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Design Stencils - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library
Web GUI widget stencils for prototyping in OmniGraffle, Visio (XML), Adobe Illustrator (PDF and SVG), and Adobe Photoshop (PNG) formats.
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june 2008 by rafaeldff
Design, implementation, and performance of an automatic configuration service for distributed component systems
"This article presents the results of our six-year research (from 1998 to 2003) in the area of automatic configuration, describing an integrated architecture for managing dependencies in distributed component based systems. The architecture supports autom
paper  kon  FabioKon  JefersonRobertoMarques  JefersonMarques  IME  USP  TomonoriYamane  RoyCampbell  MDennisMickunas  DennisMickunas  UIUC  component  components  configuration  software  architecture  distributed  system  systems  distributedcomputing  resource  resources  ResourceManagement  dependency  dependencies  CORBA  pdf 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
How to Handle Java Finalization's Memory-Retention Issues
"Finalization allows you to perform postmortem cleanup on Java objects, but it can delay the reclamation of resources, even if you do not use it explicitly. Learn how to avoid such memory-retention problems. "
java  code  tip  tips  finalization  memory  resource  resources  leak  performance  optimization  GC 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
Java API documentation for all your libraries
Another javadoc/code browsing/searching tool for OSS projects. This one looks very polished, with AJAX here and there.
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june 2006 by rafaeldff

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