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Managed Extensibility Framework - Home
New project from the .net world. Seems like a combination of OSGI service layer and Eclipse's extension registry.
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june 2008 by rafaeldff
Du côté de chez...
"Now the interesting question that everyone will be asking soon, are we [Glasfish v3] switching to OSGi as our underlying module subsystem ? Today I can say yes, we will"
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april 2008 by rafaeldff
The Rich Engineering Heritage Behind Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection frameworks viewed as a form of Architectural Description Languages, a well-known research topic from the component based computing community.
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february 2008 by rafaeldff
InfoQ: What's New in Spring 2.5: Part 1
The article describes a whole set of new features for wiring your components with Spring. Each item seems potentially useful, but I have to admit that seeing the plethora of options laid out like this scares me a bit.
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november 2007 by rafaeldff
SOA, cuts the Gordian Knot -- Not.
Robert Martin arguing that SOA is worthless (albeit likely very expensive) if the services aren't loosely coupled and that is just plain hard. (tho I do not agree that SOA and CBD are the same - SOA has a stronger network focus).
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october 2007 by rafaeldff
HK2 (glassfish)
HK2 is a module subsystem coupled with a simple yet powerful component model. It is the foundation for GlassFish V3. HK2 proposes a model which [will] be friendly to existing technologies such as OSGi, yet will provide a path to the implementation of mod
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may 2007 by rafaeldff
"making the systems self managing: the systems will reconfigure themselves to handle changes in their environment or requirements....""A major innovation of SELFMAN is to combine the strengths of structured overlay networks and advanced component models."
PeterVanRoy  research  project  CS  ComputerScience  distributed  system  systems  grid  p2p  autonomic  autonomous  computing  self-healing  self-organizing  self-organization  Oz  Mozart  component  CBD 
may 2007 by rafaeldff
Adapting object oriented components.pdf (application/pdf Object)
"reusable components generally need to be adapted to match the system requirements.""this paper proposes superimposition, a novel black-box adaptation technique that allows one to impose predefined, but configurable types of functionality on a reusable co
paper  JanBosch  OO  component  reusability  composability  adaptation  coupling  components  CBP  CBD 
march 2007 by rafaeldff

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