Devouring Time and Changeful Chance
[Athos] hissed into Aramis’s ear low enough that no one else could hear them. “I will kill you for this.”

"Not yet, darling," Aramis said sweetly, and, grabbing Athos’s shoulders, turned him around to face his first opponent.

Pirates AU: An overlong origin story featuring scars, tattoos, a swivel cannon named Balizarde, and Margot the ship’s cat in the Caribbean, 1754-1760.
2014  a:akathecentimetre  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis  r:r  wc:15000  g:au  g:period 
2 days ago
As Good As A Rest
Alice Clerbeaux thinks fondly of the life she had with her husband, and of the time she spent with Porthos. She gains another understanding of the latter from Aramis.
2014  a:funkyinfishnet  f:musketeers  p:porthos/alice  r:pg  wc:1000 
3 days ago
I Only Pretend To Know Everything
Steve and Natasha find a little comfort in each other (and in Sam Wilson's guest bedroom).
2014  a:copperbadge  f:marvel  p:steve/natasha  wc:1000  r:r  g:pwp 
4 days ago
Steve hadn't asked Sam why he'd come along, but if he did, Sam could tell him that hanging out with him was just plain relaxing. (Post-movie)
2014  a:astolat  f:marvel  p:steve/sam  wc:5000  r:r 
5 days ago
The Opposite of People
(WIP) The community theatre AU of BBC's The Musketeers you never knew you wanted. Athos as stage manager, Porthos as props, Constance as costumes/makeup, Aramis as the quintessential Actor, and D'Artagnan as everybody's favorite ingenue.
2014  a:roselland  f:musketeers  p:d'artagnan/constance  p:athos/ninon  g:au  g:humor  wc:10000  r:pg13 
5 days ago
A Measure Of Correction
Aramis takes Athos apart, and Porthos puts him back together again.
2014  a:suzie_shooter  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:bdsm  k:bondage  k:spanking  wc:5000 
5 days ago
Athos imagines himself going back to that day when everything he knew fell apart around him; and he knows that given the choice, he would never face up to that again. [...] Aramis, by contrast, is willing to wade into the deepest, darkest waters of his own mind and shine a light there. (WARNINGS for descriptions of anxiety/panic.)
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  r:r  wc:5000  k:bondage  g:hurtcomfort 
5 days ago
every time i see your face
He takes a deep breath, staring at the hearthstones, and then swallows, hard. He looks like he's bracing himself for a blow. "When--when we were apart, I, um. I was...with someone else."

Constance is, to her own surprise, very not upset. In fact, she has some ideas.

(d'Artagnan/Constance, Athos/Aramis/Porthos/d'Artagnan, and OT5)
2014  a:cherryfeather  f:musketeers  g:pwp  k:foursome  k:orgy  k:voyeur  k:dirtytalk  p:athos/aramis/porthos/d'artagnan  p:d'artagnan/constance  p:athos/aramis/porthos  r:nc17  wc:15000  k:multiple 
5 days ago
about grace
"It will heal," says Aramis. "Have faith."

"I have," says Porthos. (pre-series)
2014  a:romancandles  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:10000  r:pg13 
7 days ago
loser takes all
For the kink meme prompt: "Aramis loses a bet against his lovers and has to keep a wooden toy inside his arse – and they've just been sent on a mission, which means a whole day on horseback."
2014  a:psikeval  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  wc:5000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:toys  k:threesome  k:multiple  k:dirtytalk 
9 days ago
Hetaeriae Eaeque Brevi Fient
After the return of the Eagle, Rome is not done with Marcus Aquila. He and Esca are persuaded to infiltrate a group of potential conspirators -- possibly-traitorous men about whom there are yet other shameful rumors, stories of debauchery and vice. What do they get up to at their dinner-parties? To find out the truth, Marcus and Esca must pretend to be lovers, but it is a difficult thing to pretend to be what Marcus so badly wishes they could be in truth. (Or: Marcus and Esca go undercover as gay at an orgy.)
2012  a:sineala  f:eagle  p:marcus/esca  r:nc17  k:voyeur  k:orgy  wc:15000 
11 days ago
Semper Fi
"Shield your face!" Aramis shouted, panicked but still raising his gun with all the steady aim his training instilled. As quickly as Porthos turned his head and closed his eyes, Aramis put a bullet through the walker's skull and raced over to heave the corpse off of his friend. (Modern AU crossover with The Walking Dead.)
2014  a:xsnarksthespot  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  wc:5000  g:au  g:paranormal  r:pg13 
15 days ago
Silk, Velvet, Feathers, Furs
Kink Bingo fill: Silk, velvet, feathers, furs. Set during an alternate Episode 1x07, in which Athos and Aramis' evening at Ninon's isn't interrupted by the Red Guards.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/ninon  k:threesome  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:dp  wc:5000 
15 days ago
Source Decay
Slowly, and never quite the way Steve imagined, Bucky comes home. (SPOILERS for The Winter Soldier)
2014  a:psikeval  f:marvel  p:steve/bucky  r:pg  wc:1000 
16 days ago
Truth be told, Aramis is more than willing to kiss any of those people. He's never seen the point in placing limits on himself, and all of these people offer the promise of a new experience.
2014  a:mackem  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:5000  r:pg13  g:au  g:fluff 
17 days ago
The Most Devoted Servant
"I will watch over your son and guard him with all my strength and heart. I will lay down my life for him, if necessary. He will have no more devoted servant." (2nd POV; WARNING for character death)
2014  a:pristineungift  f:musketeers  p:gen  wc:1000  r:pg 
18 days ago
The Art of Appreciating Nature
"I'm bored," says Aramis, and Porthos has a few ideas about how to fix that.
2014  a:psikeval  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:1000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:dirtytalk 
22 days ago
If You Can't Beat Them
There are some who claim that all the inns of Paris are the same. (Translation; original fic in Spanish by insideblue:
2014  a:doomcanary  f:insideblue  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:5000  g:humor  r:r 
23 days ago
Shall We Not Revenge?
D'Artagnan has vowed to claim revenge on Aramis by denying him what he loves most -- women and sex. So why is it that Porthos is so angry with him?
2014  a:andrealyn  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:1000  g:humor  r:pg 
23 days ago
My Fair Lady (or the one where Aramis admires Porthos's dress)
Aramis casts a look towards d’Artagnan that proves unnecessary as Athos prudently shepherds the boy and their quarry out the door. It’s when Athos reappears solely to toss a sharp glance their way and yank the door shut that Aramis shakes his head; simply because he’d begun to run the very tips of his fingers over Porthos’s bare shoulder hardly means that he’s feeling amorous.
2014  a:ponderosa  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  g:pwp  k:crossdressing  wc:1000  r:nc17 
27 days ago
He doesn't know what it was that gave him away. Being a soldier means bruises, of course, and frequently; it's possible that one or the other of them caught him looking too long at a patch of skin where the brown bloomed into yellow, plum, bluish-purple. Admiring.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  g:pwp  r:nc17  p:athos/aramis/porthos  k:marking  wc:1000 
28 days ago
Strange New Worlds
Truth is, the first time Shepard gets Garrus's clothes off, she's not quite sure how to react. Written for the ME Kinkmeme.
2011  a:pluto  f:masseffect  p:shepard/vakarian  r:nc17  wc:1000  g:pwp 
4 weeks ago
Some wounds require far more than just bandages; Or, in which musketeers are reckless, Athos interferes in affairs he hoped to avoid, and forgiveness is a long time coming.
2014  a:akathecentimetre  f:musketeers  p:gen  r:pg  wc:5000  g:hurtcomfort 
4 weeks ago
Des Petites Morts
Treville takes as good a care as he can of his most loyal - and most dangerous - soldier.
2014  a:akathecentimetre  f:musketeers  p:gen  r:pg  wc:1000 
4 weeks ago
the language of half-lidded eyes
He hasn’t said a thing for over an hour; there’d hardly been a sound out of him, just the language of half-lidded eyes and hands gripping at ruined sheets.
2014  a:ponderosa  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis  wc:1000  r:nc17  g:pwp 
4 weeks ago
"He asked himself for years why he kept her locket [...] Now he looks at it every morning, every night, and it reminds him to hate her. For how she lied and tricked her way into his life, and the serpent's knowledge she brought with her; the prison she built for him of his own desires, that he can no more cut himself free of than his own flesh." | For the kink meme prompt: Athos is a natural sub; Milady is a natural domme.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:athos/milady  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:bdsm  k:bondage  k:pegging  wc:5000 
4 weeks ago
The Wanting Comes in Waves
That look, earlier in the yard, had been a promise. | Porthos and Aramis resettle the unsteady ground around them as Porthos admits that he'll never have a soldier's wife and Aramis offers him a soldier's companion, instead.
2014  a:andrealyn  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:1000  r:r 
4 weeks ago
Warm Words on a Cold Evening
When a technical problem strands Shepard and Garrus on an icy planet, Shepard is forced to face the grim reasons why turians are so rightfully phobic of the cold.
2014  a:tarysande  f:masseffect  p:shepard/vakarian  wc:5000  g:hurtcomfort  r:pg 
4 weeks ago
let your bones show
The only way Athos can be sure he isn't dreaming is the painful jab of his sword hilt into his hip. And even then, it could just be a very vivid detail from his wine-soaked mind.
2014  a:cherryfeather  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  k:threesome  wc:5000  r:nc17  g:pwp 
4 weeks ago
The Musketeers need to get somebody working undercover in a brothel, and Aramis volunteers.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  p:aramis/omc  wc:5000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:hooker  k:domsub 
5 weeks ago
Aramis didn't need to be a priest to have faith - in fact, he had enough to share.
2014  a:evening_bat  f:musketeers  p:gen  wc:1000  r:pg 
5 weeks ago
can't stop a hurricane
Her husband loves her. He is a passive man, at his heart, happy to avoid the loud action that so often disrupts Paris’ streets, but he is a sweet man also. And she is lucky, so lucky, to have found a man like that; not only a husband that appreciates her, but a husband that respects her.

And yet, there is something so new, so different to be found in d’Artagnan’s embrace that any thoughts of her husband flee her mind.
2014  a:bigbootyborgias  f:musketeers  p:d'artagnan/constance  wc:5000  r:pg13 
5 weeks ago
Data is King
In a cyberpunk dystopia, all the wealth is concentrated in New Versailles and the majority live in impoverished ghettos outside. Prosthetics are strictly prohibited, though many of the poor have body modifications to help them live. Steve Rogers is an idealistic young man who raids the storerooms of New Versailles with his best friend Bucky Barnes, to bring food and medicine to the poor. But when tragedy strikes, Steve is inspired by Dr. Erskine to go seek out the notorious slumlord/black market trader Tony Stark. Rumor has it that Tony used to be a member of New Versailles, but left to make his fortune off the backs of the working man... or was he kicked out? Although they don't hit it off at first, Steve and Tony must work together.
2014  a:amuly  f:marvel  p:steve/tony  wc:135000  r:nc17  g:au  g:scifi  u:616 
5 weeks ago
Royal Flush
Athos and Porthos try to dissuade Aramis from making a play for the Queen by reminding him what they can offer themselves.
2014  a:suzie_shooter  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  wc:5000  r:nc17  k:threesome  g:pwp 
5 weeks ago
set me as a seal upon thine heart
"What do you need?" he murmured against Aramis' lips.

"It would be nice," Aramis said, his voice raw and shattered, "if you would both do your very utmost to make me forget my own name."
2014  a:cherryfeather  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  k:threesome  wc:5000  g:pwp  r:nc17 
5 weeks ago
what do I care (how much it may storm)
"I'm cold," Aramis declared to the frozen forest at large.

"We all are," Athos's muffled voice came from beneath his hat. "Stop whining."
2014  a:cherryfeather  f:musketeers  p:gen  wc:1000  r:pg  g:fluff 
5 weeks ago
All The Near Misses
There are so many variables to manage: if he doesn't kiss them, if he doesn't stay, if he says no when he wants nothing more than to say yes, then he may yet come out of this unscathed.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:athos/aramis/porthos  k:threesome  wc:5000  r:nc17 
5 weeks ago
Secrets and Skirmishes
It's not that he is lonely. It's simply that he would prefer not to be alone.
2014  a:dreamlittleyo  f:musketeers  p:athos/d'artagnan  wc:5000  r:r 
6 weeks ago
The Hired Man
Peter Burke, ex-FBI agent, met Neal Caffrey, thief, during a bar fight. Peter was in need of a job, and Neal was in need of a bodyguard. Everything was going fine until this art-restorer named Elizabeth hired them to steal a statue...
2011  a:copperbadge  p:peter/neal/elizabeth  wc:10000  r:pg13  g:au  f:whitecollar  p:peter/neal 
7 weeks ago
Take Me Home
Aramis sat at a corner table in the usual tavern, watching Porthos take in some fool at cards. (Coda to 1x02)
2014  a:pristineungift  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:1000  r:pg 
7 weeks ago
The vulture in the falconry
Five times Aramis stitched Porthos up, and one time he returned the favour (Part 1)
2014  a:noctuabunda  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:1000  r:pg  g:hurtcomfort 
7 weeks ago
The Strongest Tie
"Too foolish to take your weapons, but not so foolish as to let you run your mouth," Aramis whispered into the charged air. They were running even as they stood still, and when Aramis raised his eyes to meet Porthos' gaze, he knew that Porthos felt it too, this passion that was wrapping them round, binding them to each other as surely as Porthos' hands.
2014  a:pristineungift  f:musketeers  wc:1000  g:pwp  p:aramis/porthos  r:nc17  k:bondage 
7 weeks ago
"I find it could not otherwise be expressed, than by making answer: because it was he, because it was I"; or, how the duo became a trio.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  p:athos/aramis/porthos  wc:15000  r:r  k:threesome 
7 weeks ago
A Light Hits the Gloom on the Gray
Every night, Leonard follows hours of dissertation work with the graveyard shift at the campus radio station, where he answers students' idiotic questions as "Dr. Love." When someone starts calling him on a nightly basis, things become a little more interesting. Too bad the guy won't tell Leonard his name.
2014  a:withthepilot  f:startrek  g:au  g:humor  wc:5000  r:pg  p:mccoy/kirk 
7 weeks ago
Something in Return
In which d'Artagnan is collared, Porthos dominates, and Aramis tops from the bottom.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos/d'artagnan  r:nc17  wc:5000  g:pwp  k:threesome  k:bdsm  k:dirtytalk 
7 weeks ago
Love itself is calm; turbulence arrives from individuals
d'Artagnan misbehaves, gets an unexpected punishment and finds he likes it. Shameless id-fic.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:athos/d'artagnan  wc:10000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:spanking  k:bdsm 
8 weeks ago
Dawn Chorus
And here he is, awake, and here Porthos is, asleep...
2014  a:mackem  f:musketeers  p:aramis/porthos  wc:5000  g:pwp  r:nc17 
8 weeks ago
Pants, swagger, and other things to bring to a gunfight
Five people who've seen Jensen naked. To be fair, it's mostly not his fault.
2011  a:storm_petrel  f:losers  p:cougar/jensen  wc:5000  r:pg13 
8 weeks ago
Perfectly Fine (Nothing to Worry About)
In the aftermath of that Incident, no one on the team's coping too well. Except Roque, who seems to be the only one holding things together. Jensen's got a theory on that. He'd tell Cougar, but Cougar ain't talking right now... and Jensen's fine. Really. He's... fine.
2013  a:entropynchaos  f:losers  p:cougar/jensen  wc:5000  r:pg 
8 weeks ago
In Which Cougar Always Looks
There were many things Cougar would have liked to unsee, but the world didn't work like that.
2012  a:resonant  f:losers  p:cougar/jensen  wc:5000  r:nc17 
8 weeks ago
"This is a dream assignment, and I am not going to fuck it up just because my teammates aren't secure enough in their masculinity," he said to Pooch.

"You ever nibble on my earlobe again, they will find your body in eight places," Pooch said, but Pooch didn't share Jensen's commitment to self-improvement.
2012  a:resonant  f:losers  p:cougar/jensen  wc:5000  r:nc17 
8 weeks ago
This Side of Paradise
"I'm a good boyfriend," Cougar said. (The one where Jensen and Cougar go undercover as a gay couple and bond over Star Trek.)
2012  a:thefourthvine  f:losers  p:cougar/jensen  r:nc17  wc:15000  g:humor 
8 weeks ago
All You Have To Do Is Open Your Eyes
“Okay, no,” Pooch says, holding up his hands, “there is no way I’m gambling for money against you and Cougar.”

Jensen frowns, leaning across the table to make wide, concerned eyes at Pooch. “Is it because we’re just that fucking good?” he asks.

“No.” Pooch knocks the edge of the pack once, twice against the table. “It’s because I’m pretty sure you can read each other’s damn minds.”
2012  a:torakowalski  f:losers  p:cougar/jensen  wc:5000  r:nc17 
8 weeks ago
Afraid of Being Alone
Even now, with Porthos pressed against him, solid and present, he can see the way Aramis’ eyes keep darting over him, can feel the skittering touch of his hand, as if he cannot convince himself that he is really safe.
2014  a:mackem  f:musketeers  r:nc17  wc:5000  g:hurtcomfort  g:pwp  p:aramis/porthos 
9 weeks ago
One of Us
He and Athos have long had an unspoken agreement that while Aramis can mostly be allowed to sow his wild oats where he pleases, some targets are just too hot to end in anything but trouble, and it's their job to point that out to him in no uncertain terms. Anne of Austria being one. This probably another.
2014  a:breathtaken  f:musketeers  p:athos/d'artagnan  p:aramis/porthos  wc:5000  g:pwp  k:voyeur  k:foursome  r:nc17 
9 weeks ago
Pure as the driven slush
He should have worked it out sooner. But then, Steve always was a sneaky little bastard—had to have been, just to survive this long. (For the SteveBucky Fest prompt, "Steve is quite experienced while Bucky's never gone beyond second base with anyone".)
2013  a:odsbodkins  f:marvel  p:steve/bucky  wc:10000  g:period  r:nc17 
10 weeks ago
i am thinking it must be love
Accepting a thing and not complaining about it are two very different things. (Jim gets hurt, again, and Leonard heals him, again. Lovely gift fic for me <333)
2014  a:psikeval  p:mccoy/kirk  wc:1000  r:nc17  f:startrek  g:hurtcomfort 
10 weeks ago
Entre la nuit et l'aurore
A filthy, whisky-fueled fill for Porn Battle XV featuring Pike, Kirk and inappropriate behaviour.
2014  a:severinne  f:startrek  p:pike/kirk  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:domsub  k:spanking  k:bondage  k:dirtytalk  wc:1000 
10 weeks ago
After a cave-in, Fenris and Hawke find themselves rather trapped.
2013  a:loquaciousquark  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  r:pg  wc:5000 
12 weeks ago
From Death
After Danarius's death, Fenris comes to terms with his aversion to healing magic, his freedom, and Hawke.
2013  a:loquaciousquark  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  r:r  wc:5000 
12 weeks ago
Only Slightly Out of Touch
Ezio has never found himself attracted to a fellow assassin before and it surprises him the first time comes in his later years.
2012  a:asadminqamar  f:asscreed  p:ezio/yusuf  wc:5000  r:pg13 
january 2014
The Man I Long To Meet
Expectations vs. reality for Yusuf and Ezio.
2013  a:blackjackkent  f:asscreed  p:ezio/yusuf  r:pg  wc:1000 
january 2014
Yağlı Güreş
Yusuf shows Ezio his favorite sport.
2013  a:aoigensou  f:asscreed  p:ezio/yusuf  r:pg  wc:1000 
january 2014
Muscle Memory
With the world sliding beneath his feet and everything tucked behind a fog, there is only one place Ezio would go.
2012  a:zilentdreamer  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:1000  r:pg  g:hurtcomfort 
january 2014
To Those Who Wait
Tapping his fingers against the side of his tankard, Varric thinks over what he's seen the past few weeks, the little signs that pile up into one big picture. "So...Fenris, huh?"
2013  a:zilentdreamer  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  r:pg  wc:1000 
january 2014
In Arm's Reach
"You told me once that your markings still cause you pain."
2013  a:zilentdreamer  f:dragonage  p:hawke/fenris  wc:5000  r:r  g:hurtcomfort 
january 2014
Learning the Dance
A pivotal event approaches. Alistair isn't quite ready. And Elissa might be less certain about some things than she believed.... Set at the end of Dragon Age: Origins, with the wedding and coronation approaching.
2010  a:pagerunner  f:dragonage  p:alistair/warden  r:r  wc:5000 
january 2014
Just Desserts
Alistair and Elissa Cousland have an evening chat at the palace about the state of the nation and their changed fortunes... and get distracted with an interruption at, well, an INTERESTING time. Ahem. (Set post-Origins, Dark Ritual ending.)
2010  a:pagerunner  f:dragonage  p:alistair/warden  wc:1000  r:pg13 
january 2014
Pilates had more benefits than Leonardo had ever suspected. (Modern AU)
2011  a:mdseiran  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:5000  g:au  g:pwp  r:nc17  k:bareback  k:dirtytalk  k:voyeur 
january 2014
He often saw them leave the workshop – young men, handsome, with broad shoulders and a muscular physique. Their arrival was usually preceded by one of Salai's errand runs. They always left with a satisfied smile, and Ezio never asked why. He didn't want to know.
2011  a:mdseiran  f:asscreed  wc:5000  g:pwp  p:ezio/leonardo  r:nc17 
january 2014
The Agreement
What if Ezio and Leonardo had met--and fucked--before they were introduced by Ezio's mother, but neither of them knew it?
2010  a:wanderingflame  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:5000  g:pwp  k:gangbang  r:nc17 
january 2014
Scientific Method
Leonardo has a theory to test. Written for the "fingering" prompt on the kinkmeme; this is shameless smut.
2010  a:solaciolum  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:1000  r:nc17  g:pwp  k:bondage 
january 2014
Kissing It Better
Ezio and Claudia have ways of soothing each other.
2011  a:mjules  f:asscreed  p:ezio/claudia  wc:1000  g:pwp  k:incest  r:nc17 
january 2014
The Rose That Blooms At Night
Three times Ezio stumbled into Leonardo's workshop.
2010  a:mjules  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:1000  r:pg13 
january 2014
It seems only fair that Ezio bring his friend something that isn't a codex page for a change. Something Leonardo will like. Something he will appreciate in his own special, crazy, artistic way.
2010  a:entanglednow  f:asscreed  wc:1000  p:ezio/leonardo  r:pg 
january 2014
"If you shut your mouth for a change and let him do what he does, you might learn something." Rosa smacks him sharply on the cheek.
2010  a:entanglednow  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:1000  r:pg13 
january 2014
Bright and Clean
"I had a thought, while I was sleeping, something magnificent."

"And you thought to use me in place of a canvas?" Ezio can't help but smile.

"I did not want to leave you." Leonardo admits to everything so easily. As if he has never learned how to lie.
2011  a:entanglednow  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:1000  g:pwp  r:nc17 
january 2014
Leonardo shakes his head, laughs a little. "People in Venezia gossip terribly, and they already think I'm -" Leonardo stops abruptly, as if his mouth as run away from him. He turns away from him, squeezes his brush a little harder than necessary.
2011  a:entanglednow  f:asscreed  p:ezio/leonardo  wc:1000  r:pg 
january 2014
Runs In The Family
“I’ve had sex with Leonardo DaVinci.” Desmond said. “I think that is historically significant.”
2012  a:cranialaccessory  f:asscreed  p:gen  wc:1000  r:pg  g:humor 
january 2014
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