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Asynchronous & Non-Blocking Scala: A look at Netty and NIO - Marakana
In this talk from NEScala, Brendan McAdams of 10gen will introduce Async/Non-Blocking IO and demonstrate both Netty & Raw NIO -- and discuss strengths and weaknesses of each.
scala  NIO  netty  mongo  mongodb  driver  java  asynchronous  nonblocking  IO  DB 
april 2012 by rafaeldff
File copy in Java – Benchmark | @Blog("Baptiste Wicht")
NIO a little faster for large files. Streams with custom (byte[]) buffers faster for small files. Large difference between custom buffers and merely delegating to a BufferedStream. Using a Reader does not incur in that much performance penalty, it may even be faster for smaller files.
Filecopying  java  Library  Benchmark  Input/output  nio 
august 2010 by rafaeldff
Efficient data transfer through zero copy
NIO performance tip: use FileChannel.transferTo() to reduce unnecessary copying between kernel and application buffers. With newer operating systems, it may actually avoid copying altogether.
article  Java  NIO  IO  performance  tip  FileChannel  transferTo  transfer  copy  buffer  copying  ContextSwitching  developerworks  SathishPalaniappan  PramodNagaraja  kernel  systems  programming 
october 2008 by rafaeldff
More New I/O APIs for Java
In this interview with Artima, JSR 203 spec lead Alan Bateman explains how JSR 203's file API solves current shortcomings with java.io.File, the new Watchable interface, and asynchronous I/O programming.
interview  Artima  Java  JSR-203  JSR  JCP  FileSystem  IO  I/O  AlanBateman  NIO  asynchronous  asynchronicity 
may 2007 by rafaeldff
grizzly: Project Home Page
Glasfish NIO front-end was spin-offed to this standalone java.net project.
java  nio  io  project  opensource  grizzly  sun  glassfish  framework  networking  cddl 
december 2006 by rafaeldff
asyncWeb - Home
"AsyncWeb is a high-throughput, non blocking Java HTTP engine - designed throughout to support asynchronous request processing. AsyncWeb (built on top of the excellent Mina network framework) employs non-blocking selector driven IO at the transport level,
project  opensource  java  http  web  server  asynchronous  asynchronicity  synchronicity  non-blocking  asyncWeb  IO  I/O  nio  webserver  concurrency  scalability  codehaus  safehaus 
august 2006 by rafaeldff

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