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Design Patterns vs. better languages - comp.lang.lisp | Google Groups
Dick Gabriel: "If there are no such things as patterns in the Lisp world, then there are no statements a master programmer can give as advice for junior programmers, and hence there is no difference at all between a beginning programmer and a master......
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january 2008 by rafaeldff
Re: netbeans support for scala ?
Some level of support for Scala coming for NetBeans. Interesting.
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may 2007 by rafaeldff
Have we learned anything in the last 20 years? - Mail Thread Index
Interesting comp-os-research usenet thread sparked by Andy Tanenbaum (in 1992) discussing what did they know, at the time, regarding distributed (operating) systems. Among the responders are Rob Pike, Ken Thompson, Phil Winterbottom, Werner Vogels and Ken
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may 2007 by rafaeldff
[ANN] Etoys in OLPC build
Squeak EToys (a smalltalk-based visual programming environment for children) will come bundled with Negroponte's 100$ laptop (One Laptop Per Child program)
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october 2006 by rafaeldff

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