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Kalendae - A framework agnostic javascript date picker
javascript  widget  library  kalendae  caldendar  date  DatePicker  field  DateField  ui 
march 2012 by rafaeldff
jQuery UI Bootstrap
Welcome! This is a live preview of new the jQuery UI Bootstrap theme - a project I started to bring the beauty of Twitter's Bootstrap to jQuery UI widgets.
bootstrap  twitter  TwitterBootstrap  jquery  ui  JQueryUI  widget  widgets  style  styling  theme 
january 2012 by rafaeldff
jQuery UI Example Page
Good-looking jQuery UI theme (ported from cappuccino).
jquery  theme  design  webdev  ui  JQueryUI  forms 
march 2011 by rafaeldff
QuickUI modular web control framework
Another widget library/framework for web dev. This one is interesting for two reasons: (1) Controls are built with a special markup language - introducing a compile step, and (2) The author is Jan Miksovsky, noted usability specialist
library  framework  widget  UI  GUI  webdev  html  javascript  license:mit  opensource  project  JanMiksovsky 
november 2009 by rafaeldff
jQuery Ribbon - Home
"JQuery plugin for an office-like ribbon widget."
jquery  ribbon  toolbar  widget  office  plugin  webdev  UI 
june 2009 by rafaeldff
ignore the code » Oberon
"Blog post about the Oberon graphical user interface.
blog  post  Oberon  programming  language  GUI  UI  interface  NiklaysWirth  LukasMathis  ETHZurich 
may 2009 by rafaeldff
Room 101: Debugging Visual Metaphors
IMO, UI innovation for IDEs is badly needed. Here, Gilad Bracha shows the debugger user interface for Newspeak.
blog  post  GiladBracha  IDE  UI  GUI  debugger  debugging  HCI  programming  Smalltalk  Newspeak  Hopscotch 
july 2008 by rafaeldff
Ethan Nicholas's Blog: Introducing Java CSS
CSS for Swing apps. Declarativeness at it's best. Ethan expanded CSS with EL predicates, making it even more similar to DTrace's D language. Maybe there is some potential for abstraction there. Maybe not.
blog  post  EthanNicholas  project  Java  GUI  UI  layout  CSS  declarative  programming  language  DSL  Swing  Sun  opensource 
july 2008 by rafaeldff
Reverse autocomplete
Neat idea, have autocomplete look also at the right of the cursor.
article  idea  autocomplete  suggestion  UI  GUI  webdev  javascript  snippet  text  LászlóKozma 
july 2008 by rafaeldff
The product context model shows how the product you're building makes user experience more or less relevant on your product
This article reminds me of Spolsky's Five Worlds piece, but focused on the implications to usability. Context is king.
blog  post  article  JeffPatton  software  usability  UX  UserExperience  UI  design  market  segmentation  HCI 
june 2008 by rafaeldff
Ctrl-Shift-B: Interactive Application Architecture Patterns
Thorough comparative overview of MVC, MVP and PAC. The author applies Fowler's further decomposition.
article  comparison  overview  blog  post  DerekGreer  UI  GUI  pattern  software  architecture  patterns  MVC  MVP  PAC  smalltalk  Dolphin  Taligent  hci  oop  OO  reference 
june 2008 by rafaeldff
Integração de JSF com JSP Tagfiles - PBJug | Grupos do Google
In portuguese, a message from Maurício Linhares listing the flaws with JSF technology.
MaurícioLinhares  JSF  mail  mailing  list  thread  post  Java  JavaEE  anti  criticism  critique  webdev  component  UI  pt-br 
june 2008 by rafaeldff
Design Stencils - Yahoo! Design Pattern Library
Web GUI widget stencils for prototyping in OmniGraffle, Visio (XML), Adobe Illustrator (PDF and SVG), and Adobe Photoshop (PNG) formats.
Yahoo  resource  reference  UI  GUI  web  webdev  prototype  wireframe  prototyping  design  webdesign  stencils  resources  catalog  stencil  widget  visio  OmniGraffle  SVG  PNG  layout  mock  sketch  sketching  Yahoo! 
june 2008 by rafaeldff
Making it stick.: Toward Better UI Programming Models
Patrick Logan lists some innovative UI programming toolkits from the past decades. Constraint programming, prototype OO and FRP all have entrants.
PatrickLogan  blog  post  UI  GUI  programming  toolkit  model  list  catalog  research  morphic  FRP  ThingLab  ARK  Hypercard  Garnet  EZDraw  dataflow  ConstraintProgramming  constraint  prototype  OO 
june 2008 by rafaeldff
Weblog |
From the great DeHora: "gradual shifting of UI metaphors is one reason why AtomPub will replace WebDAV - even though WebDAV arguably addresses problems that AtomPub does not"
blog  post  BillDeHora  future  technology  web  UI  hci  atom  atompub  FS  FileSystem  model  metaphor  MentalModel 
may 2008 by rafaeldff
Seth's Blog: Alphabetical order is obsolete
"With computers, though, alphabetical order is almost always a bad idea, ... Example: When I do a search in Google images, I want them sorted by relevance and then, within that, by size. Bigger is better."
blog  post  SethGodin  usability  web  interface  UI  GUI  sorting  options  ordering  order  alphabet  design  IA  InformationArchitecture  information 
april 2008 by rafaeldff
STEPS Toward The Reinvention of Programming (Viewpoints Research Institute)
Alan Kay's ocean-boiling project completed its first year - this is a report of the work done so far. I've only briefly skimmed the paper, but the ideas described look extremely provocative and insightful.
AlanKay  programming  system  systems  language  research  STEPS  Viewpoints  VRI  sttrp  UI  personal  computing  PC  PersonalComputing  SI  paper  report  IanPiumarta 
march 2008 by rafaeldff
Project Scene Graph
"Welcome to the Scene Graph project, which provides "scene graph" functionality at the Java level, as well as providing one of the important runtime elements that the JavaFX Script language depends upon from the underlying platform. This project is releas
project  opensource  Java  Swing  Java2D  desktop  GUI  UI  scene  SceneGraph  2D  graphics  API  library 
december 2007 by rafaeldff
Naked Objects » User interfaces: the enemy of Domain Driven Design
Great post by the Naked Objects team. The relationship between users, user interface and domain model is a complex one. This article argues that an UI directly linked to the domain is the best way to secure a commitment to the domain model.
blog  post  NakedObjects  NO  framework  DDD  domain  OO  design  model  modeling  UI  usability  GUI 
november 2007 by rafaeldff
2D is Better Than 3D (Alertbox Nov. 1998)
By Jakob Nielsen. [article does what it says on the tin]
column  blog  post  JakobNielsen  UI  usability  3D  interface  2D  gui  media  navigation  virtual  critique 
october 2007 by rafaeldff
Stefano's Linotype ~ Why Programmers suck at Picking Colors
Tips and pointers to help with the choice of a color scheme with usability in mind.
article  StefanoMazzocchi  color  UI  design  colors  HCI  usability  layout  webdev  tips  ColorScheme  perception  Munsell 
october 2007 by rafaeldff
Strategy Letter VI - Joel on Software
My take: Joel still seems to think that UI consistency is *the* market determining force. I believe that while it is an important factor, a lot has changed since the 80s: users are more experienced and "adaptive" and major players are more prone to standa
blog  post  essay  article  Joel  JoelSpolsy  software  market  platform  analysis  history  UI  consistency  future  prediction  strategy  web  AJAX  javascript  portability 
september 2007 by rafaeldff
Welcome to the DEUCE website · DEUCE
Using declarative metaprogramming to reconcile UI and application logic.
project  research  logic  declarative  metaprogramming  DMP  SofieGoderis  UI  GUI  OO  framework  SOUL  prolog  Smalltalk  presentation  view  Vrije  DEUCE 
august 2007 by rafaeldff
Bill de hÓra: Mobile Lists
More de hÓra: "I'm new to the whole mobile web thing, but it seems to me, on constrained devices like phones everything ends up being a list. (...) So, why not just use syndication feeds for everything?" Good point.
blog  post  BillDeHÓra  BillDeHora  atom  rss  feed  feeds  syndication  mobile  web  software  design  usability  UI  collections  lists 
august 2007 by rafaeldff
Free as in Freedom: Chapter 6 - The Emacs Commune
The birth of Emacs at the famous MIT AI Lab by Richard Stallman and Guy Steele. (interesting and very well written).
book  online  chapter  Emacs  editor  free  software  RMS  RichardStallman  Stallman  UI  history  SamWilliams  GuySteele  GPL  FSF  MIT  AI  AILab 
july 2007 by rafaeldff
InfoQ: Wiki-style GUI Layout with Profligacy and LEL
ASCII Art meets DSL for layout definition. Also interestingly, it is a ruby project using Ragel for parsing that drives Swing GroupLayout trough JRuby. The man behind it all is the prolific Zed Shaw.
ruby  news  InfoQ  JRuby  DSL  ZedShaw  Ragel  GUI  UI  layout  language  AsciiArt  visual  GroupLayout  Profligacy  LEL 
july 2007 by rafaeldff
Richard O'Neill / Articles / Improving the User Interface
Little example of how a handful of simple typographical changes can turn a plain ugly html table into, well, a plain good-looking html table.
blog  post  article  RichardO'Neill  RichardONeill  UI  GUI  design  usability  typography  html  webdev  webdesign  table 
july 2007 by rafaeldff
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Hanselminutes Podcast 65 - Martin Fowler and David Heinemeier Hansson
Martin Fowler, DHH and Scott Hanselman talk about web-based versus rich-client UIs, usability in agile development and Alpha Geeks attitude towards Microsoft (with some kind words regarding Sun in the middle). All and all,. a very cool podcast.
podcast  audio  interview  talk  MartinFowler  DavidHeinemeierHansson  DHH  ScottHanselman  Ruby  Rails  RoR  UI  usability  agile  process  richclient  microsoft  RailsConf 
may 2007 by rafaeldff
Enterprise Java Community: Rethinking JSF - The Real Problem
Joseph Ottinger discusses why JSF has not had a stellar pickup. IIUC, one big problem is that the initial experience doesn't convey the power gained from the reuse of rich components.
article  JSF  Java  JavaEE  JosephOttinger  TSS  webdev  component  UI 
may 2007 by rafaeldff
Bill Higgins :: the Uncanny Valley of user interface design
Author argues that UIs that attempt to emullate an existing "paradigm" instead of breaking away with it cause an impression akin to the Uncanny Valley effect (google for Clive Thompson's writing on it).
article  blog  post  BillHiggins  UI  GUI  usability  design  LaF  LookAndFeel  web  webdev  ajax  Swing  SWF  consistency  conventions 
may 2007 by rafaeldff
Announcing the FLUID Project - sakaiproject.org
"the FLUID Project, a new (..) project to improve the user experience of community source software. FLUID includes members of the Sakai, uPortal, and Moodle communities who are working (...) [on] usability, accessibility, internationalization, and more wi
project  edtech  edu  opensource  FLUID  sakai  uPortal  Moodle  usability  accessibility  internationalization  i18n  LMS  web  UI 
may 2007 by rafaeldff
Daring Fireball: Deal With It
'My [cognitive load] counting methodology can be reduced to the form “Deal with some specific user interface element”'
blog  post  JohnGruber  via:cv  usability  UI  cognition  hci  interaction  design 
march 2007 by rafaeldff
flow|state: Collecting data efficiently with text box micro-grammars
Think mini-DSLs for data entry in textboxes (like values in units on Ms Office). Interesting stuff, given Don Norman's recent article on search boxes as signs of future developments on UIs.
JanMiksovsky  blog  post  article  usability  UI  GUI  text  command  CLI  textbox  data  entry 
march 2007 by rafaeldff
Miscellanea - Blog Archive » Acceptable use of programming in templates
"The whole point of decoupling presentation from logic is that you decouple code from how the thing ends up looking. Not only have you failed to do it, you’ve actually invented a new, buggy, inferior and untested programming language to hide that fact f
blog  post  ElverLoho  Elver  webdev  web  UI  GUI  programming  template  templating  critique  criticism  opinion  MVC  presentation  view  html  xml  templates 
march 2007 by rafaeldff
Don Norman's jnd.org / UI Breakthrough-Command Line Interfaces
CLIs reincarnated as "answer engines" are the future of user interfaces. Current search engines' prompts are the beggining of this trend.
article  paper  column  DonaldNorman  DonNorman  ACM  Interacitions  magazine  GUI  UI  CLI  usability  search  HCI 
february 2007 by rafaeldff
Jef Raskin on "Intuitive Interfaces"
Intuitiveness in HCI boils down to familiarity("uses readily transferred, existing skills."). So, intuitiveness frequently goes against improvement.
article  JefRaskin  HCI  usability  software  product  design  marketing  UI  intuitive  intuitiveness  familiarity  productivity 
october 2006 by rafaeldff
Four Modes of Seeking Information and How to Design for Them - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
Information architecture article. The modes are: Known-item, Exploratory, Don’t know what you need to know and Re-finding.
article  UI  usability  IA  information  architecture  informationarchitecture  DonnaMaurer  webdesign  userinterface  design 
october 2006 by rafaeldff
Jensen Harris: An Office User Interface Blog : Help Is For Experts
"One of the most interesting epiphanies I've had over the last few years seems on the surface like a paradox: "help" in Office is mostly used by experts and enthusiasts."
blog  post  JensenHarris  UI  usability  help  documentation  software  design  psychology  communication 
october 2006 by rafaeldff
The Daily WTF - Pop-up Potpourri: Announced By God
Several software error messages. JMeter warns about an error: "1 >= 0". And Dell's customer service is getting worse by the minute, see this message brought up during a drive hot swap: "... Press 'Y' if you promise not to do it again."
funny  software  error  messages  message  usability  ui  HCI 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
GUI Architectures
Part of Fowler's work in progress for PoEAA 2 on GUI architectures. Talks about RAD style (forms and controls), MVC, MVC w/ value model and MVP.
book  chapter  excerpt  OO  design  GUI  software  architecture  RAD  MVC  MVP  MartinFowler  Fowler  UI 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
A Cookbook for Using the Model-View-Controller User Interface Paradigm in Smalltalk-80
Finally one of the authors made this article available online. This is the first published description of MVC (though it existed for quite a few years before the publication).
article  paper  MVC  OO  GlennKrasner  StephenPope  Smalltalk  Smalltalk-80  seminal  first  history  UI  GUI  toolkit  framework  JOOP  1988 
august 2006 by rafaeldff
Don Norman's jnd.org / Logic Versus Usage: The Case for Activity-Centered Design
Activity-centered design (and taskonomy) as an improvement over human-centered design looks like an interesting way to see the learnability/proficiency problem.
DonNorman  DonaldNorman  article  acm  hci  interaction  design  HumanCenteredDesign  ActivityCenteredDesign  UI  user  interface  usability  InductiveUI 
july 2006 by rafaeldff
Elastic tabstops - the solution to the tabs-versus-spaces issue
Can impossible problems be solved? Can a newer alternative ever resolve a long standing debate? What is plaintext anyway?
text  editor  editing  layout  technique  algorithm  java  code  style  styling  space  spacing  tab  TabsVsSpaces  spaces  tabs  cool  interesting  problem  solution  software  texteditor  ui  GUI  programming  font 
july 2006 by rafaeldff
flow|state: Oh app, for crying out loud, go update yourself
Post questioning the purpose, from an usability point-of-view, of those "Update to v1.324 now?" dialog boxes.
blog  post  JanMiksovsky  UI  design  GUI  update  updating  market  COTS  box  boxed  software  ISV  marketing  app  Application  versioning  version  usability 
june 2006 by rafaeldff
O'Reilly Radar > Sliders are the new drop-downs
Ajax bringing incremental improvements to web usability.
OReilly  radar  blog  post  Rael  Ajax  dhtml  html  xhtml  javascript  UI  GUI  webdev  design  widget  widgets 
june 2006 by rafaeldff
Prototype Javascript Windows
Create windows inside the browser page with this javascript library (based on Prototype 1.5, inspired by and integrated with script.aculo.us). Can save state in cookie.
ajax  javascript  library  opensource  project  MITLicense  prototype  windows  GUI  UI  client  state  session  cookie  js 
june 2006 by rafaeldff
Richard Bair's Blog: The Unknown JavaBean
JavaBean technology is more than standard getters and setters
java  article  beans  JavaBean  swing  AWT  api  GUI  interface  UI  blog  post  RichardBair  observer  DesignPattern 
june 2006 by rafaeldff
User Interface Design for Programmers - Chapter 9
Chapter telling Excel stories in Joel Spolsky's book about UI design.
joelspolsky  ui  design  usability  HCI  book  chapter  essay  excel  list  lists  spreadsheet  user  users  costumer  product 
january 2006 by rafaeldff
Adobe Releases Adam and Eve | Lambda the Ultimate
Adobe's framework for developing user interfaces in C++; founded on functional and declarative programming paradigms.
blog  post  LTU  lambda  functional  programming  declarative  generic  adobe  UI  GUI  humaninterface  HU 
march 2005 by rafaeldff

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