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Linearizability versus Serializability | Peter Bailis
RT @pbailis: I wrote a quick post (with some extra notes) on the differences between linearizability and serializability:
distributed  distributedsystems  systems  theory  serializable  serializability  linearizability  cap  acid  transaction  transactions  db  peterbailis 
september 2014 by rafaeldff
Exploiting Loopholes in CAP - Michael Nygard
Michael Nygard discusses several loopholes in the CAP theorem that can be used to engineer practical, real-world systems with desirable features.
video  talk  MichaelNygard  cap  theorem  distributedsystems  distributedsystem  data  database  db 
july 2014 by rafaeldff
Joe Armstrong, Erlang, and RPC :: Steve Vinoski’s Blog
Joe Armstrong commenting on a blog post by Steve Vinoski highlighting a blog post on Joe Armstrong's blog expanding on the RPC vs Message Passing topic brought about by Steve Vinoski replying to the Erlang mailing list. (href breadcrumbs)
blog  post  comment  JoeArmstrong  SteveVinoski  Erlang  distributed  systems  distributedsystems  reliability  concurrency  history  programming  language  RPC  messaging  MessagePassing  OTP  actors 
may 2008 by rafaeldff
shoal: Project Shoal - A Dynamic Java Clustering Framework
"Shoal is a java based clustering framework that provides infrastructure to build fault tolerance, reliability and availability." Is is the foundation for Glassfish clustering.
project  Java  JavaEE  distributedsystems  clustering  cluster  Glassfish  jxta  framework 
april 2007 by rafaeldff
RPC Under Fire - IEEE Internet Computing [Toward Integration column]
Vinoski reviews the history of RPC, discusses its perils, focusing more on the language independent mapping issues, summarizes Steve Loughran's Alpine paper, mentions C-omega (now LINQ) and briefly mentions REST.
SteveVinoski  paper  article  column  IEEE  InternetComputing  distributed  systems  distributedsystems  RPC  mapping  OXM  messaging  xml  SOAP  jax-rpc  alpine  linq  axis2  opinion  soa 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
Designing Distributed Systems - Arima Interview with Ken Arnold
"In this third installment of Bill Venners' interview with Ken Arnold, the discussion centers around designing distributed systems, including the importance of designing for failure, avoiding the "hell" of state, and choosing recovery strategies."
interview  artima  KenArnold  sun  java  jini  j2ee  JavaEE  distributed  system  systems  distributedsystems  computing  transaction  reliability  recovery  robusteness  state  stateless  statelessness  idempotency  failure  design  software  architecture 
november 2006 by rafaeldff
Sound advice - SOA does not simplify communication
Article by Benjamin Carlyle on REST advantages over SOA (he compares HTTP heavy REST against ESB centered SOAs. He argues that though SOA may reduce client code, it doesn't affect communication nor scalability
blog  post  article  BenjaminCarlyle  REST  SOA  ESB  WebServices  distributedsystems  distributedcomputing  distributed  system  systems  communication  information  data 
october 2006 by rafaeldff
/dev/null - Distributed Systems as Organisms
Cameron Purdy's vision of the future of distributed transactional systems. Seems similar to "autonomic computing" in that it envisions intensice replication as a means to avoid complicated recoverability scenarios.
blog  post  CameronPurdy  distributedsystems  distributedcomputing  transaction  2PC  XA  distributed  system  systems  autonomic  computing  algorithm  reliability  clustering  cluster  architecture 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
Making reliable distributed systems in the presence of software errors
Joe Armstrong's - one of Erlang's creators - thesis on fault-tolerant highly concurrent distributed software develpment. The text also apparently gives a good overview of Erlang' and it's main development model.
thesis  paper  JoeArmstrong  Erlang  language  distributed  system  systems  computing  distributedsystems  concurrency  messaging  resiliency  fault-tolerance  fault-tolerant  reliability  durability  ilities  overview  tutorial  server  middleware  pdf 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
All Things Distributed: Life is not a State-Machine
Werner Vogels' opinion on university-market technology transfer, focusing specifically on distributed systems.
WenerVogels  blog  post  article  research  academia  market  technology  transfer  economy  society  distributedsystems  distributed  system  systems  computerscience  CS 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
InfoQ - Esper: High Volume Event Stream Processing and Correlation in Java
"Esper is a real time engine that triggers actions when event conditions occurs among event streams. It is designed for high volume event correlation where millions of events coming in would make it impossible to store them all to later query them using a
opensource  processing  stream  event  java  messaging  system  project  Esper  ESP  CEP  events  engine  correlation  distributed  DS  distributedsystems 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
Bringing Data Grids to the Masses
Interview with Cameron Purdy on Tangosol's offerings for grid computing.
grid  interview  GridComputing  distributed  system  systems  distributedsystems  computing  CameronPurdy  tangosol  cache  data 
july 2006 by rafaeldff
Dr. Dobb's | Instant Messaging: A Programmer's Tool? | February 2, 2004
"Nonetheless, it is in P2S [person to system] and S2S [distributed system to system] that open instant messaging platforms such as Jabber may have the most to offer."
Jabber  IM  InstantMessaging  messaging  distributed  system  distributedsystem  distributedsystems  network  networking  protocol  software  architecture  design  DrDobbs  Dobbs  DrDobb's  Dobb's  article  paper  WilliamWright  DanaMoore  BillWright 
july 2006 by rafaeldff
Steve: Developing on the Edge - On Corba, DCOM, ICE, and distributed objects in general
Steve Loughran pitches in the discussion sparcked by Michi Henning's recent article on the failure of Corba. Steve goes into more technical detail on a few troubled spots in Corba and COM.
corba  blog  post  distributedsystems  distributed  system  systems  distribution  objects  object  software  standard  standards  SteveLoughran  interop  interoperability  WSRF  WS-RF  C++  component  COM  DCOM  exception 
june 2006 by rafaeldff
Tech Talk: Ted Neward on Web Services and Security
Lots of advice about designing effective SOAs (not much detail about web services security, though).
WebServices  SOA  software  architecture  tedneward  video  interview  tss  tsss  distributedsystems  distributed  systems  computing 
april 2006 by rafaeldff

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