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Don Norman's jnd.org / The Psychology of Waiting Lines
"Waiting is an inescapable part of life, but that doesn’t mean we enjoy it. But if the lines are truly inescapable, what can be done to make them less painful? Although there is a good deal of practical knowledge, usually known within the heads of corporate managers, very little has been published about the topic. [...] In the PDF file, The Psychology of Waiting Lines, I bring the study of waiting lines up to date, following the spirit of Maister’s original publication, but with considerable revision in light of modern findings. I suggest eight design principles, starting with the “emotions dominate” and ending with the principle that “memory of an event is more important than the experience.”"
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august 2008 by rafaeldff
Salon.com Books | Proud atheists
Salon interviews Steven Pinker and Rebecca Goldstein. Fascinating stuff; don't be misled by the title, they do get into a good deal of philosophical/scientific matters beyond the issue of theism.
interview  Salon  magazine  StevenPinker  RebeccaGoldstein  philosophy  science  cognition  psychology  CognitivePsychology  theism  atheism  language  MindBodyProblem  metaphysics 
may 2008 by rafaeldff
Mark Guzdial's Amazon Blog: The Psychology of Computer Science Lectures Permalink
"It is actually more learning-efficient for students to come to class and hear a teacher’s explanation (narration) while looking at code or diagrams or program execution. It will actually take students more time to learn the same things to read the []
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may 2008 by rafaeldff
Travolta’s pilot assistant almost ready to go - the new shelton wet/dry
"Three years ago, Florida scientists have grown a brain in a petri dish and taught it to pilot an F-22 jet simulator."
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december 2007 by rafaeldff
peripatetic axiom: Exemplary Thoughts
Keith Braithwaite on the analogy between prototypes and examples/tests and how they are closer to the way we intuitively think about the world than categorization and traditional requirements elicitation.
blog  post  KeithBraithwaite  agile  software  engineering  development  requirements  prototype  category  class  classification  categorization  taxonomy  test  testing  example  examples  TDD  cognition  CognitiveScience 
december 2007 by rafaeldff
Theories Used in IS Research
"This site provides researchers with summarized information on theories widely used in IS [Information Systems] research. [Including] details about the theory, some examples of IS papers using the theory, and links to related sites"
site  page  catalog  compendium  IS  information  InformationSystems  system  systems  YorkU  York  theory  research  theories  reference  informationscience  academic  portal  social  science  usability  interaction  psychology  cognitive  cognition  sociology  linguistics  ScottSchneberger  MikeWade 
october 2007 by rafaeldff
Daring Fireball: Deal With It
'My [cognitive load] counting methodology can be reduced to the form “Deal with some specific user interface element”'
blog  post  JohnGruber  via:cv  usability  UI  cognition  hci  interaction  design 
march 2007 by rafaeldff
collision detection: When the past lies before you: How Aymaran Indians see time pass
The indian's vocabulary and gestures indicates they see the past as "forward", as in what they can see (what they know), and the future as "behind" them, analogously meaning that they cannot know it.
blog  post  CliveThompson  Cognitive  Science  CognitiveScience  CogSci  cognition  psychology  time  perception  human  language  Sapir–Whorf  SapirWhorf  thinking  knowledge  indian  indians  Aymaran  Andes  SouthAmerica 
june 2006 by rafaeldff
Perception in Visualization
"This document summarizes some of the existing theories in psychophysics, and discusses their relevance to scientific and information visualization."
visualization  perception  psychology  psychophysics  cognition  congnitive  science  paper  article  ChristopherGHealey  ChristopherHealey 
june 2006 by rafaeldff

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