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RPC Under Fire - IEEE Internet Computing [Toward Integration column]
Vinoski reviews the history of RPC, discusses its perils, focusing more on the language independent mapping issues, summarizes Steve Loughran's Alpine paper, mentions C-omega (now LINQ) and briefly mentions REST.
SteveVinoski  paper  article  column  IEEE  InternetComputing  distributed  systems  distributedsystems  RPC  mapping  OXM  messaging  xml  SOAP  jax-rpc  alpine  linq  axis2  opinion  soa 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
Arun Gupta's Blog: Web Services Stack Comparison
Java WS stacks comparison matrix by Sun's Arun Gupta. Includes: Axis1, Axis2, Celtix, Glue, JBossWS, XFire and GlassFish.
blog  post  table  data  matrix  comparison  review  reference  WS  WebServices  Java  JavaEE  server  stack  Axis  Axis1  Axis2  Celtix  Glue  JBossWS  XFire  GlassFish  JAX-WS  JAX-RPC 
october 2006 by rafaeldff

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