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The Three Ways Of XOR
Despite its simplicity, there are quite interesting things to say about it (XOR), and this article presents three of them.
binary  xor  operator  boolean  BooleanAlgebra  blog  post  HoriaComan 
february 2017 by rafaeldff
threadbase T-Shirts Unravelled
We washed, dried, measured and weighed 800 of the most popular men's t-shirts available online
blog  post  shirt  tshirt  t-shirt  size  sizing  stats  statistics  clothing  clothes  data  sizes  threadbase 
january 2016 by rafaeldff
Memory Management in Oxischeme
Building a Scheme interpreter in Rust.
rust  language  scheme  interpreter  vm  GC  blog  post 
may 2015 by rafaeldff
Clarifying the Saga pattern « kellabyte
Sagas have been proposed as a transaction model for long lived activities. A saga is a set of relatively independent (component) transactions T1, T2…Tn which can interleave in any way with component transactions of other sagas. Component transactions within a saga execute in a predefined order which, in the simplest case, is either sequential or parallel (no order).

Each component transaction T1 (0 ≤ i < n) is associated with a compensating transaction CT1. A compensating transaction CT1 undoes, from a semantic point of view, any effects of T1, but does not necessarily restore the database to the state that existed when T1 began executing.
distributed  messaging  patterns  pattern  saga  computing  transaction  transactional  transactions  compensation  reversal  workflow  blog  post  KellySommers 
december 2014 by rafaeldff
Git tips from the trenches
Nice selection of tips, some new stuff like `git checkout <OTHER_BRANCH> -- path/to/file` instead of cat-file -p; git for-each-ref --sort=-committerdate; and git cherry for diff from upstream
git  tips  tip  blog  post 
february 2014 by rafaeldff
Scala’s Types of Types
This blog post came into being after a few discussions about Types in Scala after some of JavaOne’s parties in 2013. After those discussions I figured that many questions are often repeated by different people, during their learning of Scala. I though that we didn’t have a full list of all tricks what we can to with Types in Scala, so I decided to write such a list - giving real life examples why we’d need these types.
scala  type  TypeSystem  reference  tutorial  typing  programming  functional  FP  Functionalprogramming  blog  post 
december 2013 by rafaeldff
A Note About Git Commit Messages
Tim Pope explaining his git commit message conventions.
git  message  blog  post  TimPope  commit  CommitMessage  conventions 
july 2013 by rafaeldff
The Difference between Recursion & Induction : Inside 206-105
Recursion and induction are closely related. When you were first taught recursion in an introductory computer science class, you were probably told to use induction to prove that your recursive algorithm was correct. Induction suspiciously resembles recursion: the similarity comes from the fact that the inductive hypothesis looks a bit like the result of a “recursive call” to the theorem you are proving. If an ordinary recursive computation returns plain old values, you might wonder if an “induction computation” returns proof terms (which, by the Curry-Howard correspondence, could be thought of as a value).

As it turns out, however, when you look at recursion and induction categorically, they are not equivalent!
recursion  induction  blog  post  EdwardZYang  EdwardYang  math  CT  CategoryTheory  proof  proofs  ProofTheory  Theorem  TheoremProver 
april 2013 by rafaeldff
Sleep: Everything You Need To Know — The Healthy Life — Medium
Some advice on sleep. A strict schedule is more important than how long you sleep.
health  science  sleep  blog  post  article  sleeping  tip  tips  hacks  schedule  life  advice 
april 2013 by rafaeldff
The Matasano Crypto Challenges (Pinboard Blog)
I recently took some time to work through the Matasano crypto challenges, a set of 48 practical programming exercises that Thomas Ptacek and his team at Matasano Security have developed as a kind of teaching tool (and baited hook).
cryptography  programming  security  exercises  challenges  crypto  blog  post  pinboard  Matsano  tptacek 
april 2013 by rafaeldff
Bash process substitution - Arabesque
Using > and < for creating pseudo temp files for bash commands. Includes a tip for tee.
blog  post  unix  linux  shell  bash  processsubstitution  process  pipe  pipeline  redirection  temp  tempfile  arabesque  TomRyder  tips  tip 
march 2013 by rafaeldff
Brendan's blog » The USE Method: Linux Performance Checklist
The USE Method provides a strategy for performing a complete check of system health, identifying common bottlenecks and errors. For each system resource, metrics for utilization, saturation and errors are identified and checked. Any issues discovered are then investigated using further strategies.

In this post, I’ll provide an example of a USE-based metric list for Linux operating systems (eg, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora). This is primarily intended for system administrators of the physical systems, who are using command line tools. Some of these metrics can be found in remote monitoring tools.
monitoring  performance  sysadmin  tips  blog  post  BrendanGregg  tool  tools  linux  optimization  list  catalog  utilization  saturation 
march 2013 by rafaeldff
On editing text « Bosker Blog
Editing text is the opposite of handling exceptions; or, to put it another way, editing text is like exception handling but backwards in time. I realise this is an unexpected claim, so I hope you will permit me to explain. Although it has the ring of nonsense, there is a perfectly good sense in which it is just straightforwardly true.

Ah yes, category theory. Our old friend. Elucidating structural connections between apparently disconnected topics since 1945. Let me tell you a story.
blog  post  exception  Exceptions  CategoryTheory  CT  Editing  text  TextEditing  formal  formalism  model  Robin  Houston  category 
september 2012 by rafaeldff
Bash shell expansion | Arabesque
Operations in the shell very often involve repeating yourself or working with sets or ranges of information. This is where the various kinds of expansion in the shell are most useful, for generating a large number of shell tokens using a compact syntax. I’ll discuss two types here: filename expansions, which will be familiar to most shell users; and brace expansions, which seem to be in less common usage.
bash  shell  sh  expansion  tip  blog  post  from instapaper
february 2012 by rafaeldff
Haskell state of the Lens, etc. - Brandon.Si(mmons)
For my own purposes, I wanted to take a tour of all the various formulations of lenses on hackage and thought I would post the lightly-curated results here. I just grepped the package list page for the following terms: lens, label, record, accessor, editor, and reference. Some were not sufficiently general to include here.

Here were the ones implementing “lens-like” functionality, loosely in order of my opinion on their usefulness for my own purposes:
lens  haskell  blog  post  lenses  packages  hackage 
february 2012 by rafaeldff
The Big Mud Puddle: Why Concatenative Programming Matters
There doesn’t seem to be a good tutorial out there for concatenative programming, so I figured I’d write one, inspired by the classic “Why Functional Programming Matters” by John Hughes. With any luck it will get more people interested in the topic, and give me a URL to hand people when they ask what the heck I’m so excited about.
Concatenative  programming  language  languages  ManfredVonThun  JonPurdy  PointFree  blog  post  article  introduction  overview  composition  compose  function 
february 2012 by rafaeldff
JVM Performance Tuning (notes) : umbrant
Andrew Wang blog post summarizing Attila Szegedi's talk about what he learned about JVM performance working for Twitter.
AttilaSzegedi  AndrewWang  blog  post  jvm  java  VM  performance  tuning  GC  memory  Twitter  optimization 
january 2012 by rafaeldff
Scatter-Gather with Akka Dataflow « Vasil Remeniuk's Blog
A Hohpe pattern (from pEAI) implemented in Akka using the new dataflow constructs.
akka  scala  dataflow  promise  promises  future  futures  actor  actors  concurrency  programming  sample  blog  post  VasilRemeniuk 
may 2011 by rafaeldff
Michael Feathers' Blog: Making Too Much of TDD
Latest blog post ( is thought-provoking. Tho I'd like to read much more the subject
blog  post  MichaelFeathers  TDD  from twitter
december 2010 by rafaeldff
Lex Spoon: Tail call optimization vs. growable stacks
"Lex Spoon on the viability of efficient growable stacks (so you won't have to worry about tail-calls). Go apparently uses such a scheme."
language  compilation  interpretation  compiler  interpreter  runtime  stack  TailCall  procedure  proposal  blog  post  LexSpoon  google 
december 2009 by rafaeldff
Why do we have an IMG element? [dive into mark]
"Mark Pilgrim traces the origin of the <img> element. A window into standards (and the web) history."
blog  post  MarkPilgrim  html  img  history  standard  standards  Mosaic  w3c  http  MarcAnderseen  hypermedia  web 
november 2009 by rafaeldff
mnot’s Web log: Traffic Server
"New high perf proxy server from yahoo (built on Inktomi's code base)"
proxy  http  server  cache  caching  yahoo  inktomi  TrafficServer  opensource  project  apache  MarkNottingham  announcement  blog  post 
november 2009 by rafaeldff
OOPSLA, first day
Ralph Johnson report of Barbara Liskov keynote. Notable because it lists papers that influenced her.
paper  papers  blog  post  list  catalog  classic  SE  softwareengineering  software  engineering  architecture  softwareachitecture  BarbaraLiskov  RalphJohnson 
october 2009 by rafaeldff
Ruminations of a Programmer: Patterns in Internal DSL implementations
"Interesting collection of idioms for working with DSLs by Debasish Ghosh."
DebasishGhosh  blog  post  DSL  language  pattern  idiom 
july 2009 by rafaeldff
ignore the code » Oberon
"Blog post about the Oberon graphical user interface.
blog  post  Oberon  programming  language  GUI  UI  interface  NiklaysWirth  LukasMathis  ETHZurich 
may 2009 by rafaeldff
Rich Dougherty's blog: Goto in Scala
"Implementing GOTO in Scala with the new Continuations compiler plugin."
continuation  scala  continuations  controlflow  GOTO  evil  blog  post  RichDougherty 
march 2009 by rafaeldff
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