and is an open source implementation of the OpenSocial specification and gadgets specification.
project  opensource  Apache  shindig  socialsoftware  socialnetwork  socialgraph  gadget  javascript  gadgets  widgets  OpenSocial  server  container 
may 2008 by rafaeldff
The Penguin Blog: Special Guest Post - Why User-generated Content Mostly Isn't
Clay Shirky: "This is new. We have never before had a single platform which could scale from conversation to broadcast and all points between, but social media gives us that -- it's like your telephone could turn into a radio, depending on how you configu
ClayShirky  blog  post  book  UGC  content  media  internet  web  trend  community  communication  information  SocialSoftware  PenguinBooks 
february 2008 by rafaeldff
Six Apart - News and Events: We Are Opening the Social Graph
Six Apart's efforts to introduce OpenID (which they pioneered), XFN, FOAF and hCard into their tools to enable an open social network.
blog  post  article  SixApart  web  REST  semanticweb  socialgraph  socialsoftware  social  software  network  socialnetwork  FOAF  XFN  OpenID  hCard  integration  data 
december 2007 by rafaeldff
XFN - XHTML Friends Network
"XFN™ (XHTML Friends Network) is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks. [snip] XFN enables web authors to indicate their relationship(s) to the people in their blogrolls simply by adding a 'rel' attribute to their <a href>"
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december 2007 by rafaeldff
Against Well-designed Reputation Systems (An Argument for Community Patent). Many-to-Many:
Clay Shirky convincely argues that reputation systems should be designed as needed (not necessarely iteratively). Upfront design is hard to get right and creates a barrier to entry that may lead to immediate failure.
article  blog  post  ClayShirky  socialsoftware  software  engineering  SE  softwareengineering  community  reputation  governance  many2many  moderation  social 
january 2007 by rafaeldff
User Migration - ZimbraWiki
Zimbra (OSS groupware) has a REST API. It was even praised by Roy Fielding himself on REST-discuss.
project  opensource  documentation  REST  example  sample  software  Zimbra  collaboration  groupware  socialsoftware  API  WebServices 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
2.10: Meme, Counter-meme
Mike Godwin tells how he created his namesake law as a reaction to a growing meme he found disturbing.
article  story  MikeGodwin  wired  Godwing'sLaw  meme  internet  forum  mail  usenet  discussion  group  social  socialsoftware  GodwinLaw  GodwinsLaw  society  sociology  memetic  countermeme  counter-meme  interesting  memetics  godwin  nazi  nazis 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
Last.fm, Pandora, MyStrands, and other music recommenders. - By Matthew Shaer - Slate Magazine
"The attempt to build a music recommender that doesn't suck." - Slate article about research efforts set out to develop the new generation of music recommendation engines.
article  slate  MatthewShaer  music  song  songs  database  AI  datamining  research  recommendation  recommendations  engine  socialsoftware  culture  longtail  Pandora  Last.fm  MyStrands 
november 2006 by rafaeldff
Handbook of Collective Intelligence - Handbook of Collective Intelligence
A wiki authored reference work on Collective Intelligence form the (brand new) MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.
book  wiki  reference  online  free  handbook  culture  intelligence  Knowledge  learning  mit  research  social  socialsoftware  academia  behaviour  collaboration  group  collective 
october 2006 by rafaeldff
Facebook's Privacy Triumph: Stealth, Secrecy, and Melodrama. Many-to-Many:
Very interesting privacy article arguing that our expectations regarding privacy are outdated and transparency is the trend (and that's not a bad thing).
blog  post  Many2Many  socialsoftware  PaulBHartzog  PaulHartzog  society  sociology  privacy 
september 2006 by rafaeldff
Who Writes Wikipedia? (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)
Evidence that Jimbo Wales is wong when he argues that the most important role in wikipedia is played by the few regulars that make the most edits (it turns out that, at least in a few examined articles, most *substantial* edits were made by outsiders).
wikipedia  article  blog  post  AaronSwartz  socialsoftware  wiki  encyclopedia  statistics  editing 
september 2006 by rafaeldff
News of Wikipedia's Death Greatly Exaggerated. Many-to-Many:
"Openness allows for innovation. Innovation creates value. Value creates incentive. (...) But incentive is value-neutral, so it also creates distortions. (...) And distortions threaten openess."
socialsoftware  blog  post  ClayShirky  article  wiki  wikipedia  governance  moderation  hierarchy 
may 2006 by rafaeldff
collision detection: The weird tale of Tringo: My latest Wired News video-game column
"Dig it: People were complaining that a game was ruining the quality of virtual life inside a game."
tringo  game  SecondLife  tale  story  blog  post  CliveThompson  tetris  puzzle  social  virtual  socialsoftware  intersting 
may 2006 by rafaeldff
Outfoxed | Personalize your internet.
Outfoxed uses your network of trusted friends and experts to help you find the good stuff and avoid the bad.
socialsoftware  network  software  recommendations  links  search 
may 2005 by rafaeldff
Network Connections (thesis by Alicia Cervini)
An Analysis of Social Software that Turns Online Introductions into Offline Interactions
socialnetworks  socialsoftware  AliciaCervini  AliciaLCervini  nyu  academic  thesis  paper  article 
april 2005 by rafaeldff
Groupware Communication & Conversation
From the Fall 1990 issue of Applied Groupware © 1995 Consensus Development Corporation -- All Rights Reserved By Christopher Allen
ChristopherAllen  article  groupware  communication  conversation  socialsoftware 
april 2005 by rafaeldff
The Lessons of Lucasfilm's Habitat
Article on one of the first attempts to create a very large scale commercial multi-user virtual environment.
socialsoftware  history  lucasfilm  habitat  cyberspace  lucas  article  chipmorningstar  randallfarmer  frandallfarmer  paper 
march 2005 by rafaeldff
A Man, a Mouse, a Mission
BusinewssWeek interview with Doug Engelbart, mouse inventor and social software pioneer.
socialsoftware  history  interview  dougengelbart  douglasengelbart 
february 2005 by rafaeldff
Knowledge Management Systems Spring 2004
A course about KM from the university of Texas at Austin plentyful of links
Knowledge  Management  KnowledgeManagement  KM  course  link  catalog  texas  socialsoftware  academic 
february 2005 by rafaeldff
Audioscrobbler :: Home
This site registers music played (using plugins to Winamp, WinMP, etc.) and tries to match others with similar tastes
software  socialsoftware  music  song  winamp  windowsmediaplayer 
february 2005 by rafaeldff

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