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The product context model shows how the product you're building makes user experience more or less relevant on your product
This article reminds me of Spolsky's Five Worlds piece, but focused on the implications to usability. Context is king.
blog  post  article  JeffPatton  software  usability  UX  UserExperience  UI  design  market  segmentation  HCI 
june 2008 by rafaeldff
Paul Fremantle's Blog: Open Source versus Open Standards
The core difference between Open Standards and Open Source is this: Open Standards enable companies to compete in a structured way; Open Source projects enable people or companies to collaborate in a structured way.
blog  post  opensource  standards  standardization  PaulFremantle  market  technology  open  platform  competition  economy 
may 2008 by rafaeldff
Scala Blog: Where is Scala heading?
In this short post, Jevgeni Kabanov captured very well what is also my main concern regarding the evolution of the Scala programming language. I'm looking forward to see how the community responds.
blog  post  JevgeniKabanov  Scala  programming  language  evolution  research  market 
march 2008 by rafaeldff
James Governor’s Monkchips » Strong Leaders, Strange Bedfellows and The Art of War by Sun Two
James Governor writes a pretty positive analysis of Sun's strategy from the Sun Analyst Summit 2008.
blog  post  article  Sun  analysis  JamesGovernor  analyst  market  business  2008 
february 2008 by rafaeldff
Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | The Technology Rejection Curve
"It now appears that SOA has entered that final phase of the technology rejection curve, the search for the guilty. (...) now it appears that it's all because 'good' SOA people are hard to find"
blog  post  JoeGregorio  SOA  WebServices  WS-*  technology  market  blame 
february 2008 by rafaeldff
Toshiba Joins IBM Core CMOS R&D Camp (Mannerisms)
"If 450mm wafers are adopted, and the companies which buy most of the world’s manufacturing equipment are pushing hard for [it], then there’s the problem that only *seven* fabs will be needed to make the world’s total demand for transistors."
blog  post  analysis  column  chip  semiconductor  CMOS  industry  tech  market  manufacturing  via:TimBray 
january 2008 by rafaeldff
Coding Horror: Mort, Elvis, Einstein, and You
Jeff Atwood has a positive spin on the issue of the low level of interest in skills-improvement by the average developer. I have not written about this here: http://blog.rafaelferreira.net/2007/10/pondering.html.
blog  post  JeffAtwood  CodingHorror  programming  programmer  developer  average  skill  skills  market  article  learning  teaching  reading 
december 2007 by rafaeldff
InfoQ: Java Grid, why do we need it!
"Perhaps you can see a pattern here, objects being written to containers, some local some remote but in both cases the container is distributed and the mechanism is hidden from us through the API. This then is what a Java grid is, a distributed container.
article  java  grid  InfoQJohnDavies  C24  GridComputing  computing  distributed  systems  JavaSpaces  Terracotta  Tangosol  Coherence  Gemstone  GigaSpaces  TupleSpace  banking  finance  market  middleware 
october 2007 by rafaeldff
Don Norman's jnd.org / Filling Much Needed Holes
"We need more unmet needs, not less. How many times do the never-ending ethnographic studies coupled with ever-eager design groups lead to unwanted, [...] products? How many times are these unmet needs best left unmet? Why must we rush to fill the essenti
article  essay  DonNorman  DonaldNorman  design  product  market  society  innovation  needs  void  consumerism 
september 2007 by rafaeldff
Strategy Letter VI - Joel on Software
My take: Joel still seems to think that UI consistency is *the* market determining force. I believe that while it is an important factor, a lot has changed since the 80s: users are more experienced and "adaptive" and major players are more prone to standa
blog  post  essay  article  Joel  JoelSpolsy  software  market  platform  analysis  history  UI  consistency  future  prediction  strategy  web  AJAX  javascript  portability 
september 2007 by rafaeldff
No Name: Just Notes on Software Reuse
The postmodern programming guys investigate the concept of reuse in software through "passages" taken from authors as diverse as Ada Lovelace, Don Knuth, Turing, Parnas and Bill Gates. I think summarizing their findings here is counterproductive.
paper  essay  article  software  reuse  engineering  component  components  architecture  culture  society  market  development  programming  postmodern  postmodernism  RobertBiddle  AngelaMartin  JamesNoble 
september 2007 by rafaeldff
Exploration Through Example » Blog Archive » Caring about software, public goods games, and our present state
Brian Marick analyzing the software development job market as an adversarial game and applying game theory results in favor of his argument towards a more aggressive agile alliance.
BrianMarick  blog  post  article  software  development  programming  programmer  team  job  market  Agile  AgileAlliance  game  GameTheory 
august 2007 by rafaeldff
Fragmental » 3 Letrinhas
(In Portuguese) Philip Calçado makes an insightful analysis of the current market for software development in Brazil, today. I could summarize it as "cheap labor, cheap software".
blog  post  article  pt-br  PhillipCalçado  shoes  software  development  market  job  Brazil  Brasil  consultancy  outsourcing 
june 2007 by rafaeldff
blog.pmarca.com: Why there's no such thing as Web 2.0
Marc "Netscape" Andreessen writing very clearly on "Web 2.0": "I believe the reality is this: what we have seen over the last several years is the Web itself coming into its own. After an initial phase of the Web as a medium, in which lots of people attem
blog  post  MarcAndreessen  web  web2.0  market  entrepreneurship  business  society  digital 
june 2007 by rafaeldff
10 signs you're in a tech bubble | The Register
The Register prepping the ground for a 2008 "I told you so!".
article  TheRegister  market  stockmarket  bubble  web  web2.0  2007  startups  business  VC  finance 
june 2007 by rafaeldff
Sun Gains Market Share for Fifth Straight Quarter According to Analyst Firm
"Sun's year-to-year total server factory revenue grew 6.3 percent. Sun is the No. 1 Unix server revenue vendor"
sun  news  finance  revenue  server  market 
may 2007 by rafaeldff
EETimes.com - Reborn Sun Micro plots server CPU push
David Yen: "We don't have the volume Intel has, so we will not compete on cost. Intel has the best transistor designers (...) so we will not compete (...) in frequency. So we decided to compete in architecture. That is the only thing left, and not anyone'
interview  EETimes  Sun  DavidYen  microprocessor  CPU  chip  processor  hardware  architecture  market  Niagara  Niagara2  Rock  SPARC 
may 2007 by rafaeldff
Bitwise Magazine:: What’s Wrong With Ruby?
Opinion piece by a CS professor arguing that Ruby presents nothing new, is too hyped and it's typelesseness and metaprogramming abilites can be dangerous for maintenance. He often talks from a perspective of teaching intro to programming.
article  MatthewHuntbach  Ruby  programming  language  hype  academia  teaching  market  critique  criticism  commentary  opinion  BitWise  magazine  bitwisemag 
march 2007 by rafaeldff
Spotlight: Michael Oxley - International Herald Tribune
Interview with Michael Oxley, of Sarbanes-Oxley fame, where he tells how the law got approved. It was fast-tracked by the Bush white house to reduce bad PR from Cheney/Bush relationships with the Enron guys. Indian IT companies are probably very grateful
news  interview  MichaelOxley  politics  economy  Sarbanes-Oxley  SarbanesOxley  law  accounting  regulation  stock  market  Economics  investment  IHT  InternationalHeraldTribune 
march 2007 by rafaeldff
SmugBlog: Don MacAskill » Blog Archive » Server Analysis - Sun victory!
SmugMug CEO decides that Sun provided the best value among server vendors. Also, interesting dicussion of pros and cons.
blog  post  Sun  server  system  systems  hardware  market  SmugMug  startup 
february 2007 by rafaeldff
India: Hole-in-the-Wall
A physicist makes an internet kiosk available in an Indian slum and children just learn how to use it. (this is a copy of a Businessweek article.
article  interview  SugataMitra  businessweek  computing  edu  edtech  literacy  children  DigitalDivide  market  society  economy  internet  web  www  teaching 
february 2007 by rafaeldff
Sun undercuts Red Hat on support pricing | InfoWorld | News | 2007-01-16 | By Robert Mullins, IDG News Service
"Solaris annual support contracts range from $240 to $1,180 for (...) x86 servers, depending on whether the buyer chooses the "basic" or "premium" plan. Sun's basic plan costs about 40 percent less and the premium plan about 50 percent less than comparabl
news  article  InfoWorld  Sun  Solaris  OS  OSS  opensource  support  plan  unix  linux  RedHat  competition  market 
january 2007 by rafaeldff
'The world needs only five computers' | Newsmakers | CNET News.com
CNet interview with Sun's CTO on massive processing power consolidation: ""When does it become most of computing?" (...) In terms of (spending on) computing stuff, we'll see the crossover before the end of this decade."
interview  GregPapadopoulos  CNet  Sun  market  strategy  future  computing  consolidation  economy  datacenter  efficiency 
january 2007 by rafaeldff
Wired News: How Yahoo Blew It
Seems like the classical "nontechnical outsider CEO screwing up" story.
news  article  Wired  Yahoo  market  tech  technology  web  portal  search  ads 
january 2007 by rafaeldff
David Chappell :: Opinari - What's Next? Life After J2EE
Chapell sees SCA and related specs as instances of a trend of increased fragmentation on the enterprise marked. J2EE was an exception, when vendors got together to halt Microsoft offense at this space.
blog  post  DavidChappell  DaveChappell  java  jcp  j2ee  JavaEE  spec  specification  market  trend  trends  SOA  enterprise 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
MF Bliki: SemanticDiffusion
Fowler: "One of the problems with building a jargon is that terms are vulnerable to losing their meaning, in a process of semantic diffusion - to use yet another potential addition to our jargon."
MartinFowler  blog  post  bliki  term  tech  technology  neologism  terminology  name  naming  names  society  market  agile  web2.0  semantics  semantic  SemanticDiffusion  memetics  meme  article  language 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
Feature Story: Green Means Business
“The cost of operating power servers is going to surprass the cost to buy them in the next five years. When that happens, IT is going to be important to sustainability.” - Dave Douglas, Sun Vice President, Eco-Responsibility
article  sun  economy  ecology  eco  sustainability  market  datacenter  server  DaveDouglas 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
/dev/null - A new era for the data center?
Cameron Purdy observes that "So while companies vie for bragging rights related to the number of cores and the number of gigahertz, our industry has quite likely made a silent transition from increasing its power utilization, to stabilizing and now even d
blog  post  CameronPurdy  market  industry  CPU  chip  processor  microprocessor  power  energy  heat  HeatDissipation  datacenter  ecology  virtualization 
november 2006 by rafaeldff
ACM Queue - Like a Podcast in the Sea - Mean Ol' LoTech Blues - Is it just a matter of semantics?
Another great Stan Kelly-Bootle column at ACM Queue. This time he tackles the abuse of words like "paradigm" through an etymological and semantic approach.
article  rant  ACM  Queue  StanKelly-Bootle  paradigm  buzzword  etymology  semantics  history  market  tech  HiTech  StanBootle 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
O'Reilly Radar > Where Does The Apple Stop And The Worm Begin?
The role of ISVs when their platform evolves into their market. Or, to put it another way, shut up whining that "my OS just bundled the only cool feature I ever made" and work harder and faster (that's what is so cool about being small, isn't it?) that th
blog  post  article  O'Reilly  Radar  nat  NathanTorkington  oreilly  business  startup  tech  technology  market  economy  platform 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
The living room PC: it's not a myth, it's a mess
ArsTechinca answers why HTPCs aren't popular: it's mainly because of standard (CableCARD) politics, the old fight for control between "content providers" and hardware vendors.
news  ArsTechnica  editorial  KenFisher  HTPC  TV  media  home  theather  automation  HDTV  television  video  HomeTheater  PC  device  market  economy  standard  standards  process  itv  CableCARD 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
All Things Distributed: Life is not a State-Machine
Werner Vogels' opinion on university-market technology transfer, focusing specifically on distributed systems.
WenerVogels  blog  post  article  research  academia  market  technology  transfer  economy  society  distributedsystems  distributed  system  systems  computerscience  CS 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
flow|state: Oh app, for crying out loud, go update yourself
Post questioning the purpose, from an usability point-of-view, of those "Update to v1.324 now?" dialog boxes.
blog  post  JanMiksovsky  UI  design  GUI  update  updating  market  COTS  box  boxed  software  ISV  marketing  app  Application  versioning  version  usability 
june 2006 by rafaeldff

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