Always Good at Bad Ideas
A dragon fight leaves Bull gravely injured, and Dorian feeling frantic and vulnerable enough to blurt out the one thing he wanted to keep hidden.
2015  a:electricshoebox  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  r:pg  wc:1000  g:fluff 
5 hours ago
seeing reason (won't help you through this)
Dorian's still operating like he's in Tevinter, and the Bull safewords the hell out.
2015  a:iambic  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  r:r  wc:1000 
2 days ago
Game II - Peace for the Soul
Sequel to:

The Iron Bull leans in close, one of his knees on the small of Dorian's back, stilling his hips, and he says, "Consider how much you like breathing, magister Pavus. I can pull this collar much, much tighter. I don't need you to be conscious to fuck you."
2015  a:somniari  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:15000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:bondage  k:bdsm  k:bareback  k:size 
3 days ago
A Greater Compliment
(WIP) There’s drinking the night they return to the rest of the Inquisition -- but then, there’s always drinking at Skyhold -- and Dorian is already deep in his cups when the Chargers start up with their rowdy singing and the Bull’s raucous laughter can be heard booming across the tavern, its deep rumble sending those words he’d said out in the field skittering once again through Dorian’s mind.
2015  a:aislincade  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  r:nc17  k:rimming  k:domsub  k:size 
21 days ago
Control (WIP)
Saarebas!Dorian/Tal-Vashoth!Bull, Hurt/Comfort, Slow Build

Inspired by a recent banter, Iron Bull (who is a Tal-Vashoth, as can happen in the game) finds and rescues Dorian, a Tevinter mage who was captured and turned into a saarebas by the qunari. Iron Bull--who still mostly believes in the Qun--has never been quite comfortable with how mages were treated and associating with them has only reinforced that. He sees Dorian as a chance to do better. Besides, no one else in the Inquisition knows what to do, so the full-time task of taking care of and rehabilitating Dorian falls to him.
2015  a:anonymous  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  g:au  g:hurtcomfort 
29 days ago
you can hear it in the silence
Once he decides to say it, it's hard for Dorian to think of anything else.
2015  a:psikeval  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:1000  r:pg  g:fluff 
5 weeks ago
I'm Your Fool
The Iron Bull never asked Dorian to stay, but Dorian did.
2015  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:5000  r:pg  g:fluff 
5 weeks ago
give and take
Dorian is very into breathplay but very bad at persuasion.
2015  a:quodis  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:5000  g:pwp  k:breathplay  r:nc17 
5 weeks ago
From a prompt on the kinkmeme: "Dorian's been more bratty than usual lately and Bull takes it upon himself to straighten his lover out. So to speak."
2015  a:amurderof  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:1000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:spanking 
5 weeks ago
Greatly Approved
An apostate's guide to popular fiction.

(Or: Hawke runs headlong into Cassandra's book club, Varric comes along for the ride.)
a:damalur  f:dragonage  p:hawke/varric  r:r  wc:35000  2015 
5 weeks ago
here we are millionaires
They will sleep, then. Limbs wrapped tight some nights, only touching at their fingers on others. When they wake Porthos will make coffee and Aramis will grumble until his second cup and neither of them will say what is always on their minds; that they are lucky, lucky, lucky.

But this is not that story. Not yet. This is the story of everything that comes before.
2014  a:mellyflori  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  r:nc17  wc:115000  g:au  k:domsub  k:poly 
6 weeks ago
In Flagrante Delicto
Catching the Iron Bull in the act (that is, the carnal act) didn't start anything. It just brought Dorian's attention to it.
2015  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:20000  r:pg13 
8 weeks ago
layover two
This was the game, as of one week ago: they taste enough of one another’s alcoholic picks until one or the other obtains particularly grabby hands. Then they retire to their respective rooms and speak of it to no one (unless you are The Iron Bull, at which point you talk about your conquests as if they were parts of a weather report and none of it fucking matters and you wonder why you even bothered with rules).
2015  a:shaykreth  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  r:nc17  wc:5000  k:bdsm  k:bondage  k:size 
8 weeks ago
layover one
What happens at the in-between for Dorian and The Iron Bull. A conversation by the campfire.
2014  a:shaykreth  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:1000  r:pg 
8 weeks ago
Let It Be Easy
Monkey, Trip, and a sunny morning somewhere in the wilds.
2014  f:enslaved  p:monkey/trip  r:r  wc:1000  a:paperiuni 
9 weeks ago
Down, Down, Down
Dorian's falling in more ways than one.
2014  a:annundriel  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:1000  r:r 
9 weeks ago
The Dreaming Spire
She feels like a hundred instead of nineteen. Like someone opened a valve and poured a century's worth of sorrow into her head.

Trip and Monkey make an escape, a discovery, and a decision, and fall in love a little. (Set right after the game.)
2014  f:enslaved  p:monkey/trip  r:pg  wc:5000  a:paperiuni 
9 weeks ago
Indecent Intentions
The expression is 'bull in a china shop,' but Dorian is certain that 'Bull in a library' is just as bad, if not worse.
2014  a:luddleston  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  r:pg13  wc:5000  g:fluff 
9 weeks ago
Last Friday Night
A combination of boasting, drinks, and old fashioned 'I dare you's lands Dorian in the Iron Bull's bed.
2014  a:anonymous  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  r:nc17  k:size  g:pwp 
9 weeks ago
Tripping the Light Fantastic
Varric gave a wistful smile and went over to sit by Hawke’s side. “You’re a legend, Hawke!” Varric exclaimed. As though on cue, the crowd’s noise swelled louder. “You wouldn’t abandon the people like this, would you? You’ve get out there and show them what you’re made of. I mean, hell -- you’re the Champion of Kirkwall. What’s the band without their frontman?”

Behind him, Fenris scoffed.
2014  a:newsbypostcard  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  r:pg13  wc:10000  g:au 
10 weeks ago
getting the picture
Hawke and Fenris have some communication difficulties.
2014  a:quodis  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  wc:5000  r:r  g:humor 
10 weeks ago
Amor gignit amorem
Dorian uses sex as self-punishment; Bull helps him see that he deserves better. (Warnings for internalized homophobia, self-harm, dubcon Dorian/others)
2014  a:anonymous  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  g:pwp  k:bdsm  r:nc17  g:hurtcomfort  k:gangbang  k:dubcon  k:dirtytalk 
10 weeks ago
The Heart of the Labyrinth
Matters come to a head for the Bull and Dorian on an otherwise routine mission.
2014  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:10000  r:pg13 
11 weeks ago
For Good
How quickly he falls apart at those words. In this dark intimate place inside himself, it's too close to what he's always craved.
2014  a:fullmoonhermit  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:1000  r:nc17  k:domsub  g:pwp 
11 weeks ago
Letters Dorian never sends to Halward Pavus frame a short story in which Dorian develops a resistance to being poisoned by Vitaar, among other things.
2014  a:spicyshimmy  p:dorian/bull  f:dragonage  wc:5000  r:pg13 
11 weeks ago
Bull and Dorian flirt poorly, get together, and make no promises at all. Spoilers for Bull's personal quest and Dorian-related happenings, that there is a dragon in Crestwood, and that Dorian hates the cold.
2014  a:spicyshimmy  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  r:r  wc:5000 
december 2014
I try to picture me without you (but I can't)
Hawke is seriously injured in a skirmish with some bandits and needs a healer.
2014  a:canistakahari  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  r:pg  wc:5000  g:hurtcomfort 
november 2014
Where We Go After That
Scorched earth policies don't leave much to work with, but Dorian and the Iron Bull just might manage.
2014  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:5000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:bdsm 
november 2014
Under the Table
Dorian really shouldn't doubt the Bull.
2014  a:barkour  f:dragonage  p:dorian/bull  wc:5000  r:pg 
november 2014
Harvey Specter Doesn't Do Gay Panic
Harvey flirts with men. He does it to close a deal, to make transactions easier, to build working relationships he can cash in on later - all without the slightest hint of shame. He doesn't flirt with men for sex. Not because that would be shameful, just because...because. He just doesn't.
2012  a:thatotherperv  f:suits  p:harvey/mike  wc:10000  r:nc17 
november 2014
a day too early (still a couple dollars short)
Originally posted as "one of the many ways Harvey didn't meet Mike." Harvey picks up Mike in the pilot. Mike isn't easy, in any sense beyond the obvious.
2011  2012  a:thatotherperv  f:suits  p:harvey/mike  r:nc17  wc:10000  g:au 
november 2014
needs must
When Grammy needs an upgrade in care, Mike knows that the usual one-off gig as a paid submissive won't be enough. He takes a job he's been refusing for a while - a long-term, full-time contract.

He expects his client to be a sadistic asshole. He expects not to like it. He's wrong on both counts.
2012  a:thatotherperv  f:suits  r:nc17  wc:100000  g:au  k:bdsm  p:harvey/mike  k:hooker 
november 2014
Living In The Future
Eighteen-year-old Tony Stark is the boy genius who woke Captain America, and now he's stuck with him. That's not a bad thing, but between Steve's wide-eyed wonder at the new world and Tony's little fanboy crush, the awkwardness just keeps happening.
2012  a:closer  f:marvel  g:au  p:steve/tony  wc:35000  r:r 
november 2014
To Timbuktu (And Back Again)
In which Arkady manages to be a great nuisance, despite never appearing in the story, and Tharkay is thoroughly unsettled.
2009  a:novembersmith  f:temeraire  wc:5000  r:pg13  p:laurence/tharkay 
october 2014
It Is Steep, It Is Stone
Beginnings are very delicate times. Sequel to Against the Wind.
2012  a:dynamicsymmetry  f:enslaved  p:monkey/trip  r:pg13  wc:10000 
september 2014
Against the Wind
Post-game. Freedom means the burden of making choices, and the consequences that come with them.
2011  a:dynamicsymmetry  f:enslaved  p:monkey/trip  wc:5000  r:pg 
september 2014
Any Eventuality
People assume that Eames likes to be in perfect control of everything: how he presents himself to the world, how others see him, how an extraction goes down. That's true, mostly. Sometimes. The reality is more complicated.
2011  a:starlingthefool  f:inception  wc:10000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:bdsm  p:arthur/eames 
august 2014
Close Protection
After three consecutive expulsions for sexual misconduct, Luca D'Amato has no choice but to return to America. Jacob Ryder is the man charged with protecting him from his family's many enemies – but who will protect Ryder from Luca?

+ Ficlets:
2011  a:ckingsbridge  f:original  r:nc17  k:domsub  k:size  wc:270000 
august 2014
Always time for a good conversation
Urban legends are real. Everyone has an opinion, and Goliath and Elisa have a disagreement. But they have always listened to each other.
2008  a:dotfic  f:gargoyles  p:goliath/elisa  r:pg  wc:1000 
august 2014
Ever Rise
Vampire AU. In 1902 London, Fenris's flight from his former master leads him straight to the city streets—and the night's creatures who walk them. After a chance meeting with one who calls herself Hawke, Fenris's escape is curtailed as he finds his fortunes entangled with her own, forcing them both to face old fears and old scars as he attempts to win his freedom at last—with or without Hawke's help.
2013  a:loquaciousquark  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  r:r  wc:100000  g:au  g:paranormal  g:period  k:vampire 
august 2014
Groot needs more room to grow.
2014  a:inlovewithnight  f:marvel  p:gen  r:pg  wc:1000 
august 2014
Miss Laurence's Dragon
(WIP) “Do you mean to say that we shall have a hatchling with us onboard?” Miss Laurence asked, horrified.
2014  a:wildehack  f:temeraire  wc:20000  g:au  g:genderbend 
july 2014
Born Free
Shepard was a study in redaction, black lines bleeding through history, the living embodiment of negative space. | A re-imagining of the events of the Citadel DLC.
2013  a:crossley  f:masseffect  p:shepard/kaidan  wc:75000  r:r 
july 2014
Getting Physical
This was the first time they'd done this, and Shepard was in some serious pain. But it could be worse.
2012  a:anonymous_moose  f:masseffect  p:shepard/vakarian  r:pg13  wc:1000 
july 2014
Some Sort of Crazy Series
Nate/Elena; coda + fill-in-the-blank fic for the entire Uncharted series.
2012  2013  a:rhiannon87  f:uncharted  p:nate/elena  wc:50000  r:nc17 
june 2014
Dance Like No One's Watching
Nathan Drake and Desmond Miles cross paths, then collide.
2012  a:devera  f:uncharted  f:asscreed  p:desmond/nate  g:crossover  r:nc17  wc:5000 
june 2014
Rock and a Hard Place
While trying to avoid Atoq's men, Nate and Elena end up getting stuck in a cave.
2011  a:blacktofade  f:uncharted  p:nate/elena  r:nc17  g:pwp  wc:5000 
june 2014
Through the Viewfinder
Elena does some filming, Nate does some shooting, and a camera falls to its death.
2011  a:blacktofade  f:uncharted  p:nate/elena  r:nc17  wc:5000 
june 2014
All in a Day's Work
Sully dreams of losing Nate more often than he would ever confess.
2012  a:gretazreta  f:uncharted  p:nate/sully  r:nc17  wc:1000 
june 2014
honest thieves
Nate takes a spill off a rooftop. Sully doesn't handle it well.
2012  a:driedvoices  f:uncharted  p:nate/sully  r:nc17  wc:1000  g:pwp  k:underage 
june 2014
Candy Apple
Desmond is supposed to know better than to take candy from strangers, even really, really hot ones. (WARNING: Implied dub/noncon at the end.)
2013  a:devera  f:asscreed  p:ezio/desmond  wc:5000  r:nc17  g:pwp  g:au 
june 2014
And the Mountains Crack
“This isn’t your fight, Diaval,” Maleficent said, bitterly.

“Oh, of course it isn’t,” he bit, angry. “‘I need you, Diaval’, ‘I can’t do this without you, Diaval’,” he mocked.

He stomped his very human foot and marched after her into the castle, because his mistress was his mistress and if anyone was going to pluck her eyes out with a raven’s beak, it was going to be him.
2014  a:ambrosia  f:maleficent  p:maleficent/diaval  r:pg  wc:5000 
june 2014
Everything is barely under control, but that's just fine. (Kinkmeme prompt; rank and powerplay.)
2012  a:tanyart  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  wc:1000  g:pwp  r:nc17 
may 2014
Before the Storm
Eight men are dead, one remains to be killed. Meanwhile, Malik begins to suspect that there may be truth to Altaїr's claims that all is not as it seems.
2013  a:ningengirai  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  r:nc17  wc:5000 
may 2014
And after, Rain
An argument gone wrong leads to hard truths.
2013  a:ningengirai  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  wc:1000  g:hurtcomfort  r:pg13 
may 2014
All to See
"At this rate, I won’t be dressed until sundown." (For the kinkmeme; reverse strip-tease.)
2011  a:tanyart  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  g:pwp  r:r  wc:1000 
may 2014
The bed he wakes in is not his own. (Morning after fic)
2011  a:melfice  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  wc:1000  r:pg13  g:fluff 
may 2014
but whoever cares, nobody cares like you do
'Don't get attached to him,' Malik tells himself, but doesn't listen to a word.
2013  a:melfice  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  r:pg13  wc:5000  g:hurtcomfort 
may 2014
Outrunning Fate
First there is a virus. Then there is a vaccine. But in the end, there are zombies where humans once were and a handful of (un)lucky survivors. (WARNINGS for suicide, death, and gore.)
2014  a:cards_slash  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  wc:25000  r:r  g:au  g:paranormal 
may 2014
Exit, pursued by a bear
In which the prostitute they're soliciting together asks an unexpected question, Aramis offers a compromise, and Porthos demands a lively show.
2014  a:ponderosa  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:threesome  k:voyeur  k:bareback  wc:5000 
may 2014
River Stone
Hawke is captured and branded in a failed Rite of Tranquility, but the longer she is forced to hide the truth the harder it is to find again.
2012  a:loquaciousquark  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  r:r  wc:45000 
may 2014
Quiet Please
"We're in a library."

"Be quiet then," Altair whispered back at him.
2014  a:cards_slash  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  r:nc17  wc:1000  g:pwp  g:au 
may 2014
A Pound of Flesh
“You have a touch of melodrama in you, Altezza.”

Wind from the gathering storm whistled through the cracks and rent windows of the vacant church, the shadows long and deep from the light of the lantern on the bench at the pew. Lorenzo kept an iron hold on his instinctive fear, willing his fingers away from the silver dagger hidden under his robes. The church had been empty when he had arrived; now a man was leaning against the pulpit, long fingers folded under his chin, his smile amused, much of his aquiline face swallowed by the shadow of a white cowl.

(EPIC vampire!AU; multiple POVs and ships)
2010  a:manic_intent  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  p:altair/malik  wc:100000  r:nc17  g:au  g:paranormal  k:vampire 
may 2014
In Which Ezio is 100% Done with This Shit
The way Ezio saw it, the only problem the two of them should have had was how ashamed they should be of how disgustingly in love with the other they were. Apparently what was glaringly obvious to everyone else in the world was a big mystery to Altair and Malik.
2014  a:cards_slash  f:asscreed  p:altair/malik  g:au  g:college  wc:40000  r:r 
may 2014
Better to Ask
Leonardo finally figures out the one thing that Ezio just can't seem to ask for.
2014  a:cards_slash  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:5000  g:pwp  r:nc17 
may 2014
your favorite ghost
It's harder than Steve ever expected to bring Bucky home.
2014  a:augustbird  f:marvel  p:steve/bucky  r:r  wc:20000  u:mcu 
may 2014
And The Reasons We Were Singing
Sam's had a lot of unexpected experiences and has dealt with a lot of shit. But all of that pales in comparison to what happens when he and Steve find Bucky.

(Or, Sam becomes a part-time therapist, falls in love, and gets some closure. Not necessarily in that order.)
2014  a:impertinence  f:marvel  p:steve/sam  r:r  wc:25000  u:mcu 
april 2014
Pulse Point
"Have you touched yourself?" she asks in a low voice, still looking at the plates she's scrubbing and not at him.

(Kink Bingo fill: teasing.)
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:d'artagnan/constance  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:domsub  wc:1000 
april 2014
Such Labour Like the Spider's Web
Jack Treville takes over the British Secret Service in 1961 after one of its prime agents defects to Russia, and it takes a lot of work to get things back on an even keel. (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy AU)
2014  a:akathecentimetre  f:musketeers  p:gen  r:pg13  wc:5000  g:au 
april 2014
New Moon
"What," Athos asks, pausing for a slug of his wine, "is the essence of this? Not the reason, but the... aim."

Aramis thinks, for a moment; imagines himself in that room, the colliding, encompassing whole of all the questions he's answered yes to.

2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  p:aramis/omc  wc:1000  k:gangbang  r:nc17  g:pwp 
april 2014
The Lodestar of My Life
[Athos] hissed into Aramis’s ear low enough that no one else could hear them. “I will kill you for this.”

"Not yet, darling," Aramis said sweetly, and, grabbing Athos’s shoulders, turned him around to face his first opponent.

Pirates AU: An overlong origin story featuring scars, tattoos, a swivel cannon named Balizarde, and Margot the ship’s cat in the Caribbean, 1754-1760.
2014  a:akathecentimetre  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis  r:r  wc:15000  g:au  g:period 
april 2014
As Good As A Rest
Alice Clerbeaux thinks fondly of the life she had with her husband, and of the time she spent with Porthos. She gains another understanding of the latter from Aramis.
2014  a:funkyinfishnet  f:musketeers  p:porthos/alice  r:pg  wc:1000 
april 2014
I Only Pretend To Know Everything
Steve and Natasha find a little comfort in each other (and in Sam Wilson's guest bedroom).
2014  a:copperbadge  f:marvel  p:steve/natasha  wc:1000  r:r  g:pwp  u:mcu 
april 2014
Steve hadn't asked Sam why he'd come along, but if he did, Sam could tell him that hanging out with him was just plain relaxing. (Post-movie)
2014  a:astolat  f:marvel  p:steve/sam  wc:5000  r:r  u:mcu 
april 2014
The Opposite of People
(WIP) The community theatre AU of BBC's The Musketeers you never knew you wanted. Athos as stage manager, Porthos as props, Constance as costumes/makeup, Aramis as the quintessential Actor, and D'Artagnan as everybody's favorite ingenue.
2014  a:roselland  f:musketeers  p:d'artagnan/constance  p:athos/ninon  g:au  g:humor  wc:10000  r:pg13 
april 2014
A Measure Of Correction
Aramis takes Athos apart, and Porthos puts him back together again.
2014  a:suzie_shooter  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:bdsm  k:bondage  k:spanking  wc:5000 
april 2014
Athos imagines himself going back to that day when everything he knew fell apart around him; and he knows that given the choice, he would never face up to that again. [...] Aramis, by contrast, is willing to wade into the deepest, darkest waters of his own mind and shine a light there. (WARNINGS for descriptions of anxiety/panic.)
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  r:r  wc:5000  k:bondage  g:hurtcomfort 
april 2014
every time i see your face
He takes a deep breath, staring at the hearthstones, and then swallows, hard. He looks like he's bracing himself for a blow. "When--when we were apart, I, um. I was...with someone else."

Constance is, to her own surprise, very not upset. In fact, she has some ideas.

(d'Artagnan/Constance, Athos/Aramis/Porthos/d'Artagnan, and OT5)
2014  a:cherryfeather  f:musketeers  g:pwp  k:foursome  k:orgy  k:voyeur  k:dirtytalk  p:athos/aramis/porthos/d'artagnan  p:d'artagnan/constance  p:athos/aramis/porthos  r:nc17  wc:15000  k:multiple 
april 2014
about grace
"It will heal," says Aramis. "Have faith."

"I have," says Porthos. (pre-series)
2014  a:romancandles  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:10000  r:pg13 
april 2014
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