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DSLs: A Logical Approach (Domain-Specific Languages)
Great idea: a course at the University of British Columbia about DSL development. Using Prolog! I have a hunch that we'll hear a lot more about logic programming in the not-so-near future. Sadly, there are no lecture notes...
course  academic  UBC  DSL  language  prolog  logic  development  LogicProgramming  LP  parsing  parser  interpreter  via:LtU 
may 2008 by rafaeldff
Turbulent Intellect: Identity Crisis in Computer Science Education
A good summary about the current polemic over Computer Science education. Information technology is so prevalent in the world, that people forget the field is very young and growing pains are to be expected.
blog  post  ChrisAmmerman  CS  ComputerScience  programming  software  education  engineering  academia  academic  polemic 
february 2008 by rafaeldff
An ABC of Category Theory
"This course is aimed at potential users of categorical ideas rather than aspiring category theorists. I will skip details wherever I can. There will not be many useful theorems in the course. Rather, the point is to teach you how to think categorically.
course  academic  mathematics  computerscience  CS  category  CategoryTheory  theory  formal  formalism  introduction  LectureNotes 
november 2007 by rafaeldff
COSC 6431 Software Re-Engineering
"Industrial software systems are usually large and complex, while knowledge of their structure is either lost or inadequately documented. This course presents techniques that aid the comprehension and design recovery of large software systems." [With slid
course  page  BilTzerpos  software  engineering  Re-Engineering  refactoring  visualization  understanding  ReEngineering  clustering  pattern  academic  paper  catalog  research 
october 2007 by rafaeldff
Google Code for Educators - Google: Cluster Computing and MapReduce
"This submission contains video lectures and related course materials from a series of lectures that was taught to Google software engineering interns during the Summer of 2007."
site  page  course  academic  Google  distributed  computing  systems  MapReduce  cluster  parallelism  parallel  GFS  video  catalog  clustering  graph  algorithm  algorithms  HPC  lecture  lectures  movie  scalability  towatch 
october 2007 by rafaeldff
Theories Used in IS Research
"This site provides researchers with summarized information on theories widely used in IS [Information Systems] research. [Including] details about the theory, some examples of IS papers using the theory, and links to related sites"
site  page  catalog  compendium  IS  information  InformationSystems  system  systems  YorkU  York  theory  research  theories  reference  informationscience  academic  portal  social  science  usability  interaction  psychology  cognitive  cognition  sociology  linguistics  ScottSchneberger  MikeWade 
october 2007 by rafaeldff
Declarative Meta Programming
Home page for the Belgium initiative for Declarative Metaprogramming (DMP).The participants are Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Université catholique de Louvain and Université Libre de Bruxelles.
site  page  project  research  logic  declarative  metaprogramming  DMP  Vrije  Louvain  UCL  ULB  Belgium  academy  academic 
august 2007 by rafaeldff
"IBAL (pronounced "eyeball") is a general-purpose language for probabilistic modeling, parameter estimation and decision making. It generalizes Bayesian networks, hidden Markov models, stochastic context free grammars, Markov decision processes, and allow
project  programming  language  academic  Harvard  statistics  randomness  stochastic  StochasticProcesses  Markov  math  mathematics  academia  research  probability  ocaml  ml  functional 
april 2007 by rafaeldff
15-819 Objects and Aspects: Language Support for Extensible and Evolvable Software
A course on advanced object oriented programming language concepts (AOP, multimethods, traits, etc...) at Carnegie Mellon taught by professor Jonathan Aldrich.
course  academic  OO  language  reference  CMU  CarnegieMellon  JonathanAldrich  AOP  AOSD  traits  multimethods  self  mixins  mixin  type  system  formal  formalism  CS  aspects  Scala  via:scala-lang.org 
april 2007 by rafaeldff
Teaching Discrete Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources | Lambda the Ultimate
"(...) written curricular materials, based on primary historical sources, for beginning and advanced undergraduate courses in discrete mathematics and computer science."
ltu  CS  computerscience  mathematics  algorithm  discrete  math  foundations  history  academic  course  academia  reference  exercises  material 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet (pdf)
Tending more towards algorithm analysis and numerical computing than formal methods, but its still pretty good.
MartinJansche  academic  cheatsheet  computer  computerscience  cs  math  mathematics  reference  formuli  formula  theoretical  theory  complexity  algorithm  analysis  graph  numerical  computing  TeX 
november 2006 by rafaeldff
Virtual Execution Environments course at Purdue
Examination of language VMs and virtualization technologies. Looks like they depend on OVM - a Java-In-Java virtual machine.
course  academic  academia  page  VM  runtime  VEE  virtualization  JanVitek  Purdue  java  JVM  OVM  discipline  subject 
october 2006 by rafaeldff
Rob Pike - Systems Software Research is Irrelevant
Pike's famous paper on the importance of systems research nowdays.
paper  article  RobPike  system  systems  research  academic  academia  OS  basic  science  cs  computerscience 
october 2006 by rafaeldff
The Algorithm: Idiom of Modern Science
Famous physicists bashing, american history jokes, semiotics and criptography on an excellent introduction to (algorithmic) computer science
BernardChazelle  Princeton  essay  article  introduction  computerscience  cs  computing  complexity  algorithm  algorithms  math  mathematics  linguistics  history  physics  philosophy  science  cryptography  tractability  decidability  NP  analysis  academia  academic 
september 2006 by rafaeldff
The SKI Combinator Calculus a universal formal system
SKI combinators can be expressed on Lambda Calculus. I didn't know they were also an independent formal system. This article gives a nice (and short) introduction and talks about self-refertiality (Gödel-like "theorems")
article  academic  logic  formal  formalism  system  calculus  combinator  SKI  lambda  derivation  foundation  LambdaCalculus  CS  computerscience 
september 2006 by rafaeldff
R i S E - Reuse in Software Engeneering
Huge bibliography on component systems, software architecture and related matters.
reference  list  catalog  references  bibliography  component  software  architecture  papers  articles  brazil  UFPE  CESAR  C.E.S.A.R.  SilvioMeira  academic  site  reuse 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
Rexa Search Engine
Another scholarly search engine, smarter and more powerful than others I tried.
site  academic  search  engine  academia  papers 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
Three Sins of Authors in Computer Science and Math
Grandmothering (silly intros), A table of contents in a paragraph (in section n we'll bla bla), Conclusions that don't (silly conclusions)
writing  academic  academia  papers  paper  english  tip  tips  advice  CMU  math  CS  computerscience  JonathanShewchuk  thesis  research  reference  science 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
Free Computer Science Video Lecture Courses
Links to CS lectures on various universities (the site looks like an adsense parasite, so no guarantees to long-term availability...)
List  video  videos  CS  ComputerScience  academic  presentations  lecture  lectures  link  links  catalog 
june 2006 by rafaeldff
Alex Halavais » How to cheat good
A professors' howto guide for cheating "This is my Number 1 piece of advice, even if it is numbered eight. When you copy things from the web into Word, ignoring #3 above, don’t just “Edit > Paste” it into your document. When I am reading a document
fun  funny  blog  post  academic  academia  tips  howto  cheating  professor  teaching  edu  plagiarism 
may 2006 by rafaeldff
Home Page of Dr. Eitan Bachmat
Math and stats applied to systems research (specially I/O). "the world's worst storage systems researcher"
professor  academia  academic  EitanBachmat  Bachmat  system  systems  research  I/O  performance  math  mathmatics  analysis  statistics  stats  storage 
april 2006 by rafaeldff
DRAGOS project
DRAGOS is a database system which is developed according to the requirements of software systems for special application areas.
data  database  LGPL  dragos  graph  grammar  rewriting  system  project  academic 
april 2006 by rafaeldff
Analysis of the Open Source in Higher Education Survey
Preliminary Analysis of the Open Source in Higher Education Survey Conducted from April 15, 2005 to May 1, 2005 by the Alliance for Higher Education Competitiveness
edu  report  opensource  education  higher  academy  academic  robabel  pdf  survey  paper  article 
may 2005 by rafaeldff
Network Connections (thesis by Alicia Cervini)
An Analysis of Social Software that Turns Online Introductions into Offline Interactions
socialnetworks  socialsoftware  AliciaCervini  AliciaLCervini  nyu  academic  thesis  paper  article 
april 2005 by rafaeldff
44. Breaking Down the LMS Walls
Paper about how LMSs can limit the learning experience; part of a series of eLearning technology evaluations from Athabasca University
lms  academic  athabasca  university  edu  education  edtech  criticism  critique 
march 2005 by rafaeldff
Electronic Publishing >> Book 'Em: Campus Technology
Article on the campus-technology portal about eletronic publishin within academic institutions. Covers online textbooks, eJournals and Open Access.
article  academic  academia  higher-ed  MattVillano  ejournal  ebook  openaccess  book  edu  education  edtech 
march 2005 by rafaeldff
Knowledge Management Systems Spring 2004
A course about KM from the university of Texas at Austin plentyful of links
Knowledge  Management  KnowledgeManagement  KM  course  link  catalog  texas  socialsoftware  academic 
february 2005 by rafaeldff
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